Braga Circuit Top Ten – Reckless Records London

Braga Circuit Top Ten

OK see you at 10am on Saturday but just before we go we have a Top Ten from Kents wickedest Bad Boy…..of course its Braga Circuit!

10 of my favourite House tracks (all time)

1. Sub-Urban Soul – Domything (TMVS MIX)

2. DJ Spen – Show U

3. JohNick – Good Time

4. The Serious House Mixer – Bardot Swing (Feat. Byrd Bardot) (Cha Cha Mix)

5. Paul Johnson – What Ever You Do

6. DJ Duke Presents Protection – Safe Sex (Dub Mix)

7. Erick “More” Morillo – Dancin (A Little More Dub)

8. Box Of Yummies Whena (Keith’s Klub Mix)

9. Dreddmon – Work It (Dreddful Soul Mix)

10. 24 Hour Experience – Take Me Up To Bed (Filthy dub)


Thanks Joe!!!