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Oxman Top Ten

So here is our very own OXMANS JUNGLE Top 15!!!!!!

Here is a Top 15 of probably some of my favourite Hardcore/D n B/ Jungle of all time,i had to stop at 15 otherwise it would just go on,i know i haven,t selected a lot of crowd pleasers e g Nuttah,warning,lighter etc i do like and have them,however these ones gets into my paws.

(1) Maximum style – Tom & Jerry (orig mix)
(2 )Terrorist – Renegade/Keith Ray
(3)Thunder Grip- Hyper on experience
(4) Where your coming from – Jamiroquai(intelligent mix)
(5) Liquid Liquid Liquid ,forgotten the artist
(6) we ie -Reel to Reel
((7) Dirty Games – Studio 200
(8) Helicopter-
(9) LSD- Reel to Reel
(10) Majestic b line (ep) the 1st track on the side with logo,no sampling no messing about just straight rumbling
(11) Blissful ignorance-(tango remix) on Moving shadow
(12) Incredible- General Levy
(13) Light in the dark situations(Drummer Justice mix)i think a brown sample
(14) Rub you the right way- Wuthering heights
(15) She cant help it – (Remix) F .X.
Reckless thinking by
D’Oxman (lol)