Rob & Jill from Anarchy Records Top Ten – Reckless Records London

Rob & Jill from Anarchy Records Top Ten

This week I’m super chuffed to have got a Top Eleven from Rob and Jill from Anarchy Records in Nottingham! Two of the nicest people you could possibly meet, and they always have killer records. I spent so much time in their shop when I lived in Nottingham; it was like a second home.

Anarchy top 11.
Just what we are listening to at the moment.
In no particular order
1-Klein and mbo dirty talk (instrumental).
2- Elton John – Tiny dancer (love it and always will).
3- Freur – doot doot.
4- Kylie – all the lovers.
5- Novak – alpine assignment ep.
6-Nick Heyward – Atlantic Monday.
7 – The go gos – our lips are sealed.
8 – Dub syndicate – mafia.
9 – Newcleus – computer age (push the button).
10 – baby’s gang – Happy song.
11 – Panorama – Dream Home