Mr Fran Keaney of Melbourne Australia, who happens to contribute songs and singing, and play guitar (and very occasionally drum) for the wonderful Rolling Blackouts C.F. was kind enough to submit a Top 10 in the pre-pandemic world... and here, finally, it is - albeit in the pandemic world. 
Now, any regulars at Reckless Records will know that come 6.30pm it's highly likely that Wither With You, The Hammer, Vanishing Dots, Waking Up Dirt River (or basically anything they've recorded) will be blasting out the door and up Berwick Street, so it's great to finally have Fran on the Top Ten.
Being the helpful type, he decided to eschew unhelpful music based tips and go for a helpful guide to his Top 10 most helpful apps. I think it speaks for itself:

Top 10 apps for Reckless Records


  • Master Tour - where to stand and when
  • Spotify - all the songs
  • Podcast - Aaron mankie lore
  • Calculator - helpful for tallying debts
  • Uber Eats - to venue 
  • Garage Band - idling away flights making deep house ditties 
  • ATO app - good for keeping track of petrol tracking receipts. For real
  • 7 minute workout app. It’s handy to know it’s there.
  • Maps - helpful for directions no doubt though navigator impatiently speaks over songs
  • Google Translate - hold your phone over text and watch it magically translate - helpful for demystifying mystery meats

Thanks Fran! Very helpful, I'm almost certain. If you've never seen RBCF live you really should...and their excellent new album Endless Rooms is available now at Reckless Records.