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This Blog was written to the sounds of:

Just walked around Greenwich Park listening to this Bad Boy and can safely say it sounded First Class!

I’m back from Holiday and it seemed last week was a little bit quiet but this week has been wicked. Loads of buying, lots of selling and its been good vibes everyday. Don’t forget to check the end of the Blog where we have the next Top Ten from the one and only James Knight!

Lets get in to the buying!

  1. We went to a pretty bit collection on Friday – it was just under a thousand records. It was a big mixture of stuff – from Ken Dodd to Slowdive to Ragga Jungle. There were some pockets of really good stuff in. there – especially the 80s Indie! The Indie stuff was all the titles you want: The Smiths (literally so man Smiths records here), Morrissey, The Stone Roses, The Pixies, Slowdive, My Bloody Valentine, Moose, Chapterhouse, Swervedriver, The Fall, The Jesus & Mary Chain, Galaxie 500, Ride, Cocteau Twins, Spiritualized, Saint Etienne, Happy Mondays, Joy Division…. There were also a hell of a lot of Madness records! Like about 40. I didn’t even realise there were that many Madness records. Lots of Classic Dance too – from House to Acid Jazz to UK Garage to Jungle. Loads of super cheap bits too – so check the Bargain Section as its got loads of new bits in it!
  2. Scott bought in about 100 Drum & Bass 12s – loads of good bits. Nothing super, super rare but banging twelves nonetheless. Metalheadz, Exit, Moving Shadow, Ram, Hospital, Prototype, No-U Turn, Quarentine etc. I think a bunch of these went in the cheap too.
  3. The almighty Oxman bought in some killer Reggae too this week. Some great LPs – more classic titles; and some more unusual 45s. The Silvertones, Bob Marley, Johnny Clarke, Bob Andy, Leroy Smart etc. A few very expensive Roots 45s.
  4. I bought in a whole bunch of stuff this week – one really nice collection with loads of Folkways titles. Including some really hard to get ones! We seem to be getting a lot of these at the moment! Another collection was a really good Post Punk/New Wave/Classic Rock collection – with lost of super clean US/Canadian and British pressings of titles from James White, UT, Neil Young, The Seeds, Pink Floyd, Dead Kennedys, Husker Du….
  5. More Rare Jungle and Hardcore came in this week. Another favourite: Legend Records 003: Tango/DJ Lee/Gwange. The almighty Solutions/2 Deep 12″. Both sides on this just absolutely destroy..RIP Tango. Another big one was 28 Gun Bad Boy by A Guy Called Gerald. some Criminal Minds, some Dillinja. One of the sellers also sold in a load of Deep House including Sleep D, Giegling, Minimal Techno, Detroit. You know the score.
  6. Scott bought in a load of Freestyle and Electro from an ex member of staff (I believe they were his wife!). Nothing expensive but loads of clean US 12″s – they all look absolutely wicked!!! We played through a few and there were loads of really cool ones. I put loads of pics up on the Instagram – I would check it ASAP!!! They won’t last long!
  7. Some really nice (and pricey) Reggae and Soul CDs came in and went out too!

Loads of other nice bits went out this week too – including a few really expensive Vinyl/CD Box Sets from the Leaf Label, Editors and Manic Street Preachers.

Loads more collections coming up!

OK, heres the next Top Ten from the manlike James Knight of Low Bias!!!

Oioi, back again! Biggup everyone that reached out after last month’s alt-country/Americana list to say they dug it. I was a bit surprised and really touched by how into some of those records a few people who got in touch with me were, they are all ones that mean a lot to me so it’s wicked that a few other people dig them and checked out a few bits they hadn’t checked out before. Nice one!


This month I have gone for ‘Throbbing Gristle and related’. I know that some people might have beef with me lumping Coil, Current 93 and Nurse With Wound in with TG and while I’d agree that those three bands/artists do stand apart they all sit together in my record collection and there is enough of a shared set of influences and constituent members to jam them all together in a single list I reckon!


In terms of background and/or further reading Cosey Fanni Tutti released her autobiography last year which gives a good overview of her perspective of COUM, TG and her work with Chris Carter subsequent to TG. If you can find a copy for a reasonable price, Simon Ford’s Wreckers of Civilisation is another good overview of COUM and TG. If you have even a passing interest in Coil, Current 93 and Nurse With Wound, I cannot recommend David Keenan’s England’s Hidden Reversehighly enough. It’s one of the few books about music that I have read more than once and Strange Attractor have published a second edition now so you can get hold of it for a fair whack here – It is a wonderfully written evocation of a truly unique cluster of artists and if it is music that you have given a go but not quite clicked with it might just radicalise you! That axis of Coil, Current 93 and Nurse With Wound represent a version of that unique, eccentric, psychedelic, pagan version of Englishness that is connected to the land, nature and the mystical tradition and one that I might actually somehow be proud of.


“E-Coli” – Throbbing Gristle



I guess it makes sense to start with TG as the constituent members went on to be a part Psychic TV (Genesis and, initially at least, Peter ‘Sleazy’ Christopherson), Coil (Sleazy after leaving Psychic TV) and, of course, Chris and Cosey. Both John Balance (who went on to form Coil with Sleazy) and David Tibet (who has created music under the moniker Current 93 since 1983) were also early members of Psychic TV. SO, the only artist on this list with no real direct link to, or involvement with, TG is Nurse With Wound’s Steven Stapleton, very fitting as he is and always was very much his own man!


Anyhow, this one is taken from the 1978 TG LP, D.O.A. The third & Final Report. It is less hectic and overtly confrontational than a lot of their other studio and live material and showcases the more brooding take on electronic ambience that the members of TG would go on to explore further in all of their subsequent project. It consists of little more than a menacing, pulsing bass frequency, a few swooping screeds of violin and a recording of the audio of what is probably a contemporary TV news report about the E-Coli virus. What more do you need? Here is a live version from a TG performance at The Crypt in London in 1979 that was originally released as Industrial Records Cassette 16, it’s a bit longer a punchier:


“How To Destroy Angels” – Coil


Of all of the artists on this list Coil are something truly special to me. I have found solace, inspiration, elevation, annihilation, escape and oblivion in their music again and again and again over the years. I was lucky enough to see them live a couple times which certainly felt like a privilege at the time but it is in their recordings that you can really get lost. “How To Destroy Angels” is the very first Coil release and was conceptualised by Balance before Sleazy turned up with his machines and it features little more than some bullroarers and what sounds like some swords! It sets the tone for the recordings which were to follow and you honestly cannot go wrong with any of their very many releases. From the unhinged energy of Horse Rotorvator to the dark opiated pulsing of Love’s Secret Domain to the creeping dark ambience of Musick To Play In The Dark. You could honestly just work through the lot chronologically and you’ll struggle to find a dud as far as I’m concerned. Due to the limited nature of the physical copies of many their releases and the messy and unresolved nature of the copyrights to the recordings a huge amount of Coil material is available on the Internet Archive:

However, I would actively encourage people to keep an eye out for physical re-issues of Coil material which are being released the right way on labels like Cold Spring, Optimo Music and Dais. And of course, if you get down to Reckless regularly enough you will be able to pick up copies or both original pressings and re-issues. I got a nice copy of the Important re-issue of their 1984 split with The New Blockaders in the Reckless racks just a few months back – seek and ye shall find people! This is a tongue in cheek, and very amusing, short feature on the band from 2001:


“Ooooh it’s the sound of Satan’s hooves in my skull!”


And another slightly less silly interview with a fluttering jawed Balance from the 1988 documentary The Sound Of Progress:


“Chewing On Shadows” – Current 93


I am pretty sure that it was none other than the Bad Boy Bress himself that introduced me to Current 93. I had encountered Throbbing Gristle and Psychic TV by the time I moved up to Nottingham but Chris definitely opened my ears to C93, Coil and Nurse With Wound and I haven’t looked back since so really this list is thanks to him in large part! Current 93 are many things, again a slow trawl through their discography shall not leave you anything other than staggered I’d hope but this track  encapsulates everything I like about the warm, gentle, haunting acoustic music David Tibet tends to make in collaboration with Michael Cashmore on records like Soft Black Stars. As ever, Tibet’s mysterious, naked and brutally honest vocal can’t fail to move you. Unless you find it a bit weird and funny – which it can be at the same time! Here is Tibet interviewed in ’88 again excerpted from The Sound Of Progress documentary:



“Rites Of Reversal” – Psychic TV


Since the dissolution of TG, Psychic TV has kind of acted as a vessel for whatever Genesis has wanted to do musically. This has led to a whole bunch of records including some good and not so good acid house and the more recent iteration of PTV as a kind of tripped out psychedelic biker band. In amongst the 80s PTV records though is some real gold including the ‘Themes’ series which constituted recordings PTV made for film and TV projects. These recordings tended to be extended and abstract and this recording in particular is from Themes 2 released in 1985 and was commissioned by Derek Jarman for a short film of his. Personally, I am not so keen on the cult of personality propagated by Genesis from that period until, well, now really, however, the music has always kept me coming back and my thoughts are with Genesis as they fight perhaps their toughest battle yet. As this short TV spot from 1984 shows Gen has never been shy of a battle and being “the bull in the china shop” so here’s hoping they pull through:


“Thunder Perfect Mind” – Nurse With Wound

As mentioned above Steven Stapleton stands somewhat apart from the other artists in this microcosm and the music he makes as Nurse With Wound, both in collaboration with others and alone, is utterly idiosyncratic, unique and genuinely beyond meaningful description. Stapleton’s age dictated that his roots are perhaps more in the psychedelic underground and counterculture borne of the late 1960s than many of the other artists in the early industrial scene that Nurse often get lumped in with. Throughout the mid to late 70s Stapleton was dedicated to unearthing the strangest records he could find and he travelled across Europe with what would become the original Nurse lineup – his friends John Fothergill and Herman Pathak – hunting and amassing a collection that would provide the source material for the legendary Nurse With Wound List ( ) that accompanied the first NWW LP, 1978’s Chance Meeting on a Dissecting Table of a Sewing Machine and an Umbrella. With such diverse and interesting influences combined with a complete lack of any training or experience playing any instruments or recording in a studio it is perhaps unsurprising that Nurse music came out sounding so unlike anything else! I’ve picked a Youtube smoosh of both of the tracks (“Cold” and “Colder Still”) that make up 1992’s Thunder Perfect Mind as it remains perhaps the most definitive version of what I hear in my head when I imagine Nurse music. In terms of personnel it involves the trio of Stapleton and his most frequent collaborators: Current 93’s David Tibet and Colin Potter who has engineered a huge amount of Nurse material over the years.  Current 93 recorded a ‘sister’ album of the same title which is also one of the very best C93 releases:


This short 30 minute documentary that was originally created by the folks allows an insight into Stapleton’s life in Cooloorta, Ireland where he has lived for many years and created an isolated environment where he can, live, work and create with the freedom he requires:


Thanks not only for the records and all the amazing art but also for being you Stapleton, you are a true inspiration!


“Time To Tell” – Cosey Fanni Tutti:


I finally got a copy of Cosey’s autobiography for Christmas and it was a good read. I actually found the stuff detailing the ins and outs of TG the least interesting parts of the book as Cosey’s descriptions of both her early life in Hull and her work in the sex industry were so fascinating. By working as a striptease artists and posing both for pornographic stills and films Cosey was able to explore a multitude themes in her fine art practice and that work remains extraordinary. This track allows Cosey to give her perspective on these actions over a pulsing track that she produced and originally released on cassette in 1983. Another particularly inspiring individual to me, biggup Cosey!


“Time Machines” – Time Machines


Coil used several aliases to explore music that they felt at the time did not quite fit under the Coil banner. Of all of their many releases this is possibly my favourite. It consists of four tracks each named after a the chemical names for four psychedlic substances as described by the grand magus of psychedelic chemistry, Alexander Shulgin in his defintive books on the subject PIKHAL and TIHKAL which stand for “Phenethylamines I Have Known And Loved” and “Tryptamines I Have Known and Loved”. The liner notes included with Time Machines explain the music as:


“4 tones to facilitate travel through time”


Balance and Sleazy were never ones to shirk away from the possibilities offered by the chemical alteration of the senses and the substances described in the track titles could theoretically have both inspired the creation of the music and/or enhanced the ability of the music to facilitate travel through time. Either way I was very happy when Dais pressed the four tracks onto a double LP last year. Here is some footage of them performing Time Machines at Sonar back in 2000 in their wonderful furry bear space suits:


“Space Music” – Nurse With Wound


Sticking with the tripping through the ambient infinite theme here’s another of my absolute favourite NWW releases. It’s a relatively recent one from 2009 and I knew as soon as I saw the sleeve I’d love it. Stapleton doing his take on this kind of thing is like manna to me and it is a perfect encapsulation of the kind of stuff I like to play in the first half of the show I do on NTS. The music was originally commissioned by the Melbourne Planetarium and the hype sticker on the original CD release reads thus:


“Be warned the sounds you are hearing are NOT marmots eating your tweeters though you are best advised to apply volume lightly at first. Stapleton’s Astral Weeks have been distilling sounds into sipping moonshine. LITERAL Moonshine. After a viscerally present launch cycle the Voyager Nurse Module is designed to be piloted by the out-of-body listener. With Lilith-like subtlety, the concrete powered craft makes it way ever closer to the edge of the galaxy. Which one? Who Knows? Whichever it is, Vaclav Helhybel (OUTER SPACE: MUSIC) and Frank Perry (DEEP PEACE) are there waiting”


Love it!


“Dancing Ghosts” – CTI


I could have chosen any number of Chris & Cosey tracks but this one probably shades it as my all-time pick. It’s so many of my favourite things at once that it is almost too much! That they recorded this in 1982 never fails to amaze when you consider the records that would begin emanating out of Chicago and Detroit a couple of years later. This was originally part of a soundtrack for a one hour video entitled Elemental 7 that Chris & Cosey made with longtime COUM associate John Lacey and it was later released as an LP in 1984. One day I shall get hold of a copy, they all turn up eventually!


“Janitor Of Lunacy” – XTG


The TG reunion of the late 00s ended before all four members could complete the final project which Sleazy had envisaged: a track for track cover of Nico’s 1970 LP, Desertshore. With Genesis no longer willing to participate Sleazy, Chris and Cosey regrouped as XTG and enlisted a whole raft of vocalists including Marc Almond, Sasha Grey, Blixa Bargeld and even Gaspar Noe to complete the recordings. The opening track, “Janitor Of Lunacy”, features Antony and is an incredibly haunting send off for Sleazy for whom the project meant so much but sadly he would never hear finished as he passed away in his sleep at his home in Thailand in November 2010.


R.I.P. Sleazy. R.I.P. Balance. Reunited in the infinite.


Until next month!


p.s: if reading this has whetted your appetite and you live in London, Current 93 and Nurse With Wound play a relatively rare London show on Saturday October 13thand there are still some tickets left:


I will be there!

and maybe I will to!

You can listen to James and Robins radio show here:

I had the pleasure of DJing with James last week for Heresy and we both loved it.

Thanks Jam!!!

and thanks to you for reading!

Till next week!





Sizzling with Sizzla!!!

Oi From Reckless!

This blog was written to the sounds of the Time To Tell reissue LP from Cosey Fanni Tutti which I got in the post this morning. I’ve probably picked it as a tune before but I’ve been listening to it all day – its so killer.

Bit late this post as I was away walking in the Lakes (which was absolutely wicked). It’s been mega hot so it was good timing to get some…

  1. Killer Reggae Business in – some serious 60’s / 70s LPs – lots of classics. A mix of Original and early issue LPs. From Dub to Ska to Roots. Several original Blue Coxsone LPs, Trojan comps, great Dub LPs from Scientist, Joe Gibbs, Augustus Pablo, Dee Jay LPs from U Roy and Dr Alimantado, all time classics from Lee Scratch Perry and Bob Marley, Studio One biscuits. We also bought hundreds of banging Dancehall 45s. We played through a load of them today (how can you not when you have Toru, Ox and me in the shop on a hot day) – and there are some right rippers there. Ox was pulling out so many top tier titles! Beenie Man, Vybz Kartel, Ghost, Elephant Man, Sizzla, Cocoa Tea….mostly bargain titles but a few slightly rarer titles too.
  2. Some nice and rare Classic Rock titles from Black Sabbath (nice Early UK Vertigos), MR Fox (rare Progressive UK Folk), GTO (Frank Zappa related oddball sounds), very clean Neil Young originals, David Bowie, Rod Stewart etc.
  3. A whole heap of UK and US Motown 45s. Some Demos too. Nearly all Company Sleeved up – some of the sweetest, hardest music ever made.
  4. More ultra clean LPs from The Beatles.

Loads of cool stuff has gone out this week:

Rare Depeche Mode SACDs

Loads of Nice condition UK Punk and Post Punk

Some Big Indie LPs

More Hardcore LPs

UK Garage

Tonnes of US House – including Chicago, Detroit and NY

More Jazz (including more Japanese Jazz and Blue Note titles)

Decent LPs from Dr Dooom, Dom & Roland, Johnny L, Beastie Boys, Kenny Larkin, Aphex Twin…

Lots of buying on the cards this week

This weeks Top Ten is from THE GEEZER – the legendary Lukas Wigflex!!!! Lukas has been smashing nights in Notts for years now – from promoting the best nights to killing it every time he DJs.

1.Boothroyd – Pure Country (Happa Remix) – Fnord Communications

2.Docile – Empty Fury – The Trilogy Tapes

3.Prime Minister of Doom – Tribal Days Part 3 – Planet Uterus

4.Bibio – Zen Drums – Warp

5.Nils Fram – Human rage – Erased Tapes

6.Randstad – Glasbak – Pinkman

7.Upsammy – Another Place – Nous’flaer

8.Alias – Blaps Mix 2 – Real Records

9.Steve Bicknell – Patterns of Suppression – 6Dimensions

10.Me & Meds – Radcliffe on Reek – Me & Meds








EZ Now!

This post was written at Tarn Hows in the Lake District whilst listening to:

Record Store Day was a seriously busy day for us. It was cool to see a long queue to get in to work was there before I was! We sold out of all of the stuff we ordered – and it flew out! There were a few scrambles for the Abba 45 – but other than that it all went swimmingly! I have to say I actually really regret not picking up the Pink Floyd “Piper At The Gates Of Dawn” now after reading about how good it was meant to sound. Thanks to Pizza Pilgrims and Tommi’s for the food to keep us going throughout the day – we really needed it!!

On Record Store Day we actually bout in a few decent things – the best was a huge pile of David Bowie LPs – including a first press of Hunky Dory – with the laminate sleeve!! This is going to sit very well alongside our copy of The Man Who Sold The World dress sleeve we have in right now!!!

Lots more in this week…including:

  1. Large box of excellent Punk / Post Punk / Rockabilly singles – as well as some Reggae and Funk. The Punk ones included a really rare King Kurt 45 with a handmade sleeve, Wire “Mannequin”, X Ray Spex, The Lurkers, The Wasps, The Valves, The Adverts… on the Reggae side we had a huge one from Willie Lindo; I Roy, Niney, Eddy Grant (on a Funk tip), Roots, Barrington Levy etc.

2.   Classic Rave – some really killer titles. Basement Records, Lucky Spin Records, rare Aphex Twin, Source Direct, Photek, Fugitive, early Trouble On Vinyl. Most importantly for me was a copy of one of my favourite Jungle / Drum n Bass 12″s of all time “Intalect”. This is simply amazing, it pretty much flew out – but it went to a good home! I think it one of the most perfect Deep Hardcore 12″s of all time – and it just sends me sideways every time I hear it. Even listening to it up here in the Lakes.

3.   Duncan bought a really good Traditional Jazz collection – but all the cool titles. Mostly UK originals – artists like Thelonious Monk, Charlie Parker, Miles Davis, John Coltrane. I put a picture up on our Instagram of about half of them.

4.  Lots of Modern Soundtracks also came in this week. The usual high quality Double or Triple LPs, Colour Vinyl – very over the top. Interstellar, Moon, A Scanner Darkly, Fight Club, Susperia. Also with the same collection were some new-ish Indie and Pop titles from people like Daughter, Angel Olson, The National etc. I recently checked a load of these bods out and was actually surprised how much I enjoyed listening to them. From another collection were a few more pricey new-ish Indie bits from The Czars and The Middle East.

5.  Finally (well there was loads more buying but this is the Cream); some really clean 60s Beatles titles and some proper Blues: Otis Rush and John Lee Hooker. Nice, nice. Very nice.

Waiting on a load of Top Tens so heres just a few tunes  I have been wigging out too:

  1. Hampshire & Foat “Call Of The Forest”
  2. Antonio Sanches “Buli Povo”
  3. Malebu Satari “Smile”
  4. Soggy “Waiting For The War”
  5. The Assailant “One Spliff A Day”
  6. Dee Sharp “Rising To The Top”
  7. Roger Webb “Moon Bird”
  8. Graham Lambkin “Attersaye”
  9. Seba & Lotek “So Long”
  10. Reich Orgasm “Juan 40”


Till later in the week!



Mega-Buying! Loads of Huge bits! Plus: Record Store Day!!!

Salut from Reckless!!!!!

This Blog was written to the sounds of…

Along with Nights in Egypt by The Jones Girls, the perfect sound to the start of the Summer!

As you must know tomorrow is Record Store Day 2018; it’s going to be boiling hot and we are going to be very busy. We are going to open at 10am as normal and have the following titles available (in limited quantities of course!):


Hell yes! We don’t normally get busy until the afternoon – so if you’re planning a more chilled RSD this year you know where we are. I actually think there are some pretty great titles out this year. The Gordon Beck LP, Wire 45 Box Set, The Vaselines, Sun Ra, Creation Rebel etc.

The Buying has been INSANE this week. We bought 1500 titles on Sunday alone. We weren’t buying a load of rubbish either – its all seriously high quality.

  1. Yesterday morning somebody brought in an especially Top Notch pile of records. In. the pile was an original “Dress Cover” of “The Man Who Sold The World” by David Bowie. As you know this is really, really rare. We haven’t had a copy for a few years. Its a proper UK original from 1971 and plays amazingly. We sat in the heat yesterday nursing a beer after work and listened to the whole thing and it sounded incredible. As well as that huge one the same chap had several original UK Ian Carr and Nucleus LPs, original UK Vertigo Kraftwerk LPs, Miles Davis UK original Bitches Brew, Suicide US original, John Cale LPs, Iggy Pop and many more. Hopefully it will be the start of a great collection as he was very happy with the money he got!
  2. Another huge rarity; big Skinhead/Mod/Ska 45 from Azie Lawrence – the mighty “Pempelem”. Huge, huge tune. Original UK Blue Beat in great condition, with centre! The dude also had several other Blue Beat 45s – and some Prince Busters so lets see what else he has eh?
  3. More Hardcore Punk – this time from one of our friends who was moving house. Loads and loads of cheap titles (check how big the Cheap section is right now) but also some really cool older titles from SS Decontrol, Agnostic Front, Vice Squad, Anthrax, Onslaught, Concrete Sox. Also lots of Power Violence and Sludge – including some Circle related bands.
  4. Another pal of ours – Ilan from Hypnotic Tango – sold us a load of Italo Disco and some Edits. There were also a few Thrash and Death Metal bits. Some super cool records here!!! Check the Realm album on the wall; that Beatles cover is first class.
  5. A full collection of Judas Priest reissues – including some well out-of-print colour vinyl issues. Bang dat bonce!
  6. Huge (several hundred) collection of 78s. Probably the best 78 collection I have ever seen. About half of them were tough to sell – but the other half rules. Original Jamaican Calypso, Blues, Pop, Jazz, Rock N Roll. Bill Doggett, The Shirelles (THE Shirelles – on 78!!!!!), Chuck Berry, Elvis Presley, Lord Kitchener…..
  7. Some rough-n-ready Classic Rock – but with some super cool titles: Tim Buckley, Judee Sill, Manfred Man Chapter Three, Sex Pistols, Peter Tosh, Bob Marley, The Clash etc.
  8. About 200 cheaps and 20 ok titles of Classic Rock from another gentlemen; all the usual titles: David Bowie, Fleetwood Mac, Joni Mitchell.
  9. An amazing collection of SUPER clean Classic Rock, Punk, |Hard Rock and Heavy Metal. Everything was exactly as it was the day it was issued – so every insert, bonus Flexi, Hype Sticker. You name it. Pretty much entire discographies from The Clash, Scorpions, Heart, Meatloaf, Stiff Little Fingers, Anti Nowhere League, Magnum, Bon Jovi, Blue Oyster Cult. He’s bringing in his colour vinyl and picture discs soon.
  10. Huge pile of original Japanese Jazz – all pictured on our Instagram. Check it!!! All are out now!!
  11. Massive Blues and Folk collection – including some lovely titles from Son House (nice UK original), Folkways, Howlin Wolf, Richard & Linda Thompson, Airport Convention, Irish Folk, John Fahey. Loads of stuff!!!
  12. Some more WICKED Jungle and Hardcore!! DJ Crystl, FBD Project, Aphex Twin, LTJ Bukem, Goldie, Peshay. Ooof!!!

So; loads of bits out. Now I’m gonna go sit int he park and chill in time for tomorrow.

This weeks Top Ten is from our pals Kevin and Matt from Tome Records. Tome have just relocated up to 234 Graham Road, Hackney Central, E8 1BP. Get up there as soon as you can as their shop rules and they are very nice people indeed!


1. Roland Young – Hearsay I-Land

A jazz clarinettist who was a 80s NYC club kid makes music that pisses off the jazz elitists and confuse but gets embraced by the club.

“Isophonic Boogie Woogie”?

Plato Flats found him.

2. Love Joys  “Lovers Rock”

“One Draw” over and over again.

3. Land of Giants “Cannibal Dolls / Seven Men”

1982 upbeat Minimal Wave rarity from Canada. Pitch down a tiny bit for more edge.

“Pull my fingers from my knuckles”

4. Steve Roach “Empetus”

Got in to this record accidentally at wrong speed got in to it even more at the correct speed.

5. Grupo Alegria de Augusto Bernardillo – Estilo Inconfundible

Hit and miss Cumbia with wonky guitars and bad-meaning-good vocals. My favourite sleeve in the shop at the moment.

6. The Kicking Mustangs – Kickin’ / Take A Miracle

100 mph funk A-side which is alright but the sweet soul jam on the B-side is an absolute banger.

7. Lantei Lamptey – Komi Ke Kenam (Fish & Funjee)

Wicked afro-funk track with the worlds wonkiest drum break

8. Francis Bebey – African Electronic Music 1975-1982

An excellent collection from the Cameroonian multi-instrumentalist and sonic experimenter.

9. Various Artists – Tempa Allstars Vol. 1

This makes the top 10 for the Artwork track ‘Basic G’ which still sounds like nothing else 15 years after it was made.

10. Camp Lo – Luchini Aka (This Is It)

The sun is out so obviously this is getting played at least 3 times a day.


Thanks for reading – till next week!!!!




Busy Business!!!

Yo from Reckless!!!

This Blog was written to the sounds of…

Insane week so far. It has just been so busy.

The Reductions are flying out, but we still have some left. I would not sleep on it! Lots of killer Noise, Black Metal, Reggae, Punk, Drum n Bass…..

Some big titles have been slashed in half – loads of titles that are like £40 on Discogs are out for like a fiver.

Only wrote one of these the other day but loads has come in and I missed the one last week so here we go:

  1. Scott bought a big collection (500 titles) of really killer LPs and 12s. Loads of great DNB, UK Hip Hop, lots of Warp titles – including Aphex Twin, The Bug, Ceephax Acid Crew, Squarepusher, Autechre, B12; rare Jungle bits, UKG. Condition is a little iffy at times but the titles are top notch. There is also a really rare Scratch Perverts comp – with a Banksy sleeve. These are basically selling as soon as they hit the floor.
  2. I bought in a huge pile of records and CDs from this nice dude yesterday. Loads and loads of killer Hardcore, Straightedge, Metalcore and Emo. Bands like Title Fight, Bane, Turnstile, Chain Of Strength, Youth Of Today, Warzone, Converge, Carry On, Champion, Down To Nothing, Violent Reaction, Glassjaw, Brand New….loads of colour vinyl titles. Mostly in really amazing condition.
  3. Very exciting future collection on the horizon: a very nice Grandfather and Grandson came in the shop yesterday with about 40 60s, 70s and 80s LPs. Generally left-of-centre titles – but all pretty much as new. Super, insanely-clean titles from people like Freda Payne, Jimmy Webb, Pet Shop Boys, Slade, Manu Dibango, John Lennon, The Beatles, Linda Lewis, Rage Against The Machine, David Bowie, King Sunny Ade, George Harrison, Johnny Harris…I cannot speculate enough how clean these are.
  4. From one of our regular sellers we had a nice new batch of LPs – and as well as all of the new titles there were lots more Ethnographic LPs including some harder-to-find Hugh Tracey recorded LPs.

RSD is a week today – and as I said the other day – we have ordered so much stuff this year. Purely because theres actually some wicked bits out this year. Soho is gonna be a laugh on Saturday I reckon – come down and have a beer!

This week we got a Top Ten from the legendary Alex Tsigdinos! Puggy Boy Alex played some records with our very own Kenny White in Dublin a few weeks ago – and was raging apparently!

Synth Pop Heaven

Oi! From Reckless!

This Blog was written tot he sounds of:

Little late this entry as we were in Belgium playing some gigs – which was very entertaining!

You can watch a video of us playing on the Ancienne Belgique website (as well as the Facebook page for the event).

A lot happened when I was away. Firstly the Reductions were done. There were plenty of interesting pull outs. We now have a bumper Black Metal, Hardcore Punk and Noise reduced section.

There was loads of buying this week – from Rare UK Garage to Reggae to Punk Rock.

But I’m going to focus on yesterday as we went to two collections yesterday.

  1. Al went to a small but cool collection in the East End. He pulled out some very standard but decent LPs as well as a few Top 45s. Including some rare Freakbeat and Rocksteady from The Score, Alton Ellis, Pink Floyd, Monty Morris and Owen Grey. Two untouchable genres from the golden era.

2. Tom and I went to a huge collection in Berkshire. Tom had been in contact with the seller for a little while and we popped over there first thing yesterday – and WOW! We knew it was a big collection – but we weren’t quite expecting this.

It was a comprehensive collection – covering Synth Pop, New Wave, Goth, Post Punk, C86, Indie Pop, EBM, Industrial, Soundtracks, Punk, Minimal Synth, Techno, Experimental etc. All loving stored in homemade cabinets and sealed in a plastic sleeve. The condition is near perfect throughout too.

The Vinyl

Lots and lots of ultra High End reissues of classic Synth records; Kraftwerk (including all of the Box Sets), hundreds of Depeche Mode and Erasure titles (including a lot of originals), loads of Front 242, Nine Inch Nails, all the Radioheads, Smashing Pumpkins, Front Line Assembly, Moby, B12, all the Boards Of Canadas, Autechre, The The, Manic Street Preachers, Solid Space, very expensive and large Superpitcher box, Helena Hauff (and other new bits from people like Floating Points, Forest Swords etc). Lots of very good 45s, including several Synth obscurities. Plenty of Shoegaze/Indie bits – many C86 artists.

The CD’s

Walls and walls of CDs; over 5000 cds in total. Plus loads of ultra High End CD Box Sets. Every Synth Pop CD, including many rare Depeche Mode SACDs and Box Sets, every Erasure, lots of different pressing of big albums, Coil titles, a wall of Soundtracks, loads of killer Techno mixes – including some rarer Techno/Trance ones, lots of Brian Eno/Harold Budd, Japan, lots of Rare Minimal Synth, The Chameleons, My Bloody Valentine, Simple Minds, David Bowie, Cluster, Harmonia, Neu! etc Basically every nice version of every killer 80s album – and several different mastered issues too.

There were also a few rare Minidiscs, some really cool tapes (including loads of back-in-the-day Camden “live” tapes). Also a lot of the titles are signed by the artists – the lovely chap we bought the collection from is a real true Music Fan.

This is such a brilliant and huge collection – we are so happy to get it!! We will be getting this out as quick as we can.

Record Store Day in a few weeks – we have ordered loads more titles this year. This is just because we honestly liked some of the titles this year so we wanted them in the shop!


This weeks Top Ten is from the almighty Paul Camo. Paul is a Top DJ who had me going mental to some Disco in Cliftonville last year.

You should check out his NTS show here:

Buy local.

As a record collector, nothing beats finding good records for cheap.  And although I do buy a lot online, it just doesn’t compare to getting out there and having a good ol’ flick. I especially enjoy buying records locally, I always have. Perhaps I’m a bit lazy like that.

I recently moved to Margate and although I haven’t put as much effort into searching out records as I have in the past – just not enough time in the day between being a parent and designing – I have managed an occasional dig. So here’s my top ten Margate / Thanet record finds. All pretty cheap (most were under a fiver) and any that cost more than that were nowhere near as expensive as the cheapest copy online. It shows there are still records out there to be found if you get off your arse.

Eugene McDaniels – Outlaw

A classic Lp by one of my all-time favourite artists. I was understandably surprised to come across this because you just don’t see it out and about and if you do it ain’t going to be cheap. I have my own copy but there was no way I was going to leave this, especially for the price I got it for. Instead it made for a very nice birthday present for a good friend of mine.

The Mike Sammers Singers -Hymns A’Swinging

Found this for 2 quid in a brick a brack shop. I had seen some records in the shop one Sunday afternoon but the shop was closed, so I was surprised to see it there waiting for me a week later. If you don’t know this lp, it’s versions of religious hymns; basically jazz/ cheesy/ slightly easy-listening in places. It also has Tubby Hayes playing on it, who I’m a fan of. ‘He Who Would Valliant Be’ and ‘Glorious Things Of Thee Are Spoken’ are the stand out tracks.

Beast – Beast

Just took a punt on this. Pretty much standard stuff with the exception of ‘Floating’ and ‘(Strange Places Like) Santo Domingo’ which are more to my taste.

The Mud Hutters

Another cheapy I bought based on no knowledge at all. Went for it solely based on the record sleeve; I’m a sucker for hand written text on sleeves. It’s a fairly solid post-punk listen with a few stand out tracks.

Folk Music E.P.

I got this one along with the above Mud Hutters, again because of the sleeve. I was expecting it to be folk music, obviously, but was pleasantly surprised when I got home and played it. It’s a solid lp, listen to the youtube tracks and decide what genre it is for yourself. Comes with an insert stating the production cost for the record which is a nice touch.

Can – Ege Bamyasi

This was an interesting find. It was sitting there, partly poking out of a box high up on a shelve. It wasn’t a super cheap purchase like most of the other records in the list but a OG UK copy for 25 quid, can’t grumble with that.

Roxy Music – Sultanesque

Not a rare one but a lesser known Roxy Music listen, this slow-paced instrumental is the flip to ‘Love is the Drug’.  I’ve had a battered copy for a long time but never bothered to get a clean version. I found this whilst flicking through a pile of mostly crappy pop 7’s.

Babylon -OST

This nice cheap find was dug out of a box in the back of a shop selling mostly old tat .

Jah Woosh – Chalis Blaze W/Lbl

Pretty rare to find anything of permit in charity shops these days. So as you can imagine I was happy to find this for a couple quid. The perplexing thing is how only one record like this finds its way into a box of mostly crap records. Of course I asked if they had anymore reggae records like this at the back to which the shop assistant replied “all the records we have are out”.

Folk 77 – I Have a Dream

Didn’t know anything about this one when I found it. I was taken by the very lo fi sleeve design: Borderline awful by certain standards but badly designed record sleeves with great music inside is almost as appealing to me as brilliantly designed sleeves with great music. The nice thing about this record is that it really captures the essence of my top ten. It’s an independently released record by a Deal based label, recorded in Westgate, and sung by singers from a church in Broadstairs. It seems this lp was recorded as a result of a well-received performance the group made at The Winter Garden for the Queens Silver Jubilee.


Thanks Paul! Hopefully see you in Thanet soon! 🙂

Will do another one of these later in the week as theres loads coming in this week!!!



No April Fools!!

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Well all we can say after this week is WOW – its been a serious week. One of the busiest weeks in the history of Reckless! Not only have we sold so much but we’ve also had some crazy buying this week too. Lets get down to business!

  1. We went out to the Home Counties and bought an absolutely massive Classic Rock vinyl collection. It was a huge van full. Thousands of titles, decent condition, all the big selling albums you could possibly ever want: Pink Floyd, Queen, Joni Mitchell, Dire Straits, Cream, Jimi Hendrix, Pet Shop Boys, Fleetwood Mac, Prince, Kraftwerk, Sex Pistols, Carole King, Led Zeppelin, Nick Drake, Black Sabbath, The Clash, Cabaret Voltaire, Talking Heads, Neil Young, Nirvana, Roxy Music, Simon & Garfunkel, Soft Cell etc. Its very much across the board when it comes to Rock and Pop from the 60’s through to the 90’s. Its a real proper collection; some very common, some very rare.
  2. U K G BABY! Tonnes of killer UK Garage came in this week. From several different sellers. From ULTRA rare one-away obscurities to standard but wicked titles from people like Nu-Birth, EL-B, Ramsey & Fen etc. Condition is variable – but isn’t it always with UKG. These always take a bit longer to hit the racks as they tend to need to be cleaned but I imagine they’ll be going out ASAP.
  3. We seem to have had a load of people bringing in fairly new bits (ie from the last few years), loads of Indie, Metal, New-Psych etc. Nice to have so many Relapse titles and some new-ish Black Metal in. Also a few killer Death Metal reissue titles in.
  4. We had loads of really nice Jazz in this week. One regular seller brought in some super titles. Very early laminate sleeve Kind Of Blue, other early issue UK Miles Davis, Charlie Mingus, Thelonius Monk. As well as a few uncommon titles from Amy Winehouse, Carl Craig, DJ Harvey, Larry Heard, some 90’s US Deep House.
  5. Another regular seller brought in some Jazz reissues. But fret not my liege, they are not any old Jazz reissues but pricey Jazzman titles, rare reissues of ultra pricey South African Jazz bullets, and obscure Gospel reissues. Some really wicked albums here – pics on the work Insta.
  6. Some gorgeous records were sold in from an incredibly cool geezer – these included nice original copies of classic titles from Black Sabbath, Wire, Brian Eno, Irdial Techno, Johnny Griffin, King Tubby, Hawkwind, Germs, Wipers etc. Very nice!!! *Borat Voice*.
  7. This interesting bloke has been bringing in some amazing titles – all pretty battered – but UK originals – and everyone I’ve played has played like a dream. All UK originals from people like Tim Buckley, Procal Haram, Roy Harper, Pink Floyd, Brian Eno, Eagles, Van Der Graaf Generator etc. I have a feeling this chap is going to bring in a few heavy hitters soon and fingers crossed he’s got some nice Soft Machine, Kaleidoscope, Zombies etc bits :p
  8. Some Top Tier – BANGING – Rap has come in this week – some big biscuits from The Notorious BIG, Gang Starr, A Tribe Called Quest, The Roots, Guru, Beastie Boys etc. I think on average these sold in about 20 minutes after being put out lol.
  9. We got in a bit Static Shock Record restock – including the Impalers on Red Vinyl which was a special Dead Rhythm Festival repress (oh dear…). All of the killer ones from The Number Ones, Sheer Mag, No, Beta Blockers, The Uranium Club etc. If you don’t know these titles and you like Punk and Hardcore – what you on!!
  10. Talking of which – three near perfect UK original Black Flag LPs also came in these week – incredible pieces – only buy them if you can back it up and live the lifestyle,

We got loads more collections to go to this week – so keep checking the Instagram:

Check the Prince titles from the Big Collection:

.It may also be worth checking this video if you have time to spare:

This wicked Swedish kids version of Stars In Their Eyes rules. You also have to check the Scatman John one. Thanks to Michael from Night School Records for showing me this!

Heres Ten Songs I’ve been enjoying recently:

  1. Marcos Valle “A Paraiiba Nao E Chicago”

2.  Lucien-N-Luciano “Ice”

3.  Quango “Fatality”

4. SPK “Palms Crossed In Sorrow”

5.  Big Ben Tribe “Tarzan Loves The Summer Nights”

6.  The Sea & Cake “Sporting Life”

7.  Jennifer Lara “Weekend Loving”

8.  Depeche Mode “Enjoy The Silence”

9.  Brown & Dangerman “Calm Before The Storm”

10.  Keith Christmas “Forest & The Shore”

Till next week!!!!



Jungle, Jazz and Jam!!!

Bonjour from Reckless!!!

This Blog was written to the sound of CTI:

Fairly busy week – plenty coming in and loads going out as always! On top of getting in all of the new stock and ordering the Record Store Day we’ve been trying our hardest to get as much stock out into the racks as possible!! Here is a small breakdown of some of the things that came in this week:

  1. Loads of killer Rave, Jungle, Hardcore and Drum n Bass has been coming in as always. Some top notch bits from DJ Fokus (some of the greatest Jungle ever produced came from him if you ask me), Klute, Cool Hand Flex, Sy-Kick, Addiction, DJ Gunshot, Skanna, Omni Trio etc.
  2. Loads more Classic Rock titles from several different sellers. Included were some beautiful copies of titles from Pink Floyd, Groundhogs, Black Sabbath and the Allman Brothers. As well as lots of 80s issues of titles from Pink Floyd, Motorhead, David Bowie, Led Zeppelin, Queen, The Damned, Sex Pistols, Hawkwind, Fleetwood Mac, Dire Straits etc.
  3. Duncan came in with a wicked Jazz collection. Condition was variable but there were lots of original Jazz titles (including several Miles Davis UK originals), some Lain/Bossa Nova, UK Jazz titles and some Jazz Vocal titles from Eartha Kitt and Nina Simone. The owner of these must have been a cool cat.
  4. A nice pile of (mostly) reissues of really nice Rap, Breaks, Jazz, Library titles came in. Lots of amazing albums from people like 24 Carat Black (love this album), Mulatu, Eddie Russ, James Mason, The Meters, Bill Evans, Isis, Donny Hathaway etc.
  5. Some tasty US indie (and related) has also been coming in; all very clean!! (Faith No More, Rage Against The Machine, Nick Cave, Butthole Surfers, Sonic Youth, PJ Harvey…).
  6. Punk and Pop Punk titles – including some harder-to-find Skate Punk LPs from people like Pennywise, NOFX, Rancid etc.

Thanks to everyone for coming to Ellis’s gig; it was sold out in the end! It was a great work outing, and it was awesome having Eddie introduce The Lowest Form! We also went to see Kenny DJ on Friday night at the Bunker which was wicked (but also left me absolutely destroyed for the rest of the weekend lol!).

We have the always amazing James Knight back this week with a new Top Ten! Love it Jam, cheers!!!!

Don’t forget to check !!!

Back again! Big thanks to everyone who has been in touch about the last couple of top tens, I’ve been really enjoying doing them so I’m glad that at least a couple of people are hyped on them! This month we have, broadly speaking I guess what could be filed under ‘alt-country’ or ‘Americana’:


  1. “Whiskey Bottle” – Uncle Tupelo



As previously mentioned I did a lot of reading of Mojo and Uncut as a youngster so it was inevitable that I’d end up exploring the bands that those magazines covered and they both had a real predilection for American singer-songwriters and bands that followed in the alt-country/Americana tradition that had been laid out by folks like Gram Parsons, Townes Van Zandt, Steve Earle etc. Props must also go to a dude called Captain America (real name Nick Stewart) who had a show on Virgin who played a lot of this sort of stuff back in the mid to late 90s. While they morphed beyond the genre somewhat from Yankee Hotel Foxtrot onwards Wilco were certainly a pretty big deal in that world. I definitely enjoyed the Wilco albums at the time but I was fascinated reading about how the members of that band had previously played in an outfit called Uncle Tupelo in the early 90s that mixed alt-country with their love of The Replacements. I was not disappointed when I finally got hold of the re-issues of their 4 albums that came out on CD at the turn of the millennium. Their final album Anodyne (1993) is probably the most ‘complete’ but I love their first, No Depression (1990), for its energy and heart-on-sleeve youthful earnestness and “Whiskey Bottle” is taken from that LP. The mix of distorted electric and lap steel guitars is one I’m still a total sucker for! While he’s not had anywhere near the same level of success or notoriety as Tweedy post-Tupelo, Jay Farrar has one of the archetypical voices in this genre, listen to him go on “Sauget Wind”:

While Will Oldham and Jason Molina (more on them later) have some of the most unique and affecting vocal deliveries in this broad field one of the only guy that does the textbook Americana vocal better than Farrar for my money is Robert Fisher of The Willard Grant Conspiracy, talking of whom…


  1. “The Trials Of Harrison Hayes” – The Willard Grant Conspiracy

This one is like a gut punch. Moving, mysterious, epic, Biblical, oblique, redemptive, bleak, drenched in emotive strings. It does all the things that make me love this kind of music and the whole of Regards The End, the LP that this cut is taken from, is equally excellent. As mentioned above – Robert Fisher’s vocal is straight goose bumps at all times. I saw them play a couple of times and wept like a baby on both occasions. Fisher died early last year which makes this song ever more poignant to the point that it’s actually difficult for me to listen to it these days. The final verse is lifted directly from the book of Job and serves as a fitting epitaph:


Misery doesn’t come from the earth

Trouble doesn’t sprout from the ground

People are born to trouble

Just as sparks fly upwards, into the clouds


Miss you big man, may you rest in peace.


  1. “Hutterite Mile” – 16 Horsepower

16 Horsepower, and David Eugene Edward’s subsequent Woven Hand project, stand shoulder to shoulder with the very best stuff in this field for me. Edwards has an ability to capture the brooding, menacing, Old Testament, American Gothic vibe that is second to none. Again, his vocal is archetypical and his predilection for drenching it in reverb only adds to the Mad Crow King vibe he has going on. Jim White (another artist who could/should be on this list!) made a film called Searching For The Wrong Eyed Jesus that captures the essence of what a lot the songs on this list, and DEE’s in particular, conjure up and it features a great turn from the man himself. It seems to be permanently up on the iPlayer here:

Here he is doing an exceptional cover of Dylan’s “Nobody ‘cept You” with 16 Horsepower  for good measure:

I’ve listened to a hell of a lot of Dylan covers over the years and that is as good as any I’ve heard.


  1. “At The Crossroads” – Sir Douglas Quintet

Quite a few of the artists on this list are, I guess, what you could call ‘contemporary Americana’ artists. It’s a bit of a challenge for me to try and define what makes older artists in the broader fields of Country, Gospel, Folk, Southern Rock, Appalachian etc etc etc fit as clear influences on the younger generation but sometime you hear a record and you just know. The first time I head Mendocino by the Sir Douglas Quintet it blew me away. I love every single thing about this song in particular forma that LP so much. The bass line, the keys, the reverb saturated vocal, the sentiment of the lyric, the way he sings the word “down”. Ugh. Here he is doing it live from Austin and looking suspiciously like he might have been indulging in a few beverages and a spot of party powder:

What a badman.


  1. “Decoration Day” – The Drive By Truckers

A cursory glance could easily lead to the wrong impression of The Drive By Truckers but the reality is that their music and lyrics reflect and deconstruct the complexity of Southern identity as opposed to glorifying or revelling in it. De facto band leader Patterson Hood’s father is David Hood, best known as bass player and founding member of The Swampers, the legendary Muscle Shoals session outfit and Hood’s fellow Swamper Spooner Oldham is known to pop up on their records.  This direct link to Southern rhythm & blues royalty has never been something the band have leaned on and they have ploughed their furrow for over twenty years now. I have a soft spot for the rawkus and raw early couple of LPs Gangstabilly and Pizza Deliverence but I reckon the high point of their output remains their early 00s trilogy of LPs – Southern Rock Opera, Decoration Day and The Dirty South. It is perhaps no coincidence that this period roughly coincides with the addition of Jason Isbell on guitar, vocals and lyrics duty alongside the formidable creative duo of Hood and Dave Cooley. I sure as shit am not from the South of the United States of America but there is something intensely universal about the music that the Truckers make and this cut from Decoration Day in particular. It’s another song that has moved me to tears more than once when I have seen them play it live. I promise that I don’t weep at every live gig I go to. Honest. Here’s an acoustic version of the song featuring a dried out and cleaned up Isbell reunited on stage with Hood and Cooley many years after his initial separation from the band for inter-personal and drinking issues:

6. “One More Dollar” – Gillian Welch

There’s no shortage of exceptional female songwriters, performers and voices in this broad field, all the way from Lorreta Lynn and Emmylou Harris to Lucinda Williams and Neko Case. None move me quite as much as Gillian Welch though. I often return to her first two LP’s, 1998’s Hell Among The Yearlings and her 1996 debut Revival (which this song is taken from). There’s an unadorned honesty to Welch’s vocal which allows it a timeless quality that I never tire of and the sparse bluegrass and Appalachian instrumentation that she and her regular co-conspirator Dave Rawlings tend to lean towards is a perfect accompaniment. I’ve always quite liked artists whose discographies are slight but exceptional and with five LPs in twenty odd years Welch certainly falls into that category so another tick there from me! Here’s “Revelator” from her 2001 LP Time (The Revelator):

7. “Jacksonville Skyline” – Whiskeytown

It would be disingenuous of me not too include Ryan Adams in this list. I totally get why people hate on him and he can be a total doofus no doubt but his work with Whiskeytown (and, I’d argue, large chunks of his solo output) stands right up there with the very best stuff in this field. Whiskeytown’s third LP, Stranger’s Almanac, is a bonafide cornerstone of the 90s alt-country revival and his vocal is, again, textbook. I can’t lie, I love the guy! “Jacksonville Skyline” is taken from the ‘lost’ Whiskeytown LP Pneumonia which was eventually released several years after the band split and it’s a wonderful evocation of his hometown that has been endlessly covered by others. He’s famously prolific and there are plenty of gems in his post-Whiskeytown output but I’m a big fan of the mid-00s LPs he put out as Ryan Adams & The Cardinals, an ensemble which featured Jon Graboff excelling himself on lap steel, here’s “Let It Ride” from that period:

And just for good measure here he is doing “Wasted Years” by Maiden from their Somewhere in Time LP in a solo acoustic stylee while wearing and Emporer T-Shirt:

Come on, how can you hate on that?!


  1. “Song For A Blue Guitar” – Red House Painters

I am not sure many people would necessarily put Red House Painters in this context but this is where they live in my record collection and in my head. Red House Painters music has always sounded to me like Americana shot through that ethereal filter that a lot of 4AD artists seem to share and topped off with Kozelek’s down-but-not-quite out vocal and, this track in particular feels connected to a lot of the other music on this list. The Red House Painters discography certainly conforms to my all killer no filler penchant mentioned earlier, you can’t really question any of the 6 LPs and the first 3 4AD LPs are stone cold bad boys. Here’s “Katy Song” just because:

9. “Horses” – Palace Brothers

Not sure where to start with Oldham. I’ve been a full blown full discography acolyte since the release of the early Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy records circa the turn of the millennium and couldn’t believe what I was hearing when I went back and discovered the various Palace and related recordings, many of which I bought on CD from Selectadisc in Nottingham (where Chris used to work, RIP to that wicked shop!) He’s right up there for me beyond the confines of this or any genre and he’s one of only two artists I’ve been to see with my mum. The other was Philip Glass and I fell asleep at that one! Anyway, ‘nuff props to Big Will, one of the all time don gorgons. I absolutely love everything he touches and have a particular soft spot for the Superwolf LP he did with  Matt Sweeney so here’s a track off that:

  1. “Cabwaylingo” –Songs:Ohia

Again – no idea where to start with Molina, his music remains a constant in my life, I carry it with me as some kind of a sonic totem in my phone and they are the only songs that never get deleted. I genuinely miss him on a regular basis, something I can say for no other artist who has passed away. I met him only once briefly but he gave so much through his songs that I am sure I’m not alone in feeling that when he died I’d lost someone I knew well and cared about deeply.  Much like Oldham – his output was flawless and both his sound signature and vocal  were unique, haunting and compelling. I could have chosen any number of songs but his debut album (the ‘black’ Songs:Ohia LP) is probably the one that I return to most regularly, his lyrics on that one are perhaps at their most strange and opaque and the imagery is seared into my brain. I’ll leave you with “Farwell Transmission”, if only Jason could have somehow held onto the wisdom he intoned in this song:


“The real truth about it is no one gets it right
The real truth about it is we’re all supposed to try

There ain’t no end to the sands I’ve been trying to cross
The real truth about it is my kind of life’s no better off
If I’ve got the maps or if I’m lost


I will try and know whatever I try, I will be gone but not forever”


R.I.P. Jason. I miss you.



New Bits

Salut from Reckless!

This Blog was written to the sounds of:

Heavy week as always! We’ve been trying to process as much stock as possible, sometimes working well into the early hours. The shop is looking very well stocked at the moment!!! I’ll go into what we put out in a bit but firstly I want to talk about the new reissues we’ve been getting in. You may have noticed that we have been getting loads more new reissues in recently. It was just a simple answer to all of the customers coming in looking for Classic albums that we may not have had second hand copies of. Whether its a Darkthrone LP or a Beastie Boys LP – we want to have it for you!! This weeks new Reissues are from Funkadelic, Aretha Franklin, Etta James, John Coltrane, Michael Jackson, Otis Redding, Pink Floyd, AC/DC, Billie Holiday, Booker T & The MGs, David Bowie, Eric Dolphy, Judas Priest, The Stone Roses and the always amazing Patti Smith.

Some interesting stuff in this week…

  1. Sean bought a collection midweek with lots of Classic/Hard Rock LPs and CDs. The collection included some LPs from Venom which was good timing as they were playing London this week with Suffocation (Tom went!). Lots of big titles from Led Zeppelin, Queen, The Rolling Stones, Tom Waits, Fleetwood Mac, Black Sabbath etc.
  2. Some decent Reggae 45s and 12″s from Ini Kamoze, Bunny Wailer (the amazing Rise & Shine 45), Augustus Pablo, Culture, Dennis Brown etc. Lots of nice titles – mixture of reissues and originals.
  3. Classic Rave & Electronica LPs from Aphex Twin, U-Ziq, The Future Sound Of London and their alias Amorphous Androgynous. Its funny as I was just playing the U-Ziq LP (Lunatic Harness) which was a firm favourite from my Selectadisc days and was thinking about how underrated it is these days.
  4. An Original Master Recording pressing of Revolver by The Beatles. Held by Hi-Fi buffs in high regard and possibly one of the best ways to hear this amazing LP.
  5. HUGE restock of titles from La Vida Es Un Mus – one of the best Hardcore Punk labels. Its always a huge pleasure to go and see Paco and pick up all of the new titles. We got loads of titles this time: Hank Wood & The Hammerheads, Good Throb, Disclose, Framtid, Patsy, Los Crudos, Limp Wrist etc. Also we got a load of Munster titles from him too (which included some rare reissues of Latin, Boogaloo, Exotica, Garage, Wild Rock n Roll, Post Punk, Minimal Synth….all reissues of very rare titles and all legit!).
  6. Seriously killer suitcase full of Def Jam LPs – loads of Wu Tang related titles as well as killer LPs from people like Foxy Brown, Brand Nubian etc.
  7. More rare hardcore – in one of the piles was an Intense “Genesis Project” which is one of the greatest Hardcore/Jungle/DNB eps ever.
  8. Lots of interesting Library, Free Jazz, Avant Garde reissue LPs. Including some reissues of some seriously rare titles. I put a picture up on our Instagram of these – well worth checking them out!

Put out some mad stuff this week – Genesis original Pink Scrolls, Sex Tags Mania titles, loads of David Bowie, some proper Heavy Metal (including some obscure Eastern European Thrash!), lots of very nice Reggae titles (including some signed titles!), loads of Rock n Roll/Rockabilly and loads of Synth Pop (including a few more obscure titles).

I went to see Graham Lambkin do a piece about Canterbury in Canters last night – geezer is a legend!!!

Loads more due in this week!!!!

Tom is putting on this gig tomorrow (Saturday night) – its gonna be killer !!!

This weeks TOP TEN is from the Legend from L.O.T.I.O.N. – Alex Heir!! I had a wicked chat with Alex about Rave at the last Static Shock Festival so was super happy he sent me a Dance List! I love the fact that L.O.T.I.O.N. are influenced by The Prodigy. Alex also runs Deathtraitors which if you don’t know you really should.

dancE music

1. Dyewitness- Observing The Earth

2. Josh Wink- Don’t Laugh
3. Progression- Reach Further
4. Altern8- Activ-8 (Come With Me)
5. Laurent Garnier- Crispy Bacon
6. Blunted Dummies- House For All
7. Sequential- Death House
8. Messiah- There Is No Law
9. Skin Up- Blockbusters
10. Pancake- Don’t Turn Your Back
You can listen to L.O.T.I.O.N. here:


Till next week!!!!!

Eternal Thanks to all the Mums

Yo from Reckless!!!

This Blog was written after I sneaked down and did all my mums washing up to ::

Its only been a few days since the last Blog Post but its been pretty hardcore. The shop has been busier than ever and the buying has been great as always!

  1. Loads of original 60s and 70s Beatles LPs have been coming in. Loads of super clean copies too. There has also been a hell of a lot of George Harrison LPs (including a top notch copy of All Things Must Pass). As I’m sure you can imagine these never last long. Pauls son also popped in and asked if we had any vacancies this week so its been a very Beatle-y week here at Reckless!
  2. More Hardcore Jungle! Some really tasty bits from DR S Gachet, New Era, Droppin Science, Doc Scott, The Alliance….loads more due in soon too!!!
  3. From the same seller a nice batch of Roots Reggae and Dub: Scientist, African Head Charge, Big Youth, Mad Professor, Augustus Pablo, Tribesmen, Prince Jammy, Aswad etc.
  4. Small batch of Esoteric Progressive Rock LPs, Italian Psychedelia, recordings of Satanists, Horror Soundtracks and Doom Metal LPs came in.
  5. Some really good Punk and Oi! came in from a nice bloke – all pretty mash up – but they played well: Crass, The 4-Skins, The Business, The Varaukers, Chaotic Dischord, Peter & The Test Tube Babies, Conflict, GBH…..he also had a load of U2 records!!

Plenty more has come in as I have been told but I’ve been back home so haven’t seen whats up. I’ll add it to next week!

We got some Reckless Slipmats made this week – and they are well sick. I’ll put pics up when I’m back from Kent.

We have a gig next Saturday with the always amazing The Number Ones!

This weeks Top Ten is from my Mum!

My Mum is one of the reasons I love music so much I reckon – always used to play me sick records as I used to play with Soldiers. I remember she used to be really into the White Noise LP and the soundtrack to 2001. I have found tonnes of cool records in her collection over the years: Karlheinz Stockhausen, loads of French EPs, Igginsbottoms Wrench, Shirley Collins….She loves music and can often be found at gigs in Broadstairs at either the Folk Festival or the Blues Bash. Thanks for doing this Mum you are the best!!!!

  1. While my Guitar Gently Weeps     George Harrison   the first and best to be played very loud in a large space to swoon and dance to.
2. Maybe Tomorrow   Stereophonics    played loudly with the windows and doors open on a sunny day  and sing along with
3. NW    Niteworks  for crazy outdoors dancing in the middle of the night     I first saw this amazing group of musicians at Celtic Connections in Glasgow  and was hooked
4. Telephone Line  ELO    sing along with this and you can’t be sure your lungs get a work out…mine do
5. Crazy Man Michael  Fairport Convention    takes me back  just beautiful and reminds me of lovely hedgerows
6. The Sun Aint gonna shine anymore   The Walker Bros     that beautiful hunk Scot Walker ‘s voice takes me back to climbing cliffs in Cornwall and going down the tin mines  with my dancette    record player
7.Bob Dylan   Like a Rolling Stone    singing in the pub with lots of people!
8.Roy Orbison   Crying  have to have this as always good to play when you need a damn good boo    but to be played loudly so one can be very expressive
9.Tubular Bells  Mike Oldfield   all of it   just because I listened to it constantly when I was a student in Brighton!AND  still love it.
10.Thin Lizzy   Whiskey in the Jar     love love love    oh dear   again I love playing this early in the morning on a sunny summers day  dancing around the kitchen  and singing!
Till next week!