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Onton from Diat Top Ten

Somehow this got lost in my emails so please excuse the Christmas references.

Here we go then, Chris asked me to pick a top ten for the Recky Recs blog and I figured since you’re a record shop and it’s Xmas and all, maybe if I make a cheeky little list of want-but-don’t-haves you’ll be able to sort me out if you chance upon one or two of these some day?


1. Hornsey at War – Deadbeat Revival. This is what Low Life would sound like if they were more honest.

2. Gareth Williams and Mary Currie – Flaming Tunes. Cheers for not ever repressing this Kiran “scared of making too much money” Sanders or whatever yer fuckin name is.

3. Nocturnal Projections – Another Year – probably what Flaming Tunes would have sounded like if they got bashed on the way home from school more

4. King Everald – Automatic. Got on a real digi dancehall trip this summer, probably thanks in large part to a Bad Boy Bress mix I came across in 2017 that first brought me to the Tempo Riddim.

5. Hortense Osbourne – Me A Smarter 7″. See what I mean?

6. Ok back to the UK which is the only music I care about… Thin Yoghurts – Girl on the Bus 7″ for the excellent B side, ‘Drink Problem’, an absolute anthem.

7. The Spunky Onions / The Ghettoberries – The Spunky Onions Meet The Ghettoberries At Templebeat Records 7″ Not sure how much I even like this anymore but it used to choke me up.

8. Peridots – Open Season 7″. same again, this one sounds like if Lou Reed was comin down off pingas instead of smack.

9. Skeptics – I will if I can CD(!) – this should actually be closer to the top of the list, it is an exquisite and crushing listen, I had to trawl forums to get a bloke to send me the mp3s for all of it, hit me up if you want me to forward them to you. Kinda sounds like a good Nine Inch Nails maybe?!

10. fxck, is that it already? well let’s say it’s a toss up between The Limp’s – Marked Man 7″ and Sardine V’s – I Hate You EP (thanks Itchy Bugger), both NSW bands, again, should be at the top of the list actually

oh F*CK, make it a top 12 then cos I absolutely love this Bourbonese Qualk song called Return to Order off this Preparing for Power EP, this is probably my number 1 actually, wanna make music that sounds like this but with a heavier dub influence.