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Lone Top Ten

Yes yes! An absolute class Top Ten from one of my faves - its yr man LONE!!!!!

Top 10 favourite electronica / IDM records

1 - Autechre - Draft 7.30 (Warp, 2003)

The are just the daddies really aren’t they. A list of this kind without them being at the top of it would seem a bit ridiculous I reckon. I feel like they completed ‘IDM’ (or whatever you wanna call it) with this album. Mindblowing!

2 - Jega - Geometry (Planet-Mu 2000)

We went on a school art trip to London and me and my mates managed to escape from everyone else and find rough trade. My mate Brin got the Windowlicker 12” and I picked this album up on CD. Listened to it on my CD walkman on the way back to Notts, lovely stuff!

3 - CiM - Reference (deFocus 2000)

Super slept-on, this album. I think it sounds totally relevant today as well.. still stands up. Really lush pads, quite Detroit-y but glitchy… pretty flawless album!

4 - Mu-Ziq - Lunatic Harness (Virgin 1997)

Mike P’s best album for me. Like Aphex / Vibert / Squarepusher of the time - mad cut up jungle breaks n stuff all over this but he had these wicked melodies. Super bright, exotic almost.. I loved the combination of those things. Still sound mad. A big influence on my stuff

5 - Aphex Twin - I Care Because You Do (Warp 1995)

My introduction to his music! One of the first albums I ever owned. Made me wanna make tunes in my bedroom like he was doing. Some of his best stuff on this one I think… some of the faster tunes were light years ahead of their time as well.

6 - Multiplex - Area To Area (Toytronic 1999)

Little gem I picked up at Selectadisc in Notts back in the day. I don’t think I’d heard of Multiplex but knew the Toytronic label was decent so just went with it. Have re-discovered this recently actually, some proper trippy / cut up electro stuff on it… great melodic stuff also.

7 - Bola - Soup (Skam 1998)

More of an Ambient vibe on this one.. 98 was an amazing year for this kind of stuff… Really deep, layered lush and warm stuff… bit vangelis-y at times. Good music to sleep to!

8 - Ad Vanz Vs. Gescom / Foehn - Split Series 2 (Fat Cat 1998)

Worth it alone for the ‘Viral’ tune. Proper. Well spacey and has this dark chord progression that comes in halfway through, sick!!

9 - Nuron / Fugue - Likemind 02 (Likemind 1994)

Legendary / enigmatic producer on legendary / enigmatic label. Goes for shitloads now.. and probably never sounded cooler!

10 - S>>D - Co Intel Pro (Central Processing Unit 2018)

Something semi-new! I really love this label, everything I hear from them is right up my street. Love this album and the track ‘Fragment Of Fear’ is just amazing. Puts you right in a dark cyberpunk movie from the 80’s… heavy!!