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Reckless Records Lockdown Blog


Incredibly surreal times, as you probably know we are shut until it is safe to be open again. Hopefully this will all blow over sooner than later and they will find a cure. But for now, its isolation time.

This Blog was written to the sounds of…

I’m sure you’ve heard enough about Covid 19 and we’re hardly experts on that subject so lets get on with some Reckless news.

We bought a tonne of amazing Records and CDs recently:

  1. Al and I were at a huge collection in North London last Tuesday. It ended up being 5 people carriers worth of LPs, 12″s, 45s and CDs.  Fantastic collection featuring Psych, Prog, Rock, Blues, New Wave, Punk, Jazz, Reggae, Dub, Ska, Afrobeat, Folk, Traditional, Classical, Disco, Soul, Motown, Exotica and Pop. The first section I went through was the Reggae and when the first LP you pull out is an older pressing of Heart Of The Congos you know its going to be good. Lots of top laminate sleeve Pama/Treasure Isle/ Coxsone as well as a load of Jamaican Studio One, Upsetters, Trojan, Blue Beat, Greensleeves, Island etc. Some super nice bits from Prince Buster, Gregory Isaacs, Keith Hudson, The Techniques, Bob Marley & The Wailers, Burning Spear, Phyllis Dillon, Don Drummond, Creation Rebel, The Skatalites, Jackie Mittoo, Prince Far I, Culture etc. I then went on to the Rock/New Wave and there was a load of very standard titles from The Police, Talking Heads, Blondie, David Bowie etc but so much of it! Lots of cheaps, but also a lot of good titles – and in there there were the odd top bit from The Go Betweens, My Bloody Valentine, Suicide etc. The next part was Psych, Prog and Classic Rock so some great titles (sometimes up to 5 copies of each LP – different pressings and varying condition) from people like McDonald & Giles, Quartermass, Gilgamesh, Caravan, Family, Led Zeppelin, Kevin Ayers, Nucleus, Hawkwind, Magma, Gong, Van Der Graaf Generator, Camel, Popol Vuh, Yes, Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath, Soft Machine, Uriah Heap, The Running Man, Tudor Lodge, The Parlour Band, High Tide, Wishbone Ash, Beggars Opera, Genesis, Love, Grateful Dead, Groundhogs, Jo Ann-Kelly, Cream, Tangerine Dream, Rare Bird, King Crimson, Jethro Tull, The Beatles, Faust, Captain Beefheart, Frupp, Gentle Giant, Hatfield & The North, The Zombies, Small Faces, Indian Summer, Lucifers Friend, Frank Zappa, National Health, Supersister, Wigwam etc. Al went through thousands of singles and sadly there weren’t an awful lot of top titles but he did hit a nice run of 60s Ska and Rocksteady 45s. There was also a whole wall of 12″ singles which included a lot of Rock and Pop as well as Disco and Electro. The CDs were pretty decent – an awful lot of Blood & Fire/Trojan CDs as well as a lot of music from around the world. There was a lot of old fashioned Jazz but from time to time we came across proper titles from Miles Davis, Tubby Hayes, Ian Carr etc. Overall an absolutely mad collection – very up and down but with a lot of great titles. Lots of titles for each section of the shop thats for sure.
  2. On Monday a fairly regular seller brought in a huge stack of Vinyl, CDs and some cool toys. The toys were all music related – all boxed too: The Beatles, Iggy Pop and The Rolling Stones. Theyre all in the cabinet and will be available once we reopen. The records were first class: lots of very sought after issues (ie modern colour vinyl reissues, Music On Vinyl, Third Man colour pressings, Record Store Day – that kind of thing). Titles from Pearl Jam, The Melvins, Alice Coltrane, The White Stripes, John Lee Hooker, Father John Misty, Captain Beefheart, Neil Young, Mudhoney, Nirvana, King Crimson, Jimi Hendrix, Metallica, Hole, David Bowie, Trees, L7 etc.
  3. Sean bought in a cool pile of Beat and Freakbeat reissue LPs (mostly 80s and 90s issues). Loads of great stuff from The Troggs, Johns Children, The Artwoods, Fleur De Lys, The Zombies, Yardbirds.
  4. Big ol’ pile of Classic Rock LPs including a first press first Black Sabbath LP. Also titles from Simon & Garfunkel, The Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles, Quintessence, Fairport Convention, Dire Straits, Fleetwood Mac etc.
  5. Loads of great Chicago House, Jazz, Techno and Disco from Pat.
  6. An awful lot of great Jazz and House vinyl from Toru.
  7. Small but nice pile of LPs including Q and Not U, Pigbag, Robert Wyatt, The Rolling Stones, Ennio Morricone etc.
  8. Some v nice modern Indie Rock, Punk and Rock LPs from Ween, The Clash, The Vandals, Roxy Music, Wilco, David Bowie, Grimes and many more. All very heavy vinyl issues.
  9. I sold in a nice batch of Reggae, Soft Machine, Jackie Mittoo, Carl Craig, The Durrutti Column, Roy Ayers, Descendents etc.
  10. Our best friend Nick the courier sold in some decent 45s from Bob Dylan, Tame Impala, Ramones and some Oasis CD singles.
  11. CDs and Vinyl from The Weeknd, Carole King, George Michael, Kasabian, Outkast, Gorillaz, Barbara Streisand and Omar Souleyman!
  12. Loads of great LPs including some decent Soul/Funk reissues, Wire, Silver Apples, Os Mutantes, Alternative TV.
  13. More great Rock vinyl fromn Siouxsie & The Banshees, Nick Cave, U2, Caribou, Pet Shop Boys, Pearl Jam, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Metronomy etc.
  14. Rare Coldplay LP from Duncan.

Now of course when you can actually come in and buy it all is up in the air! But lets try to be positive.

For now – please let us know if you have a collection for sale via and also feel free to let us know if there is anything you are after.

Here is a Top Ten form the wonderful Sam who runs Space Gallery in Folkestone with the also wonderful Andy.

  1. Unknown Mortal Orchestra “Not In Love We’re Just Hight” Love UMO; difficult to pick which one as all so differently good but this one is a great opener for an evening in space
  2. The Beach Boys “Pet Sounds” True greats, brilliant album, not ever remotely over playing pet sounds.
  3. Idles “Well Done” IDLES. a fabulous bunch of energy and honesty.
  4. White Denim “Sex Prayer” I really like white denim.
  5. The Fall “Touch Sensitive” Didn’t really get the fall until mark e smith died (glorious bastard). they are great.
  6. Kraftwerk “Numbers” Kraftwerk are great too.
  7. Sex Pistols “L’anarchie Pour Le UK” Always good to drop this into a space day/night; makes me smile.
  8. Fugazi “Waiting Room”
  9. Selomon Shibeshi “Endiet Zenegashiw” Came across this record by accident and really love all the songs on it.
  10. David Bowie “John I’m Only Dancing” No words needed; all genius all day forever

Space is an absolutely top bar/gallery in Folkestone, Kent. They put on loads of great bands and DJs – if you find yourself down in Folkestone you have to check it out! Not much better than beers in their beer garden!


Thanks to Sam and Andy and thanks to all of you for reading. Keep checking in with us and stay safe out there!







This Blog was written to the sounds of..

Loads in….

  1. Really great Industrial/Avant/Post Punk collection, around 300 LPs and 12″s. Generally great condition – records from SPK, Coil, Cabaret Voltaire, Bushido, Slab, Controlled Bleeding, Foetus, Ornette Coleman, Sun Ra, Merzbow, Swans, 23 Skidoo, Can, Throbbing Gristle, Chris Carter, Robert Haigh, Sleep Chamber, Chris & Cosey etc. There are also a few wild Avant Prog LPs from artists like the Art Bears and a lot of LPs from the Czech Republic.
  2. One of my pals popped in and sold in 100 great CDs (as well as about 30 LPs and 45s). The CDs were absolutely top notch; Northern Soul, Freakbeat, Hardcore, OOP 80s Soul, Punk, Thrash Metal, Rap, Ska, Indie Rock. Some great titles from Wimple Winch, Irma Thomas, SS Decontrol, Bathory, 23rd Turnoff, Tubby Hayes, The Dils, The Kinks, Attak, July, Coil, Ennio Morricone etc. Loads of wild things.
  3. I was out at a pals house early last week who had a big clear out and sold us around 300 Avant Garde LPs (with bits of Dub, Classical, Hardcore, Free Jazz, Noise, Prog, Psych you name it). Lots of great LPs – check the Avant Section as soon as you possibly can!!!!!!
  4. Another good friend came up from Kent today with around 55 LPs – Reggae, Psych, Punk, Post Punk, Minimal Synth yada yada – The Deep Freeze Mice, The Skatalites, The Cortinas, Throbbing Gristle, Spherical Objects, Can, Link Wray, Capital Punishment, Piero Umilani, Cockney Rejects, Chrome, Harmonia,  BBC Radiophonic Workshop, Augustus Pablo, The Leaves, The Residents, Thomas Leer…you get the idea. Some class material here thats fo sure!
  5. Toru went on a brief trip to Japan and brought back some great LPs from Tubby Hayes, Billy Cobham, Tatsu Yamashita, John Coltrane, Kev Marimura, Yellow Magic Orchestra, Chet Baker, Miles Davis, Al Johnson, Pete La Roca, Art Ensemble Of Chicago, Oliver Nelson, Albert Ayler, Bill Evans, Zoot Sims and many more.
  6. More nice Reggae from another new regular seller: Junior Delgado, Delton Screechie, Gregory Isaacs, Half Pint, Freddie McGregor, Bob Marley, Augustus Pablo, Prince Jammy, Wailing Souls, Big Youth, Rita Marley, Toots & The Maytals, Sugar Minnott, Anthony Red Rose, Tenor Saw etc. They also sold in a load of Soul but they were all cheap titles.
  7. I sold a nice pile of Jungle and Hardcore including the amazing DJ Demo “Essence” EP, The Invisible Man, Mickey Finn, Ellis Dee, DJ Crystl, Omni Trio, Remarc, Force & Styles and a few more. Some proper classics!!!
  8. Ben bought a great pile of Classic Rock LPs and 12″s from Iron Maiden, Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, Pink Floyd, Kiss, Black Sabbath and more. Generally either 1st pressings or very early.
  9. Ben also sold in some records including some Pebbles comps, Mac Demarco, Fleetwood Mac, The Novi Singers and more.
  10. Tom bought in a signed Johnny Marr 45 along with David Bowie and Pink Floyd box sets.
  11. Rare first pressings from Led Zeppelin and The Academy. I’d not seen The Academy LP before – which is from 1969 and on Morgan Blue Town.
  12. 70 TOP LPs from one seller including Beth Gibbons (from Portishead), Monster Magnet, David Bowie, John Cale, Yardbirds, Dukes Of Stratosfear, Pink Floyd and loads more great stuff.
  13. Some decent classic CDs from Depeche Mode, The Pixies, Swervedriver, Kyuss, Napalm Death, Queens Of The Stone Age etc.
  14. LPs and 12″s from The Pixies, Moses Boyd, Janes Addiction, DJ Shadow and several titles on Ghostly International from another seller.
  15. Some decent CDs (about 50 0f them) including Special Editions etc from Emerson Lake and Palmer, Chicken Shack, Ramones and the Flamin Groovies.
  16. Another large pile of Reggae LPs and 12″s from Augustus Pablo, King Kong, Sanchez, Sly & Robbie, Trinity etc.
  17. More great Pop and Rock LPs from Lana Del Ray (a big box set!), New Order, Sonic Youth etc.
  18. Some interesting CDs from Art Ensemble Of Chicago, 13th Floor Elevators and Frank Zappa.
  19. Lots more Classic Rock including clean titles from one seller that included David Bowie, Abba, Simon & Garfunkel, Elton John, The Beatles and T Rex.
  20. Some great Dance/Jazz  CDs including titles from Commix, Robert Hood, Sun Ra, Ed Rush, DJ Stingray…
  21. Dennis sold in a decent Neurosis LP along with titles from Avril Lavigne, Zion Train and Green Day.
  22. Some big bog Hip Hop (etc) LPs from The Streets, Nas, 2Pac, DMX, Lil Jon, Timbaland etc.
  23. Kris sold in some Classic cassettes including titles from The Specials, The Smiths, Peter Gabriel, The Rolling Stones and Madonna.
  24. Someone sold in a load of interesting LPs and
  25. CDs which consisted of mainly Psych, Soul and Experimental reissues.
  26. A trio of LPs from Aziymuth.
  27. Big bunch of tatty David Bowie and Queen LPs.
  28. Some hard to find modern Indie and Emo from My Chemical Romance, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Manic Street Preachers, King Krule etc.
  29. Two original Van Morrison LPs (Astral Weeks and Moondance). UK originals that just don’t come in that much.
  30. More Rock, Hip Hop and Indie CDs from Nick Drake, Julia Holter, Kanye West, Grimes, Parquet Courts, Jesus & Mary Chain etc.
  31. Big batch of CDs on Cherry Red as well as titles from Mick Ronson and a load of interesting compilation CDs.
  32. More random LPs fro, Eloy, Dennis Brown, Earl Cunningham, The Skatalites, George Benson, Scientist, Clint Eastwood, Alabama 3, Nina Simone, Leonard Cohen, Atlas Sound, Pere Ubu, Terry Riley, Billy Joel, Beach Boys, Sigur Ros, Allan Holdsworth, Yma Sumac, NOFX, Linval Thompson, Marvin Gaye, Kenny Drew, Pearl Jam, Eminem, Ike Turner etc.

Apart from a large amount of the above – this is whats gone out this week…

A) Indie 45s

B) Metal LPs

C) CD Box Sets


E) Dancehall 45s

F) Soul/Funk/Disco vinyl

G) Classic Rock vinyl

H) Reggae LPs and 12″s

I) Avant and Modern Composition LPs

J) Cassettes

K) More Rap CDs

L) Batch of old Record Store Day 12″s, LPs and 45s.

M) Still finding more great 90s Techno!


Static Shock this weekend! You can catch Chris and Pat playing Hardcore and Jungle at New River Studios Saturday night around 12.30-2am.

Some great stuff in! And a Top Ten from Chris from Diat

Well, hello there!

I hope this post finds you all well.

This Blog was written to the sounds of…

And of course the Wetherall Mellow Mix.

R.I.P. Andy.

Lets see whats been coming in this week:

  1. A great pile of Jazz, Reggae and Soul from one seller. Plenty of Blue Notes, Roots Reggae 12″s, Dub LPs, Rare Groove – you name it. Artists such as John Coltrane, Brainstorm, Yabby You, Leroy Sibbles, Thelonious Monk, Sun Ra, The Viceroys, Bob Marley, Charles Mingus, Big Youth, Gregory Isaacs, Derrick Morgan, The Pioneers, Culture, Scientist etc. They’e apparently got a load more records for sale including some rare Garage Rock and Punk.
  2. Big batch of 60’s Ska, Rhythm & Blues, Rock n Roll and Jazz 45s plus a big batch of 78s (loads of Fats Domino). Perfect sound system material. Stranger Cole, Alton Ellis, Prince Buster,  Laurel Aitken, Keith & Enid, Derrick Morgan, Desmond Dekker, Blue Beat etc.
  3. Excellent Indie / Rock collection featuring titles from The Pixies, Onehotrix Point Never, Sonic Youth, Soundtracks, Television, Lou Reed, Swans, Velvet Underground, Popol Vuh, Neu, MC5, Cocteau Twins, PJ Harvey, Spacemen 3, Faust, Scott Walker, Ride etc. Some really nice LPs here!
  4. Pat bought in a few Hardcore/Jungle collections with some great 12″s from Lewi Cifer, DJ Red Alert & Mike Slammer, Dillinja, Acen, Babylon Timewarp, Foul Play, Goldie, DJ Hype, Photek, Andy C, Nookie, D Livin, A Guy Called Gerald, DJ Exodus, Manix, Orca, Freedom Of Sound, LTJ Bukem etc. Also some decent Classic House, Chicago and UK Garage bits in these collections.
  5. Kris bought in a big ol’ stack of Japanese CDs including some great titles from Bjork, Judee Sill, Bob Dylan, Led Zeppelin etc.
  6. A pal of mine sold in some good US House and a few LPs from Aphex Twin and Autechre.
  7. Ben bought in an 80s Synth Pop collection with all the usual titles from The Human League, Soft Cell, Eurythmics, Pet Shop Boys etc.
  8. Toru bought in a fairly large Soul/Funk/Disco collection – fairly standard titles so a lot that ended up in the cheaps but the odd bigger 12″ such as Ryuichi Sakamotos’ “Riot In Lagos”.
  9. Some nice CD box sets from Cabaret Voltaire and the huge Harvest Records one!
  10. A large number of Nazareth and Judas Priest LPs.
  11. Small pile of Psych-ish LPs from Amin Duul 2, Grateful Dead, Queen, Cream, C.A. Quintet and a compilation on Margates finest label Psycho.
  12. Several Classic Rock collections featuring vinyl from Elton John, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Joni Mitchell, Duran Duran, Wings, Elvis, Eric Clapton, The Move, Peter Gabriel, Rory Gallagher, Gong, Heart, Iggy Pop, Hawkwind, Neil Young, Pink Floyd, Love, David Coverdale, Davie Bowie, Morrissey, T Rex, Gentle Giant, Fairfield Parlour, Kate Bush, New Order, Tindersticks, The Rolling Stones, Strawbs, The Kinks, Bryan Ferry…
  13. Cool small Soundtrack and Library collection featuring a few duplicates. All titles were either promos or featured promotional inserts.
  14. Roots-y collection featuring a load of Folkways, some John Fahey, Stanley Brothers and the Grateful Dead.
  15. Tonne of 90s DNB.
  16. Some Pop vinyl from Billie Eilish, Slowthai, The Weeknd, David Bowie etc.
  17. Huge pile of Indie Rock CDs – hundreds.
  18. Quite cool pile of records featuring a finished Vaselines demo LP, My Bloody Valentine, Dale Hawkins, Eddie Jefferson, Joe Meek, U2 etc.
  19. Some Electronic stuff including some now hard to find Warp comps and the Space LP. The KLF Space not the other band.
  20. More interesting vinyl from Basil Kirchin, The Jamms, Neil Young, Jamie XX, Prince and Stereolab from one other seller.
  21. Cool stuff from another including a rare Fall LP, loads of Reggae CDs, German Oak LP and some more Philip Glass.
  22. I sold in a small pile including bits from Rita Lee, Fairport Convention, Led Zeppelin, Sleaford Mods, Vice Versa, Love and The Mars Volta.

Loads more came in than what’s there and we’ve had a load of great stuff in in the last few days that will go on next weeks blog!


A) Classic Rock

B) Reggae LPs and 12″s

C) Reggae CDs

D) Cassettes

E) Hardcore / Jungle vinyl

F) 90s Techno / Trance / Acid

G) Indie Rock 45s

H) Soul and Disco 12″s and LPs

I) Japanese LPs and 45s

J) More African LPs

K) Tonnes of Classical (including a lot of cheaps)

L) Cheap Dance and Soul

M) Heavy Metal vinyl

This weeks Top Ten is from Chris from Diat!

Somehow this got lost in my emails so please excuse the Christmas references.

Here we go then, Chris asked me to pick a top ten for the Recky Recs blog and I figured since you’re a record shop and it’s Xmas and all, maybe if I make a cheeky little list of want-but-don’t-haves you’ll be able to sort me out if you chance upon one or two of these some day?


1. Hornsey at War – Deadbeat Revival. This is what Low Life would sound like if they were more honest.


2. Gareth Williams and Mary Currie – Flaming Tunes. Cheers for not ever repressing this Kiran “scared of making too much money” Sanders or whatever yer fuckin name is.


3. Nocturnal Projections – Another Year – probably what Flaming Tunes would have sounded like if they got bashed on the way home from school more

4. King Everald – Automatic. Got on a real digi dancehall trip this summer, probably thanks in large part to a Bad Boy Bress mix I came across in 2017 that first brought me to the Tempo Riddim.

5. Hortense Osbourne – Me A Smarter 7″. See what I mean?


6. Ok back to the UK which is the only music I care about… Thin Yoghurts – Girl on the Bus 7″ for the excellent B side, ‘Drink Problem’, an absolute anthem.

7. The Spunky Onions / The Ghettoberries – The Spunky Onions Meet The Ghettoberries At Templebeat Records 7″ Not sure how much I even like this anymore but it used to choke me up.


8. Peridots – Open Season 7″. same again, this one sounds like if Lou Reed was comin down off pingas instead of smack.


9. Skeptics – I will if I can CD(!) – this should actually be closer to the top of the list, it is an exquisite and crushing listen, I had to trawl forums to get a bloke to send me the mp3s for all of it, hit me up if you want me to forward them to you. Kinda sounds like a good Nine Inch Nails maybe?!

10. fuck, is that it already? well let’s say it’s a toss up between The Limp’s – Marked Man 7″ and Sardine V’s – I Hate You EP (thanks Itchy Bugger), both NSW bands, again, should be at the top of the list actually

oh F*CK, make it a top 12 then cos I absolutely love this Bourbonese Qualk song called Return to Order off this Preparing for Power EP, this is probably my number 1 actually, wanna make music that sounds like this but with a heavier dub influence.




Till next week

A large run down of whats been coming in recently (plus a Rosy Ross Top Ten!)

Hello from Reckless!

Bit of a delay from the last Blog post due to computer issues but heres an even bigger rundown to make up for it!

This Blog was written to the sounds of:

All the reductions have now been done, CDs and Vinyl so theres tonnes of great stuff out in the cheaps. We’re topping this up everyday as theres barely anymore room out in the racks there so full!

Buying has been mega – check it:

  1. We bought a massive CD collection of one of my pals (whose vinyl we bought a few years ago). He’s a well established producer and is known for his amazing taste – so all of the 1000 or so CDs are killer. From classic albums to Electronic obscurities to big box sets they’re all here. Heres a rough idea: Basic Channel, Frank Zappa, Sun Ra, Eliane Radigue, Autechre, Depeche Mode, William Basinski, 13th Floor Elevators, Pauline Oliveros, Aphex Twin etc. I’m not sure if these have been started yet but this is one of the best across the board collections we’ve bought for yonks.
  2. Kris and Toru were out at a big Jazz collection on Sunday with close to 3000 titles – vinyl and CD. Lots of rarer Blue Note CD pressings, obscurities, some older Jazz titles that are hard to find on CD and the odd bit of British Jazz. Its a massive collection.
  3. Scott was out at a Hardcore/Jungle/Drum n Bass collection last Friday. Although there were thousands of records there a lot of them were just too rough but he came back with a great pile and has been play testing them. Anything too rough is not going out. Lots of rare titles from Lemon D, Bizzy B, Cool Hand Flex, J Majik, Body Snatch, Dr S Gachet, Cru-L-T, Doc Scott, Origination, DJ Vibes, Adam F etc.
  4. One chap has been coming in almost every day with great Soul/Disco/Boogie LPs and 12″s. Some great titles from Bohannon, Patrice Rushen, The Jackson Sisters, Ingram, Leroy Hutson etc. Hundreds of these have gone out recently.
  5. I bought in a great stack of Reggae and Soul yesterday from someone who said he has thousands of records to sell. Lots of Greensleeves, Ray Barratto, Wayne Jarrett, Roy Ayers, Barry Brown, Wayne Wade, Half Pint, Tetrack, Junior Delgado, Miles Davis, Gregory Isaacs, quite a few interesting Lovers 12″s and plenty more. Mostly JA or US pressings.
  6. A pal of ours brought in some great Hardcore Punk from bands like Discharge, Gas Rag, Lebenden Totem etc.
  7. Our friend Norman brought in a nice selection of LPs featuring a Bodkin Acme test press and a load of Sun Ra reissues.
  8. Another regular seller brought in some interesting Library titles and a few rare bits from Franco Et L’ok, Pablo Moses and Idris Ackhamoor.
  9. Some nice Death Metal CDs came in from Blood Ritual, Desecration and many more.
  10. More Sun Ra reissues from another seller – 18 of them!
  11. A pal of mine came up from Kent with a load of Drum n Bass CD packs and vinyl from Kraftwerk, Pierre Henry, Soul Jazz comps, Residents, Ash Ra Tempel, Moondog, Fred Frith etc.
  12. EX staff member Kenny White brought in an interesting pile of titles including some harder Acid Techno, titles on Pan and Blackest Ever Black, Nitzer Ebb, James Ferraro and the odd thing on Storm.
  13. One of our pals who used to work at Honest Jons came up from Margate to sell us a great selection of Soul/Funk/Reggae. A mixture of LPs, 12″s and 45s with titles from Ebony Steel Band, Syl Johnson, Rance Allen Group, Ken Boothe, Willie Hutch, O Jays, Solomon Burke, Anthony Red Rose, Parliament, Hudson People, Prince Jammy, Isaac Hayes, Risco Connection, Marvin Gaye, James Brown, The Dells, Viceroys, The Cables, Beginning Of The End, Prince Buster and many more.
  14. Around 200 Interesting CDs came in from one seller including Jimi Hendrix CD box sets, The Move, Wire and Frank Zappa.
  15. A small but great selection of LPs from another seller: Mary Wells, Tangerine Dream, Otis Redding, The Fugs, Can and Bill Fay.
  16. Some cool Metal titles (CD and vinyl) from another: Saint Vitus, Motorhead. AC/DC, Motley Crue etc.
  17. More Metal from a friend of mine – this time with a bit of Hardcore too – all LPs: Iron Monkey, Watain, Torche, 108, Abolition, Anthrax, Mortury Drape, Asshole Parade, Tankard, Bestial Mockery, Out Cold etc. Dang.
  18. More nice Reggae CDs – loads this last few weeks!
  19. I sold in a big batch of nice records- loads of Folkways, Ras Michael LP, Stereolab, Black Witchery, Felt, Metallica, Sade, Cock Sparrer, Reload, Probot and a couple of Hardcore 12″s. Also a few Metal and Hardcore shirts (that are out in the vinyl sections photocopied).
  20. Another regular seller brought in a great stack of LPs and 12s from: Cloud 9 (Nookie), Ty Segal, Capone, Carl Craig, Brian Jonestown Massacre, The Hidden Hand, Neil Young, Winston Jarrett, Bark Psychosis, Brian Eno, Numero comps, Butthole Surfers, Alexander Tucker, King Kong (the killer ‘He Was a Friend’ 12″), The Pixies, Kuedo, Tim Hecker, Swans, Billy Childish and many more.
  21. More Jungle bits from another seller including Aquarius, “Drift To The Centre”.
  22. Small bizarre selection of vinyl from another seller including Disney Soundtracks, Bollywood, Soft Cell, Miles Davis, The Shangri Las and Chico Hamilton.
  23. Some big Ramones vinyl box sets – that are very tempting indeed.
  24. Load of super clean Trojan Records LPs – loads of them! Plus a tonne of 90s Dancehall that all went in the cheaps.
  25. One of our friends (who used to work at Reckless) dropped in an amazing pile of records as she was going travelling – included were the Can box, Elliot Smith titles, The White Stripes, Godspeed You Black Emperor, Bright Eyes, Sonic Youth etc.
  26. Large pile of very marked but rare Soul and Reggae 45s. It will be worth looking in the cheaps if marked rare 45s are your bag.
  27. Alan sold in a great stack of 45s including some 60s demos, Stone Roses, The Rolling Stones, Depeche Mode etc.
  28. Wicked pile from one seller featuring The Terminator and Bladerunner Soundtracks (surely two of the best Soundtracks ever?) and a load of killer clean Jungle/Drum & Bass (Goldie, Source Direct, Photek etc).
  29. More new vinyl from The Killers, Big Thief, Blondie and Lets Eat Grandma.
  30. Small marked pile of Reggae, African Juju and Soul LPs. Some pricey titles that went straight in the cheaps!
  31. A geezer who used to live in Detroit decided to scale down a bit and brought in a great stack of Garage Punk, Psych and Soul LPs with titles from The Dirtbombs, The Detroit Cobras, R Stevie Moore, The Remains, The Go, more Numero comps, The Gories, Voices Of East Harlem, Link Wray etc.
  32. More interesting LPs and 45s from another seller: Julia Holder, Blood Orange, The Vaccines etc. Also plenty of stuff on Mute.
  33. 12″s from Yoko Ono, Arthur Russell, New Order and Pet Shop Boys.
  34. A nice little pile of Dub and Reggae LPs from a guy who pops in from time to time: Bunny Wailer, Yabby You, Delroy Wilson, The Techniques, The Upsetters etc.
  35. Loads of random one off sales with titles from: Arctic Monkeys, Bob Marley, Miles Davis, 2Pac, Underground Resistance, Liam Gallagher, Devo, Siouxsie & The Banshees, Gang Of Four, Ray Charles, Elton John, American Football, The National, Pink Floyd, Sandy Denny, Queen, Joey Negro etc.

As you can imagine we’ve put out loads of great titles in the last few weeks. Heres a short run down.

  1. Classic Rock LPs – hundreds of them! Led Zeppelin, Van Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones…it never ends.
  2. Classic Soul LPs and Disco/Boogie 12″s.
  3. Tonnes of Japanese titles – both from Torus trip to Japan and the big Japanese collection I bought.
  4. More Nigerian LPs. The section is massive now.
  5. Loads of Classical LPs from the two large collections we bought. The Classical cheaps section is also updated daily. These titles are vastly undercutting the online prices.
  6. More brilliant Reggae 12″s and LPs. The 7″ section should be updated soon. Most of the Dancehall 45s that were out were drastically reduced recently and we have thousands more.
  7. Metal vinyl – from Hard Rock to Earache classics to gnarly Black Metal. Nice to have a load of good Metal records in.
  8. Punk and New Wave 45s – mostly clean as a whistle.
  9. Hundreds of Jazz LPs – all across the board. From Blue Notes to British Jazz to Trad to ECM.
  10. More Folkways LPs.
  11. Lots of House/Techno and Trance. A lot of which flies out the door the second it goes out.
  12. Some newer House and Techno, for cut down prices.
  13. Indie 45s and LPs buy the bucketload.
  14. Some classic Hardcore Punk titles from Negative Approach and the Headcleaners.
  15. More Modern Composition – at one point there were 12 Phillip Glass LPs out in the racks.
  16. Rap CDs – including loads of really hard to find titles. From the 80s to present day.
  17. Reggae CDs – including some long out of print biscuits.
  18. Loads of Madonna records that all sold within 5 minutes of being put out.
  19. More Jazz CDs than you could possibly imagine (including hundreds of ECM titles).
  20. A load of CD singles for 50p each.
  21. Brand new titles which we buy from distributors – all classic titles from artists like The Beatles, NWA, John Martyn, Nick Cave, Cocteau Twins, Das EFX, Bob Marley, Jaqueline Du Pre, Talking Heads, Joni Mitchell, Pink Floyd, Abba, Slint, Mayhem, Type O Negative, Jimi Hendrix, Queen, Darkthrone, Beastie Boys, Amy Winehouse, Oasis, Kanye West, Neil Young, Wire, David Bowie, Cream, John Coltrane, Fleetwood Mac, Bob Dylan….

Plenty of interesting collections on the horizon but ever keep checking our Instagram as that should give you an idea of whats going out. Its worth remembering however that we have super quick turn over so popping in is always best!

Little reminder that we have a load of great Reckless Records shirts, Stickers and Slipmats for you and of course we sell Gift Vouchers; either instore or you can buy them online here:

We have a great Top Ten this week from my great friend and top DJ Rosy Ross!

Rosy said “This Top Ten is an attempt to express the dizzying highs and the bittersweet lows (often at the same time) of disco sentiment. It was seriously hard to shortlist, and I’ll prob be mulling it over weeks later.”

  1. Hercules and Love Affair – Blind.
    ANOHNI’s voice is sublime and Andy Butler’s lyrics and arrangement classic disco; a lament of sorts, set to twinkling synths, driving bass and ecstatic horn melodies. It’s introspective and it’s a sing-along. Loving that first H&AF album taught me something about the history of club music and the queer, black and latinx communities that produced and danced to disco music – life has never been the same since.
  2. Late Nite Tuff Guy – One Nite in a Disco.

    You-just-can’t without referencing Nile Rodgers, Bernard Edwards and the countless loving edits and remixes of Chic and Sister Sledge songs. This chuggy reimagining of ‘He’s the Greatest Dancer’ is completely bewitching and far, far too cool for school. LNTG will recalibrate your appreciation of the classics if you’ve been feeling overexposed.

  3. Taana Gardner – Heartbeat (Club Version).

    From the album: Larry Levan’s Classic West End Records Remixes Made Famous At The Legendary Paradise Garage – which I found at Reckless, in fact. I gave it to a friend for his birthday and I sort of regret it, because every single song on it is insane! This one’s a sexy slow burner, set to an actual heartbeat rhythm. Taana Gardner’s voice is one in a billion, and, like every tune touched by Larry Levan, the sound is iridescent. One for your very best speakers.

  4. An italo classic. There’s a significant amount of bad italo to pick though, but when you find the good ones they are SO good. This very lovely track is a lesson in how to dance and sing through the yearning. And who’d’ve thought that helium balloon/chipmunk vocal effect could be so… affecting?
  5. Sally Shapiro – I’ll Be By Your Side (Tensnake Remix)
    Can’t do a disco sentiments Top Ten without Sally Shapiro, the Swedish, italo-inspired band which released a number of sugary, synth pop heart melters with belting euro basslines. Tensnake slows things down a tad, drawing out the icier sounds that Scandi disco does so well, and making the synth lines shimmer in sympathy.
  6. Faze Action – Magic Touch (FA Paradise ’89 House Mix).

    Edging into the balearic zone here – a genre that learned a thing or two from disco about pitting dreams vs. reality. I first heard this at Pike’s in Ibiza, where the louche, international disco spirit is very much alive and kicking. The piano-driven melody is so compelling and occasionally winds through my dreams at night, beckoning me back to the dancefloor.

  7. Patrick Cowley – Kickin’ In

    I was introduced to Patrick Cowley through his mind-blowing remix of I Feel Love. He was a great composer, a synth wizard, and his back catalogue covers all sorts of moods, genres and soundscapes. This track is full throttle disco, irresistable, and encapsulates that special anticipation of a night out dancing, and the ecstasy that can be released across a room of people dancing together.

  8. Dinosaur – Kiss Me Again (alternate mix/B side)
    This Arthur Russell/Nicky Siano-produced version is my favourite. The song is about infatuation and madness. It’s dark magic. All the disco elements are there, but closing in on you, as though the vocalist is confiding in you with her face just a bit too close for comfort. Listen out for the “shoop”. So, so good.
  9. This song is so very very French disco, with cute chorus, flutey bits and flirty everything. The vocals are breathy and sweet, but there’s a sting in the tale – it’s actually about a poolside break up, and she knows exactly what she’s doing. Sometimes you need a bit of salt or citric acid in the cocktail.

  10. Grace Jones – La Vie en Rose.

    Grace, Grace, forever! Perhaps not an obvious selection from her formindable repertoire, but this song – originally performed by the incredible Édith Piaf  – means something like ‘life seen through rose-tinted glasses’, and is about the intoxicating power of being in love. Released in Europe in 1945, after another war, there’s an underlying sense that this relief and happiness can’t last, and Grace’s delivery and the nostalgic bossa nova version doesn’t shy away from the bittersweet truth. And that’s disco.

Thanks Rosy!!!!!

Check Rosy out on Threads radio!

Thanks Rosy!!!! And thanks to you for reading and be back with you real soon!


When it rains it pours!

Good morning!

This Blog was written to the sounds of this fantastic Radio Show by the always top notch Emmet Keane.

Perfect music for the grey day down on the Kent coast!

As ever, it was a busy week here at Reckless, with the weekend being rather exceptional for this time of year.

Lets have a look at what came in:

  1. Small but perfect New Wave / Punk / Post Punk collection of 45s and 12″s. Nearly everything very first pressing variation, and nearly everything in almost brand new condition. Everything was carefully taped and filed. Titles from The Cure, Sex Pistols, John Cooper Clark, The Stranglers, Siouxsie & The Banshees, The Clash, Blondie, UK Subs, Elvis Costello, The Ruts, Talking Heads, X Ray Spex, The Skids, Sham 69, The Lurkers, Richard Hell & The Voidoids, Young Marble Giants, 999, Buzzcocks, The Slits, XTC, Pure Hell etc.
  2. Toru sold in an awful lot of Japanese LPs that he bought when he was in Japan recently, including plenty of very sought after titles. Titles from Tatsuro Yamashita, Yuko Asano etc.
  3. A small pile of Disco and Boogie UK 12″s came in, from someone who worked at a record label in the 70s (so everything was unplayed!). There were a few rarities including one big one from Chris Gilbey.
  4. Plenty of good Reggae CDs came in including some from The Mighty Diamonds, U Roy, Derrick Harriott, Burning Spear etc,
  5. I had to sell a large case of records which included loads of Ethnographic LPs (Folkways etc), Stereolab, Ras Michael, Black Witchery, Hawkwind, Probot, Nino Nardini, Temple Of The Dog, Yoko Ono, Bobby Thurston, John Etnier, Muslimgauze, Steve Reich, Freddie McGregor, Christopher Hewie etc.
  6.  An old friend from the MVE days sold in a big batch of CDs and Vinyl – mostly 60’s gear from Freakbeat to Soul to Psych to Popcorn. Some Rhino handmade CDs, some Tim Buckley and plenty more.
  7. Big pile of Indie 45s came in including nice titles from Panda Bear, Arab Strap, Manic Street Preachers and Sufjan Stevens.
  8. Huge pile of LPs on the Strut label. From Funk to Afrobeat to Post Punk.
  9. More interesting African LPs including one rare one from Bibi Mascel.
  10. Tom sold in a few piles of great Punk and Hardcore including LPs and 45s from Raw Power, Career Suicide, Und Bestia Incontrolable, Ratos De Porao, Cut The Sh*t, Das Oath, Off With Their Heads, Among The Missing, What Price Wonderland, Reel Big Fish, Save Ferris and Jeffries Fan Club (he assured me those last few artists were all records he had doubles of).
  11. Couple of massive vinyl box sets from Lou Reed/Metallica and the big Iron Maiden one.
  12. Large clean pile of very standard Soul/Funk/Disco – but in lovely condition!
  13. One very nice and interesting CD collection featuring rarities from Dopplereffekt, R.E.M., Tindersticks and William Basinski.
  14. Loads of sealed Moby and M83 LPs.
  15. Ben was out at a collection which was all classic gear: The Cure, Depeche Mode, New Order, X Ray Spex, Queen, The Rolling Stones, Prince, Kraftwerk etc. In nice condition too!
  16. Going back a bit some nice 45s from The Beatles and Bill Haley.
  17. Sean bought a decent small Classic Rock collection with titles from Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles etc.
  18. Great pile of Indie LPs came in with titles from Richard Dawson, Finders Keepers Records, Low, The National, Jon Hopkins, King Gizzard etc.
  19. About 6 UK Dub and Steppers LPs.
  20. Lots of reissue LPs from James Carr, The Pretty Things, Lou Donaldson, Mani Dubango, Jane Weaver, Small Faces etc.
  21. Plenty more Jazz CDs on the Act label.
  22. Some Jazz/Fusion/Rock LPs from Santana, Don Ellis, Miles Davis, Dizzy Gillespie, Thelonious Monk etc.
  23. More CDs (including box sets) and records from a newish regular seller including tonnes of Cumbia, The Residents colour vinyl LP, big Psych CD box sets, Jimi Hendrix LPs, Al Green, more Blues vinyl. Nuggets, The Byrds, Beach Boys, Steely Dan etc.
  24. Some more modern Punk/Metal CDs from At The Drive In, Meshuggah, Botch, Mastodon etc.
  25. Another old friend popped in with a great pile of LPs from Stereolab, Tops, Sebastian Tellier, Deerhunter, Courtney Barrett, The Posies, Susu Saiz (the amazing compilation on Music From Memory), Beat Happening, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Floating Points, Tindersticks etc.

We put a hell of a lot of Vinyl and Cds out this week too:

A) Classic Rock – loads of it!!!

B) Hip Hop CDs – hundreds!

C) Nigerian LPs – I sat in the basement for hours playing them all through and cleaning them.

D) More Japanese LPs

E) More House and Techno!

F) Indie Rock 45s

G) Madonna titles

H) Avant LPs

I) Jazz CDs

J) Punk / Hardcore 45s (Including a Headcleaners single)

K) Blues vinyl

L) Loads of Jazz LPs

M) Soul LPs


Thanks for reading!!!!!!!!



Some incredible Records and CDs in this week! Over 8000 titles bought!!!!!!


I hope you are all well.

Completely mega week at Reckless last week with some amazing buying. The new sections are all done – we think they’re much better and should make shopping that little bit nicer. On top of all of the great second hand stuff we also have a load of brand new reissues that are at a bargain price from David Bowie, Led Zeppelin, Fleetwood Mac, John Coltrane. Brand New reissues of classic albums from as little as £6.

This BLOG was written to the sounds of:



  1. Duncan was out at a brilliant collection of Classic Rock, Punk, Indie Rock, Psych, Prog, Hardcore, Blues, Garage, New Wave, Synth Pop, Heavy Metal etc. Basically loads of amazing classic albums (nearly all first pressings) in EX to Final Upgrade condition!!!! Pretty amazing really, hundreds of them too. Artists like Sex Pistols, Van Morrisson, Pink Floyd, Spacemen 3, R.E.M., Metallica, Talking Heads, Husker Du, The Clash, Chuck Berry, Gram Parsons, Judas Priest, The Dukes Of Stratosfear, The Jesus & Mary Chain , Guns N Roses, Joy Division, T Rex, Black Flag, Blondie, The Leather Nun, Cocteau Twins, Jerry Lee Lewis, Slayer, Rush, Spirit, Joni Mitchell, The Fall, Led Zeppelin, Iron Butterfly, Killing Joke, Green On Red, Love, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Faith No More, Iron Maiden, Bad Brains, Manowar, The Stranglers, AC/DC, Talk Talk, John Fahey, The Go-Betweens e.t.c.
  2. I was out at a collection midweek which was made up of mostly Japanese LPs and 45s. It was a very interesting collection thats for sure. Some super rare titles, and loads of records you just don’t see in the UK. The two rarest titles were People “Ceremony Buddha Meet Rock” and Minoru Muraokas’ “Bamboo”. On top of those two theres a lot of City Pop, Ambient, New Wave and Jazz. Some of the other artists are Dip In The Pool, Yasuko Agawa, Haruomi Hosono, Yasuaki Shimizu, Tatsuro Yamashita etc. As well as some great Disco 45s from artists like Kool & The Gang, Earth Wind & Fire etc with amazing Japanese sleeves. There are also another few rarities such as a Don Rendell EP. Absolutely amazing selection of records here (these have started going out by the way). Toru will be back from Japan soon so I imagine we’ll have loads of great Japanese records very soon.
  3. I was at another collection on Friday and it was absolutely amazing as well. Rough 4000 Cds and 800 LPs. The LPs were a real mixed bag but within it were several hundred great Minimalist titles from La Monte Young, Philip Glass, Steve Reich, Arvo Part, Terry Riley, Penguin Cafe Orchestra, Gavin Bryars, Brian Eno, Michael Nyman, Pauline Oliveros, John Adams etc. Loads of great Jazz (roughly 10 Miles Davis LPs), Thelonious Monk, Charlie Parker, Sun Ra, Max Roach, Keith Jarrett, Albert Ayler, loads of ECM LPs etc. Lots of Classic Rock, Singer Songwriter, Prog, Pop Rock too from all the classics: Yes, Jimi Hendrix, Santana, Jackson Browne, Chris Squire, Townes Van Zandt, Emmy Lou Harris, Rush, Pink Floyd etc. Also a lot of really good Classical LPs. CD wise – as you can imagine with a collection as vast as this were pretty damn amazing. Hundreds and hundreds of amazing ECM CDs, CD Box Sets, hundreds of Classical CDs, loads of Durrutti Column, hundreds of Prog titles (including some modern-ish Prog/Metal crossover from Dream Theatre, Mastodon etc), rare Ambient, so much Jazz and a lot of Classic Pop too.
  4. Some of the best Reggae we’ve bought in for ages came in this week from a very nice chap. Firstly he brought in a huge batch of amazing CDs – and I’m talking tonnes of really great out of print titles. Loads of Blood & Fire, Trojan (original 80’s press!) etc. All the classics. Heavy on the Dubwise! Then the next day he brought in around 70 amazing 12″s – in pretty much unplayed condition, with crisp original sleeves. Loads of Greensleeves (including a load of rare ones), Sharon Little “Don’t Mash Up Creation”, Tapper Zukie, Barrington Levy, Wayne Smith, Yellowman, Lion Youth, Mikey Dread, Johnny Clarke, Shinehead etc. All killer. Then the next day he was in with a load of LPs – including a load of Trojan comps, an earlyish pressing of The Congos classic “Heart Of The Congos”, Augustus Pablo, The Upsetters “Blackboard Jungle” US original etc. Some absolutely amazing Reggae 12″s and LPs out right now don’t sleep.
  5. Factory Records vinyl Box
  6. LPs from Aphrodites Child, The Rolling Stones, Azymuth, some obscure Highlife LPs, Prince, full spread from Ravi Shankar, Sonny Rollins “Alfie” Soundtrack, rare Todd Rundgren, Kiss, Eloy (the amazing Inside LP – an LP I first heard at Ultima Thule Record shop in Leicester), a load of UKG and Grime, Kevin Ayers, Prince Buster, Twinkle Brothers, Cheap Trick, Yellow Magic Orchestra, Human League, Rush, Yes, Led Zeppelin, David Bowie, Roxy Music, Pink Floyd, Scott Walker, Bob Dylan, Sex Pistols, Dusty Springfield, Jethro Tull and many more.
  7. A friend of ours sold in a great pile of LPs including titles from Nucleus, Bert Jansch, Leon Thomas, Ahmad Jamal, Ornette Coleman etc.
  8. Tamla Motown 45s.
  9. Interesting pile from one seller featuring Dexter Wansel, Aretha Franklin, Faze-O, Atmosfear, Earth, Wind & Fire, Main Ingredient, Jack McDuff, Van McCoy, The KLF etc.
  10. Another great pile of Reggae with original LPs and 12″s from Fred Locks, Dandy Livingstone (a really rare LP), Max Romeo, Little Kirk, Dr Alimantado, Leroy Smart etc,
  11. Some great Metal and Hard Rock CDs with a load from Iron Maiden, Slayer, Toto, Journey, Cannibal Corpse etc.
  12. Yet another great Reggae stack with originals from Horace Andy, Black Roots, Gregory Isaacs, Scientist (and a few Punk LPs from The Stranglers and The Clash).
  13. More good Metal CDs (Immortal, Bathory, Testament). The real deal.
  14. Stack of Classic Euro 45s featuring Depeche Mode, Francois Hardy, Queen etc. All with nice different picture sleeves to the UK variants.
  15. Bad boy collection of great Death, Black and Heavy Metal original LPs from Bolt Thrower, Chariot, Autopsy, KAT, Celtic Frost, Kreator, Pagan Altar, Agent Steel etc. Some seriously rare and obscure bits that I have to say had me rather hot under the collar.

Loads of the above has gone out, some is going to take a while to price up. Other bits that have gone out:

A) Tonnes of the Classic 80s/90s Rap CD collection

B) Classic Rock vinyl

C) More 90s Techno (we still haven’t run out). Including loads of rare bits

D) More US House (including some bad boy Detroit bits).

E) Electro Classics

F) Indie 45w

G) Soul 45s

H) Some obscure Ambient/New Wave records (MFM biz)

I) Ethnographic LPs

J) More African LPs

K) Tonnes of Cheaps (all the genres)


M) Metal Tapes

Basically some absolutely wicked stuff has gone out this week.


No Top Ten this week I’m afraid!!!!


Keep it real!!!!!


Starting 2020 with a BANG!!!

Yo from Reckless!

This Blog was written on a train passing Reculver Towers whilst listening to:

Happy New Year to you all and hope you had a great Christmas. Thanks so much to you for making 2019 a great year for Reckless. It’s been a real year for change at Reckless, we’ve been constantly trying to better the shop. We’ve also really been going for it with the collections and bought some serious records and cds in 2019. 2020 is already shaping up to be a killer year, and we’ve got some amazing collections on the horizon.

Christmas is always quiet for buying  but we did have a few great selections come in.

  1. The first was several hundred LPs, about 300 7″s and 100 or so CDs. An absolutely killer collection of Hardcore, Punk, Post Hardcore, Emo, Noise Rock, Garage Rock, Revolution Summer, Indie Rock etc. Loads of titles on Discord Records, Husker Du, Bad Brains, Rorschach (one of the greatest Hardcore bands of all time!), The Soft Boys, Harriet The Spy (seeing them at a friends house in Westgate in the late 90s fried my brain), Bikini Kill, Superchunk, Deep Wound, The Faith/Void split (does it get much better than this?), Michael Rother, The Go-Go’s, Regulator Watts, Party Of Helicopters, Hot Snakes, The Flaming Lips, Fear, Sonic Youth, Thee Oh Sees, Antioch Arrow, Kerosene 454, Charles Bronson, Unwound, Angel Hair (the 45 still sounds amazing), Perspex Flesh, Lungfish, The Sonics, Simply Saucer, Circus Lupus, Glenn Branca, Born Against, The Man I Fell In Love With, Karate, Fu Manchu, Spazz, Bob Tilton (still one of the best bands ever), Slint, Palace Brothers, The Lowest Form, 13th Floor Elevators, Wipers, Career Suicide etc.  We got the bulk of the LPs out over Christmas.
  2. One of our pals brought in a huge pile of mostly modern House and Techno but there was also quite a lot of Warp Records stuff, Dubstep/Bass music, Garage Rock, Sublime Frequencies, Afrobeat, Noise Rock etc. So plenty of Hessle Audio, Helena Hauff, Robert Hood, Joe, Battles, Shackleton etc. Just under 100 titles.
  3. We were also visited by a lovely chap from France who brings in great stuff several times a year. Dance stuff from 808 State, loads of Moodymann, Gescom (the fantastic Keynell EP), Kirk Degiorgio, A Guy Called Gerald (Black Secret Technology), UNKLE, The Black Dog, Plaid, Rhythm & Sound, Four Tet (including a lot of Text 12″s), Moving Shadow, loads of Workshop 12″s, Carl Craig, Theo Parrish, Dinosaur L, Autechre, Elegy & Basic Channel. And on the more Rock side (if you can call it that): Hozan Yamamoto, Luc Ferrari, Ariel Kalma, Bobby Jackson, Earth, Throbbing Gristle, SPK (the amazing Vinyl On Demand 7″ box set with the three first 7″s), Chris & Cosey and of course Current 93 (including the amazing All The Pretty Little Horses).
  4. 40 or so Reggae and Soul 45s came in yesterday. A mixture of not particularly rare originals and reissues of rarer bits.
  5. A Small but very interesting selection of Folk LPs which include a signed Richard Thompson LP, original Bert Jansch and amazingly a white label Test Press of a Sandy Denny LP!
  6. Various smaller vinyl selections from artists like Bob Dylan, TV On The Radio, Pale Saints, Brian Eno, Beyonce, Baroness, Pink Floyd, Dudley Moore, Wings etc.


This weeks Top Ten is from Henry Lopez-Real! Henry has been a regular at several shops I’ve worked at over the years – and always buys fantastic gear.



Errol Dixon & The Back Beats – Too Much Whisky

Flip side of his Mama Shut Your Door single on Blue Beat from 1961.

An apposite title, for some of us at least, at this time of year.  This’ll help the fug if you’re struggling. Beautiful-sadly uncredited-saxophone solo.


Rico And His Blue Boys – Soul Of Africa

Another on Blue Beat-this time from ’64-and another B side. This one the flip to Prince Buster’s Wash All Your Troubles Away.

Extremely moreish. You’ll never play it just the once. My copy has seen a lot of action at parties but Rico’s mighty trombone still makes it, just about, through the worn grooves.


Afronational band – Money Palava

Single on the Afronational label outta Sierra Leone c.1970-something.

Completely infectious with sweet ringin’ guitars to the fore.

Purchased many moons back in a now sadly defunct outlet on the Goldhawk Road where the basement prices were 10p for singles/ 20p for LP’s. Trendy new café/vinyl emporiums take note. This is an attractive pricing policy and you will attract custom. Perhaps not the sort of custom you’re looking for but nevertheless…


Chuck Berry – Ramona, Say Yes

Chuck hits a soul groove on this single for Chess.

He’s pretty keen on her red dress though thankfully he doesn’t tell us how old the titular Ramona is (or whether he’s transported her across state lines recently) and consequently we can still play this one on the wireless every now and then.


Manuel & The Renegades – Rev Up (Piper Records)

Beep Beep & The Roadrunners – Shifting Gears (Vincent Records)

Blast the new year cobwebs away with this pair of killer surf/hot rod 45’s. Very lo-fi and very fine.


Link Wray – Jack The Ripper/The Black Widow (Swan 1962)

All about Link’s mean, low slung guitar of course but it’d be an oversight not to mention brother Doug’s  thunderous performance on drums particularly at the fade. Outtasight Doug!

A reminder never to neglect the Cheaps. I picked up an OG of this 2 sided monster in Reckless for £2 a while back. Looks battered. Plays like a dream. Pressed LOUD.


Henry Gray & His Bayou Buddies – Henry’s Rock (Sunland Records)

Can never resist a 45 by an artist called Henry though you don’t need to be called Henry to dig this pounding piano rocker from Louisiana.

Newest record on the list from 1985 which was just the other year right?


George Harrison – Miss O’Dell

Another B side to his 1973 hit Give Me Love (Give Me Peace On Earth). George attempts to knock out a Dylan-esque paen to Chris O’Dell of Apple Records but keeps breaking in to fits of laughter before leaving Macca’s old phone number at the end.

The laughter’ll do you good and remember spring’s just around the corner.

This can be found for pence.


Sun Ra Presents The Qualities – Happy New Year To You!

Not Sonny’s most challenging work but agreeably off-kilter doo wop to see in 2020.

Thanks Henry! Killer selection!!

And thanks to you for reading – catch us next week!




Hello from Reckless!

This Blog was written to the sounds of:

Merry Christmas, Winter Solstice and a happy New Year from all at Reckless.

The buying hasn’t stopped ! Lets see whats come in!

  1. Great big batch of fantastic Hindustani, Ethnographic, Folkways, Middle Eastern, Reggae, Indian Classical and Soundtracks from one seller. Some really great, interesting records. Lovely condition too.
  2. Another regular seller brought in a huge pile of Indie, Rock, Jazz and Electronic LPs featuring Arthur Russell, Fennesz, Alice Coltrane, The Jam, John Grant, Yazmin Lacey, Dave Brubeck, Miles Davis, Genesis, Franz Ferdinand etc.
  3. Loads of current-ish Pop LPs came in this week from artists like Lady Gaga, Robyn and Beyonce.
  4. One seller had a load of Classical LPs, some original Nina Simones, some fantastic looking Calypso LPs and some clean Mamas & Papas LPs.
  5. More Reggae CDs came in – Big Youth, Prince Buster, Don Carlos, Barry Brown, Dr Alimantado etc.
  6. Ben sold in a nice pile of records which included some King Crimson, a load of c86 45s, The End, Curtis Mayfield and a copy of The Trip. Far out!
  7. More interesting 90’s Techno came in too – featuring a few obscurities. Plenty of great Techno out at the moment,
  8. Several Reggae 45s including a nice copy of a Burning Spear rarity.
  9. Huge batch of Punk, Prog and Psych CDs.
  10. About 25 Bollywood Soundtrack LPs.
  11. Load of Dubstep, Electronic and Techno CDs.
  12. My girlfriend and I had to sell a load of records which included a fair amount of Reggae, some newer Techno from artists like Legowelt and Villalobos, Mazzy Star, Soft Machine, Ministry, Death Side and a load of 90s Drum & Bass.
  13. Some standard Rock classics from David Bowie, Echo & The Bunnymen, The Cure, Talking Heads, Paul Simon, Pet Shop Boys, Peter Gabriel, Cabaret Voltaire and The Doors. All 80s issues.
  14. A really great pile of Rare Soul/Funk CDs including several Japanese pressings of titles from Madhouse (very rare indeed), Chic, Shakatak, Stevie Wonder etc,
  15. Small pile of Avant/Rock from one seller: John Cage, 13th Floor Elevators, Live Skull, 100% Silk 12″s, Richard Youngs etc.
  16. Fairly clean copy of “Alice In Jazzland” by Stan Tracey.
  17. Modern euphoric Indie bits from Onehotrix Point Never, Peaking Lights, Heavy Metal, The Flaming Lips, Beck etc.
  18. Huge collection of LPs and CDs which included loads of Charley RNB reissues (Otis Rush, Irma Thomas, Howlin Wolf), Jazz (load of Naim LPs from Charlie Haden, McCoy Tyner, Charlie Parker etc), 80s Soundtracks and loads of LPs on Island Records.
  19. Couple of rare UK Jazz bits from Ian Carr and Graham Collier.
  20. Plenty more bits including some Happy Hardcore, Jungle, Peggy Gou, Oasis, The Stone Roses, Industrial CDs, ASAP Rocky, Phil Woods, Massive Attack, Brian Eno, The Rolling Stones, Wings, Led Zeppelin, Neil Young, New York Dolls etc

Some brilliant stuff went out this week including (as well as a lot of the above)…

A) Jazz LPs – from Trad to Modern

B) Rap CDs – loads of wicked ones

C) Indie 45s

D) 60s 45s including a few big rarities

E) Techno and Deep House – tonnes of it

F) Punk LPs

G) Soundtrack LPs

H) Loads of African LPs – mostly Nigerian

I) Classic Rock LPs (including a few rare ones from Oasis, Led Zeppelin, Joe Cocker, H.P. Lovecraft etc)

J) Disco

K) Tonnes of cheap Classical

L) 4AD stuff

M) Lots of new reissues at a new marked down price!!!

This weeks Top Ten is actually a Top 50 and is from none other than Nail (who as well as making some amazing music under his own name was also half of Bent and has manned the counters at Selectadisc and Rough Trade). He is also a wonderful human being.




















































Oh my days, what a rush. Thanks Nail !

I highly recommend checking out the Cassiopeia EP that was just issued as a 12″ with a new killer remix by Mysticisms.

Thanks for reading and we all hope you have a great Christmas and New Year. We’re shut Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day with slightly earlier closing times on Christmas Eve and New Years Eve.

Plenty of collections on the horizon so watch this space!



The racks are packed full of killer titles!

Hello from Reckless!!

This Blog was written to the sounds of:


Heavy week as ever at Reckless! The buying was quite simply tremendous!

  1. Several thousand Drum & Bass 12″s and LPs. Probably around 5 thousand. Tonnes of great stuff – in amazing nick. Mid 90s to early 2000’s – Adam F, Seba, LTJ Bukem, Nookie, Paradox, 4 Hero, High Contrast, Nucleus, Doc Scott, ASC, Goldie, Alex Reece, Hyper On Experience, Logistics, Blu Mar Ten etc.
  2. Loads of modern titles again from one seller – around 700 CDs and 100 LPs – titles from David Bowie, Chris Carter, Immortal, Nightwish, Autechre, Deerhoof, Chris Clark, Emeralds, Madlib, Sonic Youth, The Fall, Deicide, Frank Sinatra. Quite the unusual mix but there you go! Hundreds more artists.
  3. Close to 200 Blue Note CDs. Including some Japanese issues. Plenty from the usual: Hank Mobley, Miles Davis, Donald Byrd, Herbie Hancock, Art Blakey, Wayne Shorter, John Coltrane, Sonny Clark, Dexter Gordon, Archie Shepp, Grant Green, Thelonious Monk, Donald Byrd, Lee Morgan, Horace Silver, Joe Henderson, Freddie Hubbard etc. All in great shape – including lots of sealed titles.
  4. One of my pals sold in a great big bag of records that included: tonnes of Reggae (Dub, Roots, Dancehall), Jazz, Post Punk, Ethnographic, Avant Garde and Classical. Loads of really great records, with a few rarities in there (including two LPs from Peter Roos, Ali Farka Toure, Thomas Mapfuno etc.
  5. Lots of new-is stuff (well sealed at least!) – including some big box sets from Led Zeppelin, Streetwalkers, Radiohead, Nick Drake etc. Quite a few modern Jazz and Americana LPs too. Also the big Gong Virgin CD box set.
  6. Big ol’ pile of Modern Composition LPs from Steve Reich, Penguin Cafe Orchestra, Philip Glass, Brian Eno, Michael Nyman etc.
  7. Tom was out at a collection of around 1000 CDs – lots of Classic Rock, Punk, Psychedelic and Progressive Rock! Titles from 13th Floor Elevators, Joni Mitchell, Motorhead, The Pretty Things, Grateful Dead, Black Sabbath etc. Also included are a huge stack of concert programmes.
  8. I sold in a big stack of Reggae 45s – including lots of Roots and some early Dancehall.
  9. One of our pals sold in a load of decent Techno – from new to old – titles from Gemini, Ancient Methods, Drexciya, Legowelt etc.
  10. Hundreds of Power Metal and Heavy Metal CDs (including hundreds of cheap titles).
  11. Lots of random LPs came in over the counter this week – including titles from The Smiths, Curtis Mayfield, Spiritualized, Herbie Hancock, Art Tatum, Johnny Hammond, DJ Shadow, David Bowie, Oasis, Neil Young, Gene Vincent, Funkadelic, Groundhogs, The Unthanks, Spacemen 3, Leroy Hutson, Charles Mingus, RL Burnside, Barry Brown, Aphrodites Child, Taste, The Clash, Sex Pistols, Serge Gainsbourg, Bob Dylan, Madonna, The Velvet Underground, CC Dust, Black Sabbath, Max Roach, Fingers Inc, Frank Sinatra, Norah Jones, Nils Frahm, John Lee Hooker, Battles, Ryan Adams, Joanna Newsom etc.

We’ve put out hundreds ands hundreds of records and cds this week…

A) 90s Indie Rock LPs

B) Modern Rock and Pop vinyl

C) Loads of House and Techno vinyl from the late 80s to the present day. Including loads of really rare titles.

D) UK Garage

E) Psychedelic CDs

F) 60s 45s

G) Country and Western Vinyl

H) Punk LPs

I) Tonnes of Classic Rock LPs from the usual suspects

J) Drum & Bass / Jungle including lots of clean Moving Shadow

K) Disco / Boogie

L) Hip Hop CDs (including cool bits from Three 6 Mafia, Tommy Wright etc

M) Hip Hop vinyl

N) More Soundtrack LPs

O) Lots of oddities for the Exotica section

Plenty of collections coming up this week – watch this space. We’ve been really busy recently but we’re still getting tonnes of records out. The racks are looking really good at the moment!

See ya soon!



Many many Records and CDs and Reckless regular Simon G

Hello there!

This Blog was written to the sounds of:::

An absolutely mega week at Reckless Records this week, we’ve bought more records this week than ever! Here you go;

  1. Ben bought in an absolutely top notch pile of classic 60s and 70s Rock. All first or very early pressings and in great condition. The bulk of the collection was Jimi Hendrix titles but there were also titles from Led Zeppelin, Fleetwood Mac, Pink Floyd, Gene Clark, The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. Big records!
  2. I was out at a huge ex library collection in South London midweek and came back with nearly 5000 titles. Lots of Classical, Jazz, Avant Garde, Improv, Ethnographic titles including hundreds of Folkways titles, several hundred Shostakovich LPs, 2 copies of Neil Ardleys’ “A Symphony Of Amaranthis” (one of my favourite UK Jazz LPs), over 20 Albert Ayler LPs, Art Ensemble Of Chicago LPs, loads of Louis Armstrong, plenty of Incus titles including a few doubles, some John Surman, various Cannonball Adderly albums and a hell of a lot of Classical LPs. Loads of ex library CDs too – including some good Reggae and ECM titles but with old stickers on so they will be cheap).
  3. Scott went to a few collections this week; the first one was in South and featured lots of Dance music – from Reggae/Bashment/Dancehall (including loads of cool live set boot cassettes), Jungle/Hardcore, Pop Dance/Eurodance (plus a load of Scooter 12″s!), House/Techno and some older Breakbeat 12″s. Also a load of CDs and more tapes.
  4. Another collection for Scott – this time in Surrey. This collection was a bit more on the Soul side. But as well as Soul, Rare Groove and Funk there were Rap, Rock, Indie, House, Jazz titles from artists such as The White Stripes, De La Soul, Miles Davis, Little Richard, Big Daddy Kane etc. Some really great original US Soul LPs that don’t come in enough these days too.
  5. Ben was out at a great West Coast / Classic Rock / Psychedelic collection in Fulham which included an awful lot of Byrds related LPs as well as titles from the Eagles, Jefferson Airplane, Townes Van Zandt and loads of Americana CDs.
  6. Toru has been bringing in loads of great records from his recent trip to Japan (and hes going again very soon to buy even more!). Lots of excellent Walaeric, J-Pop, City Pop, Japanese Jazz (Including Japanese issues of classic Jazz albums), Synth Pop and traditional Japanese music. Some truly amazing LPs on the wall at the moment from Torus’ trip.
  7. One seller popped in this week with about 30 LPs and 12″s all from Loletta Holloway and Burning Spear. Included were some really nice Jamaican Dub LPs and plenty of Salsoul 12″s.
  8. More great Psych CDs came in this week – including loads of well out of print titles and a few box sets.
  9. Around 20 Iron Maiden double pack 12″ singles.
  10. Plenty of Hardcore, Thrash Metal and Heavy Metal CDs including loads of Hatebreed, Cro Mags, Suicidal Tendencies, Life Of Agony, Pantera, Slayer etc.
  11. Lots of Minimal Techno, including loads of full runs of labels (such as Drumcode).
  12. Huge collection of brand new LPs (new titles and reissues) from Air, Fela Kuti, The Last Shadow Puppets, Max Richter, Iron & Wine, The Rolling Stones, Billie Holiday, Radiohead, Love, Volcano Choir, Peter Gabriel, Jimi Hendrix, Khruangbin, Ten Years After, Van Morrisson, Frank Sinatra, Bob Dylan, Goldfrapp, Sigur Ros etc.

Plenty more – I’m pretty sure we bought close to 7500 records and CDs this week!

Whats gone out:

A) More 90s Techno

B) Japanese Titles

C) Reggae CDs

D) Indie 45s

E) Classic Rock Vinyl

F) Southern Hip Hop CDs

G) Classical Cheaps

H) Soul/Funk/Disco LPs and 12″s

I) Punk 45s

J) Jazz LPs

K) African LPs

L) Country & Western (mostly Johnny Cash LPs)

M) US House

N) Jungle / DNB 12″s (and some HC LP comps)

O) CD Box sets

This weeks Top Ten is from one of our favourite customers – Simon G.

1.       Flying Lizards “Money”.  The benchmark by which all cover versions must be measured.  All the sass and swagger removed from the original and replaced by the cold, hard reality of impending Thatcherism.

2.       Deborah and the Puerto Ricans “Respect”.  Take Deborah from the Lizards and replace David Cunningham with Dennis Bovell and you get this brill 1981 single. 

3.       Anomy “TVC15”. Girls keep swinging.

4.       The Associates “Boys Keep Swinging”.  Released mere weeks after the Dame’s own version.  Reckon I prefer Billy’s vocal to Dave’s in some ways.

5.       Plastics “Last Train To Clarksville”.   The Monkees reimagined as the Silicon Teens.  Not much of a leap really.

6.       Fragments “Nutbush City Limits”.  If Nutbush was actually near Sheffield.

7.       Antena “The Boy From Ipanema”.  Deeply moving.

8.       Anyway AKA “It’s My Party”.  A Peel favourite, this.  In a slight twist to the original, Johnny runs off with Jerry in this version giving the line “Jerry and Johnny just walked through the door – Like a queen with her king” extra poignancy.

9.       Big Hair “Puppet On A String”.  Imagine if this had been how Sandie had presented at the Eurovision in 1967!  I love the gleeful shrieking on this one. Utter contempt for the song.  I blame the Flying Lizards.

10.   Balfour Chorus “Jilted John”.  They appeared on New Faces apparently. Not singing this one though, I’ll wager.  An acapella version of JJ, because why not?  I blame the Flying Pickets.


You can hear one of Simons Radio shows here:


Thanks for reading! And thank you Simon! Plenty more in this week!

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