Tim Holehouse Top Ten – Reckless Records London

Tim Holehouse Top Ten

This weeks top ten is from deep Blues troubadour Tim Holehouse!

Ten records that influenced me…

Swans – The Great anhilator
My favourite record of all time still it really changed 14 year old me. I no longer wanted to be just a rock star I wanted to make music as interesting as this.

Ac dc- back in black
The first record I ever bought. Cub Scout camp tuck money saved and I bought this beast instead of sweets and thus began my descent into what I am today.

Captain beef heart- trout master replica
Not actually my favourite beefheart that’s Safe as Milk. But this was my first and took me 3 listens to get over the what the fuck is this! Also think marked me out as a weirdo to all my friends when I played it to them in school.

Slint- spiderland
One of the most perfect records ever made! Even to this day every listen leaves me with chills.

Miles Davis- bitches brew
Music mastered here my first lesson on how improvisation is done!

La Bradford – El luxo sol
Minimal scratches and beats with sparse piano and guitars. Seriously under rated band and a real master piece is the more minimal music genres.

Napalm death- scum
My first taste of extreme metal came after watching Napalm Death and then buying scum. Fast and nasty music done properly. Blew my mind when I was 13 still love it now.
Black flag- slip it in

Howlin’ wolf-
The greatest blues voice and song writer ever. Muddy and Johnson get the plaudits wolf quietly got on with making master pieces.

Godspeed your black emperor! F# A# ~
A friend of mine ordered this record from Canada in I think 1997. We sat in the dark listening to it and to this day one of the most spiritual moments I’ve had in my life.

If you don’t know Tim – you simply must rectify the situation!