Robin from Music Preservation Society Top Ten – Reckless Records London

Robin from Music Preservation Society Top Ten

For the end of the year we have a Top Ten from Robin Allinson from the Music Preservation Society who have been reissuing some seriously rare Hardcore Jungle records recently. The Fast Floor LP is due soon, and I am seriously looking forward to it!

1. Hi Ryze “Hi Ryze EP” (Hi Ryze) Remastered

2. Ron Wells “Emotional Dials” (Sound Entity Records)

3. Mike Ash “Acid 4 Acid” (No Survivors)

4. Blak Beat Niks “A True Poet” (Clubhouse Records) (Restored and Remastered)

5. DMX Crew “The Wiggly Worm” (Super Rhythm Trax)

6. Psychoacoustic – “I Kommence / Wot We Are” (DANSE CITY RECORDS) Remastered

7. Xray Xperiments Volume 2 (Xray Xperiments) Remastered Double 12”

8. Bay B Kane Hustlers EP (Stay On Target)

9. Fast Floor “A Quest For Intelligence” (Sound Entity Records)

10. Tango Project “Project 1 (Dubplate Mixes)” (Steel Fingers Heritage)