Oliver Kay Top Ten – Reckless Records London

Oliver Kay Top Ten

Here are, in no particular order, 10 of my favourite records i’ve pulled from the Reckless racks over the years. Cheers guys!
1. Terrace - In-Motion [Djax-Up-Beats, 1991]
One of the first releases on Djax from Eindhoven’s finest.  
Early dutch techno bomb with explicit Detroit influences.
2. Mixman - Antiquities [Blakamix, 1998]
Richter scale level 90s digidub suite from the mighty Dennis Bedeau.
Hard to pick a favourite track.
3. Kit Clayton - $x=$moles*$avocadoes; [Background, 1999]
Tucked away at the end of this otherwise detroit-ish minimal techno record is
‘Wshape revisited’, A slow and meditative, gamelan-infused rhythm track. Proto-dozzy style hypnotism.
4. Sweet Exorcist - Popcone [Plastex, 1991]
Title track is an ahead-of-its-time broken techno monster that still sounds eerily contemporary. Alias of the late great Richard H. Kirk.
5. The Step - Yeah You (Robert’s Dub 1) [Warp Records, 1991]
Early Warp bleep’n’bass crown ruler. 
6. Intensive Care Unit - Brain [Pi Recordings/T&B Vinyl, 1993]
A-side is an urgent, dizzying 12 minute sound piece and one half of an audio/visual installation by Glasgow arts collective NVA. Sci-fi radioactive meltdown. Released on JD Twitch’s Pi Recordings.
7. Dubtribe - Sunshine’s Theme [Organico, 1994]
10 min feel good epic from the golden era of the San Fran free party scene.
8. Barbarella - Barbarella (Remix) [Harthouse/Rising High, 1993]
Room 2 anthem, remixed by Mixmaster Morris of course.
9. The Castle Beat - Today, Tomorrow and Forever [Rama Records, 1987]
Amazing 80s House/Boogie, the instrumental of which liberally sampled on Raze’s ‘Break For Love’.
10. Carol Kalphat / Doctor Pablo & The Crytuff All Stars - African Land / African Melody [Hitrun, 1978]
Heavy, bittersweet roots with a gargantuan dub on the flip.