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Tome Records Top Ten

This weeks Top Ten is from our pals Kevin and Matt from Tome Records. Tome have just relocated up to 234 Graham Road, Hackney Central, E8 1BP. Get up there as soon as you can as their shop rules and they are very nice people indeed!

1. Roland Young – Hearsay I-Land

A jazz clarinettist who was a 80s NYC club kid makes music that pisses off the jazz elitists and confuse but gets embraced by the club.

“Isophonic Boogie Woogie”?

Plato Flats found him.

2. Love Joys  “Lovers Rock”

“One Draw” over and over again.

3. Land of Giants “Cannibal Dolls / Seven Men”

1982 upbeat Minimal Wave rarity from Canada. Pitch down a tiny bit for more edge.

“Pull my fingers from my knuckles”

4. Steve Roach “Empetus”

Got in to this record accidentally at wrong speed got in to it even more at the correct speed.

5. Grupo Alegria de Augusto Bernardillo – Estilo Inconfundible

Hit and miss Cumbia with wonky guitars and bad-meaning-good vocals. My favourite sleeve in the shop at the moment.

6. The Kicking Mustangs – Kickin’ / Take A Miracle

100 mph funk A-side which is alright but the sweet soul jam on the B-side is an absolute banger.

7. Lantei Lamptey – Komi Ke Kenam (Fish & Funjee)

Wicked afro-funk track with the worlds wonkiest drum break

8. Francis Bebey – African Electronic Music 1975-1982

An excellent collection from the Cameroonian multi-instrumentalist and sonic experimenter.

9. Various Artists – Tempa Allstars Vol. 1

This makes the top 10 for the Artwork track ‘Basic G’ which still sounds like nothing else 15 years after it was made.

10. Camp Lo – Luchini Aka (This Is It)

The sun is out so obviously this is getting played at least 3 times a day.