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Staff Playlists


Phoenix/Clairo - After Midnight (EP track)

Jockstrap- I Love You Jennifer B (LP)

Steely Dan - Second Arrangement (youtube)

Hand Habits - The Bust Of Nefertiti (single)

Ennio Morricone - Mondo Morricone 1 (CD)

Bee Gees - Main Course (LP)

Black Country New Road - At Bush Hall (youtube)

Clairo- Amoeba (live EP track)

Pulp- Pink Glove (LP track)

Chico Buarque/Ennio Morricone - Per Un Pugno Di Samba (CD)




Van Der Graaf Generator - Refugees

Nicole Croisille - Where Did Our Summers Go

Arctic Monkeys - There'd Better Be A Mirrorball

Van Der Graaf Generator - Refugees

Lanterns On The Lake - Real Life 

Hemsley Morris - You Think I'm A Fool

Brenda Lee - Here's That Rainy Day

Gianfranco & Gian Piero Reverbi - Canto Di Morte

Weezer - O Girlfriend

Scott Walker - Farmer In The City




Jaki byard experience

Hrisanthos - drosoulites 

Alois Huber (everything) 

Val clipp edits

Disastrous murmur - rhapsodies in red

Suffocation - human waste

Blue Oyster cult 

Pablo gad - Pg in love 

Bobb Trimble - harvest of dreams

Tercer mundo s/t 7"




1-800 Mikey - S/T LP

84 Flesh - Salted City 7"

Donald Byrd - At The Half Note Cafe LP

Fastbacks - Play Five Of Their Favorites 12"

Gee Tee - Goodnight Neanderthal LP

Operation Ivy - Energy LP

Augustus Pablo - King Tubbys Meets Rockers Uptown LP

Rat Cage - Savage Visions LP

Spirito Di Lupo - Vedo La Tua Faccia Nei Giorni Di Pioggia LP

V/A - Roots From The Record Smith LP




Ducks Ltd - 18 Cigarettes

Ducks Ltd - Gleaming Spires

Nu Genea - Marechia

John Cale - Ship Of Fools

King Tubby - African Roots

Fleetwood Mac - That's All For Everyone

Chris & Cosey - Dancing Ghosts

Nick Drake - Tow The Line

Darko Esser - Slightly Distubed (Sandwell District Remix)

Bill Evans - Gloria's Step

Rolling Blackouts CF - Waking Up, Dirt River

Succession - Theme Tune




Led Zeppelin - Houses Of The Holy

SPK - Zamia Lehmanni

Stroom Full Moon Healing Spotify mix

Satanic Surfers - 666 Motor Inn

Dimmu Burger - Kings Of The Carnival Creation

Al-D - Can U See This

Alternative - If They Treat You Like Shit Act Like Manure

Feeble Little Horse - Freak

Stranger Cole - Everyday Tomorrow

Laurie Anderson - Bright Red