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Moon Hooligan Top Ten

Athletes have drive. They have to, Olympians aren't created without it. Sport demands Gymnasts, sprinters and ball players alike sacrifice their youths and their bodies in pursuit of excellence and glory.

Moon Hooligan is not a sport. In our world sacrifice is kept to a bare minimum and the slightest hint of pain signals end of play. There is no excellence, there will never be glory.

Yet Where there is not drive there is inevitibilty. As time gtinds on and the years keep coming, so too it seems, miraculously, does music. And occasionally an album, which brings with it at least one show and video. Our most recent video was sport themed, so is this Top Ten.

Kraftwerk - Tour de France

Cleaners From Venus - Marathon

Gene - Olympian

Sparks - Tryouts For The Human Race

John Fogerty - Centrefield

Bob Dylan - Hurricane

Parquet Courts - Total Football

Donny Benet - Working Out

Jean Penne - Five A Side

Viagra Boys - Sports

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