Oliver Kay Top Ten

Here are, in no particular order, 10 of my favourite records i’ve pulled from the Reckless racks over the years. Cheers guys!
1. Terrace - In-Motion [Djax-Up-Beats, 1991]
One of the first releases on Djax from Eindhoven’s finest.  
Early dutch techno bomb with explicit Detroit influences.
2. Mixman - Antiquities [Blakamix, 1998]
Richter scale level 90s digidub suite from the mighty Dennis Bedeau.
Hard to pick a favourite track.
3. Kit Clayton - $x=$moles*$avocadoes; [Background, 1999]
Tucked away at the end of this otherwise detroit-ish minimal techno record is
‘Wshape revisited’, A slow and meditative, gamelan-infused rhythm track. Proto-dozzy style hypnotism.
4. Sweet Exorcist - Popcone [Plastex, 1991]
Title track is an ahead-of-its-time broken techno monster that still sounds eerily contemporary. Alias of the late great Richard H. Kirk.
5. The Step - Yeah You (Robert’s Dub 1) [Warp Records, 1991]
Early Warp bleep’n’bass crown ruler. 
6. Intensive Care Unit - Brain [Pi Recordings/T&B Vinyl, 1993]
A-side is an urgent, dizzying 12 minute sound piece and one half of an audio/visual installation by Glasgow arts collective NVA. Sci-fi radioactive meltdown. Released on JD Twitch’s Pi Recordings.
7. Dubtribe - Sunshine’s Theme [Organico, 1994]
10 min feel good epic from the golden era of the San Fran free party scene.
8. Barbarella - Barbarella (Remix) [Harthouse/Rising High, 1993]
Room 2 anthem, remixed by Mixmaster Morris of course.
9. The Castle Beat - Today, Tomorrow and Forever [Rama Records, 1987]
Amazing 80s House/Boogie, the instrumental of which liberally sampled on Raze’s ‘Break For Love’.
10. Carol Kalphat / Doctor Pablo & The Crytuff All Stars - African Land / African Melody [Hitrun, 1978]
Heavy, bittersweet roots with a gargantuan dub on the flip.