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Hope you’re all well! Some wicked bits in this week check it out:

(Written to the sounds of….)


  1. One of my friends (who I’ve known for close to 20 years) sold us his Rap CD collection. Over the years he has sold us loads of top vinyl, amazing Reggae/Ska CDs, Black Metal/Death Metal CDs and that wicked Japanese Hardcore/Crust/D-Beat CD collection and they’re always very high quality. Top condition, first pressings. Theres around 1200 CDs here. From super Old School to Boom Bap to Classic 90s to Def Jux to super Underground sh*t. Included are also some rare mix cds and even about 10 old school long box releases. Titles from artists as diverse as Nas, Wu Tang Clan (as well as pretty much every solo CD), Ill Bill, Necro, Master Ace, Big L, Diamond D, Cannibal Ox, Danny Brown, K Solo, 2 Live Crew, Grandmaster Flash, Heather B, De La Soul. Public Enemy, NWA, Blahzay Blahzay, AZ, Lord Finesse, O.C., The Nonce, A Tribe Called Quest, Billy Woods, Gets Boys, The Notorious BIG, Scarface, Cypress Hill, Company Flow, Murs etc. The rarer titles seems to be the more Old School titles which hadn’t been reissued on CD and luckily theres loads of rare 80s CDs here. Its clear that this collection was a real labour of love and we’re well chuffed to purchase it – and are sure loads of you will be very happy indeed as its the real deal.
  2. Small but fantastic pile of first pressing Classic Rock LPs (Led Zeppelin, Jeff Beck, Family, Van Morrisson, Fleetwood Mac etc).
  3. Large selection of Indie/Ambient/Electronica/Warp Records CDs – including lots of great albums that you just don’t see very much these days,
  4. Some Classic Rock N Roll LPs from Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry, Gene Vincent – all in nice nick!
  5. Big batch of LPs from all round the world including plenty of Brazilian LPs and some Scott Walker LPs.
  6. Also another great pile of Brazilian LPs (along with a big pile of Jazz Fusion/Soul/Boogie but the Brazilian titles were less common). Gal Costa, Caeteno Veloso, Gilberto Gil, Milton Nascimento etc. We’ve actually had quite a few small collections in recently with a load of Brazilian titles which is great as they were fairly thin on the ground for years.
  7. For the Psych heads we bought an amazing big suitcase of Psychedelic CDs – including all the favourites: July, Kaleidoscope, Jefferson Airplane, Grateful Dead, The Action, Dragonfly, Status Quo, 13th Floor Elevators, Dr Strangely Strange, Incredible String Band, Jethro Tull etc. Plus loads more obscure titles.
  8. Lots of brand new vinyl titles (of all genres) that included a copy of the new Gene Clark box!
  9. More Heavy Metal/Hard Rock vinyl from Iron Maiden, AC/DC, Witchfinder General, Black Sabbath, Saxon, Girlschool, Angel Witch, Dio, Motorhead, Venom, Geddes Axe, Judas Priest etc.
  10. Loads of cool Vinyl titles off one seller : Soul Jazz Records comps, Sonic Youth, Arthur Russell, Smog etc.
  11. Some rareish RnB/Soul from Mariah Carey, Sade, Janet Jackson – 90s titles on vinyl. These also came in with a few rare Roots Reggae 12″s.
  12. One of our regular sellers brought in a top pile of Jazz and Latin LPs from Gal Costa, Alice Coltrane, Graham Collier, Roy Ayers and some Jazzman reissues.
  13. Another interesting CD collection with titles from William Drake, ZTT, Yann Tiersen, Vic Goddard, Acetone and a load of UK Folk.
  14. A load of KLF/Bill Drummond LPs and 12″s.
  15. More Hip Hop on CD but this time more Dirty South bits including load of wicked obscure titles. Plenty of titles from Project Pat, Three Six Mafia, Eightball & MG, Spice 1, Z Ro, Brotha Lynch Hung, Above The Law, Geto Boys etc. Love this gear.
  16. More great 60s CD Box Sets (Bob Dylan, Bonzos, Shuggie Otis, Love, Traffic, Leonard Cohen).
  17. Plenty more random sales of vinyl from Bruce Springsteen, Caravan, Henry Cow, Hawkwind, Leo Anibaldi, Tracy Chapman, David Bowie, Joy Division, Pink Floyd, John Lee Hooker, Ed Sheehan, The 1975, Bo Diddley, Solomon Burke, Everything But The Girl, The Style Council, Marvin Gaye, Depeche Mode, The Velvet Underground, U2, Kool & The Gang, Neil Young and The Beatles. Loads more too obviously.

Whats gone out into the racks this week:

  1. More 90s Techno/Trance.
  2. Classic House/US House – plenty of Nu Groove/Strictly Rhythm etc
  3. Classic Rock vinyl.
  4. Hip Hop CDs
  5. 60s/Beat 45s
  6. Country Vinyl
  7. Jazz Vinyl
  8. Loads of new reissues titles on vinyl – brand new
  9. Classical vinyl
  10. Rare Groove/Disco vinyl
  11. Punk 45s
  12. Drum n Bass
  13. Tonnes of cheaps
  14. Indie Rock vinyl
  15. Obscurities

There are quite a few really exciting collections this week so watch this space!

Thanks for reading!

Tonnes of Top Gear – and a Dan Buck Joyce Top Ten!

Ola meus amigos!

This blog was written to the sounds of:

Busier buying week than normal – lets have a butchers:

  1. Sean was out at a really great collection in Fulham late last week. Roughly 250 LPs and big vinyl box sets. Almost all in as new condition – loads were still sealed! The collection consists of Indie Rock, Classic Rock, Soundtracks, Post Rock, Jazz, Electronica and Modern Classical. Lots of titles on Erased Tapes especially (Nils Frahm, Olafur Arnalds, A Winged Victory For The Sullen, Lubomyr Melnyk etc). Also big box sets from Led Zeppelin, Fleetwood Mac, Can, LCD Soundsystem, Destiny computer game soundtrack (which is really pricey!), Light In The Attic titles, Jazz reissues (Bill Evans, John Coltrane, Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald etc), Arcade Fire, plenty of Late Night Tales/Back To Mine compilation LPs etc. Loads of these have gone out – and they’re selling really quickly.
  2. Scott was out to look at some more records from a guy who sells us a big batch of records roughly every 6 months. Last time it was Disco and Boogie this time it was more US House – including tonnes of Trax Records, Nu Groove and DJ International. There were also some nice Italo House bits (which we don’t get enough of), Old School Electro, UK Acid House, Breakbeat, Freestyle and Bleep titles. 400 records roughly – and no rubbish.
  3. A very nice lady who was selling some Jazz titles (and donating the money to a butterfly charity) sold in some excellent titles from Chet Baker (a really rare and beautiful LP and a great EP), Miles Davis 10″, Ella Fitzgerald, Charlie Parker, Stan Getz and many more. About 15 LPs and about the same amount in EPs.
  4. Thousands of CDs came in this week. Including two huge batches from the same seller (both batches had over 1000 CDs!). Mostly standard Pop and Rock titles – including tonnes of classics from Led Zeppelin, Van Morrison, Pentangle, Cream, Joni Mitchell, Queen, Iron Maiden, Nirvana, The Who, Kool & The Gang, Sly & The Family Stone, Gillian Welch, The Rolling Stones, Johnny Cash, Miles Davis, Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles, Deep Purple, The Velvet Underground, Black Sabbath etc. There was also a super rare U2 CD that has sold for over £500 in the past. Apparently there are only 10 copies in existence. I believe the seller has more titles so watch this space.
  5. More on the CD front – 600 Jazz CDs came in. From Free Jazz to Beebop to ECM. This collection will have you scatting all round your living room.
  6. Charles brought in a tonne of super cool CDs including loads of Improv, Avant Garde, Folk, Reggae and a Melvins CD set that is hand numbered out of 90!
  7. Al donned cowboys boots and ventured out to the Wild East to buy a collection of mainly Country & Western LPs. The Johnny Cash section is going to be bulging for a while and also loads of Outlaw stuff (Merle Haggard / Waylon Jennings), cult favourites (Porter Wagoner / Mike Nesmith) and Trucks ‘n’ Trains (Dave Dudley / Hank Snow). Nearly all in good nick and the vast majority will go out for under £5. In amongst the C+W was a decent UK mono ‘Pet Sounds’ and some other UK original classics (Simon & Garfunkel, CSN+Y, Dylan, ELO etc. etc.) along with some oddball stuff like the ‘cool’ James Last LPs, Argo Steam Sound LPs and some lesser seen kiddy records (Suitable for sampling). Alan has already been beat juggling with these titles and really getting the party going at Reckless.
  8. Sean sold a load of nice LPs in including Gloria Taylor, Can, Faust, Throbbing Gristle, Sandy Denny and “The Best Of” The Beatles on vinyl.
  9. Lots of smaller piles of records came in including LPs from Lee Perry, Sun Ra (really rare and pricey 3 LP set), Soul Jazz compilations, Royal Blood, Pete Doherty, 13th Floor Elevators, King Gizzard, The Who, Jimi Hendrix, The Stooges, Factory Records box (gigantic!), Ride, Stereolab, Creedence, Sex Pistols, CSNY, Chuck Berry, Jeff Beck, Laurie Anderson etc.
  10. One of my pals who’s moving back to London brought in two huge stacks of vinyl for his deposit and he had some amazing records. Classical, Jazz, “World”, Reggae, Library, Avant Garde, Ambient, Ethonographic, Classic Rock etc. Some amazing original titles from Jackie Mittoo, Mike Westbrook, Clem Alford, Folkways, Negril, David Oliver, Nebu, Belgium, Alpha & Omega, Hatfield & The North, Third Ear Band, John Fahey, Strange Nursery etc. Lots of interesting titles which I had never heard of that you can imagine Music From Memory reissuing. Still only put a bunch of these out so watch this space.
  11. More brutal Metal came in from one seller – CDs and Vinyl. Lots of obscure Death, Power, Black Metal. Some fairly sought after bits from Nifelheim, Rigor Mortis, Possessed, Venom, Pagan Altar etc. The sort of music that makes me shout Yeah Boiii very loudly.
  12. More Jungle (of course): Randall, Orca, Skanna, Grooverider, DJ SS, Tayla, Source Direct, Photek.
  13. Toru was of course bring loads more Jazz titles in. Plenty of super high quality Japanese Jazz reissues of classic albums.
  14. Top notch Rap CD collection came in – loads of great albums from Three 6 Mafia, Brother Lynch Hung, Mac Dre, Snoop Dogg. 75 of the bad boys – my kind of shiznit,
  15. Some rare Beatles titles came in with an Arnold Lane by Pink Floyd. Which was nice.

Loads more great records and cds came in this week – we spent a lot of cash this week!


A) More Classical LPs

B) 90s Techno / Trance 12″s

C) Rock and Pop CDs

D) CD Box Sets (lots of nice ones actually)

E) Avant Garde / Folk / Afrobeat / Jazz LPs

F) Indie 45s and LPs

G) Electro vinyl and House bits

We’ve got a few nice collections coming over the next few weeks so keep checking that Instagram or – as ever – get down the shop!

This weeks Top Ten is from Dan Buck Joyce from Dirty Sanchez!

  1. FUGAZI “13 SONGS” Always loved Fugazi, still do, their music is so timeless, and their message is as relevant today as the early 90s when I used to listen to them. Margin Walker has been on my playlist recently.
  2. PUBLIC ENEMY “IT TAKES A NATION OF MILLIONS TO HOLD US BACK” Public Enemy were massive when I was growing up, and I always wanted to see them play liver, luckily I worked on the house of Vans campaign and my dreams came true, Flavor Flav even gave the wife a spuds.
  3. GANG STARR “STEP IN THE ARENA” I had this album on loop for an eternity, I’m sure if I listened again it would all come straight back. In fact I think I might dig out my copy.
  4. CROSBY, STILLS & NASH “S/T” I grew up in a small village in Cornwall where there were only 20 houses, so I spent my weekends with my friends sat around an open fire listening to my mums music collection. This was a real road trip soundtrack. My friends had a clothing company called Siesta in the 90s, we used to go on the road selling the clothes out the back of the car. This album reminds me of those times.
  5. PETE ROCK & CL SMOOTH “MECCA AND THE SOUL BROTHER” The majority of my music taste came from American skate videos, I can’t remember where I first heard this, but it defined a time for me that was so fresh and progressive, hip hop was at its best and so was skateboarding.
  6. THE PHARCYDE “BIZARRERIDE” This was another album influenced by Mike Carrol and the SF skate scene.
  7. WU TANG CLAN “36 CHAMBERS” Then from out of nowhere came the Wu Tang Clan. This album really was like nothing I had heard before and really made such a big impression on hip hop. The flow and the lyrics were straight from another dimension and it was so original. Wu Tang forever.
  8. THE NOTORIOUS BIG “READY TO DIE” Biggie, NYC, mid 90s.
  9. MASSIVE ATTACK “BLUE LINES” Massive Attack “Blue Lines” is probably one of the best albums of all time, it doesn’t age. It’s an album that will go down as one of the greats.
  10. STEVIE WONDER “SIGNED, SEALED AND DELIVERED” Stevie Wonder inspired all of the above.

Nice one cheers Dan!

Thanks to you for reading, till next week


Some wicked stuff in this week! Plus a Top Ten from Richard Johnson of Fourth Dimension Records!

Yo from Reckless!

This Blog was written to the sounds of..The Sound! I’d never knowingly heard these before but am checking them out based on Tom Klutes recommendation in last weeks blog!

Insanely busy week this week – loads of great records coming in and records flying out of the racks.

Whats come in:

  1. Sean was out at a Rock and Blues collection in South London midweek. It was around 3-400 titles. Lots of Classic titles as well as a few oddities. Plenty of standard but cool titles from Muddy Waters, John Lee Hooker, Groundhogs, Howlin Wolf, Led Zeppelin, Cream. As well as quite a few decent Jazz titles from people like Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock and a fair few LPs on ECM.
  2. The lady who sold us a load of Reggae last week was back with more titles (from Augustus Pablo, Yabby You, Prince Jammy, Tommy McCook, Crucial Bunny, Mike Brooks, Scientist etc. As well as a load of House records.
  3. Toru is going to Japan in a few weeks and has been selling in so many cool Japanese records. Like hundreds of them! Loads of Japanese pressings of rare Jazz LPs, City Pop, Japanese Jazz Funk, Traditional Music etc. Some really rare and collectible titles that are really hard to buy here in the UK.
  4. Amazing small pile of (sadly fairly worn) titles from Patto, Tubby Hayes, The Faces, Small Faces and Nirvana (UK). The Nirvana LP (The Story Of Simon Simopath) is one of my favourite UK 60s LPs – and the cover has to be right at the top with one of the greatest Psychedelic LP sleeves ever. Like I mentioned above these are pretty beat but priced a lot cheaper and all play tested. They are priced between £175 and £1.
  5. Some amazing Indie Rock/Shoegaze/Grunge LPs came in this week – mostly really nice nick too. These included an original issue of Loveless by My Bloody Valentine, Stereolab originals, Mercury Rev, The Folk Implosion, Felt, Broadcast, The Beta Band etc. There were also a few cool soundtracks including The Ipcress File, Get Carter and an “original” Trunk red vinyl pressing of The Wicker Man.
  6. Al was buying pretty much all day yesterday – the first collection was a really interesting few boxes of weird oddities. All different kinds of music but a lot to Soul. Lots of demos, including a lot of Motown demos. Plenty of obscure UK Boogie 45s as well as Rock/Sixties/Blues 45s too.
  7. The second collection was a Soul 45 collection – including lots of interesting obscure titles and a lot of Northern Soul repros (as well as a few original issues). Several hundred of these 45s.
  8. Lukey boy sold in a load more LPs yesterday including lots of unusual Noise, Industrial, Drone titles from artists like Circle, Lustmord, Sun Ra, Throbbing Gristle etc. Loads of more obscure titles too.
  9. Another little pile of nice Death Metal LPs came in – this time from a new seller. Original Napalm Death, Cannibal Corpse and Deicide LPs.
  10. A few Faust LPs from a seller with a big Faust collection. Hes coming back this week apparently.
  11. I sold in a few records too (Phil Cohran, Roy Harper, Gavin Bryars etc).


Whats gone out this week?

A) Loads of killer Electro (original US Electro titles), Detroit Techno, US House, Chicago House, NY House, Boogie, Deep House 12″s from the big collection we bought last week.

B) Reggae CDs and LPs

C) Modern Avant Garde LPs from Steve Reich, Gavin Bryars, Philip Glass, Terry Riley

D) Indie Rock LPS and 45s

E) Jazz

F) Trip Hop / Downtempo LPs and 12″s

G) Death Metal / Black Metal CDs

H) Garage Rock LPs

I) Loads of new and fresh Cheaps

J) Loads of interesting 45s (Folk, Psych, 60s, Avant, Punk (including a deadstock Gobblinz 45 from the band), Garage, Exotica)

K) Obviously a load of Halloween titles (anything with a spooky sleeve from Whodini to Shut Up & Dance to Aphrodites Child).

L) Classical LPs

Plenty of collections coming up so watch this space!

This weeks Top Ten we have Richard Johnson from Fourth Dimension Records! As well as running Fourth Dimension Richo also found time to be in Splintered, Playground, Husk, Slugbait, Theme as well as writing Grim Humour fanzine. Theres a Grim Humour book coming out soon – I highly recommend you buy one from Fourth Dimension!


In no particular order and often susceptible to changes, but
largely consistent for the most part for many years now. I am
only listing the details of the original release. All have been
reissued and can still be found easily enough. Of course, I love
loads of newer artists and releases, too, but I’ve selected those
which have already been with me for a considerable while and
continue to move me with every return listen, or that I have
been listening to repeatedly in more recent years. I’ve also
aimed for a diverse selection that hasn’t even touched on other
areas of music I love (no room for Leonard Cohen, Whitehouse,
John Coltrane, Can, Smog, Sun City Girls or Ranaldo & the
Loaf here!). I should also add that I really enjoy the work of
each and every artist I now often work with, including
Alternative TV, Kleistwahr, Richard Youngs, Hand & Leg, Gad
Whip, Ramleh, Sion Orgon, Map 71, JFK, Micromelancolie and,
of course, my own groups, Splintered and Theme.

WIRE 154 LP (Harvest, 1979)
Still have my now well-worn copy from when I first bought it in
about 1982 as a teenager searching through music that came
out of the punk hinterland yet went beyond it. Wire never
especially fitted with ‘punk’ anyway, but 154 is where they
especially compound just how far removed they were from the
increasingly narrow confines afforded by many of its main
protagonists. This album is one of moods buoyed along by
sliding greyscale textures, incandescent melodies, occasionally
tempered and distorted rhythmic surges and the kind of lyrical
bite that bridges the gap between experience and a sense of
otherness the music complements perfectly. I love Wire pretty
much all the way through, really, though. Their various other
projects and some of the solo endeavours, too. It’s this album I continue to turn to the most (outside the Dome ones), however,
simply because even though I already owned a copy of both
Pink Flag and Chairs Missing beforehand it was this that
emphasised the group’s possibilities the most. Hard to pick any
one song from this as a standout, but ‘A Touching Display’ is as
mighty a choice as the others. Like the album itself, the group
are in a class of their own.

CROMAGNON Orgasm LP (ESP Disk, 1969)
I first stumbled on this through Stefan Jaworzyn’s much missed
Scum List of secondhand and rare records, which I used to get
printed for him at an old workplace when I lived in the UK. I
started out with a CD reissue called Cave Rock, although
interestingly it’s an earlier version than the 2009 one noted on
Discogs (I ceased printing Scum Lists in 2005, when I moved to
Poland), but there’s no date to be found on it. I have an idea I
got it in about 2001 and that the disc itself is from the ‘90s.
Whatever, a phenomenal album I’ve subsequently also bought
a vinyl reissue of. The very first time I heard it I was unaware of
anything concerning the two main guys responsible, Austin
Grasmere and Brian Elliot, who’ve both unfortunately long gone
and can no longer espouse on the work of utter genuius that
constitutes Orgasm. The opener, ‘Caledonia’, with its battering
ram underpinning, manic vocals, walls of hiss and wailing
bagpipes is enough in and of itself to prove the likes of Butthole
Surfers weren’t that novel. And that’s after a smattering of
detuned radio shit forming part of the intro. From this point on,
things get even more bizarre as the group build songs from
what sounds like playing around with whatever junk they could
lay their hands on in the studio. I used to play ‘Crow of the
Black Tree’ regularly when I used to DJ in Krakow with my
friend Mark. People would only jerk around to it on the
dancefloor if completely hammered and not one of them ever
asked me what the song was. Little wonder Crogmagnon remain something of a very much hidden gem.

ALTERNATIVE TV Vibing Up the Senile Man (Part One) LP
(Deptford Fun City Records, 1979)
Like Wire in the sense that Mark Perry’s forever fantastic and
amorphous group started out as a more regular punk assault
(releasing some stunning singles during this phase, too, such
as ‘How Much Longer’ and ‘Life’) but, disillusioned with where
punk was heading, transmogrified into a far more ambitious
concern. The eight songs that constitute Alternative TV’s fourth
album, although second studio recorded one, sound like the
group, having already toured with Here & Now, really wanted to
not only turn ‘punk’ on its head, but piss off just about
everybody who’d thus far supported the group in the process.
For me, that’s even more ‘punk’ than punk. The music itself
trawls through basement clatter, a piano serving as drums, a
flute that appears like its being ‘played’ after having been
shoved into a windy infant’s arse, fucked up electronic splurge,
subterranean water swirls and a brooding sensibility that
sometimes falls into a whirlpool of anxieties. On top of all this
are Perry’s ravaged poetry vocals, which often seem like they’re
forged from cut-ups or merely sketched ideas then improvised
from. As much as I love AMM, I always hoped they’d sound
more like this when I first heard them. Vibing… more than
compensates, though. Perry could have easily have played the
accessibility card at the time and elevated his group to the point
they could have made a greater stamp on the public
consciousness. Thankfully, he chose the more uncompromising
path instead. In more recent years I’ve been working with him
myself. The man is something of an inspiration so I can’t
underline enough just how much of an honour this is. His work
in Alternative TV continues to go wherever the hell he wants it
to as well. Exactly as it should be.

THE CURE Pornography LP (Fiction, 1982)
I first heard of The Cure in 1979, when one of my friends at
school managed to see them at the Odeon in Canterbury.
Unfortunately, my especially strict stepdad prevented me from
going to any ‘punk’ gigs at the time, so I missed out on several
such gigs I’d have happily gone along with my school pals to
given the chance. Said friend gave me a Three Imaginary Boys
album cover badge I almost immediately adorned my blazer
lapel with after confirming the group were ‘punk’. I was 13-
years-old so think I can excuse this! I’m not sure how long that
badge was worn, alongside my PIL, Skids and Blondie ones,
but the image always intrigued me. It’s been subsequently
dismissed by Robert Smith as a cheap cash-in on the group’s
then adhering to the notion of an ‘anti-image’, but the
photograph of innocuous household objects/appliances
seemed, at the time, to serve as some kind of statement against
domesticity or everyday blandness. Of course, like so many
others around this period, The Cure were being initially
marketed as a regular punk group, despite their music already
displaying clear signs of going beyond that. Although marked by
the exact same attitude it was a little too articulate, or smart, to
be generally seen as part of the main batch. Then, between this
and the album I’ve selected, simply because I’ve loved its raw
and gnashing charm since I first bought it as a 17-year-old, the
group refined their sound and, apparently inspired by Mahler,
Eno and Wire, began focusing on painting songs in deeper
tones, rich in atmosphere and existential dread. Pornography,
their fourth album, then witnessed these textures violently torn
apart. The group had begun taking so many drugs that mental
collapse seemed the only way out. This is what’s captured
perfectly on Pornography. An amalgam of anger, frustration and
despair, the music is both violent and claustrophobic, with little
to help claw it towards any semblance of accessibility. The
guitars are played bloodily and the simplistic drums sound like
Swans testing their kit. All the while, organs gasp and drone at the same time the tormented lyrics, flecked with snarling
contempt, spiral headlong into a deep black hole of their own
making. Once again, it’s an uncompromising listen that never once
attempted to appease anybody too readily. It feels insular or,
more to the point, like being caught in the sea next to a broken
ship as it goes down. Unlike so much music that does more or
less the same thing (early Swans, again, being a prime
example), there’s little light, or hope, here. It seems to embody
the absolute futility, and fragility, of existence.
To deem it ‘goth’, as so many lazy bastards do, goes against it
completely. I always saw Smith and co. as having more in
common with that, again, early punk attitude of doing whatever
the fuck they felt like at that given time. There’s no possible way
The Cure could have bettered where they went on
Pornography, though. This is a place best visited only once, at
least artistically. The album achieves more than most dumbfuck
‘noise’ artists could ever aspire to with its crushing intensity, and
I’d contend it’s a component of The Cure that’s been in their
convoluted mix ever since.

RAMLEH A Grudge For Life LP (Vis-a-Vis Audio Arts, Japan,
This comes from a time when my fanzine, Grim Humour, was
pretty popular and in addition to this I’d have my label, mail
order and, indeed, own group. Living in Herne Bay meant you
had to quite literally do everything yourself if one wanted
something ‘happening’. I was already familiar with Ramleh
before I received a copy of this LP in either a trade or amongst
some stock for my mail order, anyway. At the time, I’d have
been starting to crave music which could replace the diet of
Swans, Sonic Youth, Butthole Surfers, The Jesus Lizard,
Killdozer, Big Black or whoever I’d mostly been listening to the
previous few years and which, by this time, was beginning to seem rather flat. I’d been introduced to new worlds via
Japanese noise artists, old free jazz records, a smattering of
techno and New Zealand improvised noise-rock, amongst
others. I was also paying attention to some homegrown artists,
such as Loop and Head Of David on the one hand and, on the
other, far less popular one, Richard Youngs. When I first heard
Grudge For Life I drew almost instant parallels with some of the
work of the latter and Simon Wickham-Smith. There were
similarly anguished vocals, keyboard stabs where drums should
be, brooding textures and washes of sound suggesting things
were never going to be quite the same again. I loved it. It
sounded like the work of two young men, Gary Mundy and
Philip Best, who’d long derailed and never especially wanted to
return to the tracks. The fact that the LP sleeve didn’t shed
much light on them only added to the music’s allure, too. This
was another of those records that instantly grabbed me. A rare
thing. Since then, I’ve gone on to organise a gig by Ramleh in
Poland and, indeed, work with them both as Ramleh and with
Gary and Anthony Di Franco’s solo endeavours. The mystery
may have diminished, but it’s revealed them, and their close
affiliates, to be sterling individuals. Ramleh continue to produce
wonderful work, too. The paradoxical testament to their
greatness is their relative obscurity, although quite rightly
they’re not as hard to find as they once were.

ROBERT ASHLEY Automatic Writing LP (Lovely Music, 1979,
I seem to be selecting a few albums released in 1979. Purely
coincidental, though. Robert Ashley’s third album, Automatic
Writing, is every bit as good as other records of his released
during this same period. I can’t comment on much beyond that
because I only have a handful of his albums, with the last one I
own being the equally engaging Yellow Man With Heart With
Wings CD from 1990. I have no idea where I first picked his records up from, either. Maybe These Records’ mail order or
the Scum List once again? All I know is that when I first heard
Automatic Writing in particular I couldn’t stop listening to it and
ever since then I turn to it regularly. Caught somewhere
between a relaxing listen of tempered abstract music with
sound poetry and something more unsettled and full of disquiet,
the three pieces that constitute the CD version I have (replete
with the bonus short piece, ‘She Was A Visitor’, originally
directed by Alvin Lucier) are utterly entrancing and beguiling. I
cannot recall if this album was ever on the Nurse With Wound
list, but it certainly deserves a place there. Of the two lengthy
and eponymous pieces that forged the original release, I can
only say their magic worked its way into me instantly. Ravaged
and hushed voices are buoyed along by grizzled electronics
that are at once uneasy and atmospheric yet kept to a subdued
level which only adds to their bruised charm. The way the
voices work served as a huge inspiration for me in my own work
in Theme, actually. Not that anybody is paying any attention!

PUBLIC IMAGE LIMITED Flowers of Romance LP (Virgin,
Where to start? Firstly, the debut PIL single, which I first heard
at a local Friday night disco in late 1978 (then bought as soon
as I could after) was, more so than the Pistols, something of an
epiphany for me. I then picked up the subsequent singles
because they were all I could afford at the time with money
pooled from a paper round and whatever wasn’t spent on
disgusting school dinners. I was too young to really understand
them completely, but they appealed to me regardless of my
inability to articulate why. Of course, Johnny Rotten/Lydon
remained a captivating frontman, but everything about the
music his group created both confounded and energised me.
Then came the ‘Flowers of Romance’ single, which I first saw
on Top of the Pops and, like the debut, pulled me in completely. I bought it and then, finally beginning to find money enough to
pick up LPs, bought the album and couldn’t stop playing it. The
tribal drums were immediate enough on most of the songs, but
it was the violin and weird keyboard stabs that I really liked.
Besides Lydon’s contorted howls and sneer-flecked chants, no
less. It’s not so often that every track on an album proves to be
a winner, but that’s how each and every one here is for me,
from the opener, ‘Four Enclosed Walls’, through the title track
and the staggering ‘Under the House’, to the closing ‘Francis
Massacre’. I realise that most go for PIL’s second album, Metal Box, which is absolutely deserving of its status as a triumphant record anybody with an interest in genuinely exploratory music should own, but Flowers of Romance always struck a deeper chord with me for its simply being amongst the very first albums I ever bought. I got Metal Box a while later and, like several others from this period in
music, proceeded to keep up with everything beyond
Flowers…, despite often being disappointed (although I feel
This Is What You Want…This Is What You Get, from 1984, is
underrated even if it is patchy, plus remains threaded with some
avant-garde touches I tend to appreciate in music that can
reach a wider audience). Flowers of Romance is, however,
another avant-garde winner. Hard to imagine how such music
could have made it to the UK charts now, too.

THE CONGOS Heart of the Congos LP (Black Art, 1977,
My interest in roots reggae, rocksteady and original ska, etc.
has grown out of a deeper one in dub music that itself has
broadened over the last couple of decades and was possibly
initially instigated by groups like PIL, The Ruts, Killing Joke,
Basement 5, The Pop Group and others dabbling in it. I’m far
from an expert in this area, but can say I love the music of
groups/artists such as Steel Pulse, The Aggrovators, Augustus Pablo, The Skatalites, Scientist, Max Romeo, Horace Andy and
countless others. When I can, I keep adding to my collection of
such music, too. It is unquestionably obvious, but so much of
this music simply makes me feel good, no matter how
understandably politicised a lot of it can be. The Congos are no
exception in this respect, often singing about real life topics
anybody around the globe who has to give up their time, blood,
sweat and tears to earn a crust can relate to. It’s the
juxtaposition of this with their extraordinary voices and the
incredible, lilting yet weighty basslines that renders everything
so wholly magical. That word again. This truly deserves to be
described as ‘magical’, though. I understand it’s not for
everybody, like all music, but when I’ve been going through a
low period, such music is guaranteed to get me firmly and fully
hotwired to feeling motivated again. Simple as that. I don’t have
the original LP as it costs a fortune now, but I have the slightly
expanded Blood & Fire 2LP reissue from 1996 (not itself easy to
find cheap these days, either!). Blood & Fire is a great label and
possibly the one thing we can say in Mick Hucknall’s defense,
since he co-founded it. I have quite a number of records on this
great label.

SCOTT WALKER Scott 4 LP (Philips, 1969)
Another album I actually only have a CD reissue of, but it’s one
that gets played often in my home as my fiancee, Iwona,
likewise enjoys it and hearing it now makes me think of our
drinking wine on a lazy, sun-baked Sunday afternoon and
discussing its countless merits. Listening to obscure post-punk
or whatever in our home is a more solitary pursuit for me, but
early Scott Walker can be blasted loud from the main system
and used to annoy the neighbours with. Not that there’s
anything at all annoying about this beautiful music and its being
driven by perhaps one of the best voices ever to have
emanated from a man whose very name conjures images of the kind of broken and battered romanticism usually reserved for
poets. There is poetry here, however. This music, with its tender
string arrangements sometimes dovetailing with more
bombastic rhythms and backing choruses, is as poetic as
Walker’s smart lyrics. Some of the songs have an Ennio
Morricone-esque feel to them, but ultimately this is out on its
own. A few years ago, I’d have claimed Tilt to be my favourite
album of his and whilst there’s a ring of truth to that, the
warmth, immediacy and depth of the early works are what I turn
to most often now. Scott 4 exemplifies this appeal perfectly as it
both roots one to the moment it occupies and feels
transportative. Like all of my favourite albums (and there are far
too many to snag on a simple top ten list of them!), this one
pulls me to that same fantastic place every time, with ‘The Old
Man’s Back Again’ getting repeat-played the most often.
Wonderful stuff.

DAVID BOWIE Heathen CD (Columbia, 2002)
This might seem an unlikely choice given just how many
amazing albums Bowie produced, but I’m including it because
it’s the one I listen to the most these days. Of course, like many
others, I first heard Bowie a few decades ago. His music never
stamped on my conciousness really until I saw the ‘Ashes to
Ashes’ video on Top of the Pops at an old friend’s house. This
friend then bought the Scary Monsters… LP and I recall our
listening to this heavily in between fixes of The Stranglers,
Blondie, X-Ray Spex, Skids, the Pistols and so on. However,
the first LP I picked up was Ziggy Stardust a couple of years or
so later when, once again, I was finally in a position to afford
more than just singles. Because punk led me to exploring
Bowie, the Velvets, Captain Beefheart, Throbbing Gristle, the
Stooges and others around the same time, I feel this period
represented the real beginning of my opening up to different
types of music, even if initially ‘punk approved’. I never delved deep into Bowie’s back catalogue until a number of years later,
however, when I could find many LPs sold cheap at a
secondhand place in Canterbury or reissued on CD. Even then,
I only picked away at certain releases over the subsequent
years until his untimely death at the start of 2016. Blackstar
then became a firm favourite for a while until I realised I ought
to address the problem I had with some missing albums.
Heathen was amongst those I duly picked up and have been
addicted to ever since. Typical for Bowie, it might seem quite ordinary or pedestrian on the surface, but there’s a depth to it that spirals into a sense of otherworldliness which then bursts with the sound of hope on the triumphant yet somewhat melancholy ’Slow Burn’ – another of those songs that snags me for at least a few listens before I can move on to the next track. It’s Bowie’s traversing between his melancholic sensibilities, tiny flecks of avant-garde
undercurrents and a songwriting craft that can art-rock with the
best of them that especially comes out on Heathen. Naturally,
it’s hard for me to choose between Low, Scary Monsters…,
Station to Station, (Blackstar) and a few other albums, really,
but this is both the album of his I most play these days and want
to draw attention to for its not being one of the more typical
ones. A perfect listen and, like Scott Walker himself, buoyed by
another amazing voice I’m glad he left with us on these
stunning records.

Fourth Dimension Records & Friends event in London,
November 29/30:


Recent and upcoming releases:


Nice one thanks Richo!

And thanks to you for reading – till next week!



Killer Collections in! Plus a Top Ten from Tommy Stupid/Klute!!!

Yo from Reckless!

This Blog was written to the sounds of::

Mad week! Lets get goin….

This is what we bought:

  1. Scott bought another massive Dance collection – over a thousand titles. Late 80s, early 90s Chicago and Detroit, 80s US original Electro. Loads of rarities and amazing records. I haven’t actually seen this collection as I am off with a mashed up back but believe me Scott sounded happy about it.
  2. Loads of Reggae LPs and 12″s – mixture of Roots, Dub, Lovers, Dancehall, Rocksteady – loads of originals. Generally pretty good condition too – with titles from Black Uhuru, Nicodemus, Barrington Levy, Alton Ellis, Peter Chemist, Jah Shaka, Johnny Osbourne, Carlton & The Shoes, Freddy McKay, Freddie McGregor, Courtney Melody, Al Campbell, Horace Andy. All the right stuff. Plenty of Wackies titles too. Roughly 200 titles all together.
  3. A good pal of mine brought in just under 100 records over the weekend. Tonnes of great and weird oddities – as well as loads of new (in the last few years anyway) Reggae reissues. Lots of reissues of really rare £100+ tunes – from Dancehall to Roots. As well as those there were a lot of Ambient, Jazz, Prog Rock, Kosmiche, Modern Classical and Avant Garde titles. Very nice! Some notable titles from Horace Tapscott, Eek-A-Mouse, Carlton & The Shoes, Alpha & Omega etc.
  4. Another pal who comes in every Monday brought in a top notch stack with several Stereolab originals, a few Punk 45s, Throbbing Gristle and Afrobeat CDs, Psych comps and a few DIY Industrial LPs, Also LPs from AMM, Terry Knight and the Swell Maps.
  5. And yet another pal brought in some sick records for cash – and ended up taking mostly trade (due to there being a lot of dope records in the shop atm). Several underground Avant Rock, DIY, Ambient titles. Some were really rare. I’ll put them up on our Instagram when they go out.
  6. With all the Reggae vinyl coming in it was nice to have some Reggae CDs come in – and quality ones too. Loads of Blood & Fire and that kind of gear came in this week too.
  7. More bits came in from another regular seller: Numero titles, William Onyeabour, Deep House, Shackleton, Raime, Answer Code Request etc. Real mixture.
  8. Nice bit of Indie/Folk came in from one seller: Bert Jansch, Jean Claude Vannier, Isobell Campbell, Arctic Monkeys, Dransfields etc.
  9. Some cool CDs from one seller: Ace titles, Psych comps, Ramones, Gravy Train, Them etc.
  10. Lots of new Electro Poppy vinyl from artists like Fever Ray, Robyn, Kylie Minogue, The Knife, Simple Minds, Royksopp, Moby. All clean as a whistle or sealed. Some rare bits.
  11. Gnarly Drum & Bass as always – this time: Source Direct (including various aliases), Moving Shadow and Certificate 18 titles.
  12. Plenty of random Classic Rock LPs from Led Zeppelin, Hawkwind, Kate Bush, Jethro Tull, Captain Beefheart, The Beatles, Queen, The Smiths, Thin Lizzy, Abba, Eric Clapton etc.
  13. Serious Heavy Metal on CD – including full runs of Iron Maiden, Megadeth, Judas Priest and Slayer.
  14. Lots of New House and Techno. As ever going out seriously cheap.
  15. First press Dark Side of The Moon by Pink Floyd came in with a few other rare bits including a Japanese Bruce Springsteen 45 that is very sought after.


Loads of wicked bits have gone out this week

A) Hundreds of 45s – Psych, Folk, Oddities, Rock/Pop, Anarcho Punk, Rap, Soul, Reggae. All across the board

B) Classic Rock vinyl – including tonnes of big ones.

C) Reggae LPs and 12″s

D) Soul/Funk LPs

E) Death/Black Metal CDs

F) Jazz CDs and Vinyl

G) Indie Rock Vinyl

H) Heavy Metal Vinyl

I) Drum & Bass Vinyl

J) Loads more House & Techno 12″s and LPs

Plenty more collections coming up in the next few weeks watch this space! Also watch out for our special new window display which was illustrated by our friend Edwin Pouncey aka Savage Pencil!


This week we have a Top Ten by one of my absolute favourites…!

Yes thats right its Tommy Stupid AKA Klute!!!!

Imagine being in one of the greatest UKHC bands ever as well as making some of the most forward thinking killer Drum & Bass of all time? Over to you Tom!

Reckless Records has played a BIG role in my addiction of acquiring music for decades now, weather it was Soho, or Islington, Chicago, even San Francisco where i remember visiting when i stayed at the Maximum Rock N Roll headquarters around the corner from Haight Street and finding an original copy of the Stimulators – Loud Fast Rules 7” for $2. My host Tim Yohannon absolutely freaked out as it was a major hole in his ginormous green tape bound record collection (I traded him for a mint copy of the Minor Threat 7”) – which made me momentarily think about writing a top ten bargains ive found at Reckless over the years – but i’d hate to gloat…….
Instead i will list my top ten favourite purchases ive bought from the various Reckless locations of the years – in no particular order and from a very hazy memory:
1. The Outsiders – Close Up – Raw Edge Records
Im a big Adrian Borland fan, the first two The Sound albums are amongst my favs from that era so I was excited to learn about the Outsiders, previously assuming they were a 60’s garage band. I prefer the sleeve to their debut album Calling On Youth but musically this one is better and shows their direction coming from their punk roots.
2. Phantasm – Original Soundtrack – Gem Records
Soundtracks have always been a big influence on the sound of Klute. Fortunately I was lucky to catch the horror soundtrack bug in the late 80’s when you could pick up video nasty soundtracks for peanuts. This is one of my all time favs as its actually really good and really captures the essence of the movie – which is an all time classic. Unfortunately my missus wont let me play whenever shes about.
3. The Scientist – The Best dub Album In The World – JB Music
In the early 80’s I was subjected to dub & reggae in a big way simply going to parties in London with my big sisters, and after a few years of hesitation I started to listen closer and eventually started buying it in abundance.
This isnt the greatest dub album in the world but for me its certainly one of The Scientist’s best. Its definitely my favourite sleeve.
4. Various – Techno Classics Volume 1 – Rising High
This was a CD purchase from the store in San Francisco and i mention it because this was a major gateway record for me. Living in the US at the time i was mostly hearing Euro techno trance and these guys brought something much dirtier from London.
This is a desert Island disc for me and The Hypnotist – House Is Mine and Project One – Smokin are amongst my all time life changing tunes.
5. D.O.A. – Hardcore 81 – Sudden Death
More than anything I wanted the Stupids to sound just like DOA until i realised no one else sounds like DOA, the greatest band to ever come from Canada. Hardcore 81 was a call to arms and underlined the name and time of what we were all following.
Both their first 2 albums are equally essential but this ones got “I Dont Give A Shit” on it so it just pips it to the post.
6. Various – This Is Boston Not L.A. – Modern Method
One of the greatest Hardcore Comps of all time, coming out of Boston, one of the most intense scenes in the US in the early 80’s. Absolutely blistering tunes from Gang Green before they went to total shit, Jerry’s Kids, The Freeze, The Proletariat, The F.U’s. all amazing stuff smacking you right between the eyes. Nothing could compare in the UK at the time. A great account of some of the best music out of the Boston area, sadly missing tunes from SS Decontrol, D.Y.S and more obscure bands from the suburbs like Deep Wound & Impact Unit.
7. Noise Factory – Urban Music – Limited E
This is the tune that famously sampled Phil Collins – In The Air Tonight which i first heard in a record shop in 92 and stupidly didnt buy because it took me ages to find it due to the chaotic nature of Limited E – random cat numbers and using the same coloured labels for different releases – which sums it all up for me really – the way it should be, anonymous and faceless mysterious jungle transmissions from the dirty city. Completely random as if they sampled anything they could lay their hands on. A big influence on Klute
8. Suburban Knight – Art Of Stalking – Transmat
Possibly the greatest track ever made by one of the greatest producers from Detroit. James Pennington is a massive influence on me, both musically and his attitude. If you dont own this then you should feel ashamed of yourself.
9. Skanna – Find Me – Skanna
An absolute gem of a tune, totally timeless, underrated at the time and I still feel is largely ignored. Definitely one of the best examples of atmospheric D&B from the mid 90’s. Intricate funky breaks, lush pads and beautiful melancholic female vocals. Find it.
10. Siege – Drop Dead – Deep Six
A relative late comer for USHC, originally released as a cassette only in 1984. In 1985 the Stupids were getting into full swing and we were tape trading throughout the world and this is when we first heard Siege, through badly dubbed copies of this insane and blistering set. Thing was, they had already split up and there was no way this was ever going to get a proper release…..There have been some bootlegs and poor cd issues over the years but it wasnt until Deep Six issued this properly on 12” that it felt that justice had been served to one of the greatest hardcore recordings of all time.


Thanks so much Tom!

And thanks to you for reading!

Till next week



Pre Halloween Special!!!! Including a spooky Top Ten from Thogdin Ripley

Hello there!

This blog was written whilst listening to…

Crazy week !! Super, super busy. Plus we got a ramp downstairs to skate on check it out…

Expect some of us to have broken bones over the next few months. All the reductions have been done now, and they are really flying out. We still have loads to put out and we will keep topping them up as they sell.

What we bought::

  1. The nice chap who sold us a load of decent Metal LPs came back and this time had even better stuff. Lots of killer Death, Thrash, Speed and Heavy Metal!! Titles from Coroner, Deceased, Destruction, Hadez, Slayer (Arizona), Strife, Budgie, Samurai, Kreator, Metallica, Saxon, Mass, Helstar, Armoured Saint etc. We are big fans of Metal at Reckless so we are very happy to get these in. A batch of these have gone out already!
  2. My pal who comes in every week popped in with another great mixed bag of Punk, Reggae, Psych and DIY. With a few rarer titles this time including an original colour vinyl issue of Emperor Tomato Ketchup by Stereolab as well as bits from The Door & The Window, Big Youth, The Stoat, Stiff Little Fingers, Psych comps, Delta 5, The Only Ones, Spherical Objects, Frank Zappa, Kaleidoscope, Modern Eon, Throbbing Gristle, Clock DVA, Slab etc.
  3. Various deluxe editions of titles by Pearl Jam, Pavement, Cavern of Anti Matter and titles on Blue Note. All vinyl.
  4. 10 Hip Hop 45s including a few rare ones from Guru.
  5. Big whack of Reggae and Soul including a few rarities from Dawn Penn, Tonto Irie and more 80s stuff.
  6. Another pal brought in more of the usual Italo Disco with the added bonus of some Detestation and Gasp LPs!
  7. Loads more Classical titles came in (this time from Pakistan!). A few rarer titles than the last batch.
  8. Ultra rare copy of Water on cassette by Conor Oberst (from Bright Eyes). This has sold for over £300 in the past!
  9. Loadsa Beatles! Including some rare foreign colour vinyl issues (official don’t worry) and a Wedding Album box which we haven’t had in for ages. We also bought a load of standard LPs and 45s.
  10. More Hip Hop including titles from Black Moon, A Tribe Called Quest, Ice Cube etc. All OG.
  11. Mixed bag from one seller: Baroness, The Horrors and various titles on Awesome Tapes From Africa.
  12. Toru sold in loads of mad stuff this week, including lots of Jungle, lots of Jazz and loads of Soul. Also lots more Japanese titles.
  13. Someone who sold us a load of bog standard Rock and Pop vinyl also sold us a rare Prince 45.
  14. Some nice CDs from The Go Betweens, Bob Dylan, Jeff Buckley, Robin Williamson and The Beatles.
  15. More from another regular this time LPs and 12s from ESG, The Damned, The Animals and Serpent Power.
  16. Another regular brought in a top batch including LPs from Jimi Hendrix, Psychmagik, Flying Lotus, Otis Redding, Numero, Light In The Attic, Dirtbombs, Bo Diddley, Belle & Sebastian, Rodriguez,  Bob Dylan, Nina Simone, Jorge Ben and The White Stripes.
  17. Tom has sold in loads of records to make some money for his trip to Japan. LPs from Husker Du, Slayer, The Replacements, Fucked Up, Velvet Underground, The Sweet (the amazing Identity Crisis LP), The Exploited, Electro Hippies, Art Ensemble Of Chicago etc.

Some wicked bits have gone out this week::

Loads of reductions and cheap stock, we have been working through our basement to make room for the ramp and got rid of loads of things. They’re flying out.

90s Techno, Deep House, Tech House, Acid, Trance – all that business. Loads of really rare titles, priced to sell.

Indie 45s – loads of them!

Rock and Pop 45s – standard titles but clean.

Classical – bags of it.

Hardcore Punk – loads of wicked titles.

Downtempo/Trip Hop LPs and 12″s.

Classic Rock from The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Cream etc.

More Jazz.

Aggressive Dubstep.

This weeks Top Ten is from Thogdin Ripley


Thogdin’s one half of Hexus Press, who’ve just released Oliver Zarandi’s book of ‘tender body horror’ Soft Fruit in the Sun. When not squinting at books he co-runs Norwich’s finest (also: only) krautrock, prog and experimental disco night, Long Swords.

 1. O Thanatos Tis Baby Jane — Giorgos Hatzinasios

Nikos Nikolaidis’ 1987 sci-fi film Morning Patrol sits somewhere between the soul-crushing ennui of Stalker and the greasy neon of the original Bladerunner. The soundtrack takes a sort of a sub-Hovis commercial refrain and repeats it, bleeding through its pastoral suggestiveness into — perhaps unsurprisingly —territory that’s firmly Vangelis.  By the time this wonderfully titled track appears, everything in the film is doomed (but of course), and the original refrain has been reduced to little more than a mournful electronic wash over some spidery synths. The perfect soundtrack for simply trying to survive in a crumbling and ruined city ruled over by a totalitarian state.

2. Bei Mir — Turo

Starting just as grimly as Thanatos & Baby Jane left us, Turo’s post-Krautrock track develops slowly into something warmer and beautifully avant-pop. In my mind this is the wonky, slightly queasy background music to the best sleep it’s possible to have.

3. Etude No.3 — Henry Warwick

Originally released on cassette in in 1987, Canadian soundscapist Warwick’s collection of evocative instrumental tracks are available as pay-as-you-feel through his bandcamp page, and amazingly hasn’t ever seen a vinyl issue. Of them, Etude No.3 is my favourite, with its quietly sighing Korg and deeply meditative structure, reminiscent of the slow and resonant formation of crystals. It’s only a shame it doesn’t last for another 40 minutes or so.

4. Selig Die Barmherzigen, Denn Sie Werden Erbarmen Finden — Hubert Bognermayr & Harald Zuschrader

Ex-Eela Craig, Bognermayr and Zuschrader’s extraordinary Bergpredigt is a concept album based around Christ’s sermon on the mount. And why not? Praised at the time by Wendy Carlos for their veracity, I came across this LP earlier this year, and it’s been driving my better half mental ever since.  This is perhaps the ‘easiest’ track from it, but the whole thing hangs together as a sort of a rambling, episodic and repetitive descent into a kind of a Christian computer music that I didn’t know I loved ‘til discovering it. My copy has a promotional sticker declaiming it  “1. Preis des Internationalen Christlichen Radiofestivals”, which can’t be said for any of the other LPs in my care. Is their really any higher praise?

5.  Go — Kashmir

What better than the sound of heavy steps through cold rain on these sodden October days?  Kashmir’s late (1979) entry to the annals of French prog is a pretty solid LP, containing at least three (!) good tracks.  Go encapsulates everything I like about their sound — combining as it does a certain cheesiness in the keyboards with an otherworldly vocal, which manages to suggest that they really do take the whole thing very seriously. Expansive and, on record (and maybe most importantly), still relatively inexpensive.

6. Ressurector —  Bernard Szajner

Szajner’s perhaps most famous for inventing the Syeringe — the laser harp that Jean Michel Jarre grandly postured at for his stage shows — but is also well known in recordmen circles for releasing that ‘is-it-terrible-or-not?’ Visions of Dune LP under the simple moniker of Zed. This, from his excellently titled Some Deaths Take Forever, sounds like it could almost be a harsher outtake from Eno’s Before and After Science, and deals with a prisoner’s dream of escape from his cell.

7. Mass — Mass

A good friend turned me on to this earlier this year, and it’s been a soundtrack to my singe-handedly renovating a house for the last few months. DIY is not my forte, alas, so the yelped refrain of “Heeeeeelp… is on it’s… waaaaaay”, when it *so clearly isn’t*, has become an ironic rallying cry for me as I saw through a water pipe, or electrocute myself, or accidentally knock down a load-bearing wall.

8. Music to Kill Your Parents By — B.E.F.

Did I mention that it’s my childhood home I’m renovating? My dreams have been filled to brimming with a certain Oedipal sizzle, naturally, and what better than this sparse and spooky bit of electro from two of The Human League to really drive in that nail?

9. Rhapsody in Druz — Robbie Basho

I’ve been revisiting this a lot of late. Basho, who sounds like nothing else, excels even himself on his Persian-inspired LP, Zarthus. The whole LP is utterly transporting — and sounds like he’s reinventing music from some distant star — but it’s this closing, twenty-minute long epic that really blows me away. Merging religious iconography with tales of high romanticism, Basho showcases a deliberately ham-fisted, muddy piano playing that’s a counterpoint to his more familiar guitar style, and which perfectly suits his booming, unapologetically operatic delivery. It’s overblown, in some ways kitsch as all hell and strikingly bizarre, yet when he sings “If you break my heart… I will die”, Basho leaves the listener with no recourse but to believe him absolutely. Utterly astonishing from start to finish.

10. Un Jour… La Mort — Catherine Ribeiro + Alpes

Another totally deep-fried epic, as close to the sound of ecstasy itself as the agit-punk-hippies Ribeiro + Alpes ever got. Un Jour… La Mort deals, as the title suggests, with an everyday expiration — but subverts it. The narrator, stalked by that “great demonic woman”, death, manages to seduce her would-be captor by poetically describing the wretched state of the world, resulting in the closing, whirling passage that makes up the last five minutes of the song: the sounds of new birth, and the terrible crow-calls of death, defeated. Dear listener, If you actually manage to sit through the last two songs on this playlist uninterrupted, and without being reduced to tears — or indeed rubble — then I can only salute you.


Thanks Thogdin!!!

And thanks to you for reading,

till next week.

Major Reductions!


This Blog was written to the sounds of..

Really busy at Reckless this week as per usual. Most of the week was taken up with the reductions. So everything that had been out for a while got the price slashed. Some titles had serious price reductions!! The cheaps are now overflowing with great records and cds and are flying out… We also have a massive reserve to keep topping them up so I recommend popping in a lot if you are after a bargain. Sections which got the most major reductions were New House/Techno, 2000’s Drum & Bass, US House, Indie Rock, Rock/Pop, Electro/Old School Rap, 60’s, Folk, Trad Jazz and 70s Singer Songwriter. Lots of titles that are £20+ on Discogs are now out in the racks for £1-£4.

As well as doing the reductions we’ve also been setting up a few collections for the future and preparing the basement for our new halfpipe!!

Whats come in….

  1. Big R.E.M. vinyl collection – with all sorts of rare and obscure bits. Including LPs, 12″s, 45s, remix 12″s and all sorts of compilations. Some have a bit of sleeve damage but most are ok.
  2. Fairly regular buyer and seller brought in a sick pile of records from: Commodo, Derrick Harriott, Spacemen 3, Factory Floor, Chris & Cosey, Ramadanman, Afrobeat comps, Dub LPs.
  3. More from another new regular seller: 90’s Drum & Bass/Jungle : Reinforced, Good Looking, Moving Shadow: Paradox, LTJ Bukem, Manix, Danny Breaks, The Invisible Man, Ratty….
  4. Some Top Notch Classic Rock from Van Der Graaf Generator, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Led Zeppelin, Colosseum, Deep Purple, Pink Floyd, The Who. All original LPs.
  5. Nice Indie/Post Rock CD collection featuring artists such as Grouper, Wilco, Swans, Will Oldham, Cat Power, Dirty Three, The Wicker Man soundtrack, Chromatics, Susumo Yokota etc.
  6. Big collection of Beatles and related LPs and Box sets. Loads of really nice titles. Also a bit of Neil Young, Captain Beefheart, Jefferson Airplane, Grateful Dead.
  7. Little smattering of Folk LPs and a few Caravan titles.
  8. Some absolutely filthy wobbly Dubstep on the Tempa label.
  9. Good pal of mine brought in a nice box with some Roots Reggae 45s, LPs from Pete Townsend, Vangelis, Exotica, Classical.
  10. Toru sold in a load more great records featuring some Roots Reggae 12″s, Japanese Jazz LPs, some House and Techno and a few Exotica LPs.
  11. Another seller brought in a huge pile of wicked records which included US and Classic Indie, Soft Machine, Big Star, Bert Jansch – and many more great titles.
  12. More CDs from another seller. Lots of new releases including artists such as Thee Oh Sees, Iron Maiden, Magma, Spirit etc.
  13. One for the rockers a small pile of LPs from Queen, Kiss and Orange Goblin.
  14. Nice pile of Modern Composition LPs and CDs from artists such as Steve Reich, Alva Noto, John Cage and Philip Glass.
  15. Big pile of Korean LPs, Arthur Russell LP and a Smiths promo CD box set from one seller with a varied music taste.
  16. Various LPs from smaller purchases including artists such as Casper Brotzmann, Dead Kennedys, The Deviants, T Rex, Metallica, New Order, Steve Marriott, Container, Roky Erickson, Michael Mantler, Chris Farlowe, Bob Dylan, Blue Cheer etc.


Despite us doing the reductions loads of new titles have still gone out this week….

A) Jazz, including rare originals and reissues of rare spiritual Jazz titles

B) Classic Rock LPs

C) Death Metal CDs

D) Drum & Bass

E) 90s Techno

F) CD Box sets

G) Jazz CDs

No Top Ten this week

Here’s a picture from a collection I bought a few weeks ago (from which loads of titles are still yet to go out)

I’m off to watch The Dead Zone.

Till next week!




All Across The Board – and a Rory Milanes Top Ten!

Howdy from Reckless!

This was written to the sounds of..

Another jam-packed week! Lets go! What came in…

  1. Tom was out at a big Jazz CD collection in West London. There are roughly 1500 titles, which include an awful lot of ECM titles in great condition (with the slipcases!).
  2. Very big Classical collection (I believe it was around 800 titles) came in. These are mostly very clean indeed and very much priced to sell. Plenty of titles on the Deutsche Grammophon label.
  3. One of our regular sellers popped in with a great batch of LPs and 45s. The better titles were a few rare Reggae 45s from Val Bennett (the amazing “The Russians Are Coming” backed with the Caribeans “Butterflies”) as well as some great ones from Junior Delgado, Bob Marley, Burning Spear etc. Also a few rare Soul and Funk 45s and some LPs from Sun Ra.
  4. Another solid regular popped in with some excellent CDs (Punk, Ambient, Psychedelic, Reggae) as well as some great Punk 45s (The Dils, Court Martial, Blitz) and plenty of Psych and Afrobeat LPs.
  5. One of our regular shoppers brought in a few piles of decent LPs to trade which included lots of Garage Revival LPs, The Pink Fairies “Never-Neverland” (an original issue with the plastic outer!), Dan Melchoir, Stetasonic, Julianna Hatfield, Pucho & The Latin Soul Brothers, New Age Steppers etc.
  6. Charles brought in a load of really killer CDs which included loads of Improv and Jazz (including AMM, Evan Parker, Stan Tracey) and the amazing ECM Art Ensemble Of Chicago CD box set.
  7. Someone brought in a big pile of newish titles on LP from James Blake, David Bowie, Connan Mockasin, Girls, Ariel Pink, Fat White Family, Yeah Yeah Yeahs etc.
  8. Fantastic 60s EP collection came in – which consisted mainly of foreign picture sleeves. A mixture between very cheap and expensive – but they’re all really nice. Aretha Franklin, The Doors, Jethro Tull, Bob Dylan, Deep Purple, The Who, The Move, Small Faces, Fleetwood Mac. There are also quite a few French artists EPs.
  9. Nice pile of Jungle and Drum n Bass from 93-98. Loads of Reinforced/Formation/Suburban Base titles: Paradox, Manix, Nucleus, Andy C (the rare Bass Logic EP), Tango, Seba, Danny Breaks…
  10. More Indie rock titles that are pretty hard to find on vinyl from The Wedding Present, Suede, Oasis, The Field Mice etc.
  11. The seller who the previous week had brought in all the classic West Coast titles was back with a big batch of LPs from Janis Joplin (and Big Brother & The Holding Company, Bob Dylan, Donovan, Friends Of Distinction etc.
  12. Another copy of Horror Business from The Misfits turned up (the Yellow/Gold vinyl issue). Apparently a bunch were left int he UK after their infamous trip to the UK which was referenced in the track “London Dungeon”.

Some amazing titles went out this week (as well as a lot mentioned above)…

A) An awful lot of House, Techno and UK Garage (including loads more rarities and Detroit Techno biggies)

B) Insane amount of 45s – including lots of Indie Rock (all the Stone Roses titles for example).

C) Lots of really interesting titles on the Avant side: William Burroughs, Stockhausen, Coil, Steve Reich…

D) More original Warp promos from Aphex Twin, LFO, Autechre.

E) Major Classic Rock LP bits from Yes, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Cream…

F) More Death and Black Metal CDs and Tapes.

G) Jazz LPs

H) Big 90s and 00’s Indie LPs from Radiohead, Oasis, Air, The Dandy Warhols, Goldfrapp etc.

I) Loads of Beatles and Apple Recording artists.

Plenty more wild and interesting collections coming up watch this space!

This week we have a Top Ten from our friend Rory Milanes!

Wicked DJ, amazing skateboarder and all round top geezer!




  1. Romanthony – The Wanderer (Black Male). Deep deep record! I have the “prescription” copy. “Journey Man Thump” is my most loved tune on this record. It has that amazing intro of him playing the guitar. It’s like a proper blues track – a black man singing his heart out. The lyrics really strike you. “There’s nothing left for me, no matter where I go. I’ll just keep on wandering until I loose control” “The cd Remix” I absolutely love that track too.
  2. Jeff Mills – Humana (AXIS). This record is so incredible. From the start to finish. I like how there’s the short ambient opener and then “Gamma player” drops. It really hit’s you in a powerful way. This was the first Jeff Mills song I had ever heard. Gamma Player is a masterpiece, and Jeff Mills is still the king!
  3. Maurzio – Domina. The Maurizio mix – “Um TIS um TIS um TIS um TIS”! What an absolute banger! Sounds so good every time. I love this shit!
    The Carl Craig remix on the flip side. “Domina, Domina, Domina… then the bass kicks in OH MY GOD!!!!
    The tittle comes from an old Manuel Gottching track called “die dominas” which doesn’t sound like the original at all but it’s so sick how he turned it into this track. I love this era of Carl Craig.
  4. Rhythim is Rhythim (Transmat)- Kaotic Harmony. “Kaotic Harmony” I feel is a masterpiece too. There’s nothing on the planet like it. He’s a bloody genius! It was really amazing to see the keyboard in Submerge that he used to create all his amazing records with. Those strings you hear; you just know it’s Derrick May. My favourite thing about this record is that it was his last record (in 97 or something) and he just went out with such an amazing tune. I really really rate that.
  5. Robert Hood – Movable parts chapter 2 (M-Plant). It’s hard to pick my favourite Robert Hood record. He made so many amazing tracks and still seems to be putting out more. I first heard the the Untitled B1 tune on a Spencer Kincy mix. It’s quite a crazy track but I love it how the bass comes in and out. When I found the record and listened to the other side at home; I was completely blown away by the tune on the other side “The Grey Area”. It’s so dark and weird at the same time. It has such an epic intro. I love all the unusual sounds in it too. This is my favourite Robert Hood 12”!
  6. Underground Resistance – World 2 World (UR) How could I even begin to pick my favourite UR record? This was the first UR record that I heard, so that makes it special. I remember first hearing it… “WHAT”S THAT??”! It’s so quality! All the tracks are different, but all still have that classic UR sound.
  7. Claude Young and Terrence Parker – 4 play EP (DOW). Banging collaboration! Banging label! Two of some of my favourite producers making music together. So killer!! Every tune is next level.
  8. Phuture Acid tracks – “Acid Tracks”!!! I love that it just starts like a basic house tune and then gradually all the acid sounds come in and then it’s just going completely mental all of a sudden. Then on the B side “your only friend”. Everyone loves this track! How could you not? Crazy vocals; it’s like it’s the devil speaking! The baseline is so hard. Marshall Jefferson always had banging baselines. I love playing this out to wake people up!
  9. Aaron Carl – Crucified (soul city). I can’t even go on about how deep this record is. “Begging for attention from a world who doesn’t care, those who loved me also lied… I might as well be crucified”. Aaron Carl forever! RIP
  10. Ron Trent and Braxton Holmes – 12 Inches of pleasure (clubhouse). “Ron’s Foreplay” is my favourite from the EP. It’s so stylish. It always puts me in a good mood when I hear it. “Intercourse” to be fair, is just as amazing. I love those clicks and everything about it! It sounds so good coming in to another record.

Thanks Rory!!!!!!


And thanks to you for reading, till next week!





Back In The Day


This blog was written to:

Massive week !!!

This is what we bought:

  1. I bought an absolutely killer collection from an old friend of mine (we used to work together in Nottinghams’ Selectadisc a long time ago). I reckon it’s just shy of a thousand titles – and covers most genres going: Freakbeat, Soul, Funk, Indie, Britpop, Breaks, Jungle, Drum n Bass, Hip Hop, Reggae, Dub, Classic Rock, Sixties, Mod, Library, Exotica, Garage, Punk, Easy Listening, Trip Hop, House, Metal, Psych, Hard Rock – you name it! Some examples of some of the artists: Queens Of The Stone Age, PJ Harvey, Eek-A-Mouse, The Creation, The Who, Small Faces, Leftfield, Johnny Clarke, Nine The Observer, The Prodigy, Black Sabbath, Soledad Brothers, James Brown, The Rolling Stones, Krome & Time, Neil Young, Remarc, Turbonegro, Motorpsycho, The Soundtrack Of Our Lives,  Supergrass, Black Keys, Devendra Banhart, Zakary Thaks, Love, Muddy Waters, Blowfly, Probot, Foo Fighters, The Zombies, The Attack, Sex Pistols, Dennis Brown, Big Youth, Sly & The Family Stone, Lyn Collins, Brian Eno, Roxy Music, Velvet Underground, The Seeds, Suicide, Dr John, Atomic Rooster, 13th Floor Elevators, Mount Eerie, Pink Floyd, The Charlatans, The Monks, The Stone Roses and millions more. There are tonnes of Breaks/Soul/Funk compilations – including some pretty collectable ones! There are also lots of Funky/Easy/Exotica/Library comps which you don’t see much these days. It’s an absolutely killer collection – and I’ll write a bit more about it as we get it out.
  2. Toru bought a small but great Jazz collection in South London. It included several really rare titles from Ian Carr/Don Rendell (as well as one titles just credited to Don Rendell called Roarin’), Tubby Hayes, John Coltrane, The New Jazz Orchestra (featuring Neil Ardley, Michael Gibbs, Henry Lowther etc), Ronnie Scott, Miles Davis, Harold McNair, Nucleus etc. Large portion of these have already gone out and sold – but we’ve got a few more to put out. These titles never last long in the shop – a testament to how good they are!
  3. Large pile of Finders Keepers and related bits came in – including lots of great reissues of interesting obscurities as well as some contemporary titles.
  4. Tom was out at another Metal CD collection – I believe it was mostly contemporary/alternative Metal. There were also some more standard Rock LPs.
  5. Lots more alternative Indie/80s bits in this week from The Smiths, Cocteau Twins, The KLF, New Order and Joy Division. LPs and 12″s – flying out.
  6. More Jungle and Drum & Bass – this time including several rare Congo Natty LPs.
  7. Big stack of Beatles LPs came in this week from several different sellers. UK and US pressings, originals and older reissues. One of the sellers also sold in some super clean Classic Rock from Kate Bush, Cream, Tracy Chapman and Blind Faith.
  8. Nice little pile of 45s from Aretha Franklin, Fairport Convention, The Byrds, Otis Clay, The House Of Love, Francois Hardy, Cat Power, Lee Perry, Art Blakey from two different sellers.
  9. Another friend of mine brought in the usual mixture of Punk/Psych/Reggae – LPs, CDs and 45s. Some Riot City 7″s.
  10. Talking of Riot City 45s Tom also bought in some along with a great pile of Power Pop and Punk rarities – and also a Headcleaners 45! These should be going out sometime soon.
  11. We bought tonnes of tapes this week – from Classic Rock titles to Avant Garde (Lustmord, NWW etc) to Drum & Bass tape packs (a lot of One Nation and Innovation packs).
  12. Yesterday a very nice chap was over from France with an absolutely amazing pile of records to sell. It was a mixture of Detroit Techno, Dub Techno, House, UK Electro Techno, Ambient, Industrial, C86, Industrial, Folk, Noise…with titles from Felt, Shirley Collins, Underground Resistance, Deepchord, Davina, William S Burroughs, Organum, Mississippi mix tapes, Clock DVA, Vox Populi, Current 93, Coil, Pan Sonic, Stasis, Asmus Tietchens, Model 500 etc. These should be going out soon.

Also plenty of vinyl from David Bowie, Joe Gibbs, Elvis, Bauhaus, Stereolab, Thomas Leer, UFO, Bob James, Blur, Madonna, The Cure, Napalm Death, Godflesh, Talking Heads, My Chemical Romance, Porcupine Tree, Fleet Foxes, Gandalf, Jethro Tull, Genesis, Arctic Monkeys, Boards Of Canada, Neu….

We’ve got loads of great stuff out this week:

A) Classic Rock LPs

B) Reggae and Dub 12″s and LPs

C) Death and Black Metal CDs and Cassettes

E) Punk LPs (including a perfect Buzzcocks debut with the outer bag)

F) Psych LPs

G) Tonnes of Jazz

H) Loads of Techno/House (including lots of rarities)

I) A lot of Trance 12″s

J) Lots of new Cheaps

K) Rock and Pop CDs

L) Avant Garde LPs

M) African LPs


This weeks Top Ten is fromDavid “Toast” Rumsey! Dave plays Reggae, Ska, Rocksteady and Soul records and is from Ramsgate. He also writes the Zine “Spirit Of 69” – which I can highly recommend! Heres an introduction in his own words… “Cheers bit of background, been a skinhead since 79 got into ska reggae via two tone, did a fanzine in late 80s which got me a job with one stop music, worked on mail order, written sleeve notes for a number of releases mostly punk and oi, but most recent was for Trojan’s first monkey business cd, which is now out on LP. Started DJing off and on around mid 90s, but around 98 got asked to DJ at a ska punk club in London, called sublime, which ran until 2003, played ska and us punk, but used to seek in studio one classics now and again.  Started dj authentic tunes in Margate around 2008, set up a small club, called the ska shack, which grew to small but regular events. Now have skagate a three day festival in Margate, and our Christmas cracker. Do an online radio show on dance web radio, on a Thursday night, 7.30 till 9.30 playing a mix of old and new, ska reggae,dub roots etc. Produce a fanzine called spirit of 69 for skinheads and lovers of the scene.”


Here we go…

Reckless Top Ten

Slickers, Nana, Blue Cat, BS 134, A Side, £60

One of the cheaper more popular Blue cat, a great Riddim, which Lee Perry also used as a basis for Dollar In The Teeth.

Audrey, Love Me Tonight, Downtown, DT414, A Side, £60

A Great sticky tune, produced by Brother Dan, which is of course is Dandy Livingstone, so English produced. It’s a stomping tune, that never fails to fill the Dance Floor. Audrey later become a Lovers
Rock Singer.

Maytals, Night and Day, Trojan, TR7711B, B side, £3.50

This B side is a big dance floor filler, it seems that not may know about as its over shadowed by the A side which Is Monkey Man. A single most self respecting Reggae Fans should have in their collection. Flip it over and check out Night and Day.

Audrey And The Dreamers, I second That Emotion, Downtown, DT408, A side, £25.00

English produced by Dandy Livingstone, and sung by the legendary Audrey. A Cover of the Smokey Robinson and the miracles Motown classic. Its a simple Reggae tune, that has a great Bass line.

Reids All Stars, H.E.L.L.5, Torpedo, Tor 23, B side, £149.00

A fast fighting Reggae tune, chunking bass line, its skinhead reggae at its best. I picked this up in the 80’s from oldies unlimited, 50 reggae singles for a tenner, 20 of them were on the Torpedo label, but most were pretty bland. With Mafia on the A side a great double sider.

The Sensations,I’ll always Love You, Gas, 118, B side, £110.00

1969 produced by Winston Riley, who founded the Techiques in 1962 one of the greatest rocksteady bands. He is best know for producing the most sampled Riddim “Stalag Riddim”. The Sensations also went under the name of the Mad Lads, who they were im not sure. This is again a B side but the a side is just as good “Wanted” By Baba Dise.

The Tennors,Cherry, Crab 36, B side, £80.00

I love this early reggae tune which has a Rocksteady feel. The Vocals are magnificent, its a joy to behold blasting from the speakers..

Winston James and the Hot Rod All-Stars, Gal I think your nice, Tor 4, A side, £80.00

Produced by Lambert Brisco who ran the Hot rod Sound System in Brixton a great producer of Skinhead Reggae. The Hot Rod All Stars who featured some of the Cimarons. His tune uses the great Jesse James riddim. The flip is a nice Skinhead Reggae Instrumental as well.

Thanks Dave!!


and thanks for reading, till next week!


Mega House & Techno collection – plus much more!

Salut from Reckless!

This Blog was written to the sounds of..

This Blog was written in the middle of the Cotswolds – in the aftermath of two good friends getting married! Congrats to Lucy and Ren!

This week was mostly taken up by one big purchase (for me anyway) so lets get started on this weeks purchases..

  1. One of the biggest and best Dance collections we’ve bought for ages came in last week. I had to be up at the crack of dawn and trek across London to a beautiful flat in sunny Richmond. A long time collector/journalist (and much more) had a massive collection (I think its around 5000-5500 titles). It is mostly Electronic music – including a lot of premium House and Techno. There are a lot of white labels as they got sent a lot of titles for free – some of them have handwritten notes from top producers and label heads such as Mad Mike. As you can probably guess there is a lot of Detroit Techno and Chicago House. The Detroit Techno is absolutely top drawer: Underground Resistance, Moodymann, Robert Hood, Carl Craig, Drexciya, Model 500, Jeff Mills. As is the Chicago: Trax, Ron Trent, Prescription, Boo Williams, Relief Records, Dance Mania, Chez Damier. There is also a lot of Classic Electronic music from artists like Global Communication, Aphex Twin (including white labels of classic titles from Polygon Window and Gak), Leftfield, Underworld, Daft Punk, The Black Dog, Reload, Likemind titles, Autechre. Some harder Trance/Techno/Acid – including a lot of very collectable titles from Spiral Tribe, Laurent Garnier, Basic Channel, Acid Junkies etc. Lots of amazing UK Garage – including a few really rare ones (from artists like Ordinary People, Industry Standard, Confetti Records, Anthill Mob…). Lots of Boys Own/Balaeric stuff and Classic UK House. Also a tonne of Jungle/Drum n Bass – including original Metalheadz/Moving Shadow/Good Looking promos and a lot of super clean LPs. The rock stuff was decent too – Stone Roses, Ride, My Bloody Valentine, Sonic Youth, Slowdive etc. The condition is mostly really good although a few of the LPs have a big of sleeve damage. There are also a lot of much cheaper titles as you always get with every collection so be sure to check the Cheap Dance section – as there will be some really good budget 12″s and LPs going out very soon. All in all it is a proper amazing collection and I’m so happy we bought it. These are going to be slowly going out over time but there should be something new for you every time you come in. As ever I will try to keep on top of getting bits on our Instagram so you can see when a big batch has gone out. Some of the rarer titles went out on Saturday morning.
  2. Ben bought in several batches of MPB/Tropicalia this week. Nothing too rare but some decent LPs from Tim Maia, Ellis Regina, Caetano Veloso, Milton Nascimento etc. I believe these have all gone out now.
  3. I bought in a decent stack of LPs and 12″s for trade from someone – nice titles from The JB’s, Aretha Franklin, De La Soul, Bootsy Collins, Curtis Fuller, Flora Purim and the great Beat Classic Electro comp which I played to death when it came out thanks to the recommendation from Rachel at Selectadisc.
  4. Plenty more Chinese/Singapore/Malaysian LPs came in – more Surf, Sixties, Beat titles – as well as a nice batch of Highlife LPs including an E.T.Mensah LP which was really good and a decent Fela Kuti LP.
  5. Another big batch of LPs from one of our pals – including a mixture of Indie Rock, Garage/Psych revival (Thee Oh Sees, Plastic Crimewave, Jay Reatard), Modern Classical, Thai Funk compilations, modern Electronic 12″s, Punk LPs and a series of Demdike Stare mixtapes.
  6. More Jazz from a regular seller including original titles as well as various reissues of incredibly pricey titles.
  7. 100 interesting CDs from one seller which included titles from Thee Oh Sees, The Fall, Creation Rebel, Acid Mothers Temple, Fennesz, Ornette Coleman, Les Rallizes Denudes etc.
  8. Pal of mine popped up and traded in a pile of Hardcore/Jungle and some Pop/Rock including titles from Madonna and The Doors.
  9. Big ol pile of Prog reissue CDs including titles from Affinity, Forest, UFO, Pink Floyd, July, Faust etc.
  10. Nice pile of Reggae including the Trojan Dancehall box set, Ken Boothe, Burning Spear etc.
  11. Also plenty of King Crimson CDs, Numero compilations, more Psych comp LPs, Queens Of The Stoneage LPs, Will Oldham/Palace LPs, Scout Niblett titles, rare colour vinyl Dead Kennedys, Prince Buster LPs, Miles Davis LPs, loads of Motown reissue 45s,

So much good stuff went out this week::::

A) Tonnes of the Metal CDs and Cassettes – these are flying out

B) Lots of new House and Techno

C) More Folk LPs

D) Lots of “cool” LPs including reissues of rare Soul LPs, German Ambient, Post Punk, UK Dub…

E) More Indie and Pop/Rock 45s (Including a tonne of Kate Bush 45s)

F) Some good 80s Indie Rock from Sarah Records to Felt

G) More Drum n Bass

H) Reggae/Ska CDs

I) More brand new Reissues including the Rodriguez titles – Oasis titles are back in this week!

J) Reggae 45s (mixture of Reissues and Originals)

More big collections up this week! Keep checking the Instagram or even better pop in the shop!

This weeks Top Ten is from Dan Burrows AKA DJ Drexl! Quite simply if it wasn’t for Dan the only nights out in Canterbury would be Jump Up DNB. And he’s only gone and done us a Top Ten music videos…

  1. Danni Minogue – Baby Love


Super cheesy pop video choreography. Everyone looking way too good for it to be acceptable. But it’s ok, Steve Hurley’s smashed in a tonne of swing, a sick lately bass sequenced throughout the whole thing, all of the m1 piano and a divine chorus.


  1. Sueño Latino Feat. Carolina Damas ‎– Sueño Latino


A visual representation of dreamy Italian, saxed up, whispery vocal deep house.


  1. Frankie Knuckles – The Whistle Song


I wasn’t going to put this in but there’s a parrot on a flute and Frankie is just so damn happy.


  1. Nicole May – Runnin’ Away


Like a lot of 90s RnB singles, the house mixes tend to be produced by either Steve Silk Hurley or E-Smooth. In this case it’s E-Smooth and it’s a thing of splendor.


  1. Lidell Townsell – Nu Nu (Club Mix)


Questionable subject matter but worth watching just for the sweet 90s street wear inspiration. Sick chorus too, ‘mmm mmm yeah yeah’.


  1. MCB feat. Daisy Dee – Crazy


Crayola bubble text by Daisy Dee’s 6 year old niece and that classic 90s music vid montage with all the out of the box effects turned up to ten. Surprised the chorus hasn’t been sampled more, so damn good. The ‘Dizzy Mix’ on the 12″ single is the one though 👌.


  1. Crystal Waters – Makin Happy


Not just a one hit wonder.

This video does the track justice. Very much of the times, but without that familiar ‘My first home editing kit’ production quality. Love the possibly unintentional splice of Gypsy Women as an intro.


  1. Deee-Lite – How Do You Say…Love (A Delicious Pal Joey Dub)


Remix by the legend Pal Joey.

No doubt an influence for ‘Cloud 9 – Do You Want Me’. Art direction massively stands out when considering what was being made at the time. Very Deee-Lite 60’s pastiche.


  1. A Guy Called Gerald – Voodoo Ray


An absolute anthem and also an incredible video. They’ve totally nailed that Len Lye Colour Box aesthetic.


  1. Lil’ Louis and the World – Club lonely

Shivers. Everytime. I want to go down to that club right now, and see if there really is a bouncer called ‘Charles’.



Merci buddy!

See you guys next week!


EVIL DEATH METAL!!! and plenty of cheerful music too


This Blog was written to::::

Wicked week at Reckless this week – another seriously busy week (despite an expected quiet Monday). The racks are absolutely rammed with amazing records at the moment, some of the best for sometime. Lets look at what came in this week::

  1. Tom was out at a top Metal collection this week. Several thousand CDs and Cassettes. The seller was mostly into underground Death and Black Metal but also liked a bit of straight up Heavy Metal and Doom. The collection has a mixture of underground titles – from artists we hadn’t heard of to artists who have since become huge despite a cult beginning. Artists such as Suffocation, Necromantia, Blasphemy, Undergang, Death, Warning, Cannibal Corpse, Entombed, Sarcofago, Tomb Mold, Taake, Napalm Death, Immortal, Marduk, Akitsa… lots of titles on Nuclear War Now too. There are also as well as being proper albums a lot of demos – including a few vintage ones. These are absolutely flying out.
  2. Pal of mine was in yesterday, one who sells in most weeks. He had his usual big stack of Punk, Psych, Noise and Reggae to sell in. Included were a few decent Punk 45s – including some originals on Riot City and a few reissues of LA classics. Decent stack of Reggae and Ska CDs including a few out of print Trojan box sets. There were also a few Industrial comps – including a fairly rare one with the Boredoms, Hijokaidan etc. Far out!
  3. Another friend was in with a great stack of Avant Garde LPs. Lots of super obscure but sought after titles – a lot of French records if I remember correctly. I will be pricing these up over the next few days so they should be out by the weekend.
  4. Lots of great titles came in from members of staff this week as it seems everybody was having a clear out: loads of Reggae reissue 45s (Digikiller etc), The Chills, Manuel Gottsching, Herbie Hancock, Jazzman Spiritual Jazz comp, Japanese Jazz, The Move, Blue Note CDs, Rock and Pop cassettes (Michael Jackson, The Beatles, John Lennon, Gong, Brian Eno, Teardrop Explodes, Judas Priest, Steve Reich, The Rolling Stones, Dr Feelgood, Madonna etc).
  5. 50 Calypso and Island LPs and 12″s.
  6. Another regular seller sold in: Alice Coltrane, Kenny Graham, Donald Byrd and a few more nice Jazz titles.
  7. Nice stack of RnB titles from Destinys Child, Alicia Keys, Erykah Badu etc.
  8. Nice stack of Jungle 12″s from Shy FX, Potential Bad Boy, DJ Trace, Voyager, Foul Play etc.
  9. Another pal who seems to have started selling in every week brought in a huge stack: Electronic, Afrobeat, Techno, Garage Punk = Powell, Billy Childish, Plastic Crimewave, Max Richter, Kompakt, William Onyeabor, Chris & Cosey, Madlib etc.
  10. Lots more classic titles from: The Beatles, The Clash, Lewis Capaldi, Disco Inferno, Andrew Hill, Iggy Pop, Blur, The Specials…

Some amazing stuff went out this week (stuff not mentioned above):

A) Loads more Indie and Rock and Pop 45s

B) Classic 90s Hip Hop LPs and 12’s

C) Jazz – including a lot of reissues of rare titles

D) Cassettes

E) Sixties Psych CD comps

F) More interesting Soundtracks and Exotica

G) Lots of Avant Garde and Modern Classical LPs

H) Detroit Techno and US House

I) More Psych and West Coast originals – including all the Byrds UK originals in amazing condition

J) Decent batch of new records from throughout Africa – including some Fela Kuti LPs

K) Some newish House and Techno – priced to sell!

L) Some amazing UK Garage and Grime that was in rough shape – straight out in the £1 section

Theres loads more too!

Several interesting collections up this week – watch this space and keep checking our Instagram.