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Even more buying!

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More great buying this month;

1) I went to buy some more records from the people who we bought the big collection off last month. I ended up buying around another 1000 records and Al bought some brilliant boxes of 45s from them too. The singles were great - from Rock n Roll to Punk, lots of foreign picture sleeve EPs, plenty of fantastic 60s titles. The LPs were fantastic; Blues, Reggae, Rap, House, Exotica, Soundtracks, Psychedelia, Punk, Jazz, Modern Classical, Arabic, Grunge, Rock n Roll, Britpop, Classic Rock, Soul etc. Lots of really brilliant records from John Coltrane, Oasis, The Kinks, Guided By Voices, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Martin Denny, Yabby You, Dave and Ansell Collins, The Skatalites, Arthur Lyman, The KLF, Miles Davis, The Temptations, The Rolling Stones, Blur, John Lee Hooker, Howlin' Wolf, Led Zeppelin, Muddy Waters, Missy Elliott, Arthur Baker, Arvo Part, La Monte Young, Ten Years After, Canned Heat, Mudhoney, Dennis Brown, Bob Marley, Tapper Zukie, Mantronix, Smokey Robinson, DR Feelgood, The Beatles, Otis Rush, Stereolab, The Undertones, Tom Waits, Steely Dan etc. There were also a few more bags of classic House (pretty much all Strictly Rhythm 12"s). 

2) Hundreds more Cassette Tapes - all genres!

3) I bought another great batch of Hardcore/Punk/Metal/Noise LPs, 45s and Tapes. Lots of really brilliant records that included titles from Yaphet Kotto, Mentors, Kiss It Goodbye, Youth Of Today, Vile Gash, Vile, Playing Enemy, Merzbow, Puce Mary, Career Suicide, Government Issue, Brainbombs, Darkthrone, Rorschach, Manilla Road etc. Still loads more 45s and Tapes to go out from this collection.

4) Toru recently came back from Japan with a wealth of amazing City Pop, AOR, Anime Soundtracks and Jazz records - all lovely Japanese pressings!

5) From another seller a great batch of Japanese Blue Note pressings.

6) Tom sold in some nice titles including the Mute Box Set, Systematic Death, Carcass, Death, Daniel Schmidt, Hiroshi Yoshimura etc.

7) Nice batch of Hip Hop including titles from The Notorious BIG, ATCQ, Beastie Boys, Nas, Lords Of The Underground etc.

8) Another huge batch of new House and Techno.

9) Some classic CDs from Faith No More, Def Leppard, Pearl Jam, Nirvana, The Who etc - deluxe editions!

10) A regular seller sold in a load of ECM LPs, The Vapours, Interpol, Elton John, John Barry, Mary Lattimore etc.

11) New Pop LPs from Dua Lupa, Maroon 5, Eminem, Sam Smith, Ariana Grande etc.

12) Loads of classic CDs from artists like Traffic, Duke Ellington, Led Zeppelin, Kanye West, Fleetwood Mac etc.

13) Small pile of interesting records including titles from Pearl Jam, Placebo, Ben Webster, Bob Marley, Prince, Don't DJ etc.

14) Some Promo CDs from The Prodigy and Sade.

15) More classic Hip Hop including titles from Ice T, Eric B, Big Daddy Kane etc.

16) More modern CDs from Drake, Lana Del Ray, Kacey Musgraves etc.

17) 20 ECM Classical CDs

18) Another regular seller sold in a great pile of Jazz including titles from Donald Byrd, Charles Mingus, Wes Montgomery, Nathan Davis etc.

19) Some cool LPs and CDs from Traffic, Can, Doris Henderson, Big Youth, The Beatles, Wire and Sandy Denny.

20) A tonne of Blues and Jazz CDs from another seller.

21) Classics from Depeche Mode, The Rolling Stones and Public Enemy.

22) 50 Drum & Bass 12"s

23) Loads of great titles from a friend of Als including rare Indie and Garage records - including titles from Oasis, Muse, David Bowie, Bob Dylan etc.

24) Cool mix of stuff including some French Pop music, Brel box, Sabbath 45s.

25) Lovely Pink Floyd box set.

26) LPs and 45s from the Dead Boys, McCarthy, Guided By Voices, Yo La Tengo, Stroppies etc.

27) a BBC Radiophonic Workshop comp, loads of Juke 12"s and a Green Day LP from one seller.

28) Soundway and Strutt titles.

29) Brilliant Rock and Jazz collection including titles from Caravan, Hatfield & The North, Stan Tracey, Mike Westbrook, The Pretty Things, Egg, Norma Winstone, Pink Floyd, Amon Duul, Soft Machine, Miles Davis, The Kinks etc.

30) Wham Japanese pressing CDs.

31) Young Lean and Dr Dre LPs.

32) Beyonce special edition LPs

33) Various titles from The Velvet Underground, A Tribe Called Quest, Bruce Springsteen, The Who, Elvis, Wilco, J Dilla, Violent Femmes, Deep Purple, Ed Motta, Dead Can Dance, Isaac Hayes, Darkstar, Marvin Gaye, Funkadelic, LCD Soundsystem, Robert Fripp, Max Richter, Joni Mitchell, King Crimson etc.

There are some really brilliant titles out at the moment and we seem to be going to collections a lot more at the moment so I'd pop in if you get the chance :)