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Teejerker Top Ten

This weeks Top Ten is from the almighty TEEJERKER!! Teejerker, if you don’t know by now, sells amazing old band T Shirts and gets so many amazing ones. I would certainly recommend following the Instagram!!

Fugazi, early 90s

One of the most famous shirts in the Punk scene, the only partly official Fugazi shirt ever made. Fugazi didn’t want to produce and sell merch so bootlegging was rife, Ian told a notable bootlegger to stop making Fugazi tees, so he made this design instead. Ian saw the design and admired the creativity, he agreed that the shirts can be sold if the profits Fugazi would take were donated to a Womens shelter instead.

Dinosaur Jnr, 1987

From SST Records in 1987, this is the last Dinosaur shirt before the Jr. was added. The band were called Dinosaur from their formation in 1984 until just after the release of their second album ‘You’re Living All Over Me’, when supergroup The Dinosaurs sued them over the name, prompting the addition of ‘Jr’.

Catherine Wheel, 1991

One of the earliest Cartherine Wheel shirts, the 1991 long sleeve featuring the artwork for the bands first EP’Painful Thing’, released on Norwich based label Wilde Club Records. Shortly after Catherine Wheel were signed to Fontana Records, with interest from Creation as well as Eno’s label Opal Records.

Dismember, 1991

Original Dismember shirt from the debut album, and now a true Death Metal classic ‘Like an Ever Flowing Stream’. The band were instrumental to the Sweedish Death Metal scene and are now considered on of the ‘big four’ with Entombed, Grave and Unleashed. The controvertial song ‘Skin Her Alive’ from this release prompted an obscenity charge in the UK, which the band successfully defended.

Sonic Youth, 1992

Up there with the best bootleg shirts we’ve seen, this European Tour 1992 shirt is unnofficial and picked up at the Hamburg show 10/11/92. Killer backprint featuring German dates only, so I guess some German dude printed em up and was selling them outside the shows? Awesome shirt, never seen it again.

Slowdive, 1992

Super rare original ‘Just for a Day’ long sleeve from 1991, the debut full length release from Slowdive on Creation Records. One of the most desirable shirts in the Shoegaze scene, the long sleeve is particularly hard to come by

Nirvana, 1989

Insanely rare Nirvana ‘Bleach’ long sleeve from 1989. Tupelo Recording Company were the first label to press Bleach in the UK, it was a fairly limited run which included 300 white vinyl and 2000 dark green. This is the promotional long sleeve from that release, not sure how many were ever made but have only seen it once again!

Spacemen 3, late 80s

Original Spacemen 3 shirts are some of the most desirable in the vintage market. This late 80s tee is hard enough to find in white, but the rarer black (now grey) was a really special find. Some of the best imagery in Alt Rock / Shoegaze and alsmost 30 years of love and wear

Mayhem, 1997

Legends from the Norwegian Black Metal scene who need no introduction. This 1997 De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas long sleeve is one of our favourite Metal long sleeves to come through. Despite the history of the band and the notoriety of Deathcrush, this 1994 album was their first full length release, and was dedicated to Euronymous who had been murdered by Varg of Burzum the year before.

Minor Threat, 1988

Awesome Minor Threat tee from around 1988, featuring the iconic ‘Out of Step’ sheep. The shirt was screened by drummer Jeff Nelson himself and was one of the first designs sold through his printing company Pedestrian Press.