Staff Playlists – Reckless Records London

Staff Playlists


L.J. Reynolds - Key To The World

Stereolab & Nurse With Wound - Simple Headphone Mind

Eye To Eye - Nice Girls

Laufey - Fragile

Shame - One Rizla

Wu Fei - Yu Zhou Chang Wan

The Clash - Up In Heaven

U2 - I Will Follow

New Age Doom - Holy Dub

Rolling Blackouts CF - The Hammer


Wings - Wild Life

Poco - Seaven

Spinners - Pick Of The Litter

Dwight Tribble - Mothership

Ephat Mujuru - Mbavaira

Mahotella Queens - `

Frank Kimbrough - Monk's Dreams

John Zorn - Bagatelles 3

Masuru Imada - Blue Marine

Sun Ra - Celestial Love



Beach Boys - Friends / Wild Honey LPs

America Spring - S/T LP

Tchotchke - Ronnie/Dizzy LP Tracks

Lucinda Williams - Fruits Of My Labor LP Track

Faces - Good Boys When They're Asleep CD

The Bats - Completely Bats LP

Jackie McLean - Let Freedom Ring LP

Sugar Babe - Songs CD

Lemon Twigs - In My Head LP Track

Abba - Visitors / The Album LPs



1-800 Mikey - S/T LP

Bad Brains - Omega Sessions 10"

Iron Maiden - Somewhere In Time LP

New Order - Brotherhood LP

+ Instruments - Bodies 12"

Das Schnitz - 4AM 7"

Alternative - If The Treat You Like Shit, Act Like Manure LP

Home Front - Games Of Power LP

Mission Of Burma - Signals, Calls & Marches 12"

Nina Simone - Baltimore 7"



Steve Lacy - Gemini Rights LP

The Tubs - Dead Meat LP

Home Front - Nation Video

Cannibal Corpse - Tomb Of The Mutilated LP

Quest Master - The Twelve Temples LP

Daniel Bachman - Almanac Behind LP

Title Fight - Hyperview LP

Lana Del Ray - Did You Know Theres A Tunnel Under Ocean BLVD LP

E.S.G. - Ocean Of Funk CD

End It - Unpleasant Living LP