Top Selection out this week! Some of the best stuff ever! Plus OXMAN Top 15 Jungle Tunes!

Yo from Reckless!

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It’s been a serious week… and I’m on my 8th day in a row baby! I would say that we have been pretty close to putting out the best records we have ever put out in one week at Reckless this week…

  1. Some insane Rap LPs and 12″s that just don’t turn up anymore – including about 20 2Pac records, Mos Def, Nas, Gang Starr, several Wu Tang Clan originals including three copies of 36 Chambers. Some MF Doom, Edan, Madvillain, Company Flow, Cannibal Ox…nice, nice.
  2. Loads more Antipodean Psychedelic/Mod/Beat/Freakbeat 45s. I’m not sure if you have had a chance to see these titles but you should at least have a look while you can. They’re lasting in general about 3 hours on the shop floor every time they are topped up. They’re all in seriously beautiful company sleeves and I very much doubt you will ever see them again! Lots of Nuggets/Rubble business.
  3. An awful lot more big boy Blues LPs if I don’t say so myself. Today I priced about 30 really top Blues LPs – Muddy Waters, Sonny Boy Williamson, Barbecue Bob, Bukka White, Bill Williams, Robert Pete Williams, Junior Wells, Washboard Summer. Loads more. Lots of Python Records titles as usual – all limited to 99 copies.
  4. Loads of 45s – including lots of Indie Rock, a Blossom Toes picture sleeve, a Herbie Hancock demo, some early Wailers 45s, Dandy Livingstone Trojan picture sleeve, really rare Carpettes single…
  5. Some seriously nice wall bits from heavy hitters such as Hawkwind, Sun Ra, about 4 Guy Clark LPs, Lori Vambe, Yabby You, Shuggie Otis, Abba-Shant-I.
  6. A load more Calypso/Soca/Island Funk including more LPs on Wirl!!!!
  7. Loads of Post Punk and Classic Rock that came in…but see below for that !
  8. Some killer House Music and Jungle  that also will be gone into below.
  9. More 90s Indie/Britpop/Grunge – including quite a few rare and expensive ones from Bjork, The Pixies, Nirvana, Liz Phair, Dinosaur Jr, Cocteau Twins, Sonic Youth…

Some of the New Zealand biscuits !

A few of us are doing a late tomorrow too so even more biggies will be swanning out into the racks for Friday morning.

WHATS COME IN??? I hear you ask.

  1. So much more Hardcore/Jungle/Drum n Bass from loads of different sellers: DJ Gwange, Bizzy B,Altern 8, DJ Hype, Grooverider, DJ Crystl, Acen, LTJ Bukem, PFM, Congo Natty, Tango & Ratty, Goldie, Manix, Dillinja, Sonz Of A Loop Da Loop Era…..its a nice mixture of proper rare ones and standard – but they’re all killer tunes. Condition is up and down but everything is priced accordingly. Three copies of the first Crystl tune came in the door the other day – it’s a madness! Plenty more tunes where these came from too.
  2. Bunch more Tech House/Minimal and Dubstep. About two thirds went right out into the cheap – but there were some dope records there. Some pricey Cocoon Box Sets, rare Dominik Eulberg, things on Kompakt etc.
  3. Wicked pile of Punk 45s in a cute little box. Basically banger after banger – generally very nice shape too: Sham 69, The Jam, Chelsea, Sex Pistols, The Lurkers, The Saints, Klark Kent, Buzzcocks, Joy Division, Generation X, The Mekons, The Pop Group, Public Image LTD. Hopefully these will go out this week!!
  4. Several hundred deadstock Punk/Post Punk/Noise Rock records. Some really interesting records here; they’re not all great but they’re all in such nice shape. There may be more where these came from. The good stuff: Butthole Surfers, Channel 3, Glenn Branca, Circle Jerks, Cocteau Twins, Black Flag, Ivor Cutler, Ludichrist, The Gymslips (a finished Test Press), The Saints, The Durutti Column, Xmal Deutchland, The Outcasts, The Feelies, Scratch Acid, Foetus, UK Subs, Squirrel Bait. Also several Nuggets and Flying Nun comps.
  5. Even more Post Punk! Huge pile of New Wave and Post Punk cheeky little numbers – about half of them are Japanese issues too!! Adam & The Ants, Sex Pistols, Generation X, Blitz, Bauhaus, Killing Joke (loads of Killing Joke records came in this week!), DAF, The Specials, Madness, The Gun Club, Depeche Mode. The lady who sold these in was so happy and is bringing in loads more apparently!
  6. Some wicked UKG came in – so many records that were for sale for over £50 on the Cogs.
  7. Loads of Moodymann titles.
  8. Lots of average condition Classic Rock – but all the right artists! Tom Waits, Jimi Hendrix, Sex Pistols, T Rex, David Bowie, Fleetwood Mac, Talking Heads, Genesis, The Beatles, Neil Young etc.


Rather a lot of Jungle hmm what what!

So here is our very own OXMANs’ JUNGLE Top 15!!!!!!

Here is a Top 15 of probably some of my favourite Hardcore/D n B/ Jungle of all time,i had to stop at 15 otherwise it would just go on,i know i haven,t selected a lot of crowd pleasers e g Nuttah,warning,lighter etc i do like and have them,however these ones gets into my paws.

(1) Maximum style – Tom & Jerry (orig mix)
(2 )Terrorist – Renegade/Keith Ray
(3)Thunder Grip- Hyper on experience
(4) Where your coming from – Jamiroquai(intelligent mix)
(5) Liquid Liquid Liquid ,forgotten the artist
(6) we ie -Reel to Reel
((7) Dirty Games – Studio 200
(8) Helicopter-
(9) LSD- Reel to Reel
(10) Majestic b line (ep) the 1st track on the side with logo,no sampling no messing about just straight rumbling
(11) Blissful ignorance-(tango remix) on Moving shadow
(12) Incredible- General Levy
(13) Light in the dark situations(Drummer Justice mix)i think a brown sample
(14) Rub you the right way- Wuthering heights
(15) She cant help it – (Remix) F .X.
Reckless thinking by
D’Oxman (lol)

You might wanna check out Ox giving it some welly on this:

Catch OX this weekend in sunny Folkestone – I’ll be there – will you??

Better finish this up now, collection first thing!

See ya next week!