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Whats going out and what we've bought

Hello from Reckless!

This Blogpost was written to the sounds of:

Some crazy buying this last month, plus we've been really, really busy so stuff has literally been flying off the shelves! We've also been stocking loads more new reissues (plus the odd brand new album!) so that we always have that classic album in stock that you're looking for. We've also added a new cabinet at the back of the shop so we can put out more Box Sets etc.

We've been actual processing machines recently - this is whats been going out:

- Reggae 45s - Ska, Rocksteady, Dancehall, Lovers, Roots. Plenty of nice rare titles on Studio One, Banana etc.

- 90s Indie Rock and Shoegaze

- Early Hardcore through to classic Jungle

- 90s House / Techno / Trance - but all of the good stuff

- Punk 45s

- Metal / Punk CDs (plus loads of ECM, Trunk, Soul Jazz etc

- Jazz LPs

- Soul / Funk / Disco LPs and 12"s - some really great rare titles!

- 90s Hip Hop

- Reggae and Dub LPs and 12"s

- Extreme Metal LPs

- Classic Rock and Pop Vinyl

Remember to keep. on top of our Instagram to see whats going out (which is obviously a fraction of what goes out everyday - which is usually 2-400 LPs, CDs, 45s a day!).

What have we been buying?

1) Ben bought a great Indie Rock and Shoegaze collection. Featuring loads of great LPs, 12"s and 45s from The Fall, My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive, Bauhaus, Sonic Youth, Pavement, Siouxsie & The Banshees, Chapterhouse, Teardrop Explodes, Dinosaur JR, Loop, Spacemen 3, The Cramps, Ride, Idaho, PIL, The Pop Group, Minutemen etc. 

2) A great Dance collection came in with thousands of classic House (Trax, Acid, early Deep Detroit style), Techno/Trance (Detroit, Cologne/Frankfurt style, Hard Trance, Bleep etc) and Hardcore and Jungle (tonnes of white labels as well as loads of classics on Lucky Spin, Suburban Base, Good Looking Records, Production House etc). This is a super amazing collection!

3) I bought a nice collection off a friend which was about three quarters Italo Disco (a few hundred - from obscure to well known!) and a quarter pretty random (Voivod, Trunk Records, Kompakt, Hardcore Punk, Jazz, Dream Death etc).

4) Another friend brought in a nice selection of Ambient, Reggae, Jazz and Devotional Music including titles on Folkways, Alpha & Omega, The Disciples, Aisha, Mad Professor, Lightning Clap, David Casper etc.

5) Two friends of mine brought in a nice collection of CDs and Vinyl which included 300 or so CDs and about 200 Records (Garage Punk, Celtic Frost, On-U-Sound, Girl Groups, Ace Comps, The Fall, Blue Note, Billy Childish, The Misfits, Black Flag, NWOBHM, Lo-Fi Indie Rock etc).

6) Toru has been selling in loads of great Jazz and Japanese records. Including a few really rare ones from Alice Coltrane, Boredoms, MJ Cole, Dollar Brand, The Congos etc.

7) Ben bought in another nice pile of Indie Rock records which included quite a few titles from Nirvana, Ride, Sebedoh etc.

8) A great pile of 2000's RNB came in including loads of classics from Kanye West, Beyonce, Outkast, Kelis, Nelly Furtado, The Black Eyes Peas etc. 

9) I bought a few big selections from one nice chap which consisted of Noise, Black Metal, 90s-2000s Hardcore Punk and Emo, Techno and a bit of Hip Hop. Lots of great obscure Black Metal LPs, forgotten classics from great groups like Harriet The Spy and Fat Day, Hieroglyphic Being, Vinyl On Demand Box Sets, Have a Nice Life LP etc. 

10) Sean went to a collection round the corner from the shop and bought a few hundred LPs and a few hundred 45s including a nice batch of amazing condition Doctor Bird and Rio 45s that included a few rare titles from The Kingstonians, Hopeton Lewis, Rita Marley and Prince Buster. The LPs consisted of titles from artists like Iggy Pop, Talking Heads, Suicide etc.

11) A small but nice pile of records including titles from The Beatles, David Axelrod, Lal and Mike Waterson, Lewis, Serge Gainsbourg etc.

12) One day someone popped in with a load records for sale - all by U2! Roughly 400 LPs, 7"s and 12"s. From original rarities to sealed reissues. 

13) Just yesterday another fine seller swung by with 100 or so sealed David Bowie LPs.

14) A nice little pile or Rock, Psych, Punk, Hardcore and Noise Rock including titles from The Gist, NRBQ, The Sonics, The Minutemen, Black Flag etc.

15) Some nice CDs including titles from Felt, some Ace comps, Cigarettes After Sex etc.

16) Classic Rock titles from Eagles, Led Zeppelin, Genesis, Steve Hackett, Moody Blues, Elton John etc.

17) Various LPs from Nick Cave, Bob Dylan, Velvet Underground, London Grammar etc.

18) Some cool LPs and CDs from Grateful Dead, LFO, Van Morrison, Kraftwerk etc.

19) Classic Rock LPs and CDs from The Who, Sex Pistols, Elvis, The Jam, PIL, Steppenwolf, Queen etc.

20) A load of CDs from Dead Can Dance and Pere Ubu.

21) Some more modern LPs from Run The Jewels, The Mars Volta, Meshuggah etc.

22) Some interesting Drum & Bass CDs and titles from Regis.

23) Some nice LPs from George Harrison, T Rex, Leroy Hutson, Small Faces etc.

24) More great LPs from Townes Van Zandt, Yello, U2 etc.

25) Lots of Psych, Reggae and Disco reissue LPs and 12"s along with a hard to find Dif Juz LP along with a few nice ones from Grateful Dead and Hawkwind.

26) More classic LPs from Madonna, Randy Newman, Joy Division, R.E.M. etc.

27) More great Post Punk, Goth, Grunge LPs came in from Sisters Of Mercy, Juliana Hatfield, Morrissey, Jimi Hendrix, Sonic Youth etc.

28) Some nice CDs (including a rare Aphex Twin one!) from Supertramp and Dire Straits.

29) A big batch of new House and Techno.

30) Classic Rock CDs from Queen, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Fleetwood Mac etc.

31) More sealed LPs from Metallica, The Weeknd, NWA, Kanye West, Opeth etc.

32) Big batch of rareish Italo Disco, Death Metal, Psych and Funk CDs and a little pile of Metal LPs.

33) Some classic LPs from The Who, Miles Davis, Joni Mitchell, The Beatles, Joe Cocker etc.

34) Lovely Peter Green vinyl box set.

35) Classic LPs from Judee Sill and Led Zeppelin.

36) More Loop LPs!! Plus some titles on Bongo Joe.

37) More great classic rock LPs from Groundhogs, Neil Young, Country Joe & The Fish etc.

38) More real classic LPs from Nirvana, Iron Maiden, My Bloody Valentine and Ride.

39) A load of CDs and LPs from Tangerine Dream.

40) Cool CDs from Earth, Fuxa, Frank Zappa, Foetus etc.

41) Loads of Soul and Funk cheap LPs and 12"s.

42) More classic LPs from Michael Jackson, David Bowie, The Libertines and The Who.

43) Some great original LPs from Them, Nico, Velvet Underground, Circus, Love and Pink Floyd.

44) A decent pile of Soul and Funk LPs including titles from Curtis Mayfield, The 3 Pieces, Al Green etc.

45) Loads of great CD box sets (check the new cabinet!).

46) Haim and Neil Young records.

47) Some fairly cheap House and Techno 12"s (loads of Slam!).

48) Some nice CDs from King Crimson, Vivian Stanshall and Peter Wyngarde.


Loads more came in too but thats enough for today. As ever please do keep checking our Instagram to get an idea of what goes out when but thats not even 0.5% of what goes out in the racks everyday!