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My Mum Top Ten

My Mum is one of the reasons I love music so much I reckon – always used to play me sick records as I used to play with Soldiers. I remember she used to be really into the White Noise LP and the soundtrack to 2001. I have found tonnes of cool records in her collection over the years: Karlheinz Stockhausen, loads of French EPs, Igginsbottoms Wrench, Shirley Collins….She loves music and can often be found at gigs in Broadstairs at either the Folk Festival or the Blues Bash. Thanks for doing this Mum you are the best!!!!

1. While my Guitar Gently Weeps     George Harrison   the first and best to be played very loud in a large space to swoon and dance to.
2. Maybe Tomorrow   Stereophonics    played loudly with the windows and doors open on a sunny day  and sing along with
3. NW    Niteworks  for crazy outdoors dancing in the middle of the night     I first saw this amazing group of musicians at Celtic Connections in Glasgow  and was hooked
4. Telephone Line  ELO    sing along with this and you can’t be sure your lungs get a work out…mine do
5. Crazy Man Michael  Fairport Convention    takes me back  just beautiful and reminds me of lovely hedgerows
6. The Sun Aint gonna shine anymore   The Walker Bros     that beautiful hunk Scot Walker ‘s voice takes me back to climbing cliffs in Cornwall and going down the tin mines  with my dancette    record player
7.Bob Dylan   Like a Rolling Stone    singing in the pub with lots of people!
8.Roy Orbison   Crying  have to have this as always good to play when you need a damn good boo    but to be played loudly so one can be very expressive
9.Tubular Bells  Mike Oldfield   all of it   just because I listened to it constantly when I was a student in Brighton!AND  still love it.
10.Thin Lizzy   Whiskey in the Jar     love love love    oh dear   again I love playing this early in the morning on a sunny summers day  dancing around the kitchen  and singing!