Dalawax Top Ten – Reckless Records London

Dalawax Top Ten

A not definitive top ten!

Fever Ray-Kandy
I can’t stop with this song! Lambent synths and hypnotic percussion leave perfect space for Dreijer’s seductive vocal to slink it.

Scott Walker-The Old Man’s Back Again
The funkin bassline, Morriconesque orchestral arrangement and Walker’s super smooth voice is peak listening for me.

Captain Beefheart-Observatory Crest
The twinkling interchange between keys and guitar create a romantic backdrop for Beefheart’s uncharacteristically sweet vocal delivery here. I think it’s just lovely.

Timmy Thomas-Why Can’t We Live Together
Spare, minimal and devastatingly effective. The improvisational organ sets the scene for Thomas’s emotional call for racial harmony.

Freur-Doot Doot
Freur went on to become Underworld but this is my treasure. We all thought Syndrums were the sound of the future back in the 80s and this understated, sophisticated gem of a song proves that point!

Goodbye Horses-Q Lazzarus
I heard this haunting synthpop beauty because of ‘The Silence of the Lambs’. The artist was an enigma and the mystery and intrigue of this absolutely seamless pop song remains just that.

Glen Campbell-Wichita Lineman
This breaks my heart in the most exquisite way, providing a satisfying endorphin hit every time I hear those beautiful sweeping strings and the lyric ‘And I need you more than want you, and I want you for all time…”

Kate Bush-Watching You Without Me
The Ninth Wave is an incredible, filmic concept and this drops right in the middle of its tumultuous sea as a sparse, plaintive ghost refrain. The backward sounding, phonetically shifting chorus is genius.

Lyra Pramuk-Tendril

Pramuk layers and processes her voice, using it as an instrument to create every sound, producing an orchestra of herself. This is a spiritual experience, a meditation in sound.

Marianne Faithfull-Why’d Ya Do It
I first heard this when I was 15 and it flipped a switch for me, Faithfull’s hoarse rasp delivered with unashamed venom was an empowering, life affirming moment which is still ringing!

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