Bullions of Records in this week!!!!!!

Yo from Reckless!!!

Big week!!! Plus a bumper weekend with Carnival! It was Kennys last day before he moved full time to the awesome Low Company Records on Sunday and we are very sad to see him go!

This Blog was written to the sounds of…

Looooadssss in this week – lets get started.

  1. A huge box full of seriously brilliant 90’s Indie / Grunge bangers from The Pixies, Soundgarden, Liz Phair, Manic Street Preachers, Belle & Sebastian, R.E.M., Dead Kennedys, Blur, Julian Cope, Morrissey, Urge Overkill, Garbage, The Cardigans, Neil Young, Ministry, Hole, The Boo Radleys, Primal Scream, The Verve, Frank Black, Super Furry Animals, Saint Etienne, Bjork, Ride, Happy Mondays, The Bluetones, The Fall, Jullee Cruise, Bikini Kill, The Stone Roses etc. Some very good records here, and all original issues in decent condition!
  2. Nimbus cut of Kind Of Blue by Miles Davis – said to be the best way to hear this classic album. You don’t see this everyday! Also in there same pile of records were some real classics from Curtis Mayfield and Sly & The Family Stone! Apparently there are a lot more coming from this collection!
  3. An old pal of mine from Thanet bought in a big chunk of very good records; Black Metal, Hardcore Punk, Drone, Indie, Power Violence etc. Some badboy LPs from Left For Dead, Chokehold, Lords Of Light, My Bloody Valentine (UK original of Isn’t Anything), Les Raillizes Denudes, Harry Smith vinyl set, Mindless Mutant, Spectral Voice, Blood Incantation, Deerhoof etc.
  4. Sean returned back to thee shire of Reckless with a rich bounty of Classic Rock today. Lots of very common albums – but titles the people want! Tom Waits, Dire Straits, Fleetwood Mac, Johnny Thunders’ Heartbreakers, Television, Etta James, Bob Dylan, Led Zeppelin, Sex Pistols, Eagles. Also a nice Pablo Gad LP.
  5. Loadsaaaaa Hardcore Junglisim! We’ve had so many calls about people with big Hardcore collections for sale recently and finally someone brought a decent one in. 300 records roughly: Omni Trio, Ratty, Remarc, Manix, 2 Bad Mice, Danny Breaks, Bizzy B, LTJ Bukem…loads of Moving Shadow, Metalheadz, Reinforced etc.
  6. Some more Hardcore from a regular seller: Top Buzz, DJ Nex, Blame, Tayla, Original DJ Vibes, Q-Bass…..the sort of music you put on do a big Flavour Flav “Yeahhhh boyyy” and have a wicked mix.
  7. Our pal from a very popular Indie Rock band was in dropping off some killer Indie and Psych stuff: Dr Hooker, Bonnie Prince Billy, Spacemen 3, Billy Childish. Loads more – including some very cool titles – I just didn’t write down what they were!
  8. Plenty of Rare Groove! All the classics: Lowreel, Curtis Mayfield, Kool & The Gang, Willie Hutch, Ramsey Lewis, The Voices Of Harlem, The Blackbyrds, The JB’s, Leroy Hutson, Parliament, The Natural Four, Bobby Womack etc. Ideal for the end of Summer.
  9. Absolute top notch Sixties Soul. Nice pile of UK originals – some really rare ones from The Miracles, Stevie Wonder, The Impressions, Rufus Thomas etc. These have some of the most beautiful sleeves I have ever seen.
  10. More Hip Hop and Indie from Scotts pal – Edan, Madvillain, Dinosaur Jr, The Dirtbombs, Gastr Del Sol, Jehst, Atmosphere, Mogwai, Dirty Three, huge Motown Box Set…simply loads of music!
  11. Big ol batch of Progressive Rock reissues: Genesis, Mellow Candle, July, Caravan, Kaleidoscope, Soft Machine.

This is one of my favourite tracks by Gastr Del Sol:

We have been putting out loads of great records this week; as well as the collections above – loads more UK Blues rarities on Blue Horizon and Python, full run of Belinda Carlisle 45s, Record Store Day related titles, more Reggae, loads of Japanese Jazz, Thrash Metal…

Plenty more collections coming up this week, keep checking the Instagram!

This week we are very lucky to have a Top Ten from the always amazing Bullion!

“Due to a dire lack of inspiration, I searched ‘top’ and then ‘ten’ on my computer. Here’s the resulting top ten top tens…”

The WoodenTOPs – Special Friend
Vito Aconcci – TEN Packed Minutes
The Durutti Column – 10 AM
Rimarimba – Couldn’t TOP The Demo
Pärson Sound – TIO Minuter
Jean-Pierre Decerf & Gérard Zajd – On The TENter
TOP Dogs – Love You For Your Uniform
Pan Kifared – Track10
Michel Banabila – Marilli 10
Telectu – TENet
I have to say that this is one of my favourite Top Tens!
Thanks bro!
Check Bullion out if you are silly enough not to know him already:
Till next week!

Music For Sale!

Hello from Reckless!!!

Busy busy week at Reckless, and I’ve been off sick!

We had a fairly quiet weekend after a heavy week; but the week has started with a bang as usual. Lets get started on the records coming in:::::

  1. Sean went to a really nice collection in Chiswick – the guy selling the records was an actor and had been in a Dr Who! He had some very cool records indeed including two biggies: the first Roy Harper LP on Strike and Shirley Collins with Davy Graham “Folk Roots New Routes” on Decca. Two incredible (and incredibly rare) Folk-ish LPs. As well as these he had a really decent Reggae collection from when he was working in Jamaica – including: Barrington Levy, Third World, Frankie Paul, Mikey Dread, Scientist, Desmond Dekker, Bob Marley, Jimmy Cliff, Eek-A-Mouse, The Skatalites, Linval Thompson, Inner Circle, Prince Jammy etc. Also a copy of Yard Style Christmas – imagine having an actor from Dr Whos copy of this??? There was also a lot of nice Blues, Classic Rock, New Wave, Jazz etc. Nice copies of classic records from John Coltrane, Fleetwood Mac, Blondie etc. A really decent collection – we are really happy with it!
  2. One of our pals popped in with a huge pile of all sorts of oddities this week: Psych comps, new Ambient titles, Chanson, Dancehall 12″s, Japanese Experimental reissues, Industrial, UK Jazz etc. All sorts of nice and interesting titles. In my state of illness I can’t quite remember exactly what was there but I did put out a Mike Westbrook LP (one of the Marching Band ones with the amazing “Waltz For Joanna”) and some compilation LPs on Psycho – the amazing Margate “reissue” label that did Psychedelic Freakbeat comps as well as Wipers. I remember I used to go into the shop in the Old Town when I was a kid and buy all sorts of things. It had loads of killer Grateful Dead posters on the walls and looked a bit like a Head Shop.
  3. A chap from Lebanon popped in with a major pile of really good Metal and Hard Rock (as well as a rare Brian May LP): some real classics in here – Cro Mags (the incredible “Age Of Quarrel”), Morbid Angel, Sacred Reich, Pantera, Slayer, Exodus, Onslaught, Mercyful Fate, Sepultura, Blitzkrieg, Nuclear Assault. Also a bunch of fairly underground but sort after Hard Rock and Twiddly Metal titles that will excite some.
  4. A friend of Scotts popped in with loads of Rap and a big of Indie – two biggies from Cannibal Ox and Super Furry Animals – then loads of decent bits from People Under The Stairs, Run DMC, Black Lips, Beirut, ONYX, Ghostface…
  5. Another batch of very clean Reggae came in – including some UK original Trojan titles (front laminate oldies) in shrink! Also Rico, Bob Marley, The Pioneers, The Wailers, The Skatalites, Burning Spear, Dr Alimantado, The Royals, The Upsetters etc. These are in really amazing condition!!!
  6. More Hardcore Jungle n Garage! From Simon Bassline Smith, MJ Cole, Tom & Jerry, Mole The Dipper, DJ Mayhem, Uncle 22, Tuff Jam, Johnny Jungle, Bug Kann, Cloud Nine…Loads more where these came from!

Loads of super bits have gone out this week! Tonnes of CDs – loads of Japanese Soundtrack cds – including plenty of expensive originals (Akira, Ghost In The Shell etc), more Metal, Rap, Reggae. Loads more 45s – including a load from all over the world and a nearly full batch from The Cardigans. More NZ tomfoolery too. The Saints “I’m Stranded” went out and was instantly reserved. Loads of Soul and Electro flew out. I put out more Improv and loads of TOP Blues titles on Python and Blue Horizon.

The Lowest Form play this festival in sunny Margate this weekend.

We have loads more collections coming up this week so stay tuned!



Massive amount of new tunes in! Plus a Top Ten from DJ Marky!!!

Yo! From Reckless!!!

This blog was written to the sounds of:

Loads of killer stuff has gone out this week;

  1. Some killer UK Garage – from pricey to standard
  2. Heavy Folk LPs from Barry Dransfield, Judee Sill, Bert Jansch, Anne Briggs etc
  3. Punk 45s including full run of Wire 45s and a fully signed Buzzcocks
  4. Heavy OZ/NZ Garage including some really rare ones from Chants R&B
  5. Perfect original Dr Alimantado “Best Dressed Chicken”
  6. Some rare Indie from Supergrass, Nick Cave, Sundays etc
  7. Nice boogie from Greg Henderson, Circle City Band

It’s been busy as usual; lots coming in, lots going out. Only nights I haven’t worked late are for the Power Trip/Game gig and Broadstairs Folk Week which were both wicked. Lots more buying this week;

  1. Loads more heavy Rap – about 6 huge boxes. Mostly classic 90s – a mixture of 12″s and LPs. Tonnes of 2Pac – pretty much all the LPs and the Makavelli plus the 12″s. Some rare Bone Thugs (including the amazing first LP). Gang Starr, EPMD, Erik B. & Rakim, Wu Tang Clan, GZA/Genius, Outkast, Mobb Deep, Lauryn Hill, Mos Def, AZ, Raekwon, Slumvillage, Common, Dr Dre, D’Angelo, Onyx…plus loads of killer RnB from Destinys Child, Beyonce, TLC etc. We’ve already got loads of wicked Rap bits out but we will be getting these out over time.
  2. Just after Maiden play London someone sells in a huge Iron Maiden vinyl box set. We’ve had this in a few times over the years, and its so nice man! Also the same seller sold in a big bunch of Oasis 45s. Can opening music.
  3. A lot more Classic Rock came in this week. Some very nice UK originals from all across the board. Cream, Fleetwood Man, John Mayall, Joni Mitchell, Roxy Music, Neil Young, XTC, Blondie, Talking Heads, The Jam, Hawkwind.
  4. Pal of mine came in to buy one of our Ian Carr LPs and brought in some heavy trade: Everything But The Girl (a very expensive reissue), Nic Jones, three Vertigo Black Sabbath Swirl LPs, Caravan.
  5. Lots of classic Soul and Funk from Norman Connors, Roy Ayers, Michael Jackson, Prince, Gil Scott Heron, Donna Summer.
  6. Massive pile of new Indie, Garage and Grunge: Babyshambles, TY Segall, Temple Of The Dog, Black Crowes, Stone Temple Pilots, Primus, Wipers, Best Coast…
  7. Very large pile of classic Hardcore Jungle! Little rough condition wise sadly but it all plays great: loads of Reinforced, Moving Shadow, Metalheadz. Grooverider Hardstep comp, 2 Bad Mice, Manix, Sudden Def, Goldie, Nebula 2, Bizzy B, Fabio, Omni Trio, Underground Software, Nookie, Ray Keith, LTJ Bukem. You could make the most banging mix with these records. So many good tunes.
  8. Loads more Beatles foreign picture sleeves came in.

Some really nice collections coming up over the next few days too. I also brought back a load more killer records from our storage unit yesterday so expect these before the weekend:

UK Original titles from Caravan, Clear Spot, Blue Horizon LPs, Python Records (Blues label with most titles being limited to 99), Cream, Mike Cooper, Kevin Coyne, several Company LPs (Derek Bailey etc), Can, Michael Chapman, Shirley Collins, huge stack of Soca/Island Funk/Reggae titles, more UK Garage, Disco, nice Jazz from Paul Bley, Cecil Taylor etc.

Also loads more Brand New Sealed titles coming in: Michael Jackson, Wu Tang Clan, Portishead, Beach Boys, 2Pac, Paul Simon, Joni Mitchell, Talking Heads, Eagles, Prince, Deftones, David Bowie, Gorillaz, Death, Carcass, Motorhead. So now you can buy brand new copies as well as second hand originals!

This week we have a Top Ten from the nicest guy in Drum & Bass

DJ Marky!!!!

It’s always such a pleasure to see Marky come in; and he always buys killer stuff!!! Thanks a lot for the top ten geezer!!!

1- Johnny Scotton – You Don’t Wanna Do Nothing, Do You? (People Records)
2- Eugene Blacknell & The New Breed – We Know We Have To Live Together (Luv N’ Haight Records)
3- Aretha Franklin – Rock Steady (DJ Soopasoul Edit) (Soopastole Edits)
4- Kryptic Krew – Jazzy Sensation (Manhattan Mix) (Tommy Boy Records)
5- Mass Production – Welcome To Our World (Cotillon Records)
6- Homegrown Syndrome – Confortation (Arista Records)
7- Calibre – Shelf Life 5 LP (Signature Records)
8- Walk:R Feat. Charli Brix – All I Need (Ash:Ram Remix) (Celcius Recordings)
9- Infiniti – Game One (Metroplex Records)
10- DJ Marky Influences Vol.II – Various (BBE Records)


Thanks Marky!!!

Till next week!!!





More Rarities; plenty of Folk and some Old Skool UKG!!!

Hola from Reckless on this lovely sunny morning!

This blog was written to the sounds of:

A most enjoyable week at Reckless. We managed to get loads of really good records out!!! Al was in yesterday and put out loads of the OZ/NZ 45s – so many sold right away. These are so nice, all in proper company sleeves. So many Mod stompers!!! Yesterday a few of the more pricey ones went out including several from Chants R&B!!!!!! I put out tonnes of great records yesterday: Rare Psych and Pro; Big Folk bits from Judee Sill, Anne Briggs, Bert Jansch; traditional Indian LPs, lots of Classic Rock and Punk; Indie Rock; some really nice Reggae and Island Funk (including big ones from EKO and Eddie Hooper!!). Loads of killer CDs went out – including lots of rare Synth Pop. Scott managed to get most of the Rap out before he went – the racks are looking killer! Sean has been busy pricing Apple Records bits. Loads of really nice Japanese Jazz titles went out the other day too including some titles on Three Blind Mice.

Some decent buying this week:

  1. So after the huge collection of rare bits that we bought yesterday it was pretty cool to see a load more come in separately on Saturday. Some of the best records ever – coming in twice in one week!!! Ian Carr “Belladonna” and Shelagh McDonald “Stargazer” – imagine having two copies of both in a shop! Two brilliant LPs. We also had a few more Nucleus duplicates (which is good as the other ones flew out). Anne Briggs “The Time Has Come” – which flew out to a very happy customer who was struggling to work out wether he should get that or a Rodriguez LP. Other rare ones from Barry Dransfield, Aynsly Dunbar, Ian Anderson, Lesley Duncan, Judee Sill, Tir Na Nog, Martha Velez, Sandy Denny, Fairport Convention etc.
  2. I was out in Essex on Monday on a seriously hot day going through thousands of Dance records. I came back with about 400 banging UK Garage, Disco, House, Electro, Rare Groove, Rap, Soul bits bought from an ex World Dance bouncer!!! So we had a good chat about that! Some really nice UKG bits on Ice Cream, Confetti etc. “Magic” by Circle City Band – one of my favourite Disco Boogie tunes. Some killer 45s from Disco Dub Band etc. Lots of nice 90s and 80s Hip Hop from Mantronix to Gang Starr. Loads of Roy Ayers and related.
  3. Having top bits in of course means loads of nice bits are brought in for trade. So we’ve had loads of 90s Dance LPs from Leftfield, Death In Vegas, Basement Jaxx. Japanese Jazz titles – including loads of rare bits. Tonnes of reissues of super expensive Jazz, Fusion, Latin.
  4. More Heavy Metal and Punk – Saxon, Judas Priest, Metallica, Iron Maiden.
  5. Huge pile of killer Rap CDs. Loads of top 90s titles from Ice Cube, Gets Boys, Gravediggaz, Wu Tang Clan. But also a heap of French Rap CDs that are really, really rare!!! Several hundred of these so get in quick.

We’ve got loads more collections on the horizon so keep checking in. We put out close to 400 records yesterday so I’d get in quick today!!!

Check this killer Eddie Hooper tune:

Updated the Big Cartel:


Just put some Totes up. Thanks to our model Tom Ellis.

The Lowest Form are playing Margate at this



Toru and Kenny doing this with out pals

Till next week!!!

The Summer Of Love is back!

Yo from Reckless!

This Blog was written to the sounds of ::

It’s been a really amazing week at Reckless. Some incredible records have been going out in the racks – some of the best records we’ve ever had. Lets get going!

  1. Yesterday Sean and I went to possibly one of the best collections we have ever been to in the beautiful Malvern Hills. As soon as we got the list we just knew we had to go. This is a collection where you can tell they were buying THE coolest records of the time, at the time. So many under-the-radar releases of the time (that are now seen as classics) are here. Most of the titles are in super nice condition too with firm sleeves. There are several thousand records here and these are going to take us some time to get out there but we should have some out by the weekend. Lots of Blues – Robert Crumb comps, Yazoo, loads of Blue Horizon titles. Loads of UK original Blues bits too. This is probably the most killer Blues we’ve ever bought in one collection. Big heavy hitters from Skip Bifferty, Bill Fay, Sam Gopal, Kevin Coyne, Hawkwind, Shirley Collins, Michael Chapman, Jimi Hendrix, Caravan, Nucleus, Faust,  Arc, Yardbirds, Mike Cooper, Ash Ra Tempel, Sun Ra, Kevin Ayers, Don Cherry, Dando Shaft, Mighty Baby, Tim Buckley, Egg,  Love, Can, Downliners Sect, Graham Collier, Evan Parker, Keith Cross & Peter Ross, Daddy Longlegs, Jody Grind, Dexter Gordon, Neu, Groundhogs, High Tide, Nic Jones, King Crimson, Shelagh McDonald, Magic Sam, John Martyn…the list is endless! Lots of cool random records from Erik B & Rakim to Extreme Noise Terror to Burning Spear. I personally can’t wait to get these out!
  2. Seans been a busy man this week as he also bought a really interesting Apple/Zapple/The Beatles collection this week that looks amazing. Lots of original US sealed titles. Loads of Japanese issues. Foreign picture sleeves. Multiple copies of Life With The Lions and John Tavener LPs in perfect condition. Lots of South American issues. Sealed Live Peace In Toronto with the calendar. Badfinger demonstration disc. Multiple copies of the El Topo soundtrack. Full run of Mary Hopkin 45s. Sealed US Beatles LPs. Quadrophonic copy of Imagine. There are about 500 LPs and 600 45s here. A serious collection!
  3. After that killer Rap collection last week I just didn’t think we’d see another one for a while and then boom – Scott goes to a collection and brings back one of the best Rap collections I’ve genuinely ever seen. Full on 90s Frenzy. I put loads of pics of these up on our Instagram so you need to check that but its pretty much all in great shape, nearly all first US press, in shrink with Hype stickers. All the big ones and loads of underground ones. Biggie Smalls, Nas, Gang Starr, Guru, Wu Tang, Nine, Scarface, Gets Boys, Big L, Ice Cube, NWA, 2Pac, D’angelo, EPMD, Tribe, Main Source, Run DMC, Warren G, Showbiz and AG, Public Enemy, Black Moon….These have been flying out as Scott is trying to get them all done before he goes to the US, We haven’t had a Rap collection like this for years – before my time even. Also a few days after this someone brought in a load more Notorious BIG, Guru and Gang Starr LPs.
  4. Lots of very cool records have come in from some of our pals this week: Brazilian Ambient, Virginia Astley, rare UKG from Chris Mack, rare Soul reissues from Donna Mcghee and Sylvia Striplin, Michael Gibbs, Martin Rev, K Leimer ambient biscuit, Keith Hudson Dubwise, MF Doom….
  5. One of our regular sellers also brought in some Blues. Lots of US and UK originals from Buddy Guy, John Lee Hooker, BB King, Memphis Slim…I put most of these out on Monday.
  6. Big mix of stuff came in late last week with a load of really nice US Soul singles including a few biggies!

Heres 10 badboy Rap tracks I’m banging right now. Check the Mafia K1 Fry video!!!!
1) Positive K “I Got A Man”
2) Ice Cube “It Was A Good Day”
3) Gets Boys “Minds Playing Tricks On Me
4) Bone Thugs & Harmony “Down 71 The Getaway”
5) Eightball & MJG “Pimp In My Own Rhyme”
6) UDI “Rata-Tat-Boom”
7) Spice 1 “I’m The F**kin Murderer”
8) Mafia K1 Fry “Pour Ceux”
9) Shawty Pimp “You Can’t Play No Playa”
10) Gravediggaz “1-800 Suicide”
See ya next week….

There are simply many good records coming in right now!


This blog was written looking out to sea listening to this:

Sweltering week – and we’ve been working really hard to get loads of bits out. Al has been working on overdrive and getting loads of the huge 45 collection out. Full runs of certain artists have been going out from Stereolab to the Stereophonics. I got the first batch out of the Island Funk collection which included tonnes of great Reggae including some pricey titles from Owen Gray, Keith Hudson, I Roy, Jah Walton, Scientist etc as well as some pricey (and not so pricey) Steel Band bits. I got a good bunch of these up on the Instagram too so check the pics on there. Nice copy of Cold Fact by Rodriguez went on the wall too. Tonnes of Highlife and Afrobeat went out too – all originals. For the hardcore crew a full run of Reinforced picture discs. I believe Sean got a load of decent Classic Rock processed too. The CD team also smashed out a really great mix this week. We’ve had more deliveries of new Reissue vinyl too – all classic albums.

Buying has been off the chain this week;

  1. Massive – perfect – Heavy Metal collection came in first thing on Monday. All very clean. It went from early Black Metal to Hard Rock to Hardcore; loads of super cool records! Mostly originals as well. These titles just don’t come in like they used too – I remember a time when you could easily get any random Thrash LP or Earache titles for peanuts at any provincial record shop but it just doesn’t really happen much these days! Bathory, Suicidal Tendencies, Metallica, Voivod, Slayer, King Diamond, Megadeth, Guns N Roses, Vio-Lence, W.A.S.P. , Motorhead, Exodus, Dark Angel, Iron Maiden, The Misfits (some nice original LPs), Rock Goddess, Judas Priest, Venom, Status Quo, Saxon, Gwar, Subhumans, Sex Pistols….I demand thee mosh m’lud!
  2. Killer 90s Rap collection. All incredibly clean; mostly in shrink with Hype Stickers – all originals. LP’s and 12″s from Raekwon, Ghostface Killah, Group Home, Wu Tang Clan, Missy Elliot, The Beatnuts, Jay Z, EPMD, Busta Rhymes, 2Pac, Big L, Cypress Hill. Also a really rare Michael Jackson LP (must be a 90s one) and a load of heavy UK Steppers Roots anthems from Jah Shaka, Bim Sherman, Vivian Jones, Shades Of Black, Aqua Levi etc. Also on a rap tip we had a load of MF Doom LPs in this week.
  3. Really good collection of left-of-centre Rock from people like Talking Heads, Brian Eno, Devo. Also in the same collection loads of Modern Classical and Minimalism from Steve Reich, John Cage, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Philip Glass, Ligeti, Penderecki, Varese. And a huge box of UK Conroy Library 10″s including a couple of pretty rare Musique Concrete ones.
  4. Another copy of the first Sisters Of Mercy 45. This is very rare!!!!



Some very exciting collections on the horizon!!!!


Till next week.


Some Fresh Island Funk and plenty more

Aloha from Reckless!

This Blog was written looking out to sea on the Kent coast whilst listening to:

Very busy week this week; and lots of working late. Hopefully as a result we will have something for everyone! Lets get started:

  1. I spent yesterday in Surrey going through a massive collection of really interesting records. I had been in conversation with the family for sometime and wasn’t sure if the collection was going to go ahead or not, but they just wanted some time to catalogue it and get some idea of the value; so I was a little surprised when about 8 months later I get the call! I had only been sent a partial list but from what was there I knew it would be worth going to. The collection is absolutely blinding, there are so many interesting records there. Not every record is worth a lot (in fact about a third of them went to charity) but they are art the very least very interesting titles! It is a collection of Island Funk, Reggae, Soca, Soul, Pop, Funk, Lovers Rock, Rare Groove, Jazz, Disco, Latin etc. Lots of Soca especially! Titles from Lord Kitchener, Shadow, Mighty Sparrow, The Rebles etc. Lots of Straker’s Records. Loads of killer Reggae, from Lovers to Roots to Dub: Scientist, Dillinger, Mabrak, Keith Hudson, Johnny Clarke, Big Youth, Al Campbell, The Techniques, Dennis Brown, Aswad, Noel Ellis, Linval Thompson. Lots of original issue JA and US Reggae titles as well as UK originals. Its really nice to see a few Keith Hudson UK originals in there for example. Its nice to see loads of actually proper cool records in there too like Steel n Skin, Eddie Hooper, John Gibbs & The US Steel Orchestra, Cymande as well as a load of pricey Island Funk bits – there are tonnes of LPs and 45s on Wirl for example. There are also loads of killer Afrobeat LPs from Afro Rock, Felt Kuti etc. Loads I’d never seen before. A really amazing collection as far as I’m concerned and certainly not the sort of collection you come across very often. I should also mention that most of these titles are in amazing condition!!!
  2. On Wednesday I also went to a collection, this time in Plumstead not too far from me. It was a super cool house and the room I worked in had a great big cabinet full of Aliens, Chucky and assorted other horror figurines as well as a signed picture of the Pinhead from Hellraiser! The collection was fairly small but really good: Brian Eno (loads of Eno titles), Jon Hassell, Yes, King Crimson, Devo, Yellow Magic Orchestra, New Order, Captain Beefheart, Joy Division, Throbbing Gristle, Pere Ubu, David Sylvian, Kraftwerk, Coil, Xmal Deutschland, Penguin Cafe Orchestra etc. There were a fair few Minimal Synth 45s, one Freakbeat 45 and about 200 Metal and Power Electronics CDs.
  3. Small but cool selection of more dance titles came in: several Lucky Spin Records titles including some DJ Crystl bits, bit of Ellis Dee and some Biggie Smalls!
  4. Really, really cool Classic Rock titles – that were all slightly warped. We have a de-warper and it is working slowly but surely. Some really amazing records from Neil Young, The Rolling Stones, Robert Johnson, Joni Mitchell, Jimi Hendrix, The Velvet Underground, Led Zeppelin etc. Not all huge bits but mostly UK or US originals.
  5. UK GGGG – nice big batch of UK Garage bits came in – good timing as I’m just reading the start of the new DJ Target book. Generally pretty clean – especially for Garage. Quite a few titles not for sale on Discogs. Confetti titles galore! I’ve seen loads of these sell very quickly.
  6. Some modern day rarities from Pink Floyd – the double pack of their very first recordings: and two really nice Iron Maiden promo cds with banging covers.
  7. Some general trickles of nice bits including Lou Bond, Frank Zappa, Elvis Costello (some nice MFSL bits). Loads more too – stash clearance baby!
  8. Some last minute buying yesterday from an incredibly successful professor who comes into the shop: rare Dancehall, Blackest Ever Black bits, Earth Sound 10″s, rare Psych, Edits…all very powerful music – much like the seller!

It was very nice to make a load of payments this week were everyone seemed happy – at one point someone even said “can you say that again”!!! Plenty of amazing stuff has been going out this week including the first batch of NZ/OZ 45s!!

Heres one of the collections we got this week:

Keep checking with us, we got loads more to go out!








Psychedelia Baby yeah!

Good Moaning!

Its very early and I was up seeing the legendary DJ Kenny White five hours ago spin humble Dubstep tunes to a crowd of 700 screaming bouncers. It was simply incredible seeing a selector go from Shine Anthems to one of the lesser known Forward tunes in a matter of seconds; believe me very few of the crowd had their tops on by the end of the night. But….lets go!

This blog was written to the sounds of:

This week was all about reductions, all sides apart from the Dance side got reduced. So the cheap have got a bunch. We also cleared out a load of bits that have been there for ages. So the racks are looking a little fresher and theres a whole bunch of new stuff in the bargain bins. Reductions are a little dry though so lets go into this weeks buying:

When Reckless invests just short of £10,000 on just 6 boxes of records you can imagine how special the contents are.

A 40 year collection of Antipodean Freakbeat, 60s Pop, Psych and Punk shipped over from New Zealand.
Plus rare Australian and New Zealand issues of artists like Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Hendrix and The Who.
A truly amazing collection which took 2 days for our buyers to appraise with a little help from a cat.
It’s going to take a while to process these (Get that ink order in for the photocopier) but look out for some really special 45s hitting the racks over the next few months.
So thats the big news this week. We’ve had loads of other buying this week but nothing that gets anywhere near that. But here you go:
1) Classic Rock – Led Zeppelin, Cream, Groundhogs etc very clean
2) More Jazz from a regular seller – Strata East reissues, Ambient, Japanese Jazz.
3) Indie Rock: Janes Addiction, The Thrills, Athlete, The Vines – all that business.
4) Box Set Business! Loads of huge box sets from people like Frank Turner – a Frank Turner box set – what is the world coming too?
5) Reggae CDs
6) Really nice Reggae 45 collection – tonnes of old Studio One, Alton Ellis, Johnnie Osbourne, The Maytals, The Skatalites etc. All UK or JA originals. Condition up and down but some real killers.
Loads of bits due in – including a huge Reggae and Soul collection that we’ve been chatting about for almost a year.
Have a wicked weekend;

Sun Ra Summer Sizzzzla!

Yo from Reckless!!!

Mega busy week – one of the busiest for ages. Absolutely killer stuff going out, and loads of top notch stuff coming in! Some serious buying this week – plus we are half way through a seriously amazing collection that I can’t tell you about yet!

This Blog was written to this on the way to Bristol for the Carnival!

Lets get started on the buying!! ::

  1. Super clean copy of the second C.O.B. LP! This LPs is Clive Palmer from the Incredible String Band (with a bit of help from his pals) making insane Acid Folk. Its really rare, and actually really good, This looks and sounds os much nicer than that horrid Radioactive boot. It essentially sounds like how Sergeant Howie must have felt when he realised he was due to make his appointment with The Wicker Man.
  2. Some fantastic records came in from the same seller over several days. First the singles, then the LPs and 12″s and wow! There were some very amazing records in the pile! The singles were made up of Post Punk, Indie, Punk bits: with Good Vibrations Records titles, Belfast Rocks 7″, several 45s from The Chills (including the perfect “Pink Frost”), Protex and loads more obscure 45s. The LPs were fairly similar: but included a very rare white label Smiths 12″, an original handmade sleeve El Saturn records Sun Ra LP (its madness!), several very rare Flying Nun LPs, some rare DIY Industrial titles including a wooden sleeve Z’ev LP and many more rarities. Pretty sick having these in the shop.
  3. Full restock of La Vida Es Un Mus titles straight from the source: Los Crudos, Hank Wood & The Hammerheads, S.H.I.T. , Good Throb, Rixe, L.O.T.I.O.N. , Limp Wrist etc. Some seriously killer outsider Punk and Hardcore. We also managed to get some Me Saco Un Ojo titles – crushing underground Death and Black Metal!!! From bands like Undergang and Anatomia. In both cases we took some of their distributed stock – so things on Munster, Dark Descent etc. Some freaky music!!! Also on the new tip we got the new Wire reissues in and they’re flying.
  4. Do you miss the days of staying up really late to watch Noisy Mothers? Did you go on surfing holidays in Newquay in the early 90s? If like me you did you will be happy to see a load of 90s Grunge and Metal coming in: Rancid, Korn, Nirvana, Live, Rage Against The Machine, Sepultura, Radiohead, The Stone Roses etc.
  5. Little bit of Prog snuck its way in: Caravan, Uriah Heep, Soft Machine – and I’d be lying if I didn’t say it felt damn good!
  6. Many Indie and Metal LPs came in from a friend of Alans: all in great shape: Nebula, The Darkness, Muse….a huge stack of LPs!!!
  7. Two huge boxes came in – one of which went back – but there were some top Chicago House, New York House, Jungle, Lovers Rock, Dub, Roots Reggae, Dancehall. Stuff on Dance Mania, Keith Hudson LP, Barrington Levy,  loads of Nu Groove, M-Beat….condition was questionable but at least you can say they’ve lived.
  8. Lots of high end Jazz reissues and Box Sets: very nice! Thelonious Monk, Miles Davis, EST, Alice Coltrane, Michael Garrick, Sonny Rollins, Dexter Gordon. Mostly in top shape!!!
  9. Toru sold in loads more stuff this week: Aphex Twin, Charles Mingus, JJ Johnson, Surgeon, Oliver Ho, Steve Bicknell…..you know they’re gonna be good mans got sick records!
  10. Big bundle of bits from a regular: Circle, Germs, Kraftwerk, Islam Chipsy, Sparks, Art Ensemble Of Chicago. Methinks one is a reader of The Wire.
  11. Loads of killer Hip Hop reissue LPs – as well as a little bit of soul and Funk: from MF Doom to David Axelrod to Adonis.
  12. Pal of mine sold in a small but killer pile: Nick Drake “Fruit Tree” original box, Nucleus LP, Utopia LP and another obscure Japanese avant grade LP that I cant remember the name of right now!!
  13. Another friend sold in some great Reggae, Dancehall, Roots bits from One-A-Way, Jah Shaka, Anthony Red Rose, Scientist etc as well as some great Soul 45s, a killer Hector Zazou and a 45 by The Prats.
  14. Big ole pile of Indie and Post Rock came in – all from a semi Spacemen 3-esque zone: Mogwai, Blur, Loren Connors, EAR, tonnes of Psychedelic guitar thunderings. Lots of borderline Electronica. Limited CDrs to large vinyl box sets.

This weeks Top Ten is by Design-A-Wave! Simply one of the best and a very lovely human being.

The Residents – lost someone

Cock Robin – When Your Heart Is Weak

Linda Di Franco – TV Scene (Extended 12 Version)

Antena – Camino Del Sol

Dave Pike – Besame Mucho

Kaoma – Lambada

Innocence – Natural Thing – Collision Mix

DJ Krush – Meiso (feat. The Roots) REMIX by DJ Shadow


Pavarotti – Nessun Dorma Italia 90

If for some mad reason you don’t know Design A Wave you really should:
Thats enough for today! Todays gonna be huge at work – The Cure, Pride etc. Hope you all have a killer time! The Brainiac Five are playing the Gunners tonight if you fancy it!!!
From Reckless

Blue Note, The Beatles and the Blues

Hello From Reckless!!!

This blog was written to the sounds of:

Very busy, very hot week at casa Reckless. We’ve been working very hard to get all of our stock out; several nights I worked till nearly midnight! Loads more of the big singles collection have gone out: including more full runs of several bands. This week some nice bits went out by Steve Treatment, Throbbing Gristile, Travis, Adele etc. Some super pricey bits! Scott also put out a load of the collection he bought last week – including loads of killer Electro and early Rap; including a few rare titles (several pictures of these have gone up on our Instagram). I personally put out loads of classic albums this week – but loads!!! From people like The Verve, Jerry Sadowitz, Napalm Death, Felt, Sleeper, Simple Minds, Red House Painters, REM, The Stone Roses, Fairport Convention, Richard Hawley, The Residents, Virgin Prunes, The Sisters Of Mercy, Bob Dylan etc. Also Kenny got most of the Black Metal CDs out – they ain’t gonna last long baby!

So much stuff in this week lets go!!!!!

  1. Loads and loads of Blue Notes; mostly reissues, mostly Japanese – but all in great shape; and some really amazing titles. I tried to get most of the titles up on instagram but there are records from John Coltrane, Kenny Dorham, Tommy Flanagan, Lou Donaldson, Sonny Clark, Jackie McLean, Dizzy Reece, Blue Mitchell, Art Blakey etc. These are well nice! Selling fast too!
  2. Lots of clean classic ROCK from one happy seller: all pretty clean, mostly US, Canadian or South African copies of LPs from artists like Jimi Hendrix, Elton John, David Bowie, Pink Floyd, Lou Reed. Loads more; I got about half of these out. The rest will go out midweek.
  3. A few Hardcore Jungle 12″s came in – Wax Doctor, DJ Pulse, Mental Cube. Ideal for playing whilst out of ones tree m’lud!
  4. A rather odd collection – comprising of lots of 78s (of which we only took a few), Folk 45s and a mixture of LPs. The 78s were Traditional Hot Jazz and Blues (Duke Ellington, Leadbelly), Alan Lomax 45s as well as a few Blues EPs, and LPs from Odyssey (the MoWest classic!), Richard & Linda Thompson, Muddy Waters, Big Bill Broonzy etc.
  5. UK Dancehall dancer DJ Skimask dropped in a nice batch of LPs from Helen, Jeff Floyd, Gasper Lawal, Weekend, Chrissy Zebby Tembo, Hiroshi Sato, Mikey Dread, Yellow Magic Orchestra and several other nice bits.
  6. Three fat LPs came in on my day off: Faust, Ice & Henri Chopin. The Ice LP is really obscure – UK Prog – I’ve never seen it before. Henri Chopin and Faust are obviously wicked records.
  7. More Blues Rock – about 200 LPs – some Classic Rock and Pop too – people like Fleetwood Mac, David Bowie, Eric Clapton, Leonard Cohen, The Who, Cream, Savoy Brown, Aynsley Dunbar, Manu Dubango etc. Lots of cheapies in this collection but also a lot of decent stuff. Put about 80 of these titles in the cheaps.
  8. What is this Classic Rock week? More Classic Rock – from a long running collection – finally came in! Nice bits from Pink Floyd, Cream, Yardbirds, Led Zeppelin, Keith Christmas (the LP that has The Forest & The Shore – a seriously amazing track) and Brian Eno.
  9. Our pal Ilan brought in more bangers: from Italo Disco, to Drone, to Horse Meat Disco comps to Heresy/Infest/Discharge. With some Watchtower thrown in.


No Top Ten this week as its too hot; but I was just listening to this and it sounded nice so I’ll just leave it here.


Have a nice week,











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