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City Wall Top Ten

City Wall is a new radio project coming out of Canterbury. Currently posting up podcast mixes covering all genres from East Kent connected selectors, it'll soon be moving towards an online radio platform, with new programming streaming every Saturday. 


Top 5 stuff I’ve been listening to loads recently. 

The The - Giant

 Older I get the more I think Soul Mining is the best record of that era, and I like telling people this after I’ve had 3 to 4 lagers. Giant is the bollocks, that drum interlude is lethal. 

Cloud One - Flying High

A song that never leaves my bag (picked it up in Reckless, of course) and it's just really fun isn’t it. That mad little voice at the beginning is good, I like a mad little voice. 

The Split Decision Band - Crystal Powder

Fairly new discovery from its recent reissue, and I’ve been pretty obsessed with it since I picked it up. I reckon they are talking about naughty substances!!!

Orca - Tranquility to Earth

We played a party in an old boozer recently (out to Jimmy and the Roundhouse crew) and I got to play lots of jungle which I can’t really get away with at our night we do at Floc Taproom, and playing this there felt quite special - properly beautiful tune.

Bobby Hutcherson - NTU

This was included on a mix done by MEMORIALS (Verity Susman & Matthew Simms’ new band) and I’ve been hitting it hard ever since. Really killer tune, good to zone out to or do dishes really fast to. 


Wax Fruit - Whispers

A super deep Ron Allen Track. Maybe one of my favourites by him, maybe one of my favourite deep house tracks. Lots of atmosphere, and lots of whispery vocals.

Yukihiro Fukutomi - Feel My Love Vibes (Dub Vibes)

Very groovy Japanese deep house, also with whispering. Crammed full of 'Vibes’.

Glenn Underground – Jaz Love #2

Guess what, more whispering, but it's worth it. Not such a typical Glenn Underground track, but there's still that tell-tale signature production in there. Gets me all tingly this one. 

 Janet Rushmore - Joy (Choice Mix)

I'm going to be bold a say that this is possibly my favourite Kerri Chandler Remixes.

Please listen and provide feedback.

MKS 7 - Zulu

A Pal Joey as MKS-7. A very slow, but tantalising bass-line-driven house track with a lovely bit of flute 'whispering' its way through it.


You simply must come to their party this weekend!