Reckless Records Albums of the Year 2023 – Reckless Records London

Reckless Records Albums of the Year 2023


Lana Del Ray - Did you Know There's A Tunnel Under Ocean BLVD


Big Star - #1 Record

The Books - Lost & Safe

Ducks LTD - Modern Fiction

Space Opera - Space Opera

Rolling Blackouts C.F. - French Press

The Necessaries - Event Horizon


The Tubs - Dead Meat

Kelela - Raven

Lana Del Ray - Did You Know There's A Tunnel Under Ocean BLVD

Lankum - False Lankum

Felvum - Fullmoon Mysticism

Seba & Paradox - I'll Wait 12"

Jonny Nash - Point Of Entry

Taylor Swift - 1989 (Taylors Version)

Foglord - Celestial

Caroline Polachek - Desire, I Want To Turn Into You

(and Reissues...)

Zenith - The Flowers Of Intelligence

Robert Ffrench - Wondering

Suffocation - Human Waste

Rome Jeffries - Good Love

Necrophagist - Epitaph

Sonny Clark Trio - S/T 

Hans Zimmer - The Last Samurai OST

Kingpin Skinny Pimp - King Of Da Playaz Ball

Alain Goraguer - Le Planete Sauvage

E.S.G. - Ocean Of Funk

Pharoah Sanders - Pharoah

Nile - Black Seeds Of Vengeance

Dismember - Massive Killing Capacity

Smashing Pumpkins - Melloncollie & The Infinite Sadness

Alternative - If They Treat You Like...

Most listened to track - Siouxsie & The Banshees - Cannons


BC Camplight - The Last Rotation Of Earth

The Hives - The Death Of Randy Fitzsimmons

King Creosote - I Des

The Tubs - Dead Meat

Julie Byrne - The Greater Wings

Nicolas Godin - Fire Of Love

Time Is Away - Searchlight Moonbeam

North Americans - Long Cool World

Man On Man - Provincetown

Lankum - False Lankum


Delco MF's - March Of The MF's 7" (MF Records)

Home Front - Games Of Power (La Vida Es Un Mus)

Lewsberg - Out And About LP (Lewsberg)

Pinen - Nicolasa Quintreman 7" (Pinen)

The Prize - Tonight 7" (Drunken Sailor)

Salvaje Punk - S/T LP (Toxic State)

Spirito Di Lupo - Statues Of God LP (Iron Lung)

Tee Vee Repairman - Whats On TV LP (Total Punk)

The Tubs - Dead Meat LP (Trouble In Mind)


Donald Byrd - At The Half Note Cafe LP (Blue Note)

Chin Chin - Cry In Vain LP (Sealed)

Dolly Mixture - BBC Radio Sessions LP (Sealed)

Myriam Gendron - Not So Deep A Well LP (Basin)

Gumbo - We Don't Care 7" (Just Add Water)

Heresy - Never Healed 7" (Short Fuse)

Misfits - Studio Outtakes 1977 LP (Fan Club)

Nervous Gender - Music From Hell 2xLP (Dark Entries)

The Steves - Making Time 7" (Iron Lung)

Tikeri - Punk On Rakkaus 7" (General Speech)


The Tubs - Dead Meat

Caroline Polachek - Desire, I Want To Turn Into You

Lemon Twigs - Everything Harmony

Blonde Redhead - Sit Down For Dinner

Califone - Villagers

Buck Meek - Haunted Mountain

Uni Boys - Buy This Now!

Lana Del Ray - Did You Know There's A Tunnel Under Ocean BLVD

The Clientele - I Am Not There Anymore

Brigid Mae Power - Dream From The Deep


Pharoah Sanders - Pharoah (Luaka Bop)

Honeybus - Under The Silent Tree (Hanky Panky)

Mighty Baby - Mighty Baby (Ace)

Mad Anthony - The Lost Tapes (Earth Libraries)

Charlotte Grieg - Night Visiting Songs (Harmonium Music)

V/A - Tribal Rites Of The New Saturday Night (Brooklyn Disco 1974-5) (Ace)

V/A - March Of The Flower Children - The American Sounds Of 1967 (Grapefruit)

Folk, Funk & Beyond - The Arrangements Of John Cameron (Ace)

V/A - It's A Beautiful Day (Soft Rock & Sunshine Pop From Peru 1971-1976 (Munster) 


I am very happy to say The Tubs "Dead Meat" got the most votes!