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Ahoy there!!

This week I have mostly been listing to :

Horrid weather this week, but we’re still here. Scotts had a particularly busy week thats for sure.

1. Massive, banging, House, Techno & Electro collection. Scott was down in South East London a couple of days ago buying 700 or so 12”s. These are nearly all US imports and are in top condition, in shrink, correct sleeves, hype stickers etc. The collection is essentially early 80s Electro through to Chicago House, some Rave, Freestyle, Boogie and then into the start of Detroit Techno. Tonnes of Egyptian Lover, Chris The Glove Taylor, Shannon, C-Bank, Gherkin Jerks, World Class Wrecking Crew, Derrick May, Fast Eddie, MK, Cybotron, Zest, Bobby Konders, DJ Pierre, Sha-Lor. Tommy Boy, Dance Mania, Trax, Shut Up & Dance, Strictly Rhythm, Nu Groove, Fourth Floor, Def Jam, Tuff City, Next Plateau, Cutting Records, Bay City, Gherkin, Warp, Alleviated, DJ International. Proper, proper party music. From more common but seldom seen US original classics in top nick to super rare Boogie Bombs baby!

2. We didn’t think we’d be seeing another Hardcore/Jungle collection like the one we got last week in a hurry but sure enough another banging one came in. About a thousand titles: Tom & Jerry, The Gambino Family, Bay B Kane, Bizzy B, DJ Rap, Nookie, Fast Floor, Bass Selective, Tango, Anthill Mob, DJ Fokus, Peshay, Danny Breaks, The Invisible Man, Photek, Origin Unknown… lots of really great records, including a lot of rare and expensive titles. Odd to think at one point last week we had three copies of The Gambino Family 12!!! We’ve got so much Hardcore Jungle in right now – and it never really turns up in this condition all in one go – it isn’t going to last long.

3. More Jungle/Drum & Bass came in from another regular seller; still more Metalheadz/Moving Shadow/Reinforced!!! Endless. Quality though.

4. Another regular seller brought in a much bigger pile of records than usual – loads of music from around the globe. I’m never sure how to describe collections like this as World Music seems like a bit of a weird term so lets just say Folk music from around the globe; Iraq, Turkey, Japan, USA, lots of records from all across Africa, Brazil, Tunisia, Ireland. Loads of Folkways titles in particular. Quite a lot of these seem very sought after. We’re expecting another big pile of these to come in soon.

5. Some House/Techno reissues from a pal of ours – plenty of Detroit; Shake Shakir, Derrick May, UR.

6. Loads and loads more Japanese records from Toru – including lots of cool City Pop titles (that sold instantly), Anime soundtracks, Maki LPs and lots of oddities.

7. We seem to have suddenly bought in a lot of Classical titles. Some Avant Garde stuff from Reich, Ligeti etc but a lot of Bach, Beethoven, Shostakovich. Racks (and bargain racks) are full to the brim – and more is coming.

8. Tom has ordered loads more top notch new vinyl in – including the long awaited reissue of Bloody Kisses from Type O Negative, the Kate Bush reissues, Queen, new Bowie thing, Misfits reissues.

We had our Christmas meal this week which was very nice and well behaved. It was in a fantastic Punjabi restaurant in Covent Garden. I ended up at the Flower of Kent in Lewisham and listened to Steve McQueen by Prefab Sprout on my brothers sofa till very late.

This weeks Top Ten is from Taylor from Rapid Tan!

Top 10 Middle Names EVER!
Hello! My name is Taylor Stewart, and these are my top 10 middle names EVER:

10 – Anne
So many people have the middle name “Anne”. It’s amazing! Think about how many people you know
with the middle name “Anne”… I bet it’s a huge number! A simple yet effective name… Lovely stuff!
9 – Paul
Paul! What a middle name. Sean Paul, Pope John Paul… the list goes on! Paul is number 9 on this list!
8 – Dean
An unconventional one! This one is the name “Dean”.
7 – Jane
Another popular one! Jane can be attached on to the back of multiple names, and it always just works!
It’s a great name, and an even better middle name.
6 – Graham
Now this is a middle name I’d be proud to have on my passport or drivers license. Heard of Alexander
Graham Bell? Well, this guy invented the telephone! Chances are you’re reading this on one of those
right now, and that wouldn’t be possible without this guy. I tip my hat to you, Mr Bell.
5 – Gaz
This is one I have thrown in as a suggestion. I think it’s got a great ring to it, but I don’t know anyone with
this as a middle name. If anyone reading is expecting, maybe consider the name “Gaz” as a middle
4 – Claire
Claire is a beautiful name! One of my favourites. Have you seen the Bon Apetit YouTube channel? Well,
one of the people on there is called Claire, and she had a video where she made Kit Kats from scratch.
You should watch it! She inspired this nickname choice, among some other good Claires I have met in
my life.
3 – Lucy
Another beautiful name! I think if I were to have a wee lass at any point, I would want to call her Lucy.
2 – Gordon
I have chosen this name as a joke! It’s a boring middle name.
1 – Thomas
I have chosen Thomas as the number 1 middle name for many reasons. Number 1 being that it’s a
beautiful name, and number 2 being that it is my very own middle name, so I am very fond of it!
Thank you for reading this list of the Top 10 Middle Names EVER!

Well thank you Taylor for your Top Ten middle names!

You can check Taylors band Rapid Tan here:

I would also suggest you check his fantastic YouTube channel!

Nice one!

See you next week!


Hardcore Sound

Word up!!!

This Blog was written to the sounds of::

Proper Bumper week here at Reckless this week….here we go!!

1) One of the most bad boy Hardcore, Jungle, Drum & Bass collections we have had in for a very long time came in. Four thousand or so killer records – not a duff one amongst them. Most records are in unplayed condition – and there are loads of White Labels and Test Presses. It seems to cover 1992 through to about 1998 but with 1993-1996 taking charge. There are several titles where there are multiple copies too – such as Source Direct “Secret Liaison”. There is a huge pile of pretty much everything on Good Looking Records – unplayed copies of Piano Tune for example. There are several Tom & Jerry titles, Lucky Spin full run, rare Orca, DJ Rap, Tomba, DJ Monk, Dillinja, Mafia, Congo Natty, Marcus Intalex, Noise Factory, Photek, Lemon D, Bizzy B, DJ Massive, On Remand, Ellis Dee, The Diplomat, Tango & Ratty, Remarc, Sound Clash, Austin, Jungle Warrior, Jack Ruby, Nookie, DJ Devine & Essence, Love Dove Jay, DJ’s Flynn & Flora, over 50 Metalheadz promos, Moving Shadows…this is all from the first two boxes and there are lots and lots of boxes. There are also loads of really nice UK Garage 12″s; loads of rare ones (Anthill Mob white labels, EL-B, Jeremy Sylvester, Sly Paul etc) as well as standard but super clean ones. Basically a load of really, really good records here.

2) Whilst Scott was buying in the big Rave collection I was at the Barbican buying a top notch Jazz Collection. I’d already seen the Tubbys Groove so I figured if you have that and live in the Barbican it’s got to be worth a home visit and it was. Lots of UK original Jazz titles – including loads of Miles Davis titles, Stan Tracey “Under Milk Wood” a personal favourite, Yusef Lateef, Thelonious Monk, Art Blakey, Nina Simone, Ella Fitzgerald, Lee Morgan, Tubby Hayes, Zoot Sims, Billie Holiday, Charles MingusSonny Rollins, Bill Evans, Joe Harriott, Roland Kirk and about 20 LPs from Chet Baker! There were also loads of much cheaper Jazz titles – but plenty of oddities – including some more obscure UK Jazz that seemed pretty sought after. There were also some great Brazilian LPs from Gilberto Gil, Baden Powell; several LPs from Serge Gainsbourg, some contemporary Classical LPs from Steve Reich, Philip Glass etc as well as some top quality pop from The Beatles, Joni Mitchell etc. It was really nice to be in their lovely warm home going through their records as they told me about seeing Don Rendell, Stan Tracey, Joe Harriott at their friends house.

3) Lots of high quality Classic Rock and Indie came in from one chap for trade for a much, much bigger item (Please, Please Me original): Pink Floyd, Radiohead, Serge Gainsbourg, APhex Twin, The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, John Lennon/Yoko Ono, Prince, Primal Scream, New Order…lots of very limited issues. Also some high quality Japanese Beatles CDs.

4) More Raggamuffin Hardcore Jungle!!! From another regular seller; this time a few cheeky White Labels, more Photek, Suburban Base, lots more Moving Shadow, and a bit of Ram Records.

5) A decent pile of Indie and Post Rock CDs which I heard was good but I have not seen them myself. So it is a mystery!

6) If you have not forgotten the 80s then a large pile of “classic” 80s Hard Rock/Pop 12″s, Picture Discs and LPs came in, but all either still sealed or unplayed. Including sealed Meatloaf LPs (it was very hard to stop Scott from buying these but the customers come first!), Kitaro, Def Leppard, Tigertailz, Scorpions etc. Simply glorious music.

7) These may have come in with the huge pile of Fall 45s last week – and if they didn’t it would just be weird but: more cool Punk/Post Punk 45s and LPs from The Adverts, Stress, Throbbing Gristle, John The Postman, Flux Of Pink Indians, Mau Maus, Modern Art etc. Some really interesting records here, all DIY all the time.

8) Loads of Metal CDs – apparently lots of Relapse titles. Sometimes when I am driving down the motorway in my BMW I like to slip on some Nile and relax and think about Indiana Jones.

9) Loads of Noise, Noisey Techno and Avant Garde LPs and 12″s. From Actress to Wolf Eyes. Ideal if you like to move to groovy beats but you also have an aggressive side.

10) A good mate of mine sold in a load of class Jazz, Ethnographic and Progressive LPs. From Blue Note to music from Tibet. Also a lot of really nice Jazz and Reggae CDs from Dadawah, Paul Gonsalves, Dennis Brown etc. Some wicked records and CDs here; I’ll try and get some pictures up on our Instagram asap.

11) Our very own Toru (or as he demands us to call him the T Dog) came back from Japan with loads and loads of wicked Records. He had been out there seeing family and DJing loads including at the Palace Skateboards opening! As ever – he’s come back with so many amazing records. Lots of Japanese Jazz, Anime Soundtracks and Japanese pressings of Classic Rock and Jazz.

12) Little sputtering of Reggae this week – but when among them are a Studio One Alton Ellis and a Catch A Fire by The Wailers you know things are gonna be alright.

No Top Ten this week but we have some good ones coming up.

Plenty of collections on the horizon.

Go to this Brainiac 5 gig!

Till next week


From Punk to Funk – plus a Junior Tomlin Top Ten!

Allo Allo!

This weeks Blog was written to the sounds of…

Plenty of goings on at Reckless this week! Heres what we bought:

1) Some seriously rare Punk/Hardcore/Power Pop/Mod 45s. They were bought in as trade towards the really rare Joy Division 45. So we have the Glenn Danzig “Who Killed Marilyn?” Purple vinyl 45 on Plan 9, X “Adult Books” on Dangerhouse, The Middle Class “Out Of Vogue”, Deiter Meier “Cry For Fame” a killer Punk single from the Yello member as well as 45s from The Cigarettes and Llygod Ffyrnig. I believe one or two of these have already sold and we don’t get as much high end Punk bits in as we’d like (apart from weirdly a decent amount of Misfits originals in the last few years) so these won’t last long.

2) Huge pile of singles from The Fall; including several really rare ones! I think the rarest title is Marquis Cha Cha with the mispressed b-side. There really isn’t much better than a 45 from The Fall.

3) Some days are just a bit odd – you don’t see something for years and then several copies turn up on the same day. Last week we had a day where tonnes of Improv came in – all from different sellers! As well as some really nice Jazz titles. Some of the Improv LPs that came in were from Derek Bailey, Tony Oxley, The Music Improvisation Company, Evan Parker…Plus some nice Impulse and Blue Note titles from John Coltrane, Sun Ra and Archie Shepp. Plus on the same day a chap came in with a copy of Tubbys Groove from Tubby Hayes; and he’s got a sizeable collection that I am going to go to next week. Fingers crossed!

4) Loads and loads of new stuff came in this week. Loads of sealed new Indie, Pop, Rock, Rap titles. The New Arrivals section will I’m sure be full to the brim by now. Stuff from Kylie, Cat Power, Animal Collective etc.

5) An excellent mix from someone with fine taste – mostly all original issues too; 45s from Devo, Patti Smith, The Residents; LPs from Nina Simone, The Beatles, Graham Bond, Groundhogs, Dr Feelgood, Scott Walker, Pj Proby, Bob Dylan, Mort Garson. Plenty more – an eclectic selection.

6) Tonnes more brand new stock that we get in from the distributors – including the new Beatles White Album box sets!

7) One of my pals came in with a decent selection. About 20 House records – Chicago Acid, some deeper House and some French titles; some Brazilian LPs and 12″s, some Classic Rock from King Crimson, Paul Simon, Creedence Clearwater Revival etc and a bit of Disco/Cosmic/Library.

8) Several members of staff sold in a load of bits this week so we had loads of decent Punk/Hardcore and Bestial Black Metal! As well as a load more Hawkwind titles. Nice to have LPs from Blasphemy, Holocausto and Hawkwind in the shop.

9) Some rarer Rap LPs came in with some equally rare Gospel records! I remember that there were two rare LPs from Busta Rhymes and Bone Thugs & Harmony in there. The Gospel LPs had to be funky ones.

10) We couldn’t have a week going by without some wicked Drum & Bass coming in – more of the usual Formation, Reinforced, Metalheadz gear as well as another collection of post 96 Drum & Bass. This had a couple of harder to get titles from DJ SS and DJ Hype as well as loads of cheaper white labels.

11) Great copy of the fantastic Trader Horne LP – with the inserts! This came in with a load of Blues and Classic Rock. Haven’t seen a copy of this for ages.

12) Scott just purchased a really great collection that consisted of 200 7″s and 1100 LPs. All Soul, Funk and Reggae and weirdly enough like that collection last week they were all unplayed! Loads of Promo copies too! I haven’t actually seen the collection but it sounds like its really great – lots of top 70’s and 80’s titles.


Gone out this week:

Rare Punk/Hardcore 45s
Loads of ultra clean Soul/Funk LPs – mostly unplayed, promos and with Press packs
Japanese Hardcore/D-Beat CDs
Trader Horne LP
More Garage Punk/Revival – including loads of LPs by Thee Oh Sees
Some seriously top end Hardcore Jungle – Tom & Jerrys etc
Loads of Lovers Rock 12″s and Classic Reggae LPs


Plenty of collections coming up this week so I would keep an eye on the Instagram or better still – get down the shop!!


Huge Top Ten this week
I’m well chuffed that this weeks is from the legend Junior Tomlin!
I’ve always loved his artwork for some of the best Raves ever – plus he did the artwork for one of the Cancer LPs.

Johnny Jungle – Flammable
4 Hero – Mr Kirks Nightmare
Frequency – Kiss The Sky original mix
Terrace – Bassi(n)c on d jax upbeats
Hyper On Experience – the tango mix
Clementine – The Opening
Future Forces Inc – Dead By Dawn
Photek – Ni Ten Ichi Ryu
Super Kids – The Tragedy (don’t do it)
Run DMC – Daryl and Joe

Thanks Mr Tomnlin!

Till next week!

Ocean Songs

Ahoy there!

Hope you are all well. Sorry about the delay in getting this one out to you – I was moving back down to Kent.

Currently listening to this (which I got from Low Company) and looking out to sea:

I was only in for a few days last week but those two days were very hectic – and I’ve been told its been pretty much the same all week. Monday was a really mad one in particular!

Heres what we bought this week:

1) Absolutely massive Reggae and Soul collection. Thousands of records!! Lots of very good classic LPs from people like Eek-A-Mouse, Barrington Levy, Israel Vibration, Junior Delgado, Bob Marley etc. Then loads and loads of wicked Lovers Rock 12″s. Some really cool obscure ones too. From the super rare and expensive to the cheap and interesting. Some top Dancehall records too – both on 45 and 12″. I finally got a Sensi Addict on a single – I know its not hard to get I just never saw one!! Loads of cheaps in this lot too – so check the Bargain Reggae for a bargain!! There was also an incredibly rare Mariah Carey LP in here.

2) At the same time that all that was coming in I was buying in a seriously wicked CD collection off one of my friends (the same friend that sold in the amazing Metal CD collection several months ago). This time it was the D-Beat, Japanese Hardcore, Swedish Hardcore, Mangel, Burning Spirits stuff. With some War Metal thrown in for good measure! As always everything was in top condition. Lots and lots of very rare Japanese CDs too. Artists like: G.I.S.M., Lip Cream, Outo, Disclose, Kuro, Blasphemy, Archgoat, Anti-Cimex, The Shitlickers, Gai, Confuse, Totalitar, Black Witchery, Death Side etc. Amazing to see these come through a shop – not an everyday occurrence!!

3) Also at the same time the main man Duncan was buying in a really nice (and super clean) Classic Rock collection! Lots of really decent titles – Classic, but more on the Progressive side of things. So Jimi Hendrix, Hawkwind, Genesis, Yes, Traffic, Neil Young, King Crimson, Emerson Lake & Palmer, The Beatles, Kraftwerk, Pink Floyd. It really looked like some of these were unplayed they were in that nice condition.

4) Two absolutely amazing Jungle/Hardcore collections came in this week. One was about 40 classic titles on Formation/Reinforced/Metalheadz/Moving Shadow. Some serious smashers here – all well played but play fine. The other collection was seriously one of the best collections in that style we have had in for ages. Check the pictures on our Instagram. Several hundred; including so many banging rare white labels and small pressings. Tom & Jerry, Roni Size, Point Blank, Ratty, Sunshine Productions, Orca, Adam F, Tayla, LTJ Bukem, M Beat, DJ Vibes, Slipmatt, From The Man Like Pennywise, DJ SS, Krome & Time, DJ Spinback, Bizzy B, Naughty Naughty, DJ Gwange, Remarc, DJ SY, PFM, Doc Scott, Ruff With The Smooth, Darkman, DJ Crystl etc. These are absolutely flying out. Check out very own Oxman playing at the Rupture this weekend with Crystl, DJ Lee and our mate Tim Reaper.

5) Sean was out at a collection on Friday. The chap had been in the shop with his grandson months before and was happy with the offer so had us round to look at the rest. Several thousand unplayed (and a lot of promos) Classic Rock, Pop, Soul, Disco records. From the 60s to the early 90s. I put loads of pictures up from the Soul side on the Insta. Loads of sealed titles too. There were also some really rare Iron Maiden bits in here.

6) As I was moving I sold in loads of records myself: Autopsy, MF Doom, Graham Collier, Throbbing Gristle, Kraftwerk, Youth Of Today, Equinox, DJ Seduction, Deathprod, Dr Strangley Strange, Proclamation, Sex Pistols, Ennio Morricone, Bjork, Stars Of The Lid…. sometimes you just gotta let go!!!

7) Loads more wicked Punk came in this week too – mostly 45s.

It was a pleasure to have the almighty Billy Bunter and the Fat Controller in the shop this week!!!

No TOP TEN this week – waiting on about 25 though so keep your eyes peeled.

I’ll leave you with this for now as it seems pretty appropriate!


Well hello there!

This blog was written to the sounds of..

Dis week as been a mad 1!! We’ve bought so many decent bits!!

1) Tom went to a massive CD collection – around 3000 titles. The collection was very, very decent. Lots of very hard to find Psychedelic CDs – all those great comps. Lots of pricey Psych box sets. Many rarities. Also – Morricone, Disco, Black Metal, Punk, House, Reggae – you name it. If its decent its here. These are all in top nick too. Some seriously banging CDs here.

2) I bought a massive collection of LPs, 45s and CDs from a long time collector in Welling. It was a huge mixture – we went down on the basis that he said various Freakbeat 45s so I was happy when I got there and he had underestimated how many titles he had. Two rooms full of music!! I came back with several thousand titles. It was not all top end – there were a tonne of cheapies – but the kind of cheap titles that are actually decent – Byrds LPs that are a bit rough, Exotica titles, Private Press LPs. All of the titles you’d pick up from a chazza if they were a quid. Well they’re a quid here now too. Some of the really good titles were from Shirley Collins, Dorothy Henderson & John Renbourn, Neu, Faust, Legay, Captain Beefheart, loads of Basement Records, Wiley, The Beatles (including a Love Me Do), lots of Motown UK originals, a tonne of Rock n Roll 78s (Gene Vincent, Elvis, Buddy Holly…), loads of really interesting and obscure US Soul and Rockabilly 45s. Its a really interesting collection! There were also loads of nice 60s and 70s Record boxes – these are selling very quickly so don’t miss out.

3) Top Garage Punk collection – from the 90s to the present day. Lots of very cool records from Ty Segall, Jay Reatard, The Oblivians, Cheater Slicks, Reigning Sound, The Reatards, Thee Oh Sees, Pussy Galore. Lots of Crypt Records, loads of Goner Records!! These are all in nice nick too. We don’t get huge piles of records like this too often – check the Garage Revival section!

4) More bad boy Jungle and Rave 12″s came in – all smelling pretty ripe of some sweet sensimilla. Loads of Reinforced, Moving Shadow. Manix, Primary Source, Goldie, Aphex Twin, DJ Red Alert & Mike Slammer etc. Some of the greatest music ever made – psychedelia for a new generation.

5) As well as the original Love Me Do – we also had some other big Beatles rarities. Gold label Please, Please Me, an Indian 45, several clean UK originals and a load more 45s (like nearly 50 different titles!!).

6) One of our new member of staff sold in a nice big pile on their first day; lots of originals; Horace Andy, rare Soul, Rare Groove, Minimal Synth, Avant Garde, Jackie Mittoo. I think we can safely say that they are going to fit in rather well with taste like that lol!

7) More rare UK Jazz – this time more Nucleus LPs, and a rare EP from the EMCEE 5 featuring Ian Carr.

8) Loads more new sealed titles from people like Kylie, Gorillaz, Akira Soundtrack, Nirvana etc.


Several of us worked till really late last night because we’ve been out buying loads this week – so the racks are pretty stuffed today. Stuff that went out: loads of Garage Punk, more Hard Techno/Trance, Punk 45s, Classic Rock, Rap, new House and Techno….


This week we have a Top Ten from the always amazing Casbah Records!

Having lived in Greenwich for the last ten years I’ve spent a lot of time in Casbah, and as well as having a absolutely killer shop – they are all lovely people. I highly recommend you get down there pronto. I’ve got so much good stuff from there over the years – from rare Ska 45s to “Children of the Sun” by The Misunderstood to loads of issues of Heavy Metal.


1) See My Baby Jive – Wizzard
2) Storm In A Teacup – Fortunes
3) Sugar Me – Lyndsey De Paul
4) Cinderella Arabella – Mike D’Arbo
5) Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes) – Edison Lighthouse
6) Rupert The Bear – Jacky
7) White Horses – Jacky
8) Mathew & Son – Cat Stevens
9) Fire Brigade – The Move
10) Hot Love – T.Rex

I think we’re gonna get some more Top Tens from Casbah in the future so watch this space!

Check it:

Till next week!



Hello from Reckless!

This week I have mostly been listening to this Robert Haigh LP (which I got from Hot Salvation).

Hope this blog post finds you well. We’ve had a very busy week this week, and some of us are just on our way back from seeing a collection of 24,000 thousand records out West! Some really great records have come in this week, check it out:

1) I purchased a massive collection from a chap in South London. I’d been there once before a few years ago; and as that all went well he contacted us when he was due to sell some of his friends records. There were about 2000 12″s and LPs. Mostly dance music – and some of the harder stuff too: Acid Techno, Hard Techno, Hard Trance, Squat Techno, Gabba. Some Breaks, new Techno (lots of Ancient Methods), plenty of Aphex related material (including The Tuss records), Detroit Techno, original EBM/Belgian Techno, Bleep, Goa Trance. Also on the rock side was a lot of Psychedelia and Punk – with some Indie thrown in. There were a few pretty collectible titles in there from people like Spiral Tribe if thats your bag.

2) Another Post Punk/New Wave/Punk collection also came in. About 40 LPs and a 7″ box full of singles. The LPs were a little rough but the 45s looked like the day they had been released. Records from the following: Siouxsie & The Banshees, Throbbing Gristle, XTC, Sex Pistols, Devo, Depeche Mode, Public Image LTD, The Damned, The Pop Group etc.

3) Lots of great Jazz from several sellers. We’ve had Japanese reissues of rare UK Jazz titles, original Heath Brothers Strata East, Joe Harriott “Indo Jazz Fusions”, UK original John Coltrane as well as Japanese John Coltrane, Vertigo Swirl Nucleus LP, several nice Miles Davis titles.

4) Lots of the usual Classic Rock in this week too – including LPs from the Beach Boys, Led Zeppelin, Neil Young, Cream, Jefferson Airplane, Jethro Tull etc.


We’ve priced up so much stock this week – but lets not give the game away this week I wouldn’t want to ruin the surprises!

This weeks Top Ten is in a way a carry-on from last weeks as its from the local legend Steve McCarthy who runs Deptford Dub Club.

Soft Wax – Largely none Reggae

1) Prince Buster “Prince Of Peace”

2) Alton Ellis “Cry Tough”

3) Johnny Clarke “Decleration Of Rights” + Version

4) The Stooges “Search & Destroy”

5) Jimi Hendrix “Voodoo Chile”

6) Howlin’ Wolf “Killing Floor”

7) Alice Coltrane “Journey To Satchidananda”

8) Pharaoh Sanders “Astral Travelling”

9) Can “Mushroom”

10) James Brown “Soul Power”

You can catch Steve playing with Tessa at:

Also – you have to go to a Deptford Dub Club is you haven’t been already they are the bees knees:

Till next week!

Huge Collection in! Plus a Top Ten from Tessa Pollitt from The Slits!!

Well hello there!

I hope this blog post finds you all well this glorious morning. Well here is what went down at good ol’ Reckless this week:

1) I purchased a huge collection from a Toby Carvery! The landlord who was an absolute top bloke had been collecting for years and had a seriously incredible collection. The amount of time, money and love that had gone into this collection was through the roof. It’s a really interesting collection – several thousand titles. Lots of 45s, Picture Discs, Box Sets, Shaped vinyl, Colour vinyl, rare 12″s, big pop records song in different languages. Lots of Pop Music and Classic Rock; but all interesting pressings. The first record in the collection was a copy of Yes L.A. the excellent compilation 12″ with the Germs, the Bags, the Eyes, the Alley Cats, X and Black Randy. One of the best things about the collection is the condition. They are generally in as good a condition as on their day or release. Sharp sleeves, sharp corners; its a beautiful sight. Lots of titles from Kraftwerk, Thin Lizzy, Kate Bush, Taste, Yellow Magic Orchestra, Discharge, Sex Pistols, Blondie, The Lurkers, Neil Young, Hawkwind, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Rory Gallagher, Abba, Peter Gabriel, Crass. There are also loads of Disco 12″s, in incredible condition. Lots of Salsoul in particular. There are also a lot of fantastic Punk, Power Pop and Post Punk singles – again incredible condition! Like any collection there were also a lot of cheapies too – I put out several hundred of them for 50p the day before yesterday (from Barry Manilow to Fawlty Towers!). The rarest title in the whole collection is a copy of “Licht Und Blindheit” by Joy Division. Never thought I would see a copy – and certainly not in this condition!

2) Big pile of excellent Drum n Bass from the last 15 years. All in great nick. Lots of Hospital Records, Ram Records, Metalheadz, Quarentine Records. Some wicked records here. Stuff from London Elektricity, Goldie, Andy C, DJ Marky, Q Project, High Contrast.

3) Some excellent Box Sets and rare CDs came in from a regular seller. Loads of em!! Pretty cool mix if you are into that kind of thing: Gold Discs, Super Audio, big cd box sets, huge vinyl box sets. Included are several rarities from Prince, The Kinks, The Jam, B52s, Genesis, Rush, The Move, Jethro Tull, Elvis, Kate Bush, Pete Townsend etc.

4) Moree newish Hip Hop/RNB. All in amazing condition – or sealed! Stuff from Madlib, Freddie Gibbs, Tyler The Creator etc.

5) Sleep Volume 2 45. Killer 7″ on Off The Disc records one of the most interesting labels of that era – I mean Infest, Siege, Morbid Angel, Sleep etc. C’mon!

6) A little pile of Black Metal. It’s always nice to have Beherit records in the shop.

7) A copy of the Black Mahogani LP from Moodymann.


Lots of interesting stuff has gone out this week – loads of Soul 45s, Old Skool Hardcore and Happy Hardcore, some biggies from Shelagh MacDonald, Nick Drake etc.

This week we have a Top Ten from Tessa Pollitt from The Slits!!!!

Tessa comes in every now and then with our good friend Steve from Deptford Dub Club. As a huge fan of The Slits I’m well happy about it! Thanks Tessa!

1. Junior Byles – Fade Away.
2. Burning Spear – Door peep Shall Not Enter.
3. Roland Kirk -Volunteered Slavery.
4. Fela Kuti – Kolo Mentality.
5. Sam Cooke -Change Is Gonna Come.
6. Barrington Levy – Black Roses.
7. King Jammy – Jammys A Shine Dub.
8. Billy Boyo – She Wicked.
9. Big Bill Broonzy – Heh Heh
10. Sun Ra Space Is The Place.

Tessa and Steve are playing together at the Metropolitan on November the 4th. Do not miss it!

Thanks and see ya next week!!

Reckless X

Signed, Sealed and Delivered!

Ahoy there!

This Blog was written to the sounds of the old series of Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy in the background because I’m off sick.

Another busy week – although I was only in for two days! On Monday Luke and I worked until 11pm and got some serious stock out. Loads of random bits that had been lying around for years got done. From odd Flying Nun titles to endless Classic Rock from Cream, Neil Young, Joni Mitchell etc. We also got through a load of the backlog of pricey Classical bits.

Lots of interesting stuff in this week:

1) Around 80-100 sealed titles; but from within the last ten years or so. This mini collection included several huge modern rarities – such as the Frank Ocean LPs. These are incredibly hard to find – and are very pricey indeed! Well, we have two of the albums, sealed. Also in the same collection big ones from Hercules & Love Affair, Gorillaz, Dangermouse, Gary Moore, Kate Bush, Radiohead, Massive Attack etc. These are all in perfect condition of course.

2) Fair amount of Classic Rock CDs including loads of box sets. Quite the mixture: Joni Mitchell, Bob Marley, Shealagh McDonald, Jethro Tull, Michael Jackson etc. Lots of fairly pricey box sets. Also a hell of a lot of cheap CDs, so keep checking the cheap for new bits.

3) Top Tier material off of one of our pals with exceptional taste; a mixture of Avant Garde, African Disco, Ambient, Cosmic Jazz, Post Punk, Spacey Soul: Rare Silk, Roedelius, Telectu etc.

4) Small little pile of another friend – with, again, killer taste: Peter Zummo, Ramadanman, Surgeon etc.

5) Toru sold in a load of wicked bits including Deep House, Brazilian, Jazz, Techno, Hardcore: Betty Davis, Nookie, Theo Parrish, Os Mutantes etc.

6) Another old work friend sold in a huge bunch of music from all around the world: Brazil, Ghana, Trinidad & Tobago etc. Also lots of French records from Serge Gainsbourg, Areski etc. Huge pile of 45s too but I’ve not seen them yet.

7) Scott was out in West London yesterday at a small but decent Hip Hop collection – Snoop Dogg, Ice T, DR Dre, Mos Def, Eminem, Lauren Hill etc.

8) Al was out at a collection somewhere East – and ended up coming back with several hundred clean classic Rock and Pop records. From The Beatles to Abba!


Got a few collections coming up next week – lets see if we can bring home some bangers for you!

This weeks top ten is from deep Blues troubadour Tim Holehouse!

Ten records that influenced me…

Swans – The Great anhilator
My favourite record of all time still it really changed 14 year old me. I no longer wanted to be just a rock star I wanted to make music as interesting as this.

Ac dc- back in black
The first record I ever bought. Cub Scout camp tuck money saved and I bought this beast instead of sweets and thus began my descent into what I am today.

Captain beef heart- trout master replica
Not actually my favourite beefheart that’s Safe as Milk. But this was my first and took me 3 listens to get over the what the fuck is this! Also think marked me out as a weirdo to all my friends when I played it to them in school.

Slint- spiderland
One of the most perfect records ever made! Even to this day every listen leaves me with chills.

Miles Davis- bitches brew
Music mastered here my first lesson on how improvisation is done!

La Bradford – El luxo sol
Minimal scratches and beats with sparse piano and guitars. Seriously under rated band and a real master piece is the more minimal music genres.

Napalm death- scum
My first taste of extreme metal came after watching Napalm Death and then buying scum. Fast and nasty music done properly. Blew my mind when I was 13 still love it now.
Black flag- slip it in

Howlin’ wolf-
The greatest blues voice and song writer ever. Muddy and Johnson get the plaudits wolf quietly got on with making master pieces.

Godspeed your black emperor! F# A# ~
A friend of mine ordered this record from Canada in I think 1997. We sat in the dark listening to it and to this day one of the most spiritual moments I’ve had in my life.

If you don’t know Tim – you simply must rectify the situation!



Major Reductions, Major Rarities and a Top Ten from Finders Keepers’ Doug Shipton!

Hola from Reckless!

This blows written to the sounds of:

This week has been REDUCTIONS week. So everything thats been there for a bit too long gets a major price drop. All of the vinyl (apart from the 45s) have now been reduced; with the CDs being done over the weekend I believe. Make sure you check the Cheaps, the new Reduction sections on the Dance side as well as the normal sections for reduced bits. Some sections got hit pretty hard, some not so much. If you like Prog Rock, Hardcore Punk, Blues, US House or Minimal Techno you are in for a treat. Its certainly not all chuff thats been reduced – there are some genuinely wicked records in there. Some records that I noticed getting reduced to next to nothing were some of the Too Slow To Disco comp LPs, lots of La Vida Es Un Mus catalogue (including blazing releases from bands like Barcelona and Los Crudos), Colloseum UK originals and top twelves from Daniel Wang.

We had a big restock of all of our T Shirts this week too. So we got all of the sizes back now. We also got a very limited amount of hooded sweatshirts made.

The buying was a little slower this week – which is fine every now and then as we are sitting on a lot of stock. But heres some of the bits that came in:

1) Huge pile of SACDs – John Coltrane, Steve Reich, Elton John, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Bob Marley, Dvorak, Eagles, Marvin Gaye, Chet Baker, Miles Davis, Stevie Wonder etc.
2) Lots of Classic Rock – including a decent copy of the Manfred Mann Chapter Three LP, some nice Doors UK originals, more Creedence Clearwater Revival, Blondie, Neil Young, The Beatles etc.
3) Clean copy of Scoobys Dreaming by the always amazing Tom & Jerry. Quite nuts that we are getting Tom & Jerry 12″s in about once a week. This is one of my favourites I gotta say. A load more Hardcore and Jungle came in too – Ratty, Cool Hand Flex, Nookie, Dillinja, Remarc etc.
4) Pretty much a full run of 45s from The Damned. Including lots of foreign picture sleeves that I have never seen before. The Damned – the perfect 45 band.
5) Lots more Hardcore, Punk and Doom/Black Metal; Blood Brothers, Wolves In The Throne Room, ISIS, Boris, Neurosis, Deafheaven, Torche, Merzbow, Deftones, The Residents, Hey Collosus etc.
6) More Punk – some top melodic Punk and Pop Punk titles have been coming in from this nice bloke – Screeching Weasel, Ramones, All, Descendants, Fugazi, Penetration, Chelsea, UK Subs, Husker Du, Furious George, Snuff etc. These are generally super clean. I used to love this sound so much growing up in Thanet when literally nothing happened – getting drunk and going to see Pop Punk bands at the Cardinals Cap in Canterbury – bands like the Parasites, Zoinks, Snuff, Scared of Chaka saved me from having UK Garage and Rave as my only option.
7) Interesting Jazz, Reggae and Folk collection – including some Latin LPs, out of print Mississippi records titles, Count Ossie/Grounation, Junior Delgado, Staffan Abeleen, Congo Trio, David Murray, Maffay Falay, Don Cherry etc. Some very nice bits here.

Plenty of collections coming up this week; but for now – come in for a bargain!

This week we are proud to have a Top Ten from the legendary Doug Shipton of Finders Keepers Records!!!

Doug has done a top ten ex-Yugoslavia list to go hand in hand with a new cassette mis he has coming out called “Beskrajne Dimenzije”

1. Korni Grupa ‎– Korni Grupa (PGP RTB)

Square one for a lot of people dipping their toes into the world of ex-Yugo rock. A household name in their native homeland and amongst eastern European prog obsessives, the sprawling family tree that gave fruit to Korni Grupa epitomises the complex network of inter-communal collaborations and band hopping which was rife throughout the scene. With branches that reach into other important bands such as Had, Elipse, Indexi, Ambasadori, Zlatni Dečaci and more, Korni Grupa released a grip of beat driven sunshine pop psych singles before hitting their stride with this debut album in 1972.

2. Miša Blam – Gorila (Diskos)

An in demand slab of instrumental drum heavy jazz funk from the legendary Serbian jazz bassist. Featuring axe man Josip Boček (Korni Grupa/Dinamit), this is a prime example of the wave of incredible jazz funk that emanated from the region. Miša Blam cut his teeth in the New York jazz clubs in the late 60s before returning home to rule the Yugo jazz airwaves, eventually founding the first Balkan jazz magazine the Jazz Tribune. His sole long-player Sećanja is also worth a listen but don’t expect lightning to strike twice.

3. Darko Domijan ‎– Pastir Kraj Vatre (Jugoton)

A middle of the road Croatian pop singer with rock’n’roll roots, Darko Domijan’s radio friendly proggy blues rock second album stands up as a career highpoint. Released on the verge of his wilderness years during which he would pack away his fuzz pedals before returning to become a full-time crooner, this record has been on the radar of beat miners and fuzz fanatics for some time.

4. Igor Savin i Orkestar Stanka Selaka ‎– YU Disco Expres (Jugoton)

As a composer for the likes of Josipa Lisac and Zdenka Kovaćićek’s (for whom he wrote a big chunk of her seminal self-titled album) and as a session player for Ljupka Dimitrovska ‎and Arsen Dedić, Igor Savin had already established himself as an important figure on the Yugo rock scene before releasing this his 1979 debut album. Backed by trumpeter Stanislav Selak’s group this tome of disco/jazz funk afforded the highly versatile Igor the opportunity to indulge his more experimental tendencies to great effect. A bent he would take a step further with the release of his classical jazz hybrid follow-up and his ambient electronic masterpiece Childhood.

5. Kornelije Kovač – Između Svetlosti I Tame (PGP RTB)

The debut solo album of former Indexi and founding Korni Grupa member, here he enlists old band mate Jocip Boček and premier jazz drummer Ratko Divjak (Tihomir Pop Asanović/Josipa Lisac/Pro Arte/September/Time) to inject a little Italo bluster into proceedings and produce arguably one of the more consistent and original Yugo prog records of the late 70s.

6. September ‎– Domovina Moja (RTV Ljubljana)

The swan song of another important group of the time that throughout their four year existence counted a slew of big jazz rock names amongst their ranks (Tihomir Pop Asanović/Petar Ugrin/Marjan Maliković). Having taken time out of their 1978 US tour to record this album in Florida they disbanded for good the following year with only two albums and three singles to their name.

7. Kozmetika – Kozmetika (ZKP RTVL)

Three years in the making this is the one and only album from the short-lived Serbian new wave group that rose from the ashes of Dijamantski Psi (Diamond Dogs) spearheaded by the Serbian John Peel, Slobodan Konjović. Widely considered to be the forerunners for the Serbian new wave scene, studio procrastination rooted in experimental production techniques and exacerbated by an extended list of collaborators and guests pushed the band to breaking point but not before they turned in this gritty synth-pop masterpiece.

8. Various ‎Artists – Originalna Muzika Iz Filma Nacionalna Klasa (PGP RTB)

An amazing disco rock soundtrack to a 1979 comedy based (from what I can tell) around the glamorous world of Yugo racing (the car not the country). There’s a few choice cuts on this record but the standout is definitely Serbian icon Slađana Milošević’s dance floor scorcher Inem Sve.

9. V/A – Gitarijada 69 (Beograd Disk)

One of the first ex-Yugo finds to really prick my ears to the scene. This split 7″ features Bezimeni and Kameleoni on the flip, however, it is Karmeleoni’s sprawling pigeon English freakbeat workout Moon Moan that makes this a must.

10. Iliriana Riza ‎– Calif De Funk (Vojvodinakoncert)

This record is guaranteed to have any ex-Yugo dealer wincing in disbelief at the prices it has been capable of fetching in recent. Released in minuscule runs on vinyl and cassette by the obscure Vojvodinakoncert label not much appears to be known about the singer but it’s of little importance as the real heat on this album lies in the completely out of place blistering instrumental fusion scorcher Valla Brava buried at the end of side a.

Thanks Doug!
Of course you know Finders Keepers but if for some mad reason you don’t check:

Till next week!

Winter is a cumin in…

Hello from Reckless!

This blog was written to the sounds of;

Very heavy week this week; with some really great records being sold in over the counter; and some great records purchased at collections!

Lets get started!

1) Duncan went to a cracking collection this week of 60’s straight through to the late 80’s. As you can see from the picture above – they did not have a generic taste in music. It’s been a fairly long time since we had a Mono original copy of SF Sorrow. I can certainly understand why – it’s a tough one to sell. Lots more left of centre titles from The Fugs, High Tide, Annette Peacock, Lol Coxhill etc. I can’t see these sitting around.
2) Toru bought in a selection of records on the Further Electronic label. Any Discogs user that used to follow user “spa5tik0lonz” knows. Very limited – 200 copies only – the label releases a mixture of House, Techno, Braindance and Ambient Dance Music. We’ve got about 5 titles in right now – maybe less after the weekend. Brainwaltzera, DMX Krew, Tusken Raiders etc.
3) Toru, Scott and I have all bought in some really great Reggae this week. From Rocksteady to Ska to Dub to Lovers Rock to Dancehall. Some really top titles from Bim Sherman, Bob Marley, Sonya Spence, Enos Mcleod, Johnny Clarke, Humry Hartman, Lloyd Parkes, Barrington Spence, Lone Ranger, King Tubby, Clancy Eccles, Nicodemus, Fabian, Pablo Gad, The Upsetters, The Soul Brothers, The Congos, Grounation, Junior Delgado, Jah Red, Culture, Sugar Minnott etc. I also bought in a copy of “Midnight” by Willie Lindo – the 12″ pressing which was snapped up by Mr Thing as soon as it went out. A massive favourite of mine – an amazing Boogie Reggae Barry White cover!
4) Lots of great Hardcore Punk and Metal came in also; a mixture of originals and reissues; from a big Everytime I Die vinyl box set to Black Flag and The Misfits. Also some Boris, Sunn 0))), Part Chimp, The Melvins. Speaking of Punk Alan put out about 30 different 45s from The Damned this week – including loads of foreign picture sleeves.
5) Loads more Tech House came in – including some rare ones from Urban Groove Alliance, Dexter, Corrie and Len Lewis.
6) More dance came in from our friend Shanti Celeste who sold in a huge batch of killer Detroit business including bangers from Theo Parrish, Andres, Marcellus Pittman, Moodymann, Mike Huckaby etc. There were loads of titles here – a really nice mix.
7) Lots of Japanese Jazz, Funk, Folk titles were sold in this week – all nice originals with OBIs! Bits from Naoya Matsuoka, Maki, Terumasa Hino, Sadao Watanabe etc. I had only really heard Maki out of these but they all certainly look very interesting.
8) Plenty of Classic Rock came in; including lots more Beatles titles. Some rare Blues 45s (including some UK Howlin Wolf EPs), a load of Russian issues of Black Sabbath, Rolling Stones, ELP etc as well as all the staples from Eagles, Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, AC/DC etc.
9) I was a bit skint after buying a banging Nike tracksuit so had to sell in a load of top titles from Bridgette Fontaine, Front 242, King Diamond, Remarc, Napalm Death, Sandy Denny, Ron Trent, Slayer, Muslimgauze etc.
10) We got a UK original of the very rare (and very good) Trevor Lucas LP. Trevor is most famous for being in Fotheringay and from being Sandy Dennys partner – mans folk royalty.
11) Various great UK Garage titles from Groove Chronicles, DJ Zinc, Roy Davis JR etc. I think about 100 titles came in.
12) Quite a bit more 90s Rap came in too – including some big boys from The Notorious BIG, Showbiz and AG, Naughty By Nature, Ultramagnetic MCs etc.

You’ll have to excuse me for not getting a Top Ten this week; real life and the Christoph De Babylon/Wah Was Wino/The Flex weekender was rather draining.

I will say it was very refreshing to see our pal Danny Bushes (who is half way through doing us a Top Ten) play this at the great Left Alone party this weekend.

As well as an amazing Orca track that isn’t on youtube!

Lots of interesting collections on the horizon at the moment so keep you’re eyes on the Instagram or even better get yourself in the shop!

Thanks for reading;