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Annie from Blind Eye

Everyone loves Annie! 


"Hiya, This was alot harder than I thought. To many gigs, too many to pick top ones.... So I took out friends bands as that would be obvious... So I let my mind free and just picked the top ten that came to mind straight away...It looks completely mixed and random...And I know I would have missed a ton that I walked out saying to myself....'That was definitely one of my top gigs'. So I just plucked out of my memory...I know tonight...(or staright after I send this to you) I will remember all the other insane gigs...MDC just came to mind...NO! I am sticking with the list... Thanks Chris! Damnit... Well dont care if its's the list chuck!"

1) Neil Young (Mid 80’s in a field)

2) Dead Kennedys (Early 80’s)

3) Silver Bullet (Swedish band) (late 90’s London)

4) The Avengers (late 90’s)

5) Turbo Negro (mid 90’s Groningen, Holland)

6) Soundtrack of Our Lives (Early 2000’s)

7) Cosmic Psychos (Early 2000’s – wish it was earlier)

8) La Fraction’ (mid 2000’s)

9) Limp Wrist (mid 2000’s)


Annie sings in Blind Eye and runs the amazing Annie's Burger Shack restaurants!