Zeke Clough Top Ten

Zeke Clough was the artist for Shackleton's 'Skull Disco', and 'Woe to the Septic Heart' record labels and has also produced artwork for numerous other artists/labels including: Mordant Music, Kevin Martin/The Bug, Honest Jon's, Ekoplekz, Castles in Space and Andrew Liles.



- Maalem Mahmoud Gania 'colours of the night' Hive Mind records, 2017.

- A.Kostis ' the jail's a fine school' Olvido Records/Mississippi records 2015

- Nala Sinephro 'Space 1.8' Warp records, 2021.

- Les Filles de Liighadad, "Eghass Malan', Sahel Sounds, 2017.

- 'Rubadub Revolution' Pressure Sounds, 2019.

- Alva Noto XERROX, volumes 1 to 4, NOTON 2007 - 2020.

- Ornette Coleman, 'Virgin Beauty', Portrait, 1988.

- The Residents, 'Not Available' pREServed edition, New Ralph/Cherry Red, 2019.

- everything by Ustad Bismillah Khan, various labels.

- Cordona trilogy, ECM, re-released 2022.