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Conrad (of CS & Kreme) Top Ten

It's very hard for me to make all-time top tens - I don't even really know what my favourite colour is - but these are the first things to spring to mind as records that totally rearranged my head and still do. Some of them are perhaps obvious but hey, thats me :) There's about a million more that could have made it in here but who needs a top million. Presented chronologically...


Yoko Ono "Approximatley Infinite Universe"

Creation Rebel "Starship Africa"

Ultramagnetic MC's "Funk Your Head Up"

Elaine Radigue "Trilogie De La Mort"

Rowland S Howard "Teenage Snuff Film"

Rhythm & Sound "The Versions"

Mika Vaino "Oleva"

Threshold Boys Choir "Form Grows Rampant"

Villalobos / Loderbauer "re:ECM"

Klein "Harmattan"