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Back In The Day


This blog was written to:

Massive week !!!

This is what we bought:

  1. I bought an absolutely killer collection from an old friend of mine (we used to work together in Nottinghams’ Selectadisc a long time ago). I reckon it’s just shy of a thousand titles – and covers most genres going: Freakbeat, Soul, Funk, Indie, Britpop, Breaks, Jungle, Drum n Bass, Hip Hop, Reggae, Dub, Classic Rock, Sixties, Mod, Library, Exotica, Garage, Punk, Easy Listening, Trip Hop, House, Metal, Psych, Hard Rock – you name it! Some examples of some of the artists: Queens Of The Stone Age, PJ Harvey, Eek-A-Mouse, The Creation, The Who, Small Faces, Leftfield, Johnny Clarke, Nine The Observer, The Prodigy, Black Sabbath, Soledad Brothers, James Brown, The Rolling Stones, Krome & Time, Neil Young, Remarc, Turbonegro, Motorpsycho, The Soundtrack Of Our Lives,  Supergrass, Black Keys, Devendra Banhart, Zakary Thaks, Love, Muddy Waters, Blowfly, Probot, Foo Fighters, The Zombies, The Attack, Sex Pistols, Dennis Brown, Big Youth, Sly & The Family Stone, Lyn Collins, Brian Eno, Roxy Music, Velvet Underground, The Seeds, Suicide, Dr John, Atomic Rooster, 13th Floor Elevators, Mount Eerie, Pink Floyd, The Charlatans, The Monks, The Stone Roses and millions more. There are tonnes of Breaks/Soul/Funk compilations – including some pretty collectable ones! There are also lots of Funky/Easy/Exotica/Library comps which you don’t see much these days. It’s an absolutely killer collection – and I’ll write a bit more about it as we get it out.
  2. Toru bought a small but great Jazz collection in South London. It included several really rare titles from Ian Carr/Don Rendell (as well as one titles just credited to Don Rendell called Roarin’), Tubby Hayes, John Coltrane, The New Jazz Orchestra (featuring Neil Ardley, Michael Gibbs, Henry Lowther etc), Ronnie Scott, Miles Davis, Harold McNair, Nucleus etc. Large portion of these have already gone out and sold – but we’ve got a few more to put out. These titles never last long in the shop – a testament to how good they are!
  3. Large pile of Finders Keepers and related bits came in – including lots of great reissues of interesting obscurities as well as some contemporary titles.
  4. Tom was out at another Metal CD collection – I believe it was mostly contemporary/alternative Metal. There were also some more standard Rock LPs.
  5. Lots more alternative Indie/80s bits in this week from The Smiths, Cocteau Twins, The KLF, New Order and Joy Division. LPs and 12″s – flying out.
  6. More Jungle and Drum & Bass – this time including several rare Congo Natty LPs.
  7. Big stack of Beatles LPs came in this week from several different sellers. UK and US pressings, originals and older reissues. One of the sellers also sold in some super clean Classic Rock from Kate Bush, Cream, Tracy Chapman and Blind Faith.
  8. Nice little pile of 45s from Aretha Franklin, Fairport Convention, The Byrds, Otis Clay, The House Of Love, Francois Hardy, Cat Power, Lee Perry, Art Blakey from two different sellers.
  9. Another friend of mine brought in the usual mixture of Punk/Psych/Reggae – LPs, CDs and 45s. Some Riot City 7″s.
  10. Talking of Riot City 45s Tom also bought in some along with a great pile of Power Pop and Punk rarities – and also a Headcleaners 45! These should be going out sometime soon.
  11. We bought tonnes of tapes this week – from Classic Rock titles to Avant Garde (Lustmord, NWW etc) to Drum & Bass tape packs (a lot of One Nation and Innovation packs).
  12. Yesterday a very nice chap was over from France with an absolutely amazing pile of records to sell. It was a mixture of Detroit Techno, Dub Techno, House, UK Electro Techno, Ambient, Industrial, C86, Industrial, Folk, Noise…with titles from Felt, Shirley Collins, Underground Resistance, Deepchord, Davina, William S Burroughs, Organum, Mississippi mix tapes, Clock DVA, Vox Populi, Current 93, Coil, Pan Sonic, Stasis, Asmus Tietchens, Model 500 etc. These should be going out soon.

Also plenty of vinyl from David Bowie, Joe Gibbs, Elvis, Bauhaus, Stereolab, Thomas Leer, UFO, Bob James, Blur, Madonna, The Cure, Napalm Death, Godflesh, Talking Heads, My Chemical Romance, Porcupine Tree, Fleet Foxes, Gandalf, Jethro Tull, Genesis, Arctic Monkeys, Boards Of Canada, Neu….

We’ve got loads of great stuff out this week:

A) Classic Rock LPs

B) Reggae and Dub 12″s and LPs

C) Death and Black Metal CDs and Cassettes

E) Punk LPs (including a perfect Buzzcocks debut with the outer bag)

F) Psych LPs

G) Tonnes of Jazz

H) Loads of Techno/House (including lots of rarities)

I) A lot of Trance 12″s

J) Lots of new Cheaps

K) Rock and Pop CDs

L) Avant Garde LPs

M) African LPs


This weeks Top Ten is fromDavid “Toast” Rumsey! Dave plays Reggae, Ska, Rocksteady and Soul records and is from Ramsgate. He also writes the Zine “Spirit Of 69” – which I can highly recommend! Heres an introduction in his own words… “Cheers bit of background, been a skinhead since 79 got into ska reggae via two tone, did a fanzine in late 80s which got me a job with one stop music, worked on mail order, written sleeve notes for a number of releases mostly punk and oi, but most recent was for Trojan’s first monkey business cd, which is now out on LP. Started DJing off and on around mid 90s, but around 98 got asked to DJ at a ska punk club in London, called sublime, which ran until 2003, played ska and us punk, but used to seek in studio one classics now and again.  Started dj authentic tunes in Margate around 2008, set up a small club, called the ska shack, which grew to small but regular events. Now have skagate a three day festival in Margate, and our Christmas cracker. Do an online radio show on dance web radio, on a Thursday night, 7.30 till 9.30 playing a mix of old and new, ska reggae,dub roots etc. Produce a fanzine called spirit of 69 for skinheads and lovers of the scene.”


Here we go…

Reckless Top Ten

Slickers, Nana, Blue Cat, BS 134, A Side, £60

One of the cheaper more popular Blue cat, a great Riddim, which Lee Perry also used as a basis for Dollar In The Teeth.

Audrey, Love Me Tonight, Downtown, DT414, A Side, £60

A Great sticky tune, produced by Brother Dan, which is of course is Dandy Livingstone, so English produced. It’s a stomping tune, that never fails to fill the Dance Floor. Audrey later become a Lovers
Rock Singer.

Maytals, Night and Day, Trojan, TR7711B, B side, £3.50

This B side is a big dance floor filler, it seems that not may know about as its over shadowed by the A side which Is Monkey Man. A single most self respecting Reggae Fans should have in their collection. Flip it over and check out Night and Day.

Audrey And The Dreamers, I second That Emotion, Downtown, DT408, A side, £25.00

English produced by Dandy Livingstone, and sung by the legendary Audrey. A Cover of the Smokey Robinson and the miracles Motown classic. Its a simple Reggae tune, that has a great Bass line.

Reids All Stars, H.E.L.L.5, Torpedo, Tor 23, B side, £149.00

A fast fighting Reggae tune, chunking bass line, its skinhead reggae at its best. I picked this up in the 80’s from oldies unlimited, 50 reggae singles for a tenner, 20 of them were on the Torpedo label, but most were pretty bland. With Mafia on the A side a great double sider.

The Sensations,I’ll always Love You, Gas, 118, B side, £110.00

1969 produced by Winston Riley, who founded the Techiques in 1962 one of the greatest rocksteady bands. He is best know for producing the most sampled Riddim “Stalag Riddim”. The Sensations also went under the name of the Mad Lads, who they were im not sure. This is again a B side but the a side is just as good “Wanted” By Baba Dise.

The Tennors,Cherry, Crab 36, B side, £80.00

I love this early reggae tune which has a Rocksteady feel. The Vocals are magnificent, its a joy to behold blasting from the speakers..

Winston James and the Hot Rod All-Stars, Gal I think your nice, Tor 4, A side, £80.00

Produced by Lambert Brisco who ran the Hot rod Sound System in Brixton a great producer of Skinhead Reggae. The Hot Rod All Stars who featured some of the Cimarons. His tune uses the great Jesse James riddim. The flip is a nice Skinhead Reggae Instrumental as well.

Thanks Dave!!


and thanks for reading, till next week!


Mega House & Techno collection – plus much more!

Salut from Reckless!

This Blog was written to the sounds of..

This Blog was written in the middle of the Cotswolds – in the aftermath of two good friends getting married! Congrats to Lucy and Ren!

This week was mostly taken up by one big purchase (for me anyway) so lets get started on this weeks purchases..

  1. One of the biggest and best Dance collections we’ve bought for ages came in last week. I had to be up at the crack of dawn and trek across London to a beautiful flat in sunny Richmond. A long time collector/journalist (and much more) had a massive collection (I think its around 5000-5500 titles). It is mostly Electronic music – including a lot of premium House and Techno. There are a lot of white labels as they got sent a lot of titles for free – some of them have handwritten notes from top producers and label heads such as Mad Mike. As you can probably guess there is a lot of Detroit Techno and Chicago House. The Detroit Techno is absolutely top drawer: Underground Resistance, Moodymann, Robert Hood, Carl Craig, Drexciya, Model 500, Jeff Mills. As is the Chicago: Trax, Ron Trent, Prescription, Boo Williams, Relief Records, Dance Mania, Chez Damier. There is also a lot of Classic Electronic music from artists like Global Communication, Aphex Twin (including white labels of classic titles from Polygon Window and Gak), Leftfield, Underworld, Daft Punk, The Black Dog, Reload, Likemind titles, Autechre. Some harder Trance/Techno/Acid – including a lot of very collectable titles from Spiral Tribe, Laurent Garnier, Basic Channel, Acid Junkies etc. Lots of amazing UK Garage – including a few really rare ones (from artists like Ordinary People, Industry Standard, Confetti Records, Anthill Mob…). Lots of Boys Own/Balaeric stuff and Classic UK House. Also a tonne of Jungle/Drum n Bass – including original Metalheadz/Moving Shadow/Good Looking promos and a lot of super clean LPs. The rock stuff was decent too – Stone Roses, Ride, My Bloody Valentine, Sonic Youth, Slowdive etc. The condition is mostly really good although a few of the LPs have a big of sleeve damage. There are also a lot of much cheaper titles as you always get with every collection so be sure to check the Cheap Dance section – as there will be some really good budget 12″s and LPs going out very soon. All in all it is a proper amazing collection and I’m so happy we bought it. These are going to be slowly going out over time but there should be something new for you every time you come in. As ever I will try to keep on top of getting bits on our Instagram so you can see when a big batch has gone out. Some of the rarer titles went out on Saturday morning.
  2. Ben bought in several batches of MPB/Tropicalia this week. Nothing too rare but some decent LPs from Tim Maia, Ellis Regina, Caetano Veloso, Milton Nascimento etc. I believe these have all gone out now.
  3. I bought in a decent stack of LPs and 12″s for trade from someone – nice titles from The JB’s, Aretha Franklin, De La Soul, Bootsy Collins, Curtis Fuller, Flora Purim and the great Beat Classic Electro comp which I played to death when it came out thanks to the recommendation from Rachel at Selectadisc.
  4. Plenty more Chinese/Singapore/Malaysian LPs came in – more Surf, Sixties, Beat titles – as well as a nice batch of Highlife LPs including an E.T.Mensah LP which was really good and a decent Fela Kuti LP.
  5. Another big batch of LPs from one of our pals – including a mixture of Indie Rock, Garage/Psych revival (Thee Oh Sees, Plastic Crimewave, Jay Reatard), Modern Classical, Thai Funk compilations, modern Electronic 12″s, Punk LPs and a series of Demdike Stare mixtapes.
  6. More Jazz from a regular seller including original titles as well as various reissues of incredibly pricey titles.
  7. 100 interesting CDs from one seller which included titles from Thee Oh Sees, The Fall, Creation Rebel, Acid Mothers Temple, Fennesz, Ornette Coleman, Les Rallizes Denudes etc.
  8. Pal of mine popped up and traded in a pile of Hardcore/Jungle and some Pop/Rock including titles from Madonna and The Doors.
  9. Big ol pile of Prog reissue CDs including titles from Affinity, Forest, UFO, Pink Floyd, July, Faust etc.
  10. Nice pile of Reggae including the Trojan Dancehall box set, Ken Boothe, Burning Spear etc.
  11. Also plenty of King Crimson CDs, Numero compilations, more Psych comp LPs, Queens Of The Stoneage LPs, Will Oldham/Palace LPs, Scout Niblett titles, rare colour vinyl Dead Kennedys, Prince Buster LPs, Miles Davis LPs, loads of Motown reissue 45s,

So much good stuff went out this week::::

A) Tonnes of the Metal CDs and Cassettes – these are flying out

B) Lots of new House and Techno

C) More Folk LPs

D) Lots of “cool” LPs including reissues of rare Soul LPs, German Ambient, Post Punk, UK Dub…

E) More Indie and Pop/Rock 45s (Including a tonne of Kate Bush 45s)

F) Some good 80s Indie Rock from Sarah Records to Felt

G) More Drum n Bass

H) Reggae/Ska CDs

I) More brand new Reissues including the Rodriguez titles – Oasis titles are back in this week!

J) Reggae 45s (mixture of Reissues and Originals)

More big collections up this week! Keep checking the Instagram or even better pop in the shop!

This weeks Top Ten is from Dan Burrows AKA DJ Drexl! Quite simply if it wasn’t for Dan the only nights out in Canterbury would be Jump Up DNB. And he’s only gone and done us a Top Ten music videos…

  1. Danni Minogue – Baby Love

Super cheesy pop video choreography. Everyone looking way too good for it to be acceptable. But it’s ok, Steve Hurley’s smashed in a tonne of swing, a sick lately bass sequenced throughout the whole thing, all of the m1 piano and a divine chorus.


  1. Sueño Latino Feat. Carolina Damas ‎– Sueño Latino

A visual representation of dreamy Italian, saxed up, whispery vocal deep house.


  1. Frankie Knuckles – The Whistle Song

I wasn’t going to put this in but there’s a parrot on a flute and Frankie is just so damn happy.


  1. Nicole May – Runnin’ Away

Like a lot of 90s RnB singles, the house mixes tend to be produced by either Steve Silk Hurley or E-Smooth. In this case it’s E-Smooth and it’s a thing of splendor.


  1. Lidell Townsell – Nu Nu (Club Mix)

Questionable subject matter but worth watching just for the sweet 90s street wear inspiration. Sick chorus too, ‘mmm mmm yeah yeah’.


  1. MCB feat. Daisy Dee – Crazy

Crayola bubble text by Daisy Dee’s 6 year old niece and that classic 90s music vid montage with all the out of the box effects turned up to ten. Surprised the chorus hasn’t been sampled more, so damn good. The ‘Dizzy Mix’ on the 12″ single is the one though 👌.


  1. Crystal Waters – Makin Happy

Not just a one hit wonder.

This video does the track justice. Very much of the times, but without that familiar ‘My first home editing kit’ production quality. Love the possibly unintentional splice of Gypsy Women as an intro.


  1. Deee-Lite – How Do You Say…Love (A Delicious Pal Joey Dub)

Remix by the legend Pal Joey.

No doubt an influence for ‘Cloud 9 – Do You Want Me’. Art direction massively stands out when considering what was being made at the time. Very Deee-Lite 60’s pastiche.


  1. A Guy Called Gerald – Voodoo Ray

An absolute anthem and also an incredible video. They’ve totally nailed that Len Lye Colour Box aesthetic.


  1. Lil’ Louis and the World – Club lonely

Shivers. Everytime. I want to go down to that club right now, and see if there really is a bouncer called ‘Charles’.

Merci buddy!

See you guys next week!


EVIL DEATH METAL!!! and plenty of cheerful music too


This Blog was written to::::

Wicked week at Reckless this week – another seriously busy week (despite an expected quiet Monday). The racks are absolutely rammed with amazing records at the moment, some of the best for sometime. Lets look at what came in this week::

  1. Tom was out at a top Metal collection this week. Several thousand CDs and Cassettes. The seller was mostly into underground Death and Black Metal but also liked a bit of straight up Heavy Metal and Doom. The collection has a mixture of underground titles – from artists we hadn’t heard of to artists who have since become huge despite a cult beginning. Artists such as Suffocation, Necromantia, Blasphemy, Undergang, Death, Warning, Cannibal Corpse, Entombed, Sarcofago, Tomb Mold, Taake, Napalm Death, Immortal, Marduk, Akitsa… lots of titles on Nuclear War Now too. There are also as well as being proper albums a lot of demos – including a few vintage ones. These are absolutely flying out.
  2. Pal of mine was in yesterday, one who sells in most weeks. He had his usual big stack of Punk, Psych, Noise and Reggae to sell in. Included were a few decent Punk 45s – including some originals on Riot City and a few reissues of LA classics. Decent stack of Reggae and Ska CDs including a few out of print Trojan box sets. There were also a few Industrial comps – including a fairly rare one with the Boredoms, Hijokaidan etc. Far out!
  3. Another friend was in with a great stack of Avant Garde LPs. Lots of super obscure but sought after titles – a lot of French records if I remember correctly. I will be pricing these up over the next few days so they should be out by the weekend.
  4. Lots of great titles came in from members of staff this week as it seems everybody was having a clear out: loads of Reggae reissue 45s (Digikiller etc), The Chills, Manuel Gottsching, Herbie Hancock, Jazzman Spiritual Jazz comp, Japanese Jazz, The Move, Blue Note CDs, Rock and Pop cassettes (Michael Jackson, The Beatles, John Lennon, Gong, Brian Eno, Teardrop Explodes, Judas Priest, Steve Reich, The Rolling Stones, Dr Feelgood, Madonna etc).
  5. 50 Calypso and Island LPs and 12″s.
  6. Another regular seller sold in: Alice Coltrane, Kenny Graham, Donald Byrd and a few more nice Jazz titles.
  7. Nice stack of RnB titles from Destinys Child, Alicia Keys, Erykah Badu etc.
  8. Nice stack of Jungle 12″s from Shy FX, Potential Bad Boy, DJ Trace, Voyager, Foul Play etc.
  9. Another pal who seems to have started selling in every week brought in a huge stack: Electronic, Afrobeat, Techno, Garage Punk = Powell, Billy Childish, Plastic Crimewave, Max Richter, Kompakt, William Onyeabor, Chris & Cosey, Madlib etc.
  10. Lots more classic titles from: The Beatles, The Clash, Lewis Capaldi, Disco Inferno, Andrew Hill, Iggy Pop, Blur, The Specials…

Some amazing stuff went out this week (stuff not mentioned above):

A) Loads more Indie and Rock and Pop 45s

B) Classic 90s Hip Hop LPs and 12’s

C) Jazz – including a lot of reissues of rare titles

D) Cassettes

E) Sixties Psych CD comps

F) More interesting Soundtracks and Exotica

G) Lots of Avant Garde and Modern Classical LPs

H) Detroit Techno and US House

I) More Psych and West Coast originals – including all the Byrds UK originals in amazing condition

J) Decent batch of new records from throughout Africa – including some Fela Kuti LPs

K) Some newish House and Techno – priced to sell!

L) Some amazing UK Garage and Grime that was in rough shape – straight out in the £1 section

Theres loads more too!

Several interesting collections up this week – watch this space and keep checking our Instagram.



Reckless Records, here to make you feel better about yourself after a big weekend.


This Blog was written to…

Heavy week at Reckless! —

This is whats come in::

  1. Toru was out at a great collection in South London. There were thousands of records – he returned with just under 400 excellent titles (sadly the rest were destined for the charity shop!). It was a typically interesting South London collection – lots of very interesting records: Modern Classical, Reggae, Jazz, Post Punk, Exotica, Avant Garde, Bollywood Soundtracks, Funk, Dub, Rap and even a smidgen of Death Metal! Titles from artists as diverse as Martin Denny, Family Fodder, James Brown, Napalm Death, Les Baxter, NWA, David Tudor, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Big Youth, Arne Nordheim, John Cage, The Slits, Richard Youngs… you get the idea.
  2. I was out at a collection in North London at a very beautiful house ! I was out in the garden shed for a few hours going through a wicked collection that was a bit like going through my own collection at times. Roughly 400 12″s – pretty much all Jungle and early Drum n Bass – Metalheadz, Moving Shadow, Lucky Spin, Skanna, Basement Records, Adam F, Intense, Bukem/Good Looking Records, Source Direct (loads..), Jack Ruby, Oblivion, Ed Rush, DJ Trace, Nookie, early Ram…all in much better shape than usual. As well as the vinyl there were quite a few CDs – mostly popular 90s stuff – lots of UK Garage, Rap, some great DNB/Jungle ones (Paradox, Bukem etc – loads of CDs you just don’t see) and a hell of a lot of Tapes. The tapes were absolutely wicked – mostly Metal tapes – but also a load of Rap and Jungle (Dreamscape, World Dance, Ed Rush then Fear Factory, Morbid Angel, Carcass, Entombed, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Lemonheads, Method Man, Ice Cube, Eazy-E, Cypress Hill, Monster Magnet etc). I also got a few old mags like old Eternitys, some issues of The Face and a couple more old DNB mags.
  3. Luke bought in a top collection of mostly reissues. Pretty much all Indie Rock and Classic Rock – David Bowie, My Bloody Valentine, Psychic TV, The Beatles, 13th Floor Elevators, Fifty Foot Hose etc.
  4. A nice geezer popped in several times this week with a killer Electro and Rap collection. Mostly classic titles with a few really rare bits thrown in – more 80s than 90s but theres a few 90s bits. Titles from Stetasonic, MC Shy D, NWA, Hashim, Beastie Boys, The Egyptian Lover… all super clean and US issues.
  5. A dude who’d sold us his Hardcore and Jungle collection ages back has started to bring in a load of Chinese records – lots of amazing looking titles. Lots of therm sounded a bit like The Shadows…and they have amazing sleeves. He said he has hundreds more. These might take a while to go out as they all need cleaning.
  6. Somebody also brought in a huge pile of Bear Family box sets! As you may know these are super high quality – and pretty hard to find. Mixture of Rock n Roll, Honky Tonk, Rhythm n Blues and Country.
  7. The rest of this weeks buying was all in smaller amounts – but there was loads: Techno 12″s, Experimental, Talk Talk LPs, Prince, loads of Beach Boys, Frank Zappa (loads of LPs too!), Jan and Dean, more U2, Depeche Mode vinyl box sets, Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath, Queen, Noise bits (including quite a few Wolf Eyes titles), Elton John Japanese CDs, Reggae 12″s and some really good RNB and Neo Soul LPs and 12″s.

And of course loads of good stuff went out this week::

A) Lots of Jungle.

B) Plenty of standard Rock and Pop CDs

C) About 8 Rita Lee LPs

D) 60s 45s

E) Some great Punk LPs and 45s

F) Classic Rock – an awful lot

G) More great Jazz

H) A lot of Downtempo and Acid Jazz

I) West Coast Psych LPs – more clean US originals.

J) Some great Exotica LPs

More big collections up this week – keep checking in!

Thanks to everyone at Contrapop last week I had a great time! It’s such a great festival and I highly recommend it.

This weekend is the It Came From The Sea festival in Margate

Also check this !!

Ox is also playing carnival – you know you don’t want to miss that! Busy weekend!

See ya next week!


More music from the golden eras

Hello from Reckless!

Now playing::::
We’ve been working seriously hard this week – and have got absolutely full to the brim racks to show for it. Some seriously cool bits have gone out this week!! Lets have a look:::
A) More of the big West Coast / Psych collection went out; some super nice copies too! Titles from artists like Family, Moby Grape, Neil Young, Steppenwolf, Vanilla Fudge, Taste, Spirit, Mountain, The Nazz, Art, The Savage Rose, Clouds, Edens Children, Third Ear Band, Jefferson Airplane, Grateful Dead, Gram Parsons, The Downliners Sect, Fat Mattress, The Flying Burrito Brothers, Gene Clark, Mad River, Bonnie Dobson, The Who, Small Faces, Love, Strawberry Alarm Clock, The Guess Who, HP Lovecraft etc. Loads more of these to come!
B) Hefty amounts of Classic Rock and Pop – from ultra clean original issues to lightly marked reissues (and everything between)! Plenty of The Beatles, Spencer Davis Group, Creedence Clearwater Revival, The Doors, Jimi Hendrix, Electric Light Orchestra, Yes, The Rolling Stones, Fleetwood Mac, Ten Years After, Gong, Cat Stevens, Rod Stewart, Abba, Depeche Mode, Sex Pistols, Free, John Martyn, The Kinks, Motorhead, David Bowie, Mott The Hoople, Dr Feelgood, R.E.M., Led Zeppelin, Adele etc.
C) More Reggae 45s went out, a mixture of Greensleeves classics, 80s Dancehall bits from Barrington Levy, Yellowman et al and some Sixties Ska originals.
D) Loads of George Michael 45s – including lots of rare US Jukebox titles – the only way to have some of them on 45s.
E) Some great DIY Indie, Post Punk and Punk 45s (as well as some 12’s and LPs). Including several rarities.
F) Nineties Techno – some very cool and obscure titles.
G) Loads of Soul, Jazz Fusion and Jazz Funk from the collection we bought last week. Lots of bargains to be had.
H) More high end Jazz reissues – plenty of decent Strata East titles  and records from artists like the Art Ensemble Of Chicago, Archie Shepp, Clifford Jordan, Sun Ra, John Coltrane etc.
I) Quite a few great Bollywood soundtrack LPs – and various fantastic records in and around that section.
J) Mountains of Psych reissues and compilation LPs – Pebbles, Mindrocker etc.
K) Quite a few records for the Soundtracks and Trunk/Finders Keepers corner.
L) As ever more Hardcore, Jungle and Drum n Bass. Few biggies from people like Lemon D, Bizzy B and Orca.
M) Some excellent Folk LPs – including a load of titles from Nic Jones, Sandy Denny and Peter Bellamy.
N) Some heavy Rap from Raekwon, The Notorious BIG, Nine, Wu Tang Clan, Nas….all da biggies.
As ever some grand buying this week..
1) The chap who posted the wicked 70s Clean Classic Rock to us last week was so happy with his offer he sent us his 45s too! Some really cool singles, and in great shape: The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd (nice copy of Arnold Lane), Nirvana, Zoot Money, The Who, The Artwoods, Small Faces, The Kinks, The Beatles, The Animals – and a very rare Dave Davies EP!
2) Some simply excellent CDs – Velvet Underground CD box set, Steve Reich CD box set, Keiji Haino, Diane Cluck, Dick Boggs, the Brown Bunny Soundtrack CD by Vincent Gallo and many more.
3) Again on the CD front – we bought in that huge beautiful Sandy Denny box set. It’s absolutely massive – but if theres one artist that you need everything from its probably going to be Sandy Denny isn’t it.
4) I was feeling the pinch of a few big bills so had to sell in quite a few decent records: some nice Reggae, some very clean classic Punk LPs, Francois Hardy LPs, a few Trunk bits, Terry Riley, some newish (but out of print) Jungle, Kraftwerk reissues, Droppin Science 1, decent Jazz and Prog bits too.
5) I believe Toru also sold in some wicked bits this week – including a load more Japanese titles – some seriously dope bizniz from the King.
6) Fairly interesting selection of 45s from one regular seller – all Soul and Reggae – Jazzman, Latin bits, Dangerdoom picture disc, Contemporary, Mummy, Lovers Rock, Supermax. Damn, thats funky!
7) The insatiable Tom was out at a CD collection and in it was a lot of Rock and Pop – but also quite a few decent ECM CDs that he was very, very happy with.
8) A very good friend of mine popped in to trade a load of heavy bits: Loop, loads of Psych/Garage/Freakbeat comps, Syd Barrett, The Flies compilation and an interesting Improv Jazz LP.
9) One dude popped in with a seriously balling collection – Philly Blunt, UK Garage, Chronic, Biggie Smalls LP, filthy Drum n Bass. In the pile of records was a seriously dope Robocop poster.
10) Another regular seller and friend of the shop was in with a large bag of great records from around the world – lots of Folkways. You know the score these bits do not last long.
11) Big pile of “modern music” – on vinyl! Bits from Radiohead, The Cribs, Slaves, De La Soul, Arctic Monkeys, Tame Impala, The Libertines etc.
12) Plenty of other wicked bits came in this week too from Spiritualized, Queen, Bunny Lee, Elvis Presley, Michael Chapman, Oasis, The KLF, The Misfits, Carcass, Girlschool yadda yadda.
We’ve got some new limited edition T shirts coming in this week so watch this space!! As ever keep checking the Instagram for a seriously up to date idea of whats going on.
This weeks Top Ten is from man like DJ Steve Woodward! Some have said he is Folkestones answer to DJ Hype, and I can only agree. Playing anything from Soul to Jazz to Jungle (and everything in-between) he is regularly seen playing in and around town. As Steve has a new Jungle night coming up I asked him to do a Jungle Top Ten.

Here are my Top 10 Jungle tracks from my record collection.

1 – Leviticus – Burial
Big, bad and heavy! To me this record epitomises the whole Jungle sound and was rinsed
everywhere in 94/95. It’s the perfect combination fat bassline, Ragga vocal taken from ‘My sound a
murder’ by Jigsy King and Tony Curtis and a drum break sampled from Lyn Collins’ “Think”. I first
heard this tune at a night on Hastings pier and it stuck with me ever since. It never leaves my record
box and regardless of where I’m playing, it never fails to win the crowd. I especially love when the
lyrics are mistaken for “Big, Fat and Hairy”.

2 – DJ Mayhem – Inesse (Ray Keith remix)
This track was huge but never really had a mainstream presence, which is a good thing but meant
that it took me an age find out what it was called. The original track was great but Ray Keith took it
to another level and in my opinion is one of his finest remixes. Inesse has it all, choppy Amen drums,
dark and moody synths, huge amounts of bass and euphoric vocals. Spine tingling stuff!

3 – Tayla – Bang The Drums
It took me a long time to really get into the “intelligent” side of jungle/DnB and I’m glad in a way, as I
now have this brand new genre and an entire back catalogue of amazing music to sink my teeth into.
Aside from Apollo two’s “Atlantis”, Good Looking Records was pretty much unchartered territory for
me and seemed like good starting point. What can I say? Ground-breaking stuff! The production of
these tracks was so far ahead of its time. It’s really hard to pick a top track but I think, for me, Tayla’s
“Bang the Drums” just pips it. This is often on loop in the car and makes even the most mundane
journey a joy. I do regret shunning Bukem playing in room 2 for the main room back in 95’ though.

4 – Dillinja – Sovereign Melody
This track has everything – A stone cold classic! This is not just one of my favourite Jungle records
but one of my favourite records, period!

5 – Oaysis – Open Secrets
The Guinness track!!! I first heard this around 93/94 on a mix-tape by a local DJ which was doing the
rounds at the time. I was lucky enough to be able to borrow it through a friend and run off a copy for
myself, it remains today one of my favourite mixes ever. The standout track for me was this dark,
moody and atmospheric track, which sampled a Guinness advert from around the same time and
had the line “If you keep an open mind, you’ll discover dark secrets” voiced by the late Rutger Hauer

– RIP, spoken over haunting whale song. I had no idea what the track was called and didn’t find out
until many years later. I only managed to bag myself a decent copy this year!

6 – Origin Unknown – Valley of the shadows (Long dark mix)
31 Seconds. Guaranteed carnage on the dancefloor! I first bought this in ’96 when the Awake 96 mix
came out, with the original on the flip. This was it for me, the ultimate tune! A masterpiece! I’d been
searching for over the few years previous and now I had it. A fairly simple roller, that samples an old
BBC documentary on out of body experiences and space launch audio, to perfection. I now several
different versions of this but I think my favourite has no be the Long Dark Mix, with the additional
vocal samples and stretched out bells. Timeless!

7 – DJ Solo – Darkage
Ultimate Hardcore/Jungle crossover track from ’93. This has it all going on. The track starts out with
a dark hardcore vibe with sped up vocals and synths, and then steps it up a notch with a more ragga
jungle sound, sampling Tristan Palmer’s ‘Joker Smoker’ and vocal from MC Conrad. This is one of my
favourite records to DJ with and is great for chopping in and out of the mix.

8 – Danny Breaks – Droppin Science Vol.1
For me this record is all about ‘For the thinking positive Crew’- Huge Amen breaks crash through you
and keep you moving until the vocals and slowed down synth from Patti Day’s ‘Right before my eyes’
hit you like a good pill and a blast from a Vicks Inhaler on the breakdown….Oooh babyyy!

9 – Deep Blue – The Helicopter tune
One of the first Jungle tracks I ever bought and still one of the best. I picked it up during my first ever
trip to the legendary Blackmarket records, which as a 15 year old from the Kent coast, was equally as
terrifying and it was thrilling. I remember standing in the basement next to the huge JBL speakers
and hearing the intro propellers…then boom! A simple, steady bubbler that has influenced the
whole genre and sounds incredible when played very loud. Classic!

10 – Trip – Special Toke (The 'erb remix 3)
Absolute Jungle madness! This is Ragga Jungle/hardcore, with Topcat vocals and samples galore,
everything a good jungle record should be. It’s bonkers but it’s so much fun and pure dancefloor fire!

It’s all happening in Kent this weekend as I will be playing records throughout the day in Ramsgate at Contrapop with famous Scottish DJ Fielding Hope.

Many thanks for reading.


Far Out

Yo from Reckless!

This Blog was written to the sounds of:

Mega week at Reckless with three major purchases….lets get busy!

  1. I was out at a collection the week before last and its absolutely wicked. Roughly 1000 records – probably about 90% reissues (in fantastic shape) and 10% originals (from Fair to EX!). It’s very clear that the top geezer who previously owned these records at quite simply fantastic taste. The bulk of the collection came down to; Jazz (lots of Strata East reissues, rare Soul and Spiritual Jazz titles, Jazzman, lots of original titles on Impulse, original Archie Shepp, Art Ensemble Of Chicago, Superfly high quality reissues, John Coltrane, Blue Notes, tonnes of new UK Jazz including a few out of print titles etc), Stoner Metal (lots of titles on Rise Above, lots of titles from Earth, Sunn o))), Melvins), Grunge (Alice In Chains, Temple Of The Dog, Nirvana, Soundgarden), Hardcore (Fxxked Up, Converge, Crossbreaker, All Pigs Must Die), Hip Hop (Madlib, J Dilla, Pete Rock, Ghostface, Souls Of Mischief, Kanye West, The Notorious BIG etc) and a lot of great Soundtracks. There were also loads of random bits that are pretty collectible. These titles will absolutely not last long so I advise getting down the shop immediately!!!
  2. We were posted several hundred titles midweek and were very happy when we opened the boxes. Lots of very clean Classic Rock – including a lot of original pressings. Titles from The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Move, The Police, Roxy Music, Led Zeppelin, Muddy Waters, Sex Pistols, Van Morrisson, The Doors, Thin Lizzy, Black Sabbath, Elton John, David Bowie, Queen, Blondie, Dire Straits, Joni Mitchell, The Monkees, The Who, T Rex etc. Several slightly more left of centre records too.
  3. Dunk was out at a collection midweek and I’m simply just going to mention some of the artists: The Byrds, Kaleidoscope, Led Zeppelin, Art, World Of Oz, The Downliners Sect, Grateful Dead, Mad River, Fairfield Parlour, Love, The Nazz, The Beach Boys, Gandalf, The Strawberry Alarm Clock, Jefferson Airplane, Fairport Convention,The Left Banke, The Rolling Stones, Quicksilver, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Buffalo Springfield, Pink Floyd etc. Theres about ten boxes and they are nearly all original UK or US copies (it mostly comes down to country of origin). They are also pretty much all very, very clean. This has got to be one of the best Psych collections I’ve ever seen all together. If you like the West Coast sound you couldn’t do much better… I’ll try and go into the collection a bit more over the next week because I’ve only actually seen one box!).
  4. Very regular customer decided to sell to us rather than buy from us for the first time in ages – and it is all quality: Loop, Adrian Sherwood, The Heptones, Fuzz, The Heads, Napalm Death, several Afrobeat comps and more cool bits.
  5. Big stack of Psych and Prog CDs from Soft Machine, July, Nuggets, Tim Buckley, Nucleus, Chocolate Soup….
  6. The dude that sold in all the 90s/00’s Indie Rock came back with a small pile of cool stuff from The Veils, Dead Meadow, The Smiths, The Chills…
  7. One of my pals was in with a decent pile of Reggae CDs (U Roy, Keith Hudson, The Skatalites, King Tubby) and various LPs from Ralph Records, Fad Gadget, Psych bits, Head Of David etc.
  8. As usual we bought tonnes more Drum n Bass, Hardcore and Jungle this week…theres so much good gear out atm.
  9. Small but ultra clean pile of classic Disco – if you need a classic thats as new come down.
  10. Another mate of mine brought in a wicked pile of Hardcore, Punk, Grindcore, Black Metal, Folk, Prog bits…from Iron Lung to Hawkwind.
  11. More Metal came in too – this time Ozzy Osbourne, Motorhead, Angel Witch…and a few classic Punk bits too.

We’ve managed to get thousands of CDs and records out this week – as well as a load of the stuff mentioned above:

A) Masses of U2 records after the U2 man came back in – sections bulging.

B) Hell of a lot of Reggae 45s – from Ska to Rocksteady to Dancehall. We’ve also replenished the cheap Dancehall 45s.

C) 90’s Techno and Hardcore have seen a lot of new additions – including a fair few rarities.

D) Loads of Football 45s.

E) Masses of Classic Rock.

F) Quite a few choice Punk 45s.

G) More African compilations as well as several original titles.

H) Signed David Sylvian LP.

I) Hell of a lot of Jazz.

J) Some Italo Disco.


No Top Ten this week but waiting on a few good ones!

Loads more potential collections up this week so keep an eye on our Instagram and get down the shop.






This Blog was written on a train passing along the Kent coast (en route to see Emmet Keane, Buddy Peace, Sisters of Reggae, Dean Thatcher, Horace Andy and Adrian Sherwood!).


Its been a great week at Reckless – mainly because I have been off. Some absolute top buying:

  1. A good friend of the shop brought in a stacked pile of records with so many good titles – a real mixture – Dubstep, Grime, Jazz, Afrobeat, Techno, Psych etc. Records from artists like Metrononomy, Powell, Arthur Russell, Chet Baker, The Deviants, The Oh Sees, Seefeel, Wipers, Moodymann – plenty of Numero, Blackest Ever Black, Analog Africa… a real mix of expensive and cheap records – just loads of good music!! These should be going out sometime next week.
  2. Big stack of Jazz, Soul and Funk came in – roughly 100 titles. Lots of classic albums and 12″s – from John Coltrane to Marvin Gaye.
  3. Sean sold in a walloping pile of rarities: The Beatles, Jackson C Frank (another original issue!!!), Sandy Denny and Big Star. Plenty more too – these will not last long! It’s pretty amazing that we have had three copies of the Jackson C Frank LP in the last year.
  4. Small selection of Classic House – Daft Punk, Roy Davis JR, Stardust etc.
  5. More cool original titles came in from a new seller: Peter Hammill, Dennis Wilson, Mick Softly, T Rex etc. Nice and clean too.
  6. Very large box of traditional Japanese music LPs came in. Some of which seem very sought after.
  7. Odd selection of LPs from one seller: Woodstock, Heresy, Kate Bush and more Afrobeat titles. Amazing how many African records came in this last few months.
  8. More “modern rarities” for the Classic Rock and modern Indie fan: another very rare Elton John LP (some audiophile issue of Goodbye Yellow Brick Road), Elbow, Coldplay, Prince, Amy Winehouse, The National, Bat For Lashes etc. These are nice and clean.
  9. More newish reissues (including some which were way out of print) from: R.E.M., U2, Madonna, T Rex, Sparks, Siouxsie & The Banshees, Joy Division, Buzzcocks, Rush, David Bowie. Several colour vinyl variants.
  10. Some top 60s CDs came in too from the usual suspects: Them, Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles, Small Faces, Fairport Convention etc.
  11. Some Avant Classical LPs came in this week – unfortunately I haven’t seen them to be able to tell you what they are but judging by the buying sheet they must be fairly rare!
  12. Another copy of that huge Cabaret Voltaire box came in, check the cabinet.
  13. Tonnes (and tonnes) of dead cheap Drum & Bass, Hip Hop, R&B came in – pretty much all went in the cheaps.
  14. On the slightly more interesting D&B tip – plenty of decent Metalheadz came in from one seller as well as some pretty rare Dubstep titles.
  15. Psych heads rejoice – a load of copies of Zig Zag and a Quintessence LP came in from one jolly seller.
  16. More D&B – this time a load of Good Looking Records – as well as more Metalheadz, UK Garage, Smoking Beats and more poppy business from Aaliyah and George Michael.
  17. Good pal of mine sold in a decent little pile of classic Italo Disco 12″s – from classics to the obscure.
  18. More 90s Indie vinyl came in – Pulp, Oasis, Slowdive, Ash, 18 Wheeler and Primal Scream. We can never get enough of these types of records..

Looks like a lot of really good records came in this week. One big Jazz collection came in which I’ll write about next week – but I would make sure you get down and check the shop as nothing lasts long!!!

This week we have a Top Ten from Reece AKA Alocasia Garden (as well as tonnes of other projects..).

Top 10 screamo records from my personal collection 

  1. City of Caterpillar- Driving Spain Up a Wall/ As The Curtains Dim (Adagio 830

City of Caterpillar are one of those bands that make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. Driving Spain Up A Wall was one of those tracks I listened to obsessively, all I had was that live clip. I’d restart the video the second it would end. That build up is absolutely unreal. I was so happy to grab the official release of this track a couple years ago. 

  1. Portraits of Past – s/t (ebullition)

This is probably the best screamo album ever written. From the lyrics, musicianship to production. It carriers the weight of the world and makes you feel like you’re in the eye of the storm. Every single track is perfect. That last section on Bang Yer Head, mate. 

  1. Combatwoundedveteran- I know a girl who develops crime scene photos (No Idea!)

This album had a pretty tight hold on me while I was at school and starting out in my first band. We’d never heard music so frantic and horrible. It was As if the band had set themselves on fire while playing. It seemed so exciting and new to me that there was music like this out there.

  1. Welcome To the Plague Year (electric human project)

Everything Kerry Pries has touched is beyond incredible. Her attitude to DIY music had such a huge impact on me and still does. If I could resurrect any band from that era just to see one show, it would definitely be them. Favourite song: Quiet Still Dead

5: Orchid (ebullition) 

Have Orchid ever written a bad song/album? No. 

6: Yaphet Kotto – The killer was in  the government blankets (ebullition)

When drummers faced the wall and the microphones barely worked. 

Favourite track: B and C

  1. I Hate Myself s/t (No Idea!)

I struggle listening to much emo, especially newer stuff. The only thing I can really think about is why am I not listening to I Hate Myself? They capture that unbearable, crushing sadness and pure euphoria all at once.

  1. Kaospilot – s/t (level plane)

Absolute Riffs. Absolute cry. Absolute mosh. Absolute sweat.

  1. Indian summer – Hidden Arithmetic (adagio830) 

I stumbled across ‘Angry Son’ on last FM when I was 15. It blew my mind and still does to this day. The blown out recordings, the lyrics, the sloppy guitar playing, the buried screams. It sounds like someone has been completely defeated.

Favourite song: Aren’t You An Angel

  1. Battle of wolf 359 – The Death Of Affect (react with protest)

A hard classic in U.K. screamo. This was a really early find. Everything traces back to this band and these people for me. You know those friends that you kinda fan girl over on the sly? The possibilities and the impact of DIY music opened up to me. Finding out at a young age that you could run a label, you could put on shows, even play them, tour anywhere you wanted, it blew my mind. This is what a band should be.


Check out Alcosia Garden here:

Thanks Reece you legend!!!


And thanks to you for reading…more next week!!!


Bringing the heat!!!!

Hello from Reckless!

Hope all is well, this Blog was written to the sounds of…

Big things going on this week. Thank God for the new Air Conditioner!!

Whats come in;

  1. Stacks of Drum n Bass from one seller. DJ Krust, Metalheadz, Roni Size, Adam F, Grooverider, Johnny L, Source Direct, 4 Hero, Intense etc.
  2. Beautiful Todd Rundgren vinyl box set that came out for Record Store Day.
  3. Some top notch Soundtrack LPs  (pricey Waxwork reissues) along with some rare Indie Rock, Experimental and Kate Bush LPs.
  4. Some Hard Rock and Indie Rock all from the same seller; from Scorpions to Jesus & Mary Chain to The Cult!
  5. Some rootsy 45s from The Upsetters, Howlin Wolf, Ramsey Lewis, Otis Redding (and many more…).
  6. An odd selection from one seller, all the Moody Blues (on CD) and a load of Chemical Brothers (on vinyl!).
  7. Always good for Reckless, a massive stack of rare and interesting Oasis promos. I believe some of these are pretty pricey!
  8. Tonnes of 90s Dance – mostly bigger artists and mostly LPs or the “bigger” 12”s – Daft Punk, The Streets, Leftfield, Chemical Brothers, The Prodigy…
  9. Small but interesting selection of CDs on the always killer ECM label. I picked up the ECM book from Sounds Of The Universe recently and recommend it!
  10. Several rare bits from The Durutti Column!
  11. Massive pile (nearly a hundred titles) of wicked, wicked, wicked Hardcore and Jungle (with the odd UKG/House/Bleep tune). Lots of really rare bits: Moving Shadow, Babylon Timewarp, Earth Leakage Trip, Joe 90, Noise Factory, Hyper On Experience, Tango, Satin Storm, Reinforced, Manix etc. So many good records here.
  12. If you like The Beatles and Apple you’re in for a treat. One of our regular buyers brought in a huge stack of Beatles and Apple bits. From new Box Sets to Japanese pressings to decent UK originals.
  13. Small spluttering of Classic Rock from one seller; all vinyl; Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones, The Stranglers, David Bowie, Talking Heads etc.
  14. One of the best collections this week was a great couple of bags of 90s and 2000’s Indie Rock. Lots of titles on Matador: Steven Malkmus, Pavement, Devendra Banhart, Guided By Voices, My Morning Jacket, Dead Meadow, The White Stripes etc.
  15. Some wicked Jazz bits from a regular seller; tonnes of Sun Ra (reissues), Joshua Abrams, The Tribe, Ruby Rushton, New UK Jazz, Jazzman titles etc.
  16. From another regular seller we had a great pile that spanned Folkways, Latin, Death Metal, Afrobeat, Spoken Word etc. Around 60 LPs and CDs. Some very interesting titles.
  17. Some wicked Reggae CDs came in featuring titles from Culture, Cornell Campbell, Michael Prophet, Dennis Brown – also some Grunge and Soul CDs.
  18. From a fairly new regular seller came in a pile of oddities from Sadus, Morbid Angel, King Tubby and loads of Indie we’d never heard of that went straight in the cheaps.
  19. Good pal of mine brought in a large pile of Lovers Rock and Roots Reggae LPs and 45s along with some decent Punk 45s and a fair amount of Indian LPs. 45s were from The Poles, The Hammersmith Gorillas and The Drones. The Reggae titles were super obscure.
  20. More Classic Rock from another seller; The The, Fleetwood Mac, The Specials, Sex Pistols, David Bowie…
  21. Tonnes more Rave and Classic House; Future Sounds Of London, Skanna, Acen, New Beat, UKG, Todd Edwards….wowge!
  22. Some new-is titles from Chilly Gonzales, Thundercat, Joan As Policewoman, The Internet, Sharon Van Eaten…mostly some kind of colour vinyl.
  23. Tonnes of 2000’s Drum n Bass.
  24. Massive collection of mostly Easy Listening and Classical (which was given to charity) but inside were a Beatles Christmas Flexi, Fairport Convention, Elton John, Supertramp, Queen, Motown etc.
  25. Some Jazz and Funk LPs (including an Adele Sebastian LP).
  26. Tonnes of standard Rock n Pop CDs – Madonna, Van Morrison, Queen etc.
  27. Fairly interesting selection of Rock, Indie, Drum n Bass and Reggae with titles from Roni Size, The Congos, Bad Company (DNB), Creedence Clearwater Revival, Black Sabbath, Jesus & Mary Chain, The Who, Elvis Costello, Bob Dylan, Iggy Pop etc.
  28. A load of Italo Disco 12”s from a good pal of mine – a mixture of originals and reissues but all wicked tunes!!!!

Loads of great stuff has gone out this week: Soul 45s, Reggae 45s, Beatles 45s, Classic House, Rave, Blues, 80’s Indie Rock, Folk music from around the world, Afrobeat, tonnes of Jazz….endless really.

Plenty of collections coming in over the next couple of weeks so watch this space!

I’m gonna leave you with this monster:






Stacks of Records and CDs and a Top Ten from Ben Miles!!!!

Hello from Reckless!

This Blog was written to the sounds of:

Hope you’re all doing well on this fine morning. Bit of a ramshackle week – with tonnes of records coming in. I was in Glasgow all weekend for a 70th wedding anniversary which was as expected -well banging. We have Reckless stickers now – after being asked for about 20 years we’ve had some done!

Coming in this week:::::

  1. A small but interesting splattering of LPs from Godspeed You Black Emperor, The Jam, several Freakbeat comps, The Skatalites and Tortoise.
  2. Classic Rock – Supertramp, Queen, U2, Black Sabbath, Fleetwood Mac. All the classics – a mixture of original issues to 80s reissues.
  3. Loads more CD’s came in again this week with various cds from Bert Jansch, Soul Jazz Records, Prince, loads of Reggae,  Air (the fusion group). The Bevis Frond, lots of titles on Stones Throw Records, The Fall, The House Of Love, Nico, David Bowie, Pink Floyd, Syd Barrett, Brian Eno, Genesis, Gong, plenty of Soul CDs, Steve Reich, Minnie Ripperton, Porcupine Tree etc.
  4. Big Classic House and Dance Music collection featuring Todd Terry, The Chemical Brothers, Daft Punk, Mood 2 Swing and many more.
  5. Plenty of 80s Pop titles from Duran Duran, Japan, Echo & The Bunnymen, Soft Cell etc.
  6. Several Beach Boys reel to reel tapes, including Pet Sounds and Smiley Smile!
  7. Lots of great Reggae 45s, from Ska to 80s Dancehall. Several hundred came in this week – lots of Augustus Pablo, Big Youth, Junior Delgado, Joe Gibbs, Bob Marley, Tenor Saw, Jah Shaka etc.
  8. A good pal of ours brought in a great selection of titles featuring records by Neu, Emmit Rhodes, The Pixies, Sheer Mag, Joni Mitchell, Pentangle, Ramones, Incredible String Band, The Byrds… also quite a few 45s and CDs.
  9. Another semi regular seller brought in a small but great selection of higher scale LPs – with titles from King Crimson, Adorable, Dubstar, The Breeders etc.
  10. A big time U2 collector brought in loads and loads of U2 records – all his doubles and triples. From classic LPs to obscurities to foreign issues. We bought the whole pile.
  11. I sold in a small selection of top LPs from Serge Gainsbourg, Antisect, Brian Eno, Alton Ellis, Hugh Hopper, Sonic Youth and Bad Brains.
  12. Tonnes of really interesting Hardcore, Rave, Bleep and House Records came in from one seller. Loads of really under-the-radar titles. He must have been travelling round a lot. Some of the titles from memory were from A Guy Called Gerald, Sy-Kick, Formation titles you never see, Ecology, lesser seen Strictly Rhythms, Red Alert & Mike Slammer, Strategy, Nick Power, Oxford Ardkore, Pascal & Sponge, Matrix Rise, Onetribe, Origination, Basement titles, Metalheadz, Nu Groove. Loads more obscure bits that we hadn’t had in for time too.
  13. Loads of cool compilation LPs came in this week – including a whole bunch of French Pop and Psych ones (Ces’t Chic etc).
  14. Other records that came in this week: Mogwai box set, rare Prince titles, Trojan Records vinyl box sets, Warthog 45,Felt, Velvet Underground, Athens Of The North 45s, Cymande.

Loads of amazing records went out this week too:

A) Mountains of Indie 45s

B) Drum & Bass, Hardcore and Jungle 12″s

C) Dubstep

D) Post Punk LPs and 12″s

E) Lots of Classic Rock

F) Rap 45s

G) Psych CDs

H) The rest of the Disco, Boogie, Rare Groove 12″s

Plenty coming up this week – were out at a few collections which have a lot of potential and we’ll still be pumping out tonnes of new records everyday!

Toms putting this gig on this weekend:


We’ve got a special Top Ten this week! Actor and DJ Ben Miles (Coupling, V For Vendetta, Ninja Assassin, The Crown etc) is a regular customer at Reckless and we’re really chuffed that he’s done us an extra special Top Ten of tunes he bought at Reckless. Not only that but he’s also done us the first Reckless Mix of the tunes he’s picked for the Top Ten! Simply legendary behaviour!



This bounces like a ball. The original Bee Gees guitar lick is replaced by a stab-a-licious clavichord phrase, letting everyone know that this is a version of a classic pieces of 70’s pop disco that stands up easily on its own. The dub, when it comes, turns the track inside out and opens up a whole box of possibilities to follow on with. A classic.


The minute that guitar lick hits you, you know you’re not going anywhere. This is a sure-fire party beginner. Heads will nod and turn briefly to the booth. Before long you’ll have them. Every element fits like a glove. Southern Fried Funk gold.


Stay with me… This pays off in a big way. Like Africa itself – it’s huge; it’s beautiful. A real blender, this will emerge from any low tempo party beginner like a golden savannah sunrise and take your crowd to wonderful new places. Epic 80’s synth rock put through the gentle funk cycle with typical LNTG skills.


Exactly what it says on the label… an irresistible four bars of wah bass and nailed down drums, then those horns… those keys…those strings…that guitar lick… guaranteed to lift a room and spread a smile. Nice synth/flute solos halfway in, so stick in there…


Perfect Teutonic machine funk. When Kraftwerk met Shalamar… Sharp and smooth at the same time, this epitomises the time when those who knew how to program also knew how to groove. Robert Palmer fancied a bit of this, but The System are unbeatable here.


It always feels like it’s 5am somewhere in The East Village whenever I hear this. Simple, bold, funky experimental dub-funk that will have you swaying in electro bliss. The electric soul of 1983 at its modernist best.


This shouldn’t work: a poem about Martians put through a pitch shifter? A pre 808 break? Then someone gets on the faders and in comes the boogie. Back in 1984, these guys were channelling the future of the decade and dancefloors beyond. Even the chipmunk chant fits. 


THIS IS A REAL GROOVE. I FIRST HEARD THIS AT THE BACK END OF A HORRIBLE 90’S cd comp at the back end of the horrible 90’s and it came in grinning like a breath of fresh funky air. I asked myself what the f is this? Whenever I do that, I know it’s going to be a keeper. This is fabulous rework of all the best bits of Wood Brass and Steel’s Funkanova, beefed up with low end goodness by the master Mr. Ashley Beedle. A timeless piece of feelgood. Can be served alongside Joey Negro’s re work of Keep The Fire Burning for extra flavour.


The series of 12’s produced for The Human League by Martin Rushent in the early 1980’s are – in my opinion – total works of genius. Sonically they are as big and hard as a Sheffield bouncer, but much more fun. The things they were doing with their Rolands and Oberheims were way ahead of their time. If you get the chance, play the instrumental dub of Fascination alongside Aphex Twin’s Windowlicker for evidence. This track is one of the more abstract of those 12’s. The opening drum pattern hits you like The Glitter Band on Ketamine… then to work with huge reverbs and dubbed up pop, the like of which has rarely been heard since. Phil Oakey’s inspired lyric of ‘New York/Ice Cream/TV/Travel/Good Times…’ is high pop art.


This is a gem from the creative chaos that was New York City in the early 80’s, back when no one gave a shit about genre as long as the funk was with you. One long dub improv from the untouchable Francois K with no master plan other than to make you move like you never thought you would.

And heres the mix from Ben:

Smash the follow on their Instagram and Soundcloud; Huge Disco can be contacted here:

Thanks a lot Ben – really appreciated!

And thanks for reading everyone, till next week, ttfn



Double Whammy

Hello hello,

apologies for the weeks delay – but here is a bumper double pack Blog just for you.

Written whilst listening to ::

…on a train passing through haunted Pluckley!

Its been a really busy couple of weeks here at Reckless with some serious buying. We also did all of the Reductions in the shop – so anything that had been out for a bit too long had the price cut. Plenty of bargains to be had – in particular there were a lot of reductions in the Indie and the New House & Techno departments! Plenty of L.I.E.S./Mood Hut/Perlon business in the cheaps now – bonkers. A few straggling big dogs were cut down on the rock side – but not many as most records tend to sell for the price we put them out at.

We finally managed to get paper bags made – we had been trying to find someone to do this for us for yonks. We still have plastic bags (we all know what its like when its pouring and you forgot a bag) but we’d prefer you to take a paper for the sake of the environment.

You probably hadn’t noticed until the last few weeks but our relatively new Air Conditioner has been going at full pelt – and the shop is a lot more comfortable now believe me. The widened shop floor also helps.

On with what we’ve been buying…in no particular order:

  1. An old friend of Toms popped in with a couple of bags of excellent records. They work in the music industry so they had plenty of great titles. From brand new LPs to reissue LPs to 12″s and plenty of original old LPs too (several great Numero comps, Griot Galaxy colour vinyl Third Man reissue, odd Soul reissues, BBE Popcorn compilation, Psychedelic reissue LPs – Meic Stevens, Lavender – Indie Rock from Yo La Tengo, Royal Trux – Rap from Fugees, Gang Starr etc, Reggae LPs from original titles to Soul Jazz comps, Dance 12″s from The Maghreban, Joy Orbison, Four Tet, Moodymann – Warp Records titles from Onehotrix Point Never, Bibio, Plaid – Punk LPs, Garage Rock titles on In The Red, Jazz reissues). As you can see there are loads of cool records here – and mostly in Tip Top condition!
  2. Scott went out to an incredible Disco Boogie collection the week before last. He had already been there 6 months or so before and purchased their Electro and Rap collection. Maybe you remember it – theres still some out – it was nearly all US original titles in shrink with the Hype Sticker. The Disco stuff is as good if not better – plenty of Classic titles from C-Brand, Teena Marie, Asphalt Jungle, Willie “Beaver” Hale, Goldie Alexander, D Train, Kerr, Conway & Temple, Komiko, Shirley Lites, Crystal Clear, Love Club, Arthur Russell, Candela, Al Hudson, The Whatnuts, Output, The Gents, Charles Mann, Esther Williams, Gwen Guthrie, Eighties Ladies, Cloud One, Henderson & Whitfield, Charles Earland, Fresh Band etc. Plenty of titles on West End, P&P, Prelude and lots of excellent mixes from Tony Humphries and co.
  3. Big ol’ stack of 50’s and 60’s US 45s came in – from Rockabilly to Soul to Garage to Doo Top to Girl Groups. Some decent bits from The Standells, Johnny Cash, Otis Redding and just under a hundred pretty obscure titles.
  4. Scott bought in the start (we hope!) of a cracking Hardcore/Jungle/Drum & Bass collection. Lots of great titles from Shut Up & Dance, DJ Red Alert & Mike Slammer, DJ Mad Axe, DJ Apex, Ecology, DJ Seduction, DJ Trace, Sudden Def, Static Substance, Phuture Assassins, 2 Bad Mice, Urban Takeover etc). One of the 12″s has an amazing hand drawn sleeve with loads of E’s on it. I wonder what influenced that particular piece of art!
  5. Toru is still bringing in loads of fantastic Japanese titles from his last trip to Japan. Plenty of lovely Japanese pressings of Classic Jazz titles (Blue Note, Eric Dolphy Archie Shepp, John Coltrane, Charlie Parker), Anime/Manga Soundtracks, Classic Rock titles (Abba, Led Zeppelin etc – all with the OBIs).
  6. Good pal of the shop popped in yesterday with a huge stack of Dubstep wobblers. Nothing rare – and a bit loved but some wicked titles. Several of the Dubstep Allstars comps, plenty of Tempa 12″s, Benga, TRG, Pinch, Skream. Brings back ancient memories.
  7. Small but slamming Thrash Metal CD collection with titles from Slammer, Desaster and Dementia.
  8. More Metal and Hard Rock CDs (AC/DC, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Morbid Angel, Deicide, Carcass, Nile, Entombed, At The Gates…) as well as a copy of the Quartermass LP on Harvest a Wings Demo and some Pink Floyd from a house call.
  9. Rap CDs – although as I was not in I have no idea of what. But they certainly got some good money so I imagine that they were good!
  10. As ever a plethora of Classic Rock titles from various sellers :Velvet Underground, Bruce Springsteen, The Fall, King Crimson, Rod Stewart, David Bowie, Pink Floyd, The Doors, Tim Buckley, Grateful Dead, Joni Mitchell…
  11. Various high end Reissues from Sting, Genesis, Steve Hackett, Pink Floyd, Radiohead and Brian Eno. Some of these are pretty rare already.
  12. A great collection of 60’s and 70s roots titles spanning Reggae, Soul, Blues, Afrobeat and Gospel: (Lee Perry, Derrick Harriott, Dandy, Blind Boys Of Alabama, Millie, Afro National, Otis Wright). Lots of amazing sleeves – and of course, the best music.
  13. Scott bought in a fantastic 90’s collection of mostly Mo Wax/Ninja Tunes kind of gear – immaculate condition and great titles Tricky, Funki Porcini, Amon Tobin, GZA, The Invisible Force, Common, Propellerheads, Roots Manuva, Big Bud, Moodymann, cLOUDEAD, LTJ Bukem, The Cinematic Orchestra, Tony Allen, Serge Gainsbourg, Bjork, Aphex Twin, The Orb). There were also a couple of pricey titles from Jimi Hendrix and Van Morrison.
  14. Toru bought in a small pile 0f 90s House and Rare Groove yesterday – the usual fare from Masters At Work, Lowreel, Roy Ayers, Shannon, Soul 2 Soul etc.
  15. Our newest employee brought in lots of stuff to sell after having it slightly too large the weekend before – bits of Reggae, pricey Jazz reissues, Cocteau Twins colour vinyl reissues, Black Metal CDs, Post Punk, various Low Company related titles.
  16. Pixies super fan without a record player brought in his full Pixies collection – he liked them a lot. So he has played these a lot. But why wouldn’t you? Some of the best records ever.
  17. Another good pal of mine brought in some top records this week. Some of the best titles I’ve seen in ages! Joe Hisaishi, Boris Kovac, Steel & Skin, Throbbing Gristle, Francis Bebey, Heldon, Goblin Tenebrae Soundtrack, R.A.W., Alvin Curran, Don Cherry, William Onyeabour, Roberto Aglieri).
  18. Large Psychedelic CD collection came in with hundreds of excellent titles. Plenty of rare ones, and high quality issues too. Titles from the usual Tomorrow, Davy Graham, Kaleidoscope, Tudor Lodge, July, Nuggets, Jefferson Airplane, Them etc.
  19. More CDs but on a more Progressive tip came in from Can, Porcupine Tree, Fotheringay, Curved Air, Nucleus etc. Some nice box sets too.
  20. Large 70s and Heavy Metal CD collection – touching on the Avant Garde at times: Electric Wizard, Scorpions, Bang, The Kinks, Jimi Hendrix, Paradise Lost, The Durruti Column, Melvins, Budgie…).
  21. Another week another pile of Morrissey titles – this time various 12″s that came in with an Exodus LP and titles from King Tubby and Augustus Pablo,
  22. Duncan bought in a load of Classic titles from The Beatles, Genesis, Traffic, Led Zeppelin as well as various Folk and Tradition LPs from around the world.
  23. Some terribly spooky soundtracks came in too this week (Close Encounters of the Third King, Blue Velvet, Hammer Horror and Stranger Things which I fell asleep in front of last night).
  24. South Londons premier Dubstep dancer Kenny White popped in yesterday with a bag of trade : HC Jungle, DJ Trace, Stephen Encinas, Chain Reaction, old TTT, DNB and several Bongo LPs.


Thats not everything either – and as ever we have new stuff coming in everyday and new titles going out constantly. We are going to several collections this week which sound really, really good so watch this space and keep you’re eye on our Instagram !!!!