Jim Janco Top Ten – Reckless Records London

Jim Janco Top Ten

This weeks Top Ten is a Top 11 and is from our pal Jim Janco! Wether you know Jim from singing in No or Permission or from absolutely savage DJ sets across London (and beyond) you’ll know he’s a man of good taste! He’s a hard man to find a picture of so here’s a picture of him doing NTS (he is the geezer in the middle if you don’t know him!!)

Top 11 People Drifty brain drillers!

1 - Iesope Drift – People Drift – Gave the party it’s name. totally idiosyncratic, raw, churning, completely alienated nightmare of a track

2 - Gizz TV & Walker – A2 Bleeping shuddering funk monster on Force Inc, whole EP rules

3 - Excell – Amytal Sodium – a few years old now, i love all of Excell’s productions. Heavy, grinding but instantly recognisable. Maybe even catchy?

4 - Felix Da Housecat – Phamily Radikal Thant (feat. sofie bloo) – Warped, shifting + eternally returning shout out track on Djax – picked this up in Reckless a few weeks ago!

5 - Chris Sattinger – Energy – So many good Chris Sattinger tracks, this one doesn’t muck about. Warp drive dance material!!

6 - Falling Apart – 202 A2 – Perfectly executed catchy acid. Falling Apart plays People Drift this weekend don’t miss!!

7 - Faceless Techno Bastards – Trapped – More key PD inspiration. Saw Speedy J play this a few years ago and thought i was raving on the moon. Bleak, love it.

8 - Sev Dah – Rumble – I really like Sev Dah’s productions. Tight, detailed modern production with old school funk and melody

9 - Phosphotaze – Tone Works – wicked Chris Mccormack smasher, breaking down into a 45 seconds of desolate introspection before the hammer starts again!

10 - Akilah Bryant – Untitled – Raw, bad minded Chicago acid on Hybrid – Shout out to Charlie F for the tip on this one 

11 - Separate Minds – Can you feel the difference? – Early MK production Nasty twisty synthetics. Sounds like somethings about to go very wrong