Kamikaze Top Ten – Reckless Records London

Kamikaze Top Ten

1) Knightvision - Knight of Visions

This is one of my favorite track of Ruffneck records. This style is ''artcore'', it's powerful, dark, α juno synth and heavy kick.
I can't forget this melody.

2) Tellurian - Guyver

And this is my faverite track of Mokum records. I take this vinyl to club when i play dj everytime.
This was released in 1996, i think you can listen to like this style lot 96~.

3) Leviathan - We'll Tear Your Soul Apart

Leviathan and Tellurian are same person, it's alias. Cenobite records owned by Tellurian/Leviathan. This track kind of sounds like guyver, but " We'll Tear Your Soul Apart" is darker than that one. Some people call this style Trancecore.

4) Dark Destination - Impulsive

This track was included in "Sound Of Darkness" EP, and This EP is awesome. All tracks are strong and dark. It's my favorite of Coolman Records.
By the way, i played this when i went to NL in March 2020.

5) Innerchild - Who're you fxckin' with

Ruffneck was member of Innerchild. This was released from K.N.O.R but it's like artcore. I really love this style.

6) Kamikaze - How Should I Stop?

This is my track. I was influenced by Ruffneck, Omar Santana, Michel Klaassen(Leviathan/Tellurian), Promo and Predator.
Many gabbers will know what i was influenced!

7) DJ Promo - Bad Boy Style

Promo released on some label, like ID&T, Bzrk, waxweazle. In the late 90s, his style completely changed to slow tempo industrial, millennium sounds.
Especially I like his tracks, especially early style.

8) Thundergods From Asgards - To My X

This is included in ''Thundergods From Asgards - Sick Ass Killer", and i love this EP.And it was released in 1997, so there are many tracks like this style. Gabber style was getting harder with the times. I love 95~98.

9) Arjuna - I Would Like To Buy A Hamburger

This track released in 2017! His track also was released on Cenobite records in 90s, "Totally Lost" is amazing EP. I don't think you will forget this vocal.

10) Ruffneck as DJ Ruffneck - 20 Bullits To Comply

First vinyl in 20 years on ruffneck records came back. Revival of legendary ruffneck! This is artcore, and artcore is awesome.