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Archer Top Ten

This weeks TOP TEN is from Archer from popular Synth Punk Rockers Beta-Blockers and Temple Of Coke!

Kool Keith – Sex Style, 1997 – all my lyrics based around this album, and lifestyle in general

Skitsystem – Stigmata, 2006 – Hardest album of all time

Ultra – Big Time, 1996 – best diss album of all time, Keith and Tim complimenting each others styles is perfection

Spooky Black – Black Silk, 2014 – great album to listen to having emotional sexual intercourse

Mel gimpsuit/Hangover Heartattack Split CDR, 2007 – food obsessed grindcore, footy lad leige’s

J Hus – The 15th Day, 2016 – He ripped off my stage presence but seriously bad boy daggering mixtape

Devilman – R.E D.Evelopment mixtape, 2007 – Sent me a signed blank cd 6 months after ordering off myspace, album cover was a still from the playstation 2 game “Hitman”. Absolutely bad boy

Oasis – Be Here Now, 2010 – great stuff

Dismember – Like an Ever flowing Stream, 1991 – pure evil banter

The Killers – Direct Hits, 2013 – 15 anthems in one handy record

If you do not know the Beta-Blockers check them out: