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Recent buying

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Lets have a look at some of the recent buying

1) Ben bought an absolutely great Progressive Rock collection (that was passed on to us at our friends at Brighter Day Records). It was a thousand or so records (mostly in almost brand new condition - astonishing!). The collection largely consisted of classic Progressive Rock and Pop with artists such as Genesis, Yes, Traffic, Kate Bush, Led Zeppelin, Roxy Music, Talk Talk, Rush, Steely Dan, Miles Davis, Marillion, Wishbone Ash, Porcupine Tree, Big Big Train, Caravan, Camel, Soft Machine, Pink Floyd, IQ, David Bowie, Kevin Ayers, UFO, Deep Purple etc. The collection consisted of a lot of super rare 90s and 00's pressings as well as a lot of 70s originals (including some big titles from Comus, Spring etc). 

2) Scott, Toru and I all bought a few really brilliant UK Garage collections. Some of the cleanest UKG we've had pass through the shop in the last ten years, and also some of the rarest. I think we bought just under 600 12"s in the space of a few months from one seller alone. Included were some really hard to find titles from Anthill Mob, Grant Nelson, RIP Productions, Michael King, Smokin' Beats etc. Quite a few more obscure titles too. A load of these have just gone out.

3) I bought a huge Library collection - roughly 1000 titles. Included were lots of classic KPM, Bruton, Music De Wolf, Conroy, Standard Music Library, Colour Sound, Chappell, Studio G, Themes International Music, Southern, Music Scene etc. In this collection there were also a few hundred classic Hip Hop and RNB 12"s. 

4) On the same day I also bought some of the cleanest classic 60s and 70s LPs I have ever seen - day of release clean! I spent a crazy amount of money though! These will be going out soon but mostly first pressings from The Beatles, Mighty Baby, The Rolling Stones, Syd Barrett, King Crimson, The Pretty Things, Big Star, Blonde On Blonde etc. 

5) I also recently bought a pretty amazing small selection of LPs from a nice guy from the other side of the world which included the hugely rare Locamotive LP, Junco Brothers, The Orange Bicycle, Beatles and some Damned titles. 

6) Scott bought more really great Jungle/Hardcore and Dubstep from the same sellers a few months ago. Some big ones from DJ Easy, Jungle Bunnies, Orca, DJ Crystl etc. Plus more DMZ 12"s!

7) I bought even more records from my friend on the coast which included more Noise, Punk, Avant Garde, Post Punk, Industrial. Loads of Vinyl-On-Demand box sets, rare private press US Punk LPs, 80s US Hardcore classics etc. Lots of Rare Punk KBD style comps.

8) Another big batch of Hardcore and Noise tapes came in from a seller I hadnt seen in a while - some cool titles including the Warthog demo and more Posh Isolation cassettes.

9) One regular seller has been bringing in some amazing 60s, 70s, Psychedelic/Progressive CDs every week. Sometimes included are nice Ace Girl Group comps, or Cherry Red sets, or UK Jazz reissue CDs. Plenty of titles from artists like Mighty Baby, Caravan, Affinity, Kaleidoscope, Soft Machine, Gong, Ambrose Slade, Arzachel, The Misunderstood, The Action, T2, Davy Graham, Fairport Convention, The Who, Love, Joe Harriott, Judee Sill, Shealagh McDonald, Crazy World Of Arthur Brown, Neil Ardley, Egg, The Artwoods etc.

10) Ben bought in a great selection of rare Prog reissue LPs included were classic from High Tide, Hard Meat, Kaleidoscope, Burning Red Ivanhoe, Groundhogs etc.

11) Scott bought a really great collection - just under a thousand LPs and 12"s if I remember. Jazz, Soul, Funk, House, Hip Hop, DNB etc. Lots of super great records from Moodymann, Geto Boys, Above The Law, Sun Ra, A Tribe Called Quest, Goldie, James Mason, Cloud One, Underground Resistance, Jorge Ben, Main Source, Anne Clark, Dillinja, Source Direct, Universal Robot Band, Carl Craig, Daniel Wang, Lord Finesse, Big L, Archie Shepp, Gang Starr, John Coltrane, Roy Ayers, Ron Trent etc.

12) Scott also bought another massive Hip Hop collection - thousands !!! All across the board, from classic Old School to wall of fame 90s to more modern stuff. Loads of RNB too. 

13) One seller popped in a few times with just under a 1000 records. The first batch was mostly Rock and Pop vinyl (including a lot of South African pressings). Titles from artists such as Gentle Giant, Rodriguez, Talking Heads, Simon & Garfunkel, Joni Mitchell, Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles, Johnny Cash, Frank Sinatra etc. The second was Jazz and Blues including titles from Freddie Hubbard, Muddy Waters, John Coltrane, Freddie Roach etc.

14) I bought a small collection in Folkestone which was mostly Jazz and Classical, with a bit of Rock (Elvis, Beatles, Bowie). Lots of Deutsche Grammophon!

15) We also bought another small Classical collection, again, very clean. Nothing too rare but there were a few collectable box sets including a Jacqueline Du Pre box (although a later issue).

16) Ben bought a pretty cool batch of more underground 80s Punk - in lovely shape. Included were titles from Twisted Nerve, The Cult Maniax and Chaos UK.

17) I bought a really interesting Jazz CD collection (as well as a few hundred Fusion and Progressive LPs). The CDs were mostly Improv and Experimental Free Jazz. 

18) An old friend of the shop sold in around 100 great 60s 45s - from Beat to Girl Groups.

19) A decent Electronica collection came in - a mixture of CDs and vinyl. Lots of obscure titles as well as biggies from Neu!, Brian Eno, Aphex Twin etc.

20) Lots of recent Pop stuff, Harry Styles, Lana Del Ray, The Killers, Taylor Swift etc has been coming in - mostly records but some CDs too.

21) One seller has bringing in a lot of 80s titles (including some nice sealed Depeche Mode box sets!) as well as titles from The Police, Madonna, Dire Straits etc).

22) Scott bought in about 600 US House 12"s - NY, NJ, CHI, DET. A little bit of UKG too. Some nice titles from Moodymann, Blaze, Kerri Chandler, Mike Delgado, Glenn Underground, Ron Trent, Romanthany etc.

23) A good friend of mine sold in a nice pile of Jazz and Fusion LPs (including titles from Charlie Byrd, Masaru Imada Quartet, Sunny Ade, Rene McLean, Cedar Walton, Don Rendell, Joe Pass, Mal Waldron, Bill Frisell, Horace Silver, Chris McGregor, Michael William Gilbert, Harold Land, Billy Harper, Pat Martino, Grant Green, Ernest Ranglin etc). 


Whats been going out?


- Punk / Post Punk

- Noise / Industrial

- Library

- Jazz

- Prog Rock

- Avant Garde

- Classic Rock

- Reggae and Dancehall 45s

- Bollywood 45s

- Prog Rock 45s


- Psychedelic Rock / Prog Rock

- Indie / Alternative

- Jazz 

- Rock / Pop

- Reggae


As ever we have plenty of collections on the horizon, so keep checking our Instagram for recent updates - or better yet get down the shop!

If you have a collection to sell - from big to small - get in contact via the website or give us a call.