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Heather Wiggly World Top Ten

This week we have a Top Ten from none other than Heather from Wiggly World!!!

Cheers Heather!!!!!!



10+ Hits4U

So hard to pick just one

There’s 2 wicked Uriah Heep covers on this Czech 10″ that are both bangers; “Easy Livin” and “Look at Yourself”.

I am really unapologetic about my love for Jon Anderson (also Rush?!). He has the voice of a goddamned angel and first 6 Yes albums are unf*ckwithable.

 Always a fave. Maybe my no.1 love song of all time?! So much so, I made this frickin video y’hoser.

Second and third fave love song of all time? I have so many heavy emotional feelings about DVV.


1980s NYC hardcore band Go! covering Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark

Circle have been one of my top 5 current/running bands for so so so long. Here’s a ripper cover of Eno’s “Here Come the Warm Jets” from Manner released by Hydrahead for record store day in 2012 and in true HH fashion, plenty of colourways/slick packaging.


Here’s some new-ish releases I am currently f+cking with:

This is a new release by LA’s Corima, it’s like Pharoah Sanders fucked MAGMA and the baby was raised in Japan. It’s wild AF. If you dig cosmic jazz & zeuhl, this is for u.


Buy this tape. Doomy & roomy.



When I’m hungover/feeling wavy, I love listening to wobbly covers of my favourite songs. Here’s two excellent examples


Lovely stuff, thanks Heather!