Gatto Fritto Top Ten – Reckless Records London

Gatto Fritto Top Ten

This weeks TOP TEN is from manlike GATTO FRITTO!!!!!

Ben is a killer guy, used to work at Reckless Records and is still smashing out wicked DJ Sets and bad boy tunes like there is no tomorrow. Thanks Ben!!!

  1. Vapourspace ” Paradox Of Time Dilation”
  2. Peter Gabriel “Slow Marimbas”
  3. Jah Seg “Praises”
  4. King Crimson “Discipline”
  5. Erasure “Fingers & Thumbs (Wire Remix)”
  6. Jules Venturini “Traces OF Smoke (Forthcoming on Whities)”
  7. Black Merlin “Tutur”
  8. In The Beyond “Retro”
  9. Mute “Alistairs Theme”
  10. Maghreban “Revenge”