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House Records, Psych Records & a spectacular Top Ten from Cam Deas!!!

Hi !!!

What gloriously sunny day…

Whats in…

1) Our dear friend DJ Vegetable dropped in several hundred interesting records yesterday. It is always such a pleasure to see him and the simply gorgeous Danny Bushes in the shop. Unlike the last few piles of records Vege sold in before he moved to Berlin these bad boys were more Acid, House, Techno, Italo House, Electronic – but as I’m sure you would guess way more interesting and obscure than you would expect from most collections. Around half of them are being held back for the next bumper sale we have – the other half may take a little while to go out but keep checking the racks and our Instagram!

2) Another good friend brought in a load of wicked LPs earlier in the week which consisted of: loads of Garage comps, loads of Minimal Synth comps (including a few pricey ones), reissues of rare Psych LPs, tonnes of reggae from Burning Spear/Fred Locks/The Metals/The Pioneers, some murky 80s business from Coil/Godflesh/Head Of David/Napalm Death and a couple of Sublime Frequencies comps.

3) Several of us at work have either recently moved or are in the process of doing so so are feeling the burn – which is why there are some great Punk, Indie, Minimal Synth, Cosmic, Post Punk, Kosmiche, EBM records going out…I have personally sold in some decent stuff from McDonald & Giles, Warning, Slipmatt, Hieroglyphic Being, Crass, Stasis, Hawkwind, Soft Machine etc.

4) A young chap came in this week with tonnes of newish stuff (at least from the last ten years) – a real mix of stuff but all super popular bits: Burial, Erykah Badu, Aphex Twin, The Roots, The Drums, Primal Scream, Radiohead, MF Doom, Boards Of Canada, Miles Davis, Bjork, The Pixies, Mutual Benefit, Tame Impala, Nirvana, Mac Demarco, Fleet Foxes, Iggy Pop etc.

5) Tonnes and tonnes of Madonna records have been sold in by loads of different sellers – cest bizarre!

6) A fairly regular seller who used to work for The Rolling Stones brought in some top items by (yes obviously…) The Rolling Stones, The Beatles and Twice As Nice.

7) Some fairly nice Psychedelic and Progressive reissue LPs came in from Kaleidoscope, Tudor Lodge, Rainbow Ffolly, Gong etc.

8) Some severely used Anarcho Punk and Oi records came in and went straight in the £1 section – as well as a wonky Wicker Man soundtrack.

9) Several Classic Rock collections came in this week – usual suspects: T Rex, Nirvana, Pink Floyd (including another original copy of Dark Side Of The Moon), Velvet Underground, Roxy Music, U2, Jesus & Mary Chain, Grateful Dead, Queen, Lou Reed, Robert Calvert, David Bedford, The Sisters Of Mercy, Blondie, Judas Priest, Pentangle, Supertramp, The Clash etc. Hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of these have gone out this week.

10) Quite a bit of New House & Techno came in this week – and will be going out for super cheap so keep your eyes peeled. Plenty of LIES, Aphex Twin etc.

11) Another newish pile of records came in including lots of RSD related bits from New Order, The Mighty Boosh, Florence & The Machine (a massive box set) and a signed Snow Patrol LP. Some of these fetch a fair amount.

12) Tatty pile of rare records came in yesterday from Motley Crue (a 90s one), Radiohead, Guru Guru, Beck etc. Priced to sell!


So much decent stuff has gone out this week I don’t even know where to start, we’ve had a bumper processing week so the racks are full of top bits – get down the shop!


This weeks TOP TEN is from our good pal Cam Deas!

If you do not know this absolute legend then this must be sorted out RIGHT NOW!!! :

Rekki Recs Top 10

Gone for a mellow 60/70s top 10 after a heavy bank holiday, I can’t think about anything with a f*cking kick drum right now unless DJ Badboy gives me a gary and puts on Helm – The Sexy Edits 12”.

In no order:

Emahoy Tsegue-Mariam Guebru – S/T

Amazing Ethiopian pianist. Started learning some of this on guitar a while ago, beautiful melodies, rhythmically something else, I recommend sticking to her records. This and another EP were made available again by the excellent Mississippi Records, cheers.

Luc Ferrari – Hétérozygote / Petite Symphonie

Mego reissued these pieces last year, nice one. I heard it first on the massive 10cd box of all of Luc Ferrari’s electronic work, also wicked if you can find it. I once fell asleep/into some meditative state to Petite Symphonie on a long hungover train journey with my old ipod shuffle, every time it finished something heavy would come on and wake me up, ended up putting it back about 10 times to stay in that zone.

Shirley Collins – Love, Death & The Lady

Could have picked from a load of Shirley’s records, amazing output for 60 years now… but I put this one because I don’t have a copy and Rekki Recs promised to give me the next one they have in exchange for this top 10, thanks again guys.

Eliane Radigue – Trilogie de la Mort

This is the album I’ve used for years if I can’t sleep. Headphones on, you end up listening to the smallest details of these old oscillators beating against eachother. Can sometimes be slightly woken up in a particularly heavy section and think you’re in some hellscape though.

Robbie Basho – Visions of the Country

Incredible record. Was listening to Basho for about 10 years before I heard this since it was one of the harder to find before it got reissued by Gnome Life, and now it’s my favourite. Opener “Green River Suite” is gonna sort you out when you wake up everytime.

La Monte Young – The Well-Tuned Piano

Catch it while you can on youtube before yr man La Monte reports it and gets it all removed again. Amazing music though, 5 1/2 hours-ish of semi-composed, semi-improvised piano, tuned to perfection.

Bridget St John – Songs for the Gentle Man

Great record with faultless arrangements. Currently chosen as my morning alarm clock.

Robert Wyatt – Shleep

Got really into this one in the last couple years and listened to it a lot more than I ever listened to Rock Bottom. Dreamy vibe with a bunch of great players.

Bernard Parmegiani – De Natura Sonorum

The walrus man kills it with this classic, it’s another for sticking on the headphones and zoning the fuck out to a ton of weird sounds to fuck with your dreams. Can’t imagine the labour that must have gone into creating something like this in the mid-70s…

Bill Fay – Time of the Last Persecution

I’m not that into everything Bill Fay’s done, but this record is one of my all-time favourites now. Described on the Honest Jons site as “melancholy (borderline morbid) folk-rock that falls somewhere between Pearls Before Swine, Leonard Cohen, and a suicide prevention hotline.” I saw Reckless had a copy recently, went in to nick it but it was already sold.

Cheers Chris!

No problem Cam – Shirley Collins LP is in the post !!!

Till next week!


Loads of great new collections in!

Hello there from all at Reckless!

This Blog was written to the sounds of…

Firstly we’d like to say thank you to everybody who came down to the Sale, we will potentially be having another one in the next month or so. Most of the unsold stock was given to charity and we have a whole bunch of nice new things to go in the crates.

We have bought loads this week!

1) Luke sold in tonnes of gear; over a hundred records and it was as you can imagine – Synth Pop, Punk, Hardcore, Noise, Experimental, Library Music, Techno, Post Punk etc. Lots of good records! Wolf Eyes, Sonic Youth, Depeche Mode, Hank Wood & The Hammerheads, Beau Wanzer, Chelsea, Discharge, King Crimson, Pangea etc.

2) Toru bought in a great selection of UK Garage 12″s including several top bits from Groove Chronicles, Anthill Mob, MJ Cole, Todd Edwards, Tuff Jam, EL-B etc.

3) I had to raise some cash so sold in some top bits from Kevin Ayers, Heldon, Wackies Rhythm Force, The Move, Gilgamesh, Current 93, Ron Trent, Moodymann etc.

4) Al bought in a really nice pile of records including the Dolly Mixture LP (complete with the signed and numbered sleeve). Demonstration Tapes is such a great LP – and even the reissue goes for tonnes of cash now. Along with this were records from The Jam, Ramones, Death In Vegas, Dinosaur JR, Amon Duul, Chrome, Dead Kennedys, Sonic Youth etc. Some top records!

5) Some nice CDs came in this week including one small but perfect Psych collection featuring CDs from The Misunderstood, Pink Fairies, Nuggets, Soft Machine, The Zombies, High Tide etc.

6) Alan also bought in another very good Mojo-esque collection. The collection included an original sold triangle copy of The Dark Side Of The Moon, which was nice. Also lots of David Bowie, The Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles, Elvis Presley, The Byrds, Neil Young, Queen, Rush, Blondie, Tom Petty, The Velvet Underground, Electric Light Orchestra, Roxy Music, Abba, Leonard Cohen, Dire Straits, Paul Simon etc.

7) More David Bowie bits came in – including some picture discs and a 7″ vinyl box set. These won’t last long!

8) Tom bought in some nice Dubstep and Jazz cds.

9) Toru sold in some really nice records just before he went to Japan including lots of Carl Craig and some Japanese reissues of Jazz Funk and Jazz LPs. These are all on the wall.

10) Some really nice Soul, Funk and Disco came in again including bits from Marvin Gaye, Cloud One, Shannon, Funk Inc, some Strata East reissues, Motown etc. There were also quite a few decent Boogie 12″s in there (including some really rare ones!).


Some really great records have gone out this week including:

A) Loads of good Reggae – 45s to LPs. As well as a few really nice original Calypso LPs (which were pretty rare).

B) Lots of good Canterbury related LPs – as well as about 10 LPs from Van Der Graaf Generator (including some super rare pressings).

C) Still loads of Indie 45s going out – plus some good Dance and Hip Hop ones.

D) Quite a few EBM 12″ singles.

E) Dubstep 12s and CDs.

F) Lots of Laurel Canyon sound LPs.

G) Big pile of Finders Keepers (and similar) LPs – including Psych comps and oddities from around the globe.

H) Very rare Deep House 12″ from The New Age Orchestra.

I) Tonnes of mid 90s Drum & Bass.


Best 10 things I saw in the cheap sale last week

1) Loads of 12″s on Vibez including ones from Seba and Paradox – clean too!

2) We are IE original

3) So many sealed or perfect Soul LPs

4) Couple of Genesis originals

5) Some rare Dub LPs without sleeves

6) Loads of really cool looking old US House in shrink and in perfect condition.

7) Several De La Soul and Public Enemy 12″s

8) Betty Wright Light In The Attic reissues

9) Lots of great 90s DNB – including lots of Test presses with info sheets.

10) Mint unplayed copies of some unknown not even on Discogs Hardcore 12″s.


Thanks for reading, will be back with you towards the end of the week,


New Reckless Blog! Big Reckless Sale tomorrow (Saturday 18th May)!

Hi from Reckless!

Hope you are all well. This weeks Blog was written to no music at all as I have concussion again.

But here is a song for you anyway:

Fairly busy week as always; lets get started;

1) Decent Soul/Funk/Reggae/Boogie/Rare Groove collection came in this week. Lots of US LPs and 45s in varying condition. Despite the condition being a bit iffy at times there are some great titles here. From Cloud Ones’ Disco Boogie to Shadows’ funky Soca to Mr Fingers bringing the party. One for the rare Soul heads!

2) More new Indie Rock on vinyl; Arctic Monkeys, Foals, Nick Cave etc.

3) 5 Irish pressings of David Bowie 45s – these are loads in the book but won’t be that much in the shop.

4) CDs have been flooding in; from Soul to Latin to Free Jazz.

5) One of my pals brought in a nice and interesting pile of vinyl yesterday. We worked together for a few years in Greenwich and he always had good and interesting taste (and is now a wicked DJ!) so he always brings in good stuff. This time we had a load of Beatles 45s (including some interesting foreign issues), Hector Zazou (and friends) “La Perversita” original issue with inserts – an absolutely bonkers LP – loads of records from around the world; Chinese Folk, Nigerian Afrobeat, Italian Jazz, Exotica. Plenty of rare and obscure records!

6) Another big Hip Hop and R&B collection came in; with lots of big LPs and 12″s. It’s all mostly 90s stuff but it does go into the Jay Z, Beyonce, Cassie thing too. Lots of big dogs from The Notorious BIG, Cypress Hill, Run DMC, Gang Starr, Nas, House Of Pain, Mary J Blige, TLC, A Tribe Called Quest etc.

7) Small but wicked collection of Jazz LPs; several reissues of rarities as well as a few originals from Harold McNair.

8) Top, but small, selection of excellent Reggae records. Burning Horns from Tommy McCook (a lovely copy), some Scientist, Israel Vibration and some Lovers 45s. It’s nice to see a lot more Reggae coming in recently.

9) Several absolute trouser destroying rarities from Frank Ocean.

10) Some really top end Dubstep bits from Coki, Cotti, Cluekid, The Bug, Zomby etc. Lots of tunes I haven’t heard for ages that still sound fresh.

11) Two perfect Folk 45s from Shirley Collins and Anne Briggs. Very hard to find, especially in this condition.


Gone out:

1) Lots of New House & Techno – for outrageously low prices.

2) Some classic Drum & Bass/Jungle/Hardcore.

3) Lots of Sixties and Seventies LPs including a load of Byrds and Frank Zappa.

4) 80s Indie – including a bit more Synth Pop.

5) Hell of a lot of Indie and Sixties 45s.

6) Some premium Soul.

7) More Old School Rap – its a whole row now.

8) UK Garage and Tech House.


Tomorrow we have our very first Sale at The Ship (116 Wardour Street – its just a minute away from the shop).

We have amassed several thousand 12″s and LPs. Everything is going to be £1 (things will also potentially be cheaper later in the day). The records are not just a load of old rubbish. When I looked through the records the other day there were so many good records in there, the sort you’d be so happy about if you found them in a charity shop. We haven’t looked everything up either, so god knows what you could find in there. Fresh stock could be going out throughout the day depending on how much we sell.

It should be starting around 12. The Ship is a great pub if you haven’t been there before. Long standing music pub and one of the last in the area. So buy a pint when you’re grabbing a bargain!

A Synthetic Love Song

Yo from Reckless!!!

This Blog was written to the sounds of:::

You’ve caught me at a good moment as we just got Stereolab tickets for Ramsgate! Horrid wet day today but – Stereolab!

OK…bit of a slow start this week but then it just went bonkers

1) Two really good Synth Pop / Eighties collections came in over the weekend. Both collections were made up of titles from Depeche Mode (a hell of a lot of Depeche Mode records), The Cure, Echo & The Bunnymen, New Order, Soft Cell, Siouxsie & The Banshees and Sisters Of Mercy. As well as all of the standard LPs and 12″s there are also quite a few rarities including 90s LPs, Import Colour Vinyl 12″s and unusual pressings. Fair few of these have gone out – and a lot sold yesterday to one customer! But there are still some great bits to go out.

2) Flash forward 10 years please. Yesterday two very similar collections came in – both very 90s collections! Both featured 90s reissues of Classic Rock, Punk etc as well as rare 90s pressings from artists like The Cure, Uncle Tupelo, The Prodigy, Echobelly, Oasis etc. There were quite a few pricey 90s reissues (from looking online they are considered the best sounding issues – from artists like Marillion and The Cult. Other artists include The Verve, Bob Dylan, Belle & Sebastian, The Doors, Neil Young, The Band, PJ Harvey, Sonic Youth e.t.c.

3) Someone who used to have a shop in Camden in the 90s brought in about 800 records yesterday too. The shop obviously catered to the Hip Hop market as there was tonnes of 90s Rap (nothing too rare though), loads of Classic 80s Def Jam, Electro, quite a lot of Rave, hell of a lot of Depeche Mode (it seems this week is Depeche Mode week!) and lots of random bits! There are quite a few random sealed 80s Electro bits here.

4) Alan purchased a nice little clump of rarities that included a live 90s Queen LP that fetches big money, a Rolling Stones US exclusive LP (which also includes a bag as part of the package) and a sealed Sade Audiophile LP!

5) Scott went to pick up a small but incredible collection of 45s (from someone who he had purchased the incredible Detroit collection from several months ago). It consisted of 45s from The Fall, great classic Soul bits from Ann Sexton and The Jones Girls, a few oddities and then a whole heap of killer, killer 80s Dancehall and Reggae 45s. I put up pictures of most of them on our Instagram but there are titles from The Abyssinians, Martin Campbell, Ini Kamoze, Barrington Levy, Yami Bolo, Yabby You, Lloyd Robinson (two different copies of the incredible Cuss Cuss), Dennis Brown, Augustus Pablo, Black Uhuru, Johnny Clarke, Barry Brown, Tenor Saw, The Vice Roys, Trinity, Linval Thompson, Mystic Revealers (the bad boy Got To Be A Better Way), Earth & Stone e.t.c.

6) Tom was out at a big CD collection just outside of London; he came back with a nice big batch of Classic CDs. Lots of top titles; Blues, Rock, Soul, Folk etc. There are also loads of CD box sets!

9) One of our pals brought in a decent selection of Punk and Hardcore – from D Beat to early Sub Pop.

8) Other random bits that have come in this week have been a bunch of Harold Budd and Brian Eno tapes, Stone Roses 12″s and 45s, Amyl & The Sniffers rarity (along with some Jerrys Kids, Crass and Comet Gain records), some Dubstep rarities and another batch of fairly tatty but cheap Hard Rock!!



1) Batch of the Minimalism and Improv titles from MEV, Terry Riley, Stockhausen, Glass, Eno.

2) Rap 45s including some rare ones from Black Sheep.

3) UK Garage, Hardcore, 90s Techno, Hard Techno, Classic House.

4) Blues (including a few super nice UK originals)

5) Classic Rock and Punk LPs

6) Indie 45s

7) Lots of Soul Jazz CDs


This weeks Top Ten is from the Total Control Collective!

1) Chris & Cosey – Heartbeat
2) OMD – architecture & morality
3) Ministry – with sympathy
4) Tears for fears – the hurting
5) Strawberry switchblade – s/t
6) Depeche mode – Black celebration
7) New order – power corruption and lies
8) Soft cell – non stop erotic cabaret
9) Pet shop boys – actually
10) A flock of seagulls – s/t

Bonus singles

Portion control – the great divide
Seona dancing – bitter heart
B-movie – nowhere girl
Camouflage – the great commandment
Eleven pond – watching trees

The four legends behind the Total Control collective have been DJing and putting on top nights recently; from Old Tower to Akitsa to William Bennett! Keep an eye on what they’re doing next here…

Thanks for reading, till next week!

Minimalism Maximumism

Hello from Reckless!

This Blog was written to the sounds of:

Hope you’re all doing well! Another busy week at casa Reckless lets get started:::::

1) Yesterday I was out at a collection in Eltham, it was good to be back in the South East. The collection was just 250 LPs but they were so good we had to get out to it! The collection is predominantly 70s based – but far from the norm. The nice bloke who collected them was initially into progressive rock but in his own words hearing Terry Riley changed the way he listened to music. So from then on he dived head first into absolute zone-out minimalism. So to start with we have Led Zeppelin, Yes, Family, The Amazing Blondel, Hawkwind, David Bowie, Peter Hammill/Van Der Graaf Generator (pretty much all of them, and all originals), King Crimson, Faust, John Martyn, Tangerine Dream, Pink Floyd, Quintessence, Joni Mitchell, Matching Mole, Simon & Garfunkel, The Rolling Stones, Queen, Jimi Hendrix, Incredible String Band, Genesis, Leonard Cohen, Elvis Costello, Kevin Ayers….then Terry Riley, Ash Ra Temple, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Philip Glass, La Monte Young, MEV, Franco Battio, Gavin Bryars, Brian Eno, Laaraji, Harold Budd, John Cage, Erik Satie, Steve Reich, Harry Partch, Penguin Cafe Orchestra, Michael Nyman, Howard Riley, Spontaneous Music Ensemble, Lou Reeds’ “Metal Machine Music”, Basil Kirchin, Heldon, John Hassell, Tom Dissivelt, Cornelius Cardew, David Toop etc. You get the idea! A really wild selection there, especially the later half. Some titles we very, very rarely get in. Theres something odd about South East London – pretty much every collection I go to has Brian Eno and Harold Budd LPs. I’m a huge fan of both artists myself and lived in the SE for 10 years so I am no different!

2) Several days ago someone popped in with a big batch of records from Egypt and Lebanon. Lots of Bellydance records, and several other genres such as Dalouna and Dabke. There are a lot of records here that I hadn’t seen before but seem very collectible – as well as titles you see (albeit rarely) by Oum Kalthoum etc. When I put these out last night someone grabbed a load of them instantly (and started Discoging them on their phone).

3) A small but decent batch of Library records came in – no big hitters but all cool titles by the right artists (Alan Parker, Keith Mansfield etc). KPM, Music De Wolfe etc. There was also a copy of Dave & Toni Arthurs’ “Hearken To The Witches Rune” there too.

4) One of our regular sellers brought in an interesting mix – Four Tet, Psychmagik, John Coltrane as well as some new House.

5) Alan bought in a really great pile of Metal and Punk titles earlier on in the week. Some great titles from Bolt Thrower, Extinction Of Mankind, Doom, Napalm Death, Turbonegro, Motorhead, Slayer, Dishammer, Voivod, The Exploited, Crass ETC. We don’t get enough of these kinds of records in so they never last long.

6) Duncan bought in a decent selection of UK original Miles Davis and Ornette Coleman LPs; which was nice.

7) Someone brought in some good House and Techno earlier in the week including several rarities on the Headspace Recordings label and some Aphex Twin. We also bought in a copy of Selected Ambient Works 2 this week.

8) A friend of mine brought in a load of Punk LPs from The Damned, Chelsea, Generation X as well as some Psych comps and an original Prince Buster LP.

9) Lots of Classic Indie came in this week – including a decent pile off an old pal of mine; Joy Division, The Smiths ETC.

10) A lot of Drum & Bass came in this week; lots of Hospital, Ram, V and Good Looking titles. For was it not said by the Lord Jesus Himself that over the Bank Holiday weekend we doth listen to the Drum & Bass whilst knecking a beverage in the Sun.


We will be doing a Pop Up in The Ship ( in a couple of weeks (May 18th). We are going to have hundreds and hundreds of records here – all for a quid. I was looking through the pile just the other day and there is so much good stuff in there. We have been chatting to the lovely lot at The Ship a fair bit recently about getting a bit more involved – as music and pubs go hand in hand. So watch this space.


This weeks Top Ten is a Top 11 and is from our pal Jim Janco! Wether you know Jim from singing in No or Permission or from absolutely savage DJ sets across London (and beyond) you’ll know he’s a man of good taste! He’s a hard man to find a picture of so here’s a picture of him doing NTS (he is the geezer in the middle if you don’t know him!!)

Top 11 People Drifty brain drillers!


Iesope Drift – People Drift – Gave the party it’s name. totally idiosyncratic, raw, churning, completely alienated nightmare of a track


Gizz TV & Walker – A2 Bleeping shuddering funk monster on Force Inc, whole EP rules

Excell – Amytal Sodium – a few years old now, i love all of Excell’s productions. Heavy, grinding but instantly recognisable. Maybe even catchy?


Felix Da Housecat – Phamily Radikal Thant (feat. sofie bloo) – Warped, shifting + eternally returning shout out track on Djax – picked this up in Reckless a few weeks ago!


Chris Sattinger – Energy – So many good Chris Sattinger tracks, this one doesn’t muck about. Warp drive dance material!!


Falling Apart – 202 A2 – Perfectly executed catchy acid. Falling Apart plays People Drift this weekend don’t miss!!


Faceless Techno Bastards – Trapped – More key PD inspiration. Saw Speedy J play this a few years ago and thought i was raving on the moon. Bleak, love it.


Sev Dah – Rumble – I really like Sev Dah’s productions. Tight, detailed modern production with old school funk and melody


Phosphotaze – Tone Works – wicked Chris Mccormack smasher, breaking down into a 45 seconds of desolate introspection before the hammer starts again!


Akilah Bryant – Untitled – Raw, bad minded Chicago acid on Hybrid – Shout out to Charlie F for the tip on this one


Separate Minds – Can you feel the difference? – Early MK production Nasty twisty synthetics. Sounds like somethings about to go very wrong

Check it:

Party this weekend (May 4th) at Venue MOT SE14 5RT – with Falling Apart, Souvenir and Jim Janco. /

We at Reckless suggest you have no doubts about going to this event for it will be absolutely fantastic!!!!!!

Thanks Jim!!!

As ever we are open as normal on Bank Holiday Monday 10am-7pm. Expect a lot of records going out this week.


Rare vinyl! Punk Rock! Highlife! and a Top Ten from Benny Ill!!!!

Greetings from your friends at Reckless Records!!

We’ve had two of the busiest weeks in the history of Reckless – it has been amazing. Thank you to everyone who’s been coming in! Here is a list of some of the collections that have come in this week;

1) An incredible collection of Freakbeat, Mod, 60’s, Psych 45s. Lots of obscure titles, and several well known ones – all rare! We have a lot of call for singles such as these, there is a lot of demand and not a lot of supply! 45s from John Mayall, The Action, Walrus, Octopus, The Creation, Clouds, The Dog That Bit People, The Moody Blues, The Poets, The Flies, The Koobas. You get the idea! These will not last long at all!!!!

2) A small selection of incredibly rare Highlife and Afrobeat LPs came in early in the week (and they are rumoured to be the start of a rather large collection). Some really cool titles here that straddle the Highlife and Disco genres – some were even high on the Boogie scale. Several of these have been reissued by labels such as Mr Bongo – but these are all African originals.

3) Loads of Punk, New Wave and Minimal Synth 45s came in a few days ago – all in top condition! There were quite a few common titles from artists like Kraftwerk, Devo, Cabaret Voltaire, The Ruts, Sex Pistols, Siousxie & The Banshees, Echo & The Bunnymen, Ultravox but there were also a nice batch of DIY rarities. Lots of proper homemade titles that make the early Rough Trade singles look like they were released by Warner Brothers. There were also a small selection of Fanzines and Cassettes – check the cabinet for these.

4) On the same day another nice batch of Punk 45s and LPs came in – lots of titles from Crass, Action Pact, The Ejected, Anti Pasti etc. Again these were in really top nick!

5) Several Psychedelic LPs came in including an original UK copy of Trout Mask Replica from Captain Beefheart, some Jefferson Airplane, Grateful Dead and Beatles. All UK originals.

6) Lots of new stuff came in this week – well sealed at least – from Steven Wilson, Yes, Chris & Cosey etc.

7) Quite a few decent CD collections came in this week including one really good one which combined Canterbury Prog, 90s Hip Hop, Synth Pop, Dub, Jazz, Post Punk and House Music!


Some really incredible records have gone out this week (not including most of whats mentioned above);

A) Lots more of the top collection Duncan bought – so nearly a full run of Caravan LPs, Blue Cheer UK originals, Fairport Convention, Nic Jones, Jimi Hendrix UK originals, Beatles…

B) Lots of Punk and New Wave LPs and 45s.

C) Insane amount of 45s – including a lot of Indie and Garage titles.

D) UK Garage, Jungle, Drum & Bass and Techno 12″s.

E) CD Box sets – all over the place.

F) So much Classic Rock; David Bowie, Fleetwood Mac, Dire Straits.

The reductions were all finished this week too – lots of bargains to be had.


This week we are proud to have a Top Ten from the one and only Benny Ill of Horsepower Productions!!! Amazing producer, DJ and all round TOP GENT!!!

Ox on the introduction..

“Hey Reckless massive, Benny the dubstep master who is absolutely ill (pun intended) has made time to draft up his favourite top ten dubstep tracks for us just for you, here goes!!!”











Well thanks Benny!!!! We really appreciate it!!!

Till next week – see ya later from Reckless!

Record Store Day is upon us!!

Yo from Reckless!!

This blog was written to the sounds of…

OK so it is RSD on Saturday and its going to be a busy one…we’ve ordered even more RSD stock than normal – titles from artists like Bob Dylan, Alpha & Omega, Ramones, Robyn, Madonna, Motorhead, The Fall, Twin Peaks, Television Personalities, The Rolling Stones, Morrissey, Noel Gallagher, Mikey Dread, Pink Floyd, Van Morrison, Basil Kirchin, 13th Floor Elevators, David Bowie, Chic, Idles, Madness, Green Day, Suicide, U2, Weezer, Wipers etc…. thats just a small portion of what we will be stocking.

We advise you get in nice and early!!!

Not only are we going to have all of the Record Store Day bits but on top of that we’ve got loads of super special rarities for you exclusively on the day! They are mostly bits made up from the following recent collections we have bought….

1) Duncan bought an incredible collection this week. Heavily 70’s based but with lots of classic and obscure titles from the Psych, Jazz, Blues, Classic Rock, Folk, Country, Singer Songwriter and Prog genres. In general most titles veer towards the psychedelic thats for sure! There are some very rare titles here – and ones that are in really nice condition too; several Nick Drake titles, Blossom Toes “If Only For A Moment”, High Tide, various Nico and Velvet Underground titles, Jimi Hendrix first pressings, both of the Bill Fay LPs, clean original King Crimson and Led Zeppelin LPs, Daddy Longlegs, Fever Tree, Dino Valente, Captain Beefheart, Pharaoh Sanders/Cecil Taylor/John Coltrane and original Blue Notes, Bakerloo, Alice Cooper on Straight, both Matching Moles in super condition, Larry Young’s Fuel, Syd Barrett, Nic Jones, Graham Bond (cleanest copy Ive ever seen), Black Sabbath Vertigo swirl, tonnes of original West Coast LPs, Glastonbury 3xLP with the outer sleeve, several UK original MC5 titles, Hugh Hopper, about 6 Townes Van Zandt LPs, Howlin Wolf electric LP etc. There are also a lot of classic but not necessarily rare titles that are lesser seen these days – and all in generally fantastic condition. There are also a fair amount of top Psych represses from artists like Kaleidoscope, Aardvark, The Pretty Things and many more of that ilk. I believe there is more to come from this collection (singles and memorabilia mostly) so watch this space. Its certainly been most enjoyable pricing up so many rarities.

2) A selection of “modern rarities” came in this week. It consisted of quite a few Soundtracks (the deluxe heavy vinyl type), Czarface comic sleeve LP, a rare Sigur Ros title, several Metal LPs, some Indie/Shoegaze (including a few scarce LPs) as well as some modern Pop/Rock titles that were all fairly rare.

3) Another fairly regular seller brought in a great pile of Indie/Folk/Rock titles including LPs and 45s from The Fall, Kathryn Williams, Talking Heads, Bjork, Skunk Anansie, Big Star, Primal Scream… mostly in tip top condition.

4) One of my pals brought in another big box of titles including more Italo Disco, Hardcore Punk, several obscure Thrash Metal LPs, Crusty/Prog titles from Yeti/Dystopia/Tarantula Hawk, Aphrodites Child/EYEHATEGOD/Black Flag/Nas reissues and some House music. As always a beautiful mix of styles.

5) Another friend brought in some really nice bits this week including a load of Afrobeat reissue LPs, Stereolab box set, several Indie CD Box Sets – Liverpool and Glasgow comps, Punk, Psych reissues, original LP from The Herd and a few almost Pre Punk/Pub Rock bits.

6) One of our regular DNB sellers came in several times this week with a about 60 12″s and LPs – lots of Calibre/High Contrast/Seba, Suburban Base, Good Looking Records, Ram etc. All a bit rough but all play fine and are priced accordingly!


Loads of great bits went out this week…

A) More full runs of 45s from bands like Elastica, The Donnas and perhaps the most exciting 45 was “Nuthin But A G Thang” UK 45 from Dr Dre!!!

B) More Blues LPs including several Blue Horizon titles.

C) Loads on the Dance side: Dubstep, UK Garage, Drum & Bass, 90s Techno, Jungle, Disco, Classic House…

D) Quite a few Japanese LPs – many obscure ones – from Ambient to Hardcore Punk to Jazz.

E) Some nice Reggae – including some rare UK 45s.

F) Finally we topped up the Country and Rock N Roll sections with some nice rare bits.
G) A hell of a lot of Classic Rock


OK see you at 10am on Saturday but just before we go we have a Top Ten from Kents wickedest Bad Boy…..of course its Braga Circuit!

10 of my favourite House tracks (all time)

1. Sub-Urban Soul – Domything (TMVS MIX)

2. DJ Spen – Show U

3. JohNick – Good Time

4. The Serious House Mixer – Bardot Swing (Feat. Byrd Bardot) (Cha Cha Mix)

5. Paul Johnson – What Ever You Do

6. DJ Duke Presents Protection – Safe Sex (Dub Mix)

7. Erick “More” Morillo – Dancin (A Little More Dub)

8. Box Of Yummies Whena (Keith’s Klub Mix)

9. Dreddmon – Work It (Dreddful Soul Mix)

10. 24 Hour Experience – Take Me Up To Bed (Filthy dub)

Thanks Joe!!!

Check it

Till next week!

Getting ready for Record Store Day!

Yo from Reckless!!

This Blog was written to the sounds of..

I must listen to this Harold Budd CD three times a week – it’s the best. Especially if you’re going back and forth from Kent to London as much as I have to!

OK lets get started…

1) Absolutely killer Golden Era Hip Hop 12″ and LP collection from a long time collector and ex member of staff of the wicked Mr Bongo shop. Pretty much all 90s, but with a smidgen of 80s too; Lord Finesse, EPMD, Redman, A Tribe Called Quest, Nas, Diamond D, The Beatnuts, Black Sheep, The Alkoholiks, The Pharcyde, Gang Starr, Kool G Rap, Cypress Hill, MF Doom, Ultramagnetic MCs, Fat Joe, Main Source, Wu Tang Clan. You name it. We’ve had so much Rap in recently but this is a really good collection – they are not lasting long so don’t be too chill in getting down. Lots of them in great nick, in shrink with the hype stickers. You can tell a lot of love went into this collection and now its your turn to enjoy it!

2) From another seller a load of newer Hip Hop – Freddie Gibbs, Tyler The Creator, Travis Scott…you know the deal. LPs and CDs.

3) Lots of really rare bits came in this week – but most of the super rare bits were in pretty rough shape (and priced accordingly!). Things like Mono UK first Fairport, gold Please Please Me, Shirley Collins “No Roses” and amazingly another Jackson C Frank! Quite mental to get another copy of that in as it is so rare. If you’re happy with a copy that gets a bit crackly (but is a small fraction of the price of a clean one) then now is the time!

4) About 30 45s from The Fall came in including another copy of the really rare Mous Cha Cha 45. These are generally in really nice condition and all went out a few days ago. If you like The Fall and don’t have these what are you doing with your life.

5) Kris was on a buying spree on Sunday and bought in hundreds and hundreds of CDs. The largest most interesting collection was a Classical one, albeit mostly modern Classical. Lots of Minimalism and Avant Garde from Ligeti, Part, Reich, Glass, Stockhausen as well as more common titles from Beethoven, Holst, Dvorak, Mozart etc. A lot of these went in the cheaps but there are also some rarer titles snuffled away somewhere. Most of these have gone out already.

6) I bought in a nice selection of 60s Ska and Rocksteady (with the odd 80s Dancehall bit too), mostly UK or JA originals from The Hippy Boys, Prince Buster, I Roy, Derrick Harriott, Stranger Cole etc.

7) Toru was also buying in some nice Reggae and Soul this week from artists like Augustus Pablo, Evans Pyramid, Tommy McCook, Shadow. All the cool bits !

8) One of my good pals brought in 4 big bags of 12″s and LPs at the start of the week – nearly all Italo Disco! Some top biscuits in here – they should be going out in the next few days. We don’t get enough Italo in so you better be quick!!!


Gone oooot:

1) Hundreds of Indie 45s including lots of full runs (PJ Harvey, Mansun, The Hives, Mega City 4, Monster Magnet, Manic Street Preachers). The singles guys have obviously reached M in the big collection we bought.

2) Tonnes of Rap – two full rows now.

3) Classic Rock and Punk LPs – loads, some a bit scruffy, some top tier.

4) Most of the rest of the Detroit collection.

5) Loads of Soul and Funk LPs.

6) Lots of Psych CDs.


We’re getting ready for Record Store Day and have done a pretty big order this year. We’ve got some of the big ones too that everybody wants!


This weeks Top Ten is from our pal Leigh from Extravision!!!

1. Shirley Collins and Davy Graham – Hares on the Mountain

2. Sister Irene O’Connor – Fire

3. The Singing Nun – Dominique (1963)

4. Rory Gallagher – I Fall Apart

5. The Street Band – Toast

6. Quango – Fatality

7. Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons – The Night

8. Susanne Rosenberg – Vallåtar från gammelboning

9. Mrs. Miller – Mrs. Miller’s Greatest Hits

10. Rihanna – Anti

Check out Extravision here if you don’t know them already:

Thanks Leigh!! And thank you for reading!! See ya next week!


EU won’t believe what we’ve had in this week!

Yo from Reckless!!

This blog was written to the sounds of…

I’ve just got back from a trip to Belgium and spent a lot of time walking round beautiful cities listening to this. I had a chanced to check out quite a few record shops when I was there and can recommend Music Mania, Hors-Serie, 72 Records and Veals & Geeks especially! I wish I’d had a car because I could have bought so many records and things from the flea markets too!

Despite being away my colleagues kept me in the loop with top descriptions, photos and videos of what was coming in…so lets get started!

1) Three mega rare pop LPs came in – “The Rainbow Children” and “Musicology” LPs from Prince and “Older” from George Michael. These are decent, clean original copies. They go for a horrendous amount of money, and we paid a lot for them but I think they are priced fairly. We did have a copy of “Older” not too long ago but it was £200 less and in much worse shape.

2) Another fairly large UK Garage collection; mostly classic titles but with a few obscure bits too. A smidgen of rare ones an all! Todd Edwards, Brasstooth, MJ Cole, Sticky, New Horizons etc.

3) Scott was out at a collection over the weekend. The collection consisted of 90’s Rap, Mod and Soul. The Rap titles were really top tier, loads of rare 90s LPs (in varying condition) from Snoop Dogg, Dr Dre, NWA, Slum Village, A Tribe Called Quest, Da Lench Mob, Souls Of Mischief, Mad Lion, O.C., The Pharcyde, Public Enemy, Run DMC, Wu Tang Clan etc. Serious heavy hitters, LPs and 12″s. The Mod bits were fairly decent – Weller related. The Soul was great too; from Aretha Franklin to the 3 Pieces. I was back in yesterday and I noticed loads of this gear flying out.

4) Sean bought in a few Fela Kuti LPs this week; I think one or two have sold but theres still one left on the wall – I have no idea why as everybody needs these.

5) Two sellers brought in some pretty funky, house-y, disco-y, jazzy bits; quite a few records – and all decent: Wolfgang Dauner, Jeremy Spellacey, Lianne La Havas, Joey Negro, Kiki Gyan, Arthur Russell, Kerri Chandler, Womack & Womack etc. Some very good records here, from originals to reissues.

6) One of my pals brought in a load of Cosmic, Afro, Reggae, Post Punk LPs and 12″s too. A lot of chuggers.

7) Quite a few sealed Indie LPs came in yesterday; Elliot Smith, Kings Of Convenience, Radiohead, Beach House, Deerhoof etc.


Some wicked stuff went out this week too…

A) Tonnes of 45s; from foreign picture sleeve 60s classics (The Beatles, The Move, The Who etc) to Indie Rock to NWOBHM.

B) More Blues LPs from the big collection – the more you buy the more we can get out!

C) Lots of Indie Rock LPs and 12″s, including a hell of a lot of 12″s from The Smiths.

D) Lots of the Rap and Soul collection.

Plus much more I’m sure, but I wasnee there!

Tonight the UK Rock Gods Blocked Toilet play The Gunners – I was witness to their band practise last night and I have to say I was stunned.

A lot of records in – blimey

Hi from Reckless!

This Blog was written to the sounds of…

Heavy week this week, some really top buying! Plus we were even busier than last week!


1) Killer box of heavy Roots, Dancehall, Dub, Reggae 45s. Roughly 100 titles, US, UK and JA pressings. Nearly all first (and mostly) only pressings. This collection was exactly my era, and it was tough to not get a load of them believe me (so I just bought one!). In the collection: Yabby You, Telford Nelson, Augustus Pablo, Little Kirk, Don Carlos, Hopeton Lindo, Dennis Brown, Alpha & Omega, Dub Judah, Jah Shaka, Yammie Bolo, Nitty Gritty, Mighty Diamonds, Barrington Levy, Anthony Red Rose, Rod Taylor… Lots of really top titles. Beautiful labels. What more could you want?

2) Flashforward ten years and Dancehall changed a lot. We bought roughly a thousand 90s-Noughties Dancehall/Bashment 45s on Saturday. So many records. Tonnes of Luciano, Vybz Kartel, Beenie Man, Mavado, Ghost, Sean Paul, Buju Banton, Bounty Killer, Capleton, Ninjaman… There was the odd repressing in there (several Studio One titles, and a few 80s) but this is heavy on the lots of tunes on the same riddim. If this is your bag then we will soon have loads of these for sale.

3) Duncan brought in four top UK Jazz titles from The Mike Westbrook Concert Band over the weekend. Both the Marching Songs (I love both of these records so much), Celebration and one of my top ten LPs of all time “Love Songs”. Everyone goes on about Original Peter (which I agree is absolutely amazing) but its Love Songs No.2 which gets me every time. Ideal Summer country walk and a pint music. One of my favourite sleeves ever too.

4) Dunk also brought in a load of top Avant Rock from the 60s and 70s, Captain Beefheart, Van Der Graaf Generator, Patti Smith, King Crimson, Kraftwerk, Neil Young, La Dusseldorf, Amon Duul, Terry Riley, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Grateful Dead, Brian Eno etc. Condition is a bit iffy, but they’re all playable. Plus, at the price they’re going out at they will not last long at all!

5) One of our regular Jazz sellers brought in loads of stuff this week; from Blue Notes to reissues of rare Israeli Jazz Funk monsters. Theres a lot of records here, I put pictures of them all up on our Instagram. Check it!

6) Luke bought in some wicked Library bits over the weekend; and not the usual guff either, some really rare sought after ones. They seemed to sell super quickly but I did notice that some of them had been used for Dawn Of The Dead which is pretty dope. Weirdly we still have Rubber Riff the Soft Machine one which is absolutely wicked.

7) I bought in a top pile from one of my pals; lots of 80s obscure Thrash Metal, Italo Disco, Disco from Malaysia, Loefah on DMZ, some Library reissues, Power Violence etc.

8) Lots of new stuff came in this week; mostly from journalists. I remember some 60s soundtrack reissues, Brian Eno, Psych reissues, cool comp CDs (Scottish Indie, Hungarian Ye-Ye).

9) Stacks and stacks of Drum & Bass – including loads of really cool titles from Calibre, Paradox/Alaska, Seba, Bukem….all the right stuff!

10) Several rare Grime CDs came in – I do not know who they were by and I had not heard of them.


Lots of amazing stuff went out this week from our storage:

A) NZ/OZ LPs, including a lot of NZ and Australian pressings of rarities from Downliners Sect, The Monks, Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones etc.

B) Indie Rock 10″s – stacks of them. Also loads of wicked 90s and 80s Indie LPs and 45s.

C) Hardcore and Jungle – a lot of it.

D) Lots more Blues, including more Python LPs.

E) Loads of Reggae – 45s and 12″s.

F) Tonnes of White Stripes stuff – which sold in hours.

G) Big 45 rarity from The Jellies – in the original sleeve!

H) More and more of the Detroit Techno collection – which is not hanging around lol!

Don’t forget we have the new Brainiac 5 CD in stock!!

No Top Ten this week.

I’m away this week but will be keeping all the interesting bits going up on the Instagram via the shop so keep checking, and as you know get down the shop for first dibs!

Team Reckless