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Phil Alexander Top Ten

This weeks Top Ten (well Top Twelve...) is by none other than Phil Alexander Editor-In-Chief of Mojo Magazine!!! He’s done us a Top Ten based around the Sun, good timing as its gonna be really bloody hot today! Thanks Phil!!!

Anthems Of The Sun

1 Queens Of The Stone Age – My God Is The Sun

2 Ghost Of The Sabre Tooth Tiger – Midnight Sun

3 The Jimi Hendrix Experience – Third From The Sun

4 T Rex – Mambo Sun

5 Goat – Union Of Sun And Moon

6 The Beatles – Sun King

7 Vangelis – Sunny Earth

8 Mighty Baby – Same Way From The Sun

9 Black Mountain – Mothers Of The Sun

10 Syd Arthur – Sun Rays

11 Ulver – Velvet Sunsets

12 Hawkwind – Hurry On Sundown