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Hip Hop You Don’t Stop!

Hello there, Reckless here.


This week has seen all the usual Reckless business; lots of happy customers, lots of happy sellers.

This blog was written on the train from Broadstairs to London whilst listening to Andyskopes.

The biggest load of records we got in this week was when Scott went to a collection this weekend. He came back with roughly 500 Rap and Soul/Funk LPs, with a lot of Battle Breaks too. This was a pretty hefty collection, and there are loads of killer records in there. I believe the condition is a bit up and down but they will be priced accordingly! I saw a photo of the collection and it looked absolutely wicked.

During the week we also bought in a large pile of Brazilian records – some nice ones too. Ellis Regina, Jorge Ben, Gilberto Gil etc. Loads of interesting records. There was also a compilation with Joyce and Os Mutantes.

Sean and I both bought in some decent small collections of Classic Rock. Both collections had classic rock staples i.e. The Band, Deep Purple, Jimi Hendrix, Wishbone Ash etc. There were also a few slightly more left of centre titles in there like John Fahey and Terry Riley.

On Thursday a nice, small pile of Folk and Rock titles came in. It was a small pile but it was very, very good: Comus, The Kinks, Billy Nicholls, Airport Convention etc. The Billy Nicholls was the reissue, but thats been out of print for ages. tts so beautiful and perfect for the Summer weather, I love that record.

We also had a load of decent Bollywood titles come in; as well as an Indian Bob Marley LP! There are a few Bollywood collections due to come in over the next few weeks, and they fly out when they come in. There were a few pricey titles in the last batch, some that had sold for up to £50 a few times.

As the reductions were done recently we sold loads of our big hitters in the shop – The Misfits 7”, Chubby Checker 7”, loads of UK Jazz, some super rare Disco 12”s. There are still tonnes of reductions going out so please keep coming in to check, we need the space!!!

You probably know but Reckless is also a record label and we have three new titles coming out on September the 29th. These will be available in Reckless and shops around the globe!

We’re Ready! by The Brainiac 5

Half Sentences by The Green Ray

New Feeling by The Favourites


Get RECKLESS this Autumn…..

Reckless Records are releasing THREE albums on 29 September. New Feeling is the first ever official full-length album from Nottingham’s late 70s powerpop saviours THE FAVOURITES. Rising from the ashes of Stiff-signed pub rockers Plummet Airlines, the band released two now sought-after singles before imploding, with frontman Darryl Hunt finding fame as bassist in The Pogues. New Feeling collects both singles, b-sides and 10 other tracks on deluxe vinyl with a free CD.

Half Sentences is the long-awaited new album from London-based psychedelic rockers THE GREEN RAY, formed in the late 90s by Ken Whaley and Richard Treece from the much loved 70s band Help Yourself. A year after Ken passed away in 2013, a reconfigured Green Ray began these recordings. This album features Richard Treece’s final contributions before his sad passing in 2015.

Following quickly on from January’s Journey To X, rejuvenated psych-punks THE BRAINIAC 5 return with their fourth full-length, We’re Ready! Starting out with an over-abundance of material from previous songwriting sessions, the Brainiacs have also taken a new look at tracks from their diverse back catalogue, as well as delivering up some shiny brand new songs.

The label arm of the international secondhand record store empire, Reckless Records’ inaugural release was the first Brainiac 5 album World Inside in 1988. Since then they have gone on to release a series of highly collectable albums from the likes of The Bevis Frond, Black Sun Ensemble, The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown, Henry Kaiser and more. The label was relaunched in 2014 with the release of the Brainiac 5 anthology When Silence Was Sound.

Here is an older Brainiac 5 video!

This weeks Top Ten is from the awesome Dean Thatcher!!! Dean has been DJ’ing for years as well as playing in The Aloof. He now lives down in Thanet and always plays killer sets !!!














Vinyl and CDs that we have bought, with a bit of description; and a List from Wicked DJ Felix Hall

Oi! from Reckless!!


Blimey, been an absolutely mental week – the shop has been crazy busy. Usually when its hot everyone sits in the park but it seems all these big gigs (Depeche Mode, Green Day, Tom Petty etc) have brought in lots to tourists (from the UK and afar) who all want to buy CDs and Vinyl! Nice one!

This Blog was written to the sounds of Magic by the Circle City Band on my first day of trying to commute from Thanet to London!

So this week we haven’t just been selling tonnes of Vinyl and CDs but we’ve also been buying it by the bucketload too.

Firstly – despite the fact that most of it literally flew out the moment it was put out in the racks) I should talk about the large amount of Wackies (and Summer Records) titles we had. We bought tonnes of super rare Wackies 12”s and some of the Dub LPs. From Love Joys to Horace Andy to the Bullwackies Dubs – it was all there. Wackies is an absolutely killer label; if you don’t know it and have an  interest in Reggae at least check out the nice reissues (pretty much always available from the always killer Honest Jons). Heres hoping that more comes in!

Next up – a member of staff needed a bit of moolah after moving and sold in some heavy biscuits. Some nice UK Folk, UK Free Jazz, 60s Pop and Indie Rock. Alan Skidmore on Deram, Lal & Mike Waterson, The Beatles, Ride…all the big boys. These titles have had some customers frothing at the mouth!!!

Who would have thought it but someone sold in some of those David Axelrod reissues that we used to sell really cheap and they have shot right up in value! But at least we have them in stock. An unpopular choice I know but Earth Rot is my personal favourite.

I, just today, purchased a load of rare Brazilian and Japanese ambient titles. Unfortunately I am writing this from the train and didn’t make a note of what they were. The same seller also sold in nice compilation LPs of Urban Waste and Straight Ahead/NYC Mayhem so you know they have good taste!!

I purchased a fairly large collection of pretty nice classic rock LPs today – artists like Camel, Todd Rundgren, John Fahey, Robin Trower, Led Zeppelin, Woodstock comp, Wishbone Ash, Deep Purple, Pink Floyd, AC/DC. Nice classic titles. A few days before we bought some really nice OGs from David Bowie and Nick Drake. Boomting!

We had a load more Emo and Hardcore being sold in. Tonnes of them, super cheap, but still pretty good records! La Quiete, Gunmoll, Twelve Hour Turn, Swing Kids, Combatwoundedveteran etc. Music to roll around on the floor too. I personally still have a lot of time for these records; especially after a single pint of beer.

Dance side has been ticking over nicely, loads of new bits going out (Outkast, Brainkillers, Jurassic 5, The Sylvers, Curtis Mayfield etc). Some of those super limited edits (that go for mad money) came in last week too – Nu Disco edits of Paul Simon, Little Dragon, Junior Boys etc. Also a few super clean Source Direct promos. Also a Tasty Treats DJ sold in a nice pile of House/Techno/Disco reissues (DJ Harvey, Detroit, Kerri Chandler).

Loads of interesting experimental vinyl also came in this week (we are drowning in weird records). One seller (who I used to work with) sold in bare new Avant LPs. Things on Alter Records, Gate, Moondog, Henry Flynt. Loads of good things, and also tonnes of super cheap things. Also we bought in a load of weird Box Sets. From Smegma to Aboriginal Music to BYG/Actuel Records. Plus someone got bored of Wolfgang Dauner and we got a few of his LPs and a rare Et Cetera one. Nice!!

Loads of nice Neofolk and Industrial CDs have been coming in ever since I bought that big collection. This one dude has sold in so many nice and rare Coil Box sets, The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath A Cloud, Throbbing Gristle, Blood Axis, Nurse With Wound, Rome etc. You get the general idea. Loads of really nice rare CDs. I love this kind of thing lol.

A pal of ours who works round the corner (and has a show on NTS) sold in three nice UK Jazz titles (Mike Westbrook, Henry Lowther and Stan Tracey). Mmmmm, nice!

Our 7” guy was in this week so the racks were filled to the brim, so many killer singles going out. One I remember he played (which I now really wish I had bought!!) was “I’m Alive” by Johny Thunder. Super rare Mod Dancer!!

All sides (Dance, Rock, CD) did their reductions this week. Now is the time to come in and get cheap but still killer Vinyl and CDs. These are selling very quickly, we just want the money back we spent on them so please buy them quickly. Loads of Blue Note CDs in brand new condition going out for £1. Madness!!!

I advise you go to see the band Q that our very own Tom is putting on this weekend. We are playing with them in Sheffield in a few weeks and I cant wait as everyone says they are mental.

July 15th:

Q / State Funeral / Sarcasm / Vile Spirit / Lovers Club
New River Studios
This weeks list is from the madman Felix Hall. Absolute badman Dancehall DJ.
20 riddims and favourite tune on it
(Lift Up Your Head) Anthony B – Raid Di Barn
(Anger Management) Mavado – Real Mckoy
(Mad Indian) T.O.K. – Not The Same
(G-String) Wayne Wonder – Kick It With Me
(Hard Slam) Vybz Kartel – Brooklyn Anthem
(Bruckout) Mr Easy – Murder
(Dogheart) Buju Banton – Informer Fi Dead
(Bug) Bounty Killer – Look
(Bellyaz) Ward 21 – Blood Stain
(Superstar) Frisco Kid – Feedback
(Stampede) Merciless – Mr Whodini
(Empress) Vylmark – Bad Man Sitten
(Good Vybe) Chico – Wonderful
(Rice And Peas) Asssassin And Sugar Slick– Dedicated To The World
(Bogle) Terror Fabulous – Mr Big Man
(Gonna Fight) Garnett Silk – Kingly Character
(Shank I Sheck) Bounty Killer – Down In The Ghetto
(Giggy) Mad Cobra – Shot A Talk
(Hype) Mr Vegas – Model Pon Dem
(Koloko) Sizzla – Love Is Always There

Industrial Times!

Oi! from Reckless!


Ultra busy week this week, thank goodness I was in Glasgow on holiday. This Blog was written to the sounds of Happy Meals.

Just before I went away I went to see a geezer in New Cross (I’d been to purchase a large portion of his CD collection a few months back). This time he wanted to sell all of his Vinyl (that wasn’t Black Metal!). So I spent the day going through roughly 6/700 LPs. From hardcore Power Electronics to Ultra are Progressive (Reissues generally) to Post Punk. There was a lot of noisy stuff generally. Some Neofolk, and a lot of Industrial. A lot of reissues of Italian Industrial Tapes on LTD to 99 copies LP. All of those nice Whitehouse reissues. Plenty of Current 93 and Death In June. A load of NWOBHM 7”s and LPs. There were also a lot of late 90s-mid 2000s noise releases (Hive Mind, Wolf Eyes, New Blockaders, Aaron Dilloway etc). A great collection and pretty chuffed that the Industrial section is absolutley massive now!

Sean went to a collection on the same day that was a little more standard but good nonetheless. Tonnes of classic rock (around 200 titles). From Ten Years After to Joni Mitchell to Black Sabbath. All the usual suspects – in variable condition. Plenty of bargains to be had!!

We also bought a really nice stack of Jazz and Avant Garde titles last week. This included some nice Charlie Parker and John Coltrane vinyl box sets. Some super rare Folkways (the David Tudor and John Cage one was super nice!), Stockhausen Box set and some really nice Japanese Jazz titles.

Also we bought in a rather large Indie/Hardcore/Emo collection. Which was nice as we hadn’t had a lot of bits in like that recently. Sean sent me a load of pics and they include titles by Moss Icon (one of the best bands ever!), Lifetime, The Gossip, The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart, Tragedy, Hatred Surge, Japandroids, Go Sailor and Husker Du. Bit of a weird mix but I think it makes sense. Typing this makes me want to listen to Go Sailor.

Footpatrol (the bad boy trainer shop over the road) included us in their Jewel Of Soho campaign recently which was very nice of them. So check their website (its got some pictures of Toru and Eddie on there!).

We are extending out buying limits soon so if you live pretty far away (Devon, Gloucester etc) we may now be able to come to you (depending on the collection). So please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have a load of bits for sale!

This weeks TOP TEN is from my main man Ryan from Warthog, Blank Dogs, Religious Knives, Nude Beach etc. Geezer only works for Rough Trade too. 11760319_10100272135220977_9023724716051890496_n.jpg


” fave tracks i’ve discovered in 2017 so far “

Kate NV – Peaceful Protest
Cool contemporary freaky modern composition that sets a peaceful mood

Sharon Prabhyakar – Pyar Chhalke
Quite possibly the single most insane Indian electro disco track I’ve ever heard – this song switches gears like 15 times and has the most addictive vocal melody

Junko Ohashi – Dancin’
Japanese synth-pop dancefloor ready from 1984

Theo Parrish – Brain
Deep cut off of Parallel Dimensions – a great soulful hip hop influenced tune

Cybe – Zen Zai
Maybe the best compilation of an unknown artist I’ve picked up all year

Stranger Cole – I’m Living
Heavy as fuck dub reggae from 1976, cool phased out vibe with incredible lyrics

Mark Ernestus’ Ndagga Rhythm Force – Walo Walo Version
Idk how I slept on these releases – state of the art electronic production meets far out african percussiveness – 100% killer

Ironing Music – Don’t Wish it Away
A great forgotten Australian band that channels Young Marble Giants, check out the whole Oz Waves comp while you’re at it

Kahil El’Zabar’s Ritual Trio – Africanos/Latinos
The sweet spot where latin music perfectly collides with spiritual Jazz

Perdido En El Universo – Falcons
Sick Spanish space prog from 78 reminds me of Meddle-era Pink Floyd

Laetitia Sadier Source Ensemble – Undying Love For Humanity

Former Stereolab frontwoman nails it on her excellent new studio album, i think this song is the best one on the album

V/A Lots of Loving –
Insanely beautiful obscure reggae comp.. barely know any of the artists, but I tend to play this whole album almost once a day


Pricing up records and cds and then selling them to the public

Yo from Reckless!


Another silly week. This Blog was written to the sounds of…

  1. Loads more Japanese records in this week, mostly Anime soundtracks. They seem to be flying out so defo worth coming in as soon as you can if you want all the new ones!

2) Then we had about 30 Ebenezer Obey LPs come in. Duncan always plays his records, some of them are pretty dope. These are all Nigerian OGs by the looks of things.

3) One of our fave regular sellers sent us a huge box of super nice goodies. It was about half CDs half LPs. The cds were KILLER, all rare UK Jazz titles, Grateful Dead, Reggae, Blues etc. The vinyl was also top notch – rare Synth, Soul, Jazz. Loads of really rare ones.

4) One of our pals was down from the Midlands one day last week and brought with him a large bag of Hardcore and Jungle – some proper rude bits! Bad Influence, DJ Red Alert & Mike Slammer, Peshay, Sub Love – all the big tunes! Also he sold in some nice out of print Afrobeat reissues.

5) Another lovely regular popped in today with a stacked bag of gems. Tonnes of heavy Jazz (Shamek Farrah) etc, Indie Pop big ones (The Vaselines, My Bloody Valentine…), Prog (Heldon…) and a load of Mexican Ambient.

Tonnes more stuff on the horizon (we are out at two collections tomorrow – one Classic Rock, one Harsh Noise!!).

Here is a Top Ten from Static Shock Records / Promotions big boy (as well as one of our CD buyers!) the one and only Tom Ellis! (Tomcat)



In no particular order:
– Cleveland Bound Death Sentence – S/T CD

– Crimpshrine – Quit Talking Claude 7″
– The Eyeliners – Sealed With A Kiss LP
– The Lillingtons – Death By Television LP

– The Mr T Experience – Love Is Dead LP
– Operation Ivy – Hectic 7″
– Parasites – Hang Up 7″

– Riverdales – S/T LP
– The Queers – Move Back Home LP

– Screeching Weasel – Anthem For A New Tomorrow LP
Thanks Tom – what a legend!! LOL!!

Endless Week of big ones

Wasup from all of us at Reckless Records!



 Loads in this week, lets get started ASAP. This blog was written to the sounds of Sharon Forrester.

  1. One of our regular sellers was in over the weekend and brought in some super nice LPs. One was a heavy Improv 3xLP vinyl box set (with Derek Bailey etc) called Free Improvisation. Pretty pricey set, but very rare. Then there were some nice original Track Records Jimi Hendrix titles and a super nice Dr Strangely Strange (with the foldout cover intact!!). Nice psychedelic folk on Vertigo Records. Eavy!

2) We had another semi regular pop in the other day with a bursting bag of heavy rare filth. From rare Afro to New Beat to Library; its all there. Some super obscure titles. Lots of records that are very much in demand and are not for sale anywhere online. Loads of very pricey titles – check the wall, the African, Avant, Industrial, Cosmic, Krautrock sections. So many killer titles!!! Also some nice House 12″s in there, loads of Sotofett etc. Im sure you know the score by now.

3) 30 or so Augustus Pablo Cds came in the other day (including loads of Rockers and Hugh Mundell/Pablo related titles). One of the greatest Reggae legends of all time. Lots of good songs on these cds lol.

4) Loads of classic-ish Indie came in. The Drums, Embrace, Stephen Malkmus, Hard-Fi, Toploader. not the coolest, but you don’t see these titles much on vinyl and if you wont go mental to Dancing In the Moonlight after a few cans of Red Stripe then you much be pretty grumpy.

5) Nearly every 12″ on Guidance came through the shop this week. Mental. They are super clean. Larry Heard, Glenn Underground etc. Deep House.

6) Three classic UK original staples came in today. Velvet Underground & Nico, The Wailers and Nick Drake “Pink Moon”. Super nice to have these in the shop.

7) Loads of Jungle and Old Skool Tape Packs came in. Including a few Trance and Techno ones. Mixes from Top Buzz, Dougal, Grooverider, Billy Nasty, Andrew Weatherall, DJ Rap etc. Nice one, get sorted!

8) Loads more Japanese records came in from our very own Toru! Loads of obscure Synth, Anime Soundtracks, Jazz titles. All the records you don’t see anywhere.

So much stuff going on this week. Go to these:



Also our very own Eleanor has her final show this week – good luck L!

The Lowest Form play London on Saturday and Cardiff on Sunday, get the cans in!

This weeks Top Ten is the very sadly missed LIL MOFO!!!!! We wish you were still living in London!!


  1. Buddy – Ocean & Montana
  2. Tapes vs Superstar – Spirit World
  3. Dizzee Rascal – Space
  4. DMX Krew – Sludge
  5. Bullion – Blue Pedro
  6. Bill Converse – The Shape Of Things To Come
  7. Bookworms – Appropriation Loops (A Love Story)
  8. Francesco Maria Narcisi & Giacomo Fidanza – The Accordion Sessions
  9. Maria Teresa Luciani – Sounds Of The City
  10. Hard Pressed – The Way It Is

Wicked Tunes

Yo from Reckless!!


This week has been a bit mental as we have been clearing our storage space; which means we’ve had great big boxes everywhere full of vinyl and cds. We’ve been chucking a load of stuff out much cheaper than normal to clear space. The bargains have been flying out! You might have seen down the front of the shop we have a load of free stuff, and great big bargain boxes of vinyl.

This blog was written to the sounds of….

Tonnes of buying this week, some days have been relentless. The best stuff has come from Toru who brought loads of records back from Japan. So many beautiful records, all with obis etc. From Japanese pressings of John Coltrane classics to Anime soundtracks, to odd Japanese New Wave and Synth records. There are some super obscure bits here, and they are bound to sell fast (they did last time!).

I bought in a nice pile of 60’s 7″s on Saturday (in one of those nice 45 boxes which we also now have for sale). They were all classic titles from The Who, The Association, Jimi Hendrix, The Kinks, The Zombies etc. All in their company sleeves, all nice condition. Psychedelic baby!!

Also on the 45 front I bought in a nice pile of Noise 7″s and Lathes. All from the usual suspects; Prurient, Skullflower, Wolf Eyes, Aaron Dilloway, The Haters etc. There was also a copy of Rose Pillar, the Prurient book, with an 8″ record, the record is killer too.

Sean went to a nice collection of Rock and Metal on Friday. There were a tonne of great classic Heavy Metal LPs from Iron Maiden, Napalm Death, Motorhead, Black Sabbath, Venom etc. As well as those there were some nice Vertigo LPs, some Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd – all the usual suspects!!

We also had an ex industry lady come in with 200 sealed reissue LPs, from Herbie Hancock to Massacre to Burning Spear. All super nice, and tonnes of wicked albums. All priced cheaper than online!

I bought in about 200 TOP cds off an old pal of mine. All fantastic titles, from Rocksteady Trojan comps to obscure Thrash Metal CDs to rare Heavy Rap titles. All in amazing condition – and a super nice mix of interesting cds. Loads of them were long Out Of Print.

Another industry seller, who had sold us a load of bits a month or so ago, popped back in with lots of titles. From rare Depeche Mode 12″s to Sarah Records vinyl to loads of Manchester. A real mix of expensive and non expensive titles – but all good. There were also some pricey Depeche Mode CD box sets which will be going out ASAP.

We had three heavy hitter UK original Psych LPs come in yesterday. Blossom Toes, The Zombies and World Of Oz. You know the score, these wont last long!! Three great LPs from a golden era of music; like rave years later. Turn on baby!

Another old friend came in this week with a big bag of nice Punk Rock; Rudimentary Peni, Circle Jerks, Danzig, The Undead, Minutemen, Black Flag and….Toast.

On the Soul side – they have been ramming out loads of Disco and Boogie, and catching up on all of the stock we cleared out over the road. Loads of these titles are going out super cheap so hurry up!

This weeks Top Ten is from Tom Campbell from hardcore bruisers Mob Rules! Thanks Tom!


Top 10 Records that defined my last ten years

  1. Cro Mags “The Age Of Quarrel”
  2. Coil “Ape Of Naples”
  3. Saccharine Trust “Pagan Icons”
  4. Mercyful Fate “Don’t Break The Oath”
  5. Tormentor “Anno Domni”
  6. Stains (LA) “S/T”
  7. Julie Cruise “Falling”
  8. The Velvet Underground “Sweet Sister Ray”
  9. Supercat “Si Boobs Deh”
  10. Current 93 “Earth Covers Earth”

Top Ten Hardcore Seven Inches

  1. Antidote “Thou Shall Not Kill”
  2. Wretched / Indigesti
  3. Shitlickers “Cracked Cop Skulls”
  4. Poison Idea “Pick Your King”
  5. Agent Orange “Your Mother…”
  6. Abused “Loud and Clear”
  7. Discharge “Fight Back”
  8. The Fix “Jans Room”
  9. Olho Seco “Botas Fuzis Capacetes”
  10. Cheetah Chrome Motherf**kers “400 Fascists”


Thanks Tom!!

Busy Business

Hello from the Reckless crew!


It’s been a mega busy work – with a few collections – and stuff flying out the door. We’ve  got to clear out our Storage space over the next few weeks so expect a lot of bargains going out as we try to make space quickly!! This Blog post was written to the sounds of Ganksta N I P.

  1. On one of the sunniest days last week I went down to Surrey to look at a load of boxes of classic rock and indie. It was a pretty chill collection, nice family, decent records and an easy transaction where everyone was happy. The collection consisted of three peoples records so it was a bit of a mix, but mostly on the rock side. It consisted of Thrash/Heavy metal (Black Sabbath, Predator, Motley Crue, Motorhead, Iron Maiden), Classic Rock (Jimi Hendrix, Tangerine Dream, Free, Rory Gallagher, Fleetwood Mac etc) and a few more modern items (Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Beastie Boys, Arctic Monkeys…).

2) One of our pals who we hadn’t seen for a while popped in last week with a really great pile of records. It was about 40 titles and consisted of Rare Afrobeat, Reggae, House, Cosmic, Experimental etc. Some of the artists were Witch, Francis Bebey, Steven Halpern, Anima, Heldon, Richard Pinhas, Azymuth etc. Some really sick records actually.

3) A kind of similar collection came in from another friend of ours a few days before. But this time it was loads more records (maybe 150 or something). Some seriously cool records in this collection: Roland Young, Kraan, Laaraji, Between, DJ Nature, Ras Midas, Scientist, Holger Czukay, Marc Moulin…loads of Rare Cosmic, Reggae Disco, Boogie, Krautrock, Industrial, House, Ambient, Psych….you get the idea! So lots and lots of interesting titles out – I tried to get most out on Thursday but a few more may get sprinkled out this week.

4) I don’t know where it came from but I noticed the Varg “Star Alliance” Tape pack (on Posh Isolation) in the cabinet. Nice item!!

5) We had some nice soul and house come in midweek too. A super nice copy of Black Mahogani by Moodymann, a super rare promo 12″ of Love On A Summer Night by The McCrarys and some other more common titles from Sam Cooke, Bob James, Marvin Gaye etc.

6) We had two lots of really good Improv and Experimental records come in this week too. About 40 titles in total. Some super obscure (and fairly pricey titles!) from artists like Nurse With Wound, Whitehouse, Derek Bailey, John Butcher, Alan Tomlinson, Peter Brotzmann etc. All originals and all super tough to find!!!


This week also saw the return of the 45 king, who was back to pack out the singles racks again. Plenty of rare titles going out. Including a UK original copy of the Skull Snaps 7″. Expect loads more nice bits going out soon. Scott also packed out the Warp Records section in time for Field Day – as well as getting loads of Grime out and nearly finishing the massive Electro and Old School Rap collection (which you really have to see to believe – its in such nice condition!!). I should mention some of the more obscure titles have gone on our Discogs account:

We hardly sell anything on there, and if we do its usually something that hasn’t sold in the shop. If you see anything you like feel free to come and tell us in the shop and we can work it out there.

We have a few more collections this week – a huge Vertigo collection, a massive Steppers and 90s Hip Hop collection and a Jazz collection. Also Toru is due back so expect a wall of  cool Japanese records – from No Wave to Anime Soundtracks. Yes Toru!

This weeks TOP TEN is from Nicole McKenzie of MIC Records (and you probably know her from her time at Soul Jazz too!!). Thanks Nicole you are a legend!!


“This is a collection of spectacularly UNRARE (new word) records, all stuff that I think is pretty exceptional and doesn’t sound like every other f*cker out there…”

  1. 79rs Gang – Dead & Gone (Sinking City)
  2. Dave I.D – Gore (STD)
  3. Young Druid – Young Druid (5 Gate Temple)
  4. Special Touch – Garden Of Life (TSR)
  5. LAPS – Who Me? (MIC)
  6. Severed Heads – Big Saints Reward 1988 – 1990 dubs (Optimo)
  7. Chris & Cosey – Trance (Wax Trax)
  8. Terri Wells – Just Like Dreamin’ (Philly World)
  9. Nnamdi Ogbonnaya – DROOL (Father / Daughter)
  10. Tribe Of Colin – Wide Berth (White)

You should go to this gig!


This week we have mostly been…buying and selling vinyl and cds

Oi! from Reckless!


Big week for us at Reckless. We’ve bought so much stuff, and seriously big records! We’ve spent some serious cash this week!!! This Blog was written to the sound of Serge Gainsbourg.

  1. First up we bought a beautiful copy of The Who “Sell Out”, with the Poster (and original ‘Psychedelic poster inside’ sticker). This never turns up anymore, especially in the condition of the copy we have here. This is a piece of Mod history! I think its a great LP and was very tempted indeed!

2) Sean went to Canterbury last week to purchase a huge collection. It was the most we have spent on a collection for years. Tonnes of super big records. Artists like Joy Division, The Cure, The Stone Roses, Oasis, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Ride, Nirvana, Pearl Jam…You get the idea! Mostly in top shape. Loads of 90s records. There was also a super clean promo copy of Metal Machine Music. One to annoy the neighbours with :p .

3) Scott went to buy a load of records and cds from Warp Records last week. As you can imagine there were loads of Warp titles, including a bunch of Test Presses and a copy of the Apex Twin 12″ he had for sale when he played Texas. Pretty rare!! There were also some super rare Autechre CDs in there. He bought loads of stuff. Come and have a look.

4) We bought in a tonne of super rare 60’s and 70’s titles at the weekend. Loads of Vertigo Swirls, rare Hendrix, Moondog, Harvest titles, Patto etc. Apparently they are coming back with loads more. Prog time baby!

5) Tonnes of rare African records came in the other day (weirdly a few days after someone brought in a copy of Witch “Movin’ On” – but it was too marked!). I wasn’t in but Sean texted me a load of pictures and in there I can see titles by Via-A-Vis, Sweet Talks, Atakora Manu, Kumapim Royals International Band etc. Madness!

6) Some mental rare White Stripes and Third Man titles came in over the weekend as well. Probably all on crazy colour vinyl lol.

7) I bought in a nice pile of classic rock (but pretty interesting titles) – all super nice reissues (but nicely done ones!). Jimi Hendrix, The Who, Wire, Black Sabbath, Bruce Gilbert, Metallica etc.

8) Loads and loads of Jazz CDs came in – nearly all the Blue Notes. Loads more pretty interesting CDs came in too. Priced to sell!

9) We bought the rest of Rap records from the guy who has been selling them in for the last few weeks. Man, they are all so clean. They look brand new. All in the shrink all with Hype stickers. Like I said before – some super rare some standard – but all final upgrade copies. I put loads of pictures of these up on our Instagram so go check it!

This week we have several collections coming up – one really big indie collection that Im looking forward to especially! After the absolute carnage of last Saturday night I have to say you should really go to 12th Isle night next week as these Scottish bad boys know how to play some serious bimma tunes.


This week we got a Top Ten from UK legend the one and only Ben UFO! One of my fave DJs – and a lovely geezer.


  1. The Slits – Leibe und Romanze (Slow Version)
  2. Human Being – The Box Opened (Bedroom In Space)
  3. Ultra-red – RADICAL
  4. Christian Clozier – Quasars
  5. Shirley Collins – Love Is Teasing
  6. Mala – City Cycle
  7. Andrew Hill – Nefertiti
  8. Julian Lage – Japan
  9. Charlemagne Palestine and Terry Jennings – Short and Sweet
  10. Ministers of Dance and GSP – Tiny’s First Journey

Thanks Ben!!! Love it!

Hardcore Business!!!



We have been busy bees at Reckless this week – some staff have been away (Paris, Tokyo) and the collections keep coming in. This blog was written to the sound of the ridiculous Shoegaze meets Black Metal sounds of Alcest. Register to Vote.

OK lets get started.

  1. I went to a CD collection in Lewisham. The email had said over a thousand Black Metal and Noise CDs – all as underground as you like; so my interest was high. When I arrived I was given box after box of super extreme CDs (he also had loads of vinyl but didn’t want to sell them yet). Every Box was piled high full of proper full on hardcore stuff. No big league players like Emperor, Immortal et al. It was all super underground French, South American, Japanese, Eastern European hardcore Metal and Noise. So you have CDs by artists like Whitehouse, Vlad Tepes, Profanatica, Nurse With Wound, Ramleh, Thou Art Lord, Abigor, Summoning, Countess etc. There were a lot of rare CDs by artists like Death In June, Throbbing Gristle, Current 93 etc. There was also a load of Dark Ambient, a bit of Goth, some Death Metal and a couple of Punk titles too. This is going to take ages to go through, but some titles went out this weekend and they will not last long at all.

2) Now for something else completely hardcore. Scott went to another Hardcore collection. It was absolutely killer. It was generally a mixture of Old Skool Hardcore, Rave, Drum N Bass, Happy Hardcore, UK Garage and Jungle. But this guy bought all the right titles at the time. From Screwface to Durban Poison. Check our Instagram for some nice pictures of the labels. There were some huge Anthill Mob, Confettis, Torchman, From The Man Like Pennywise, Mega City 2, DJ Lee, Studio 2, Sunshine Productions, Homegrown Records, Kniteforce Records – you name it – it was there. In my opinion one of the greatest pile of records we have had for sometime.

3) We got the start of a massive Old Skool Rap collection on Saturday. Mental thing was – all the titles were in NM at the worst. All in shrink, all with Hype stickers. So many wicked titles – from pricey biscuits to cheap bangers. Loads of killer Electro, and totally random one aways. I think we bought about 10% of it on Saturday and that was a huge pile. Check the Instagram for a video of me flicking through them.

4) I bought in a nice pile of classic titles from this nice bloke on Saturday. This included about 15 Jimi Hendrix titles, some nice reggae (Scientist, Toots & The Maytals, Heptones etc), Public Enemy, Talking Heads etc. All nice condition – mostly original issues.

5) Tom and me bought in a large collection of CDs and Vinyl from someone on Saturday – there was a lot of stuff. In the collection were a few pricey and rare vinyl titles from artists like Elvis Costello, Elliot Smith, Dracula OST, The Smiths etc.

6) Duncan bought in a nice pile of Prog and Esoteric records. It was one of those odd piles where nearly all of the titles had Witchcraft in the titles. This included Saturnalia, Earth & Fire and some spoken word records about Satan and Witchcraft.

7) We got a copy of Anti War Dub

We also bought in loads of Jazz titles on CD, some nice US Soul (which could lead to buying a very big collection), some new House and Techno and some more Classic Rock!

This weeks Top Ten is from Louis Eastwood – the wicked South London DJ who does Rausch Turning with Tris.


  • African Connexion – Midnight Pressure
  • Zarate Fix – Sands of Time
  • Philippe Chany – Cairo Connection
  • Cheb Khaled – Hada Raykoum
  • African Head Charge – Family Doctoring
  • Tolouse Low Trax – Rushing into Water
  •  Dwarfs Of East Agouza- Where’s Turbo
  • Raffaele Serra – Lust For Ecstacy
  • Outer Space – 3332
  • 33.10.3402 – LVIV

Thanks Louis!!! Wicked list!!


Ahoy there from the Reckless Crew!


Another heavy week – more collections, more lates, tonnes more records. Are you ready for the rundown?

This was written to the sounds of Joshua Abrams (whose LPs we have had in a few times recently and are highly recommended)

  1. Firstly – Scott went to a collection this week that ended up being at the Warp Records warehouse. They had tonnes of old stock that they wanted rid of. This included about 500 LPs and 12″s of Aphex Twin, Autechre, Broadcast, Nightmares On Wax, Boards Of Canada, Flying Lotus etc It also included thousands of CDs. Theres a lot to get through here but it will go out as soon as we can physically price it up!!


2) Scott was out again on Sunday – this time to an absolutely wicked collection of Rave, Jungle, Breakbeat, UK Garage and Old Skool. Exactly my type of collection!! 😉 I haven’t seen it yet but I know its pretty big (maybe close to a thousand) and has a lot of big hitters from Hyper On Experience to Confetti Records. Scott sent me a load of pics which can be seen on our Instagram:

3) Eddie bought in about 50 Reggae and Dancehall titles (with a few Soul too) last week. This included nice Wayne Smith, Junior Delgado, Levi Roots, Jah Shaka, Black Uhuru etc. It was a real mix of pricey and cheap ones. All going out this week!

4) Toru bought in a nice batch of Jazz – all classic artist – all UK titles (mostly UK originals). You’ve got the John Coltrane, the Miles Davis, the Monk, the Mingus. All classics. Deepness.

5) Alan got involved on Friday and bought in a large batch of Sarah Records titles from a Scandinavian Improv artist. Classic Alan. I often see the guy who ran Sarah Records in the local supermarkets in Greenwich – he always brings his own bags – something I respect.


6) I bought in a massive pile of vinyl from someone who had emailed us last Wednesday. This is the just the start of her collection – ad it was killer. Tonnes of white label promos (and standard finished titles) of classic Indie, Shoegaze, Synth Pop, Britpop. Artists like Depeche Mode (the rarest titles in her collection were the DM ones), Ride, The Stone Roses, Chapterhouse, Oasis, The Field Mice (more Sarah Records business) etc.

There are tonnes more collections due to go ahead this week – from an Anarcho Punk vinyl collection, Black Metal/Industrial CD collection, Minimal Techno/Dubstep 12″s. Watch this space!



This week we have MEG WOOF from THE WIRE magazine!!! Meg is an absolute legend – you should listen to her radio show on her Mixcloud at the bottom. Here we go

  1. Alice Coltrane – Turiya and Ramakrishna
  2. Alison Moyet – Love Resurrection
  3. Crass – Where Next Columbus?
  4. Camberwell Now – Working Nights
  5. Drexciya – Digital Tsunami
  6. Esoterik – In The Hills
  7. Frak – Synthfrilla
  8. I – F – I Do Because I Couldn’t Care Less
  9. Lee Morgan – Search For The New Land
  10. Talk Talk – It’s Getting Late In The Evening