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Bonjour my friends.


This Blog was written to the sounds of Scion. The killer mix CD on Chain Reaction. A twisted gurning pump of machines, its a brilliant CD.

OK – still processing the monster collection as I’m sure you can imagine. Lots of the rarer and more sought after House & Techno went out at the weekend. This included lots of Relief Records titles, Rare Detroit, Aphex Twin, UK Techno, Dance Mania, Transmat, Tonnes of minimal, Warp Records etc. Don’t fret if you missed out, as there is still loads more to go out. Nice to see so many people getting really excited.

One of our regular sellers brought in a really killer pile of super early Happy Hardcore 12”s. These records are the sound of when Happy Hardcore was just starting I guess. As Hardcore as Tango & Ratty, but maybe with more pianos. Sounds much closer to artists like Tango than it does to what happened (Bonkers, Hixxy etc – no disrespect to that sound I personally love that sound too!). Some of the monsters in there were DJ Slam “Looking To The Light” (a real favourite of mine, its just perfect), Frantic & Impulse Vol 1 (just so banging), Mystic & Fire “True Love” (like the most perfect Trance record gone Hardcore – it doesn’t get much better than this), Sunshine Productions “Take Me To The Top” (them pianos in the middle – blow me down!)…and many more. There were also a few nice Drum n Bass 12”s including “Release The Bells” by Sounds Of Life – which is a surefire club dismantler.

This really nice guy who used to sell us tonnes of super rare and obscure Heavy Metal LPs came back in this week but this time it was all CDs. I guess the CDs are what he was buying after his Manilla Road, Exciter, Pagan Altar faze so the pile is all early Death Metal, and some Black and Power Metal. Some pretty obscure albums. Lots of bands that sound like Dissection which is alright by me.

Decent Soul & Rare Groove can be hard to find in London. The demand is very high. As soon as we have a rare Soul LP if it is priced right it goes out the door in about 5 minutes. We bought a small but perfect Soul & Rare Groove collection just the other day – all originals, mostly US. Marvin Gaye, The 3 Pieces, Leon Ware, Curtis Mayfield, Terry Callier, Lou Courtney, The Voices Of East Harlem, The Impressions etc.

Just now we had a nice and friendly couple bring in some 90s Alt sounds. This included about 10 Smashing Pumpkins LPs. I will always remember seeing Today on MTV and it basically blowing my mind. Siamese Dream is a really mental album, and tonnes of their other records still sound great (at least have a few killer tunes on them anyway). 45s, 12”s, LPs, Box Set.

Loads more Reggae in this week. The Reggae selection is now pretty deep. 4 boxes of 45s (and the rarer titles on the wall), and 3 cubes of LPs and 12”s. From Roots to Lovers to Rocksteady to UK Steppers. Ox just bought in about 30/40 Jamaican Reggae 45s. Loads of Big Youth titles. There was also a nice copy of Water Pistol by Tony Brutus but it just sold.

Going back to my Roots – this nice lady popped in today with about 40 Old School Hardcore and Emo 45s. But fret not – these were not crap 2000+ Emo titles. Im talking proper 90s falling on the floor, More Than Music Festival, Heartattack Fanzine Hardcore. Loads of killer titles from Bob Tilton (the lads!), Current, Julia, Crossed Out, Rorschach, Assuck, Campaign, Spitboy, Born Against, Crimpshrine, The Crownhate Ruin, Don Caballero, Baby Harp Seal, Tribute, Frail, Driftwood, Neanderthal, Hellnation etc.

There were also a few killer Metal LPs that just came in – Metallica, Nuclear Assault, Slayer etc. Bang the head that does not bang! Speaking of Metal. We just redid loads of the sections so now the metal/Experimental/Industrial is a lot easier to browse. Come and have a butchers.

Lots on the 45 front! A full set of ‘Finders Kreepers’ Horror soundtrack 45s. Including the unforgettable song from ‘Night Of The Hunter’.


A long ago sold out Super Disco Edit 7″ of an obscure UK disco rarity from 1978. Limmie (Funk Ltd) – Saturday Night’s The Night.
Tonnes of Ghost Box 45s!



Plenty more collections this week – a particularly interesting one tomorrow – lets see how it works out!!

We have a new Brainiac Five video for you to watch:

Reckless Records gig night!


Scott & his son have started a Skate company; please check it out:

We have some new Reckless Records T Shirts and Totes; below is a picture of a male model wearing one of the new ones:


This weeks Top Ten is from Thogdin Ripley of Hexus Press!!!


Thogdin is an absolute legend and I’m really happy he sent us this Top Ten. Its a good one, enjoy!

1) Ken Nordine – A Good Year For Spiders

Look… there’s a spider. Nordine puts the listener wonderfully close to ‘spidering’ themselves, via a queasy mix of cookiness and black humour. This could of course be swapped out for Vincent Price’s ‘How To Cook A Small Boy’ etc as examples of a kind of horror that’s made all the better, and horrific, for the kitsch.

2)  David Murray – Ballad For a Decomposed Beauty

Squeaking like a Sphynx cat in a roomful of balloons, the then-21 year old Murray treads a sophisticated line between the sombre and an otherworldly bop in this free jazzer from his live LP.

3) Intersystems – Lately

Early LP from Canadian performance poet Blake Parker and Syrinx’s John Mills-Cokell, ‘Lately’ grinds a sub-Burroughs gear against a cold-tin city without a heart in which the narrator spits a dispassionate disgust at life — “Lately there has been a new spring come upon me but I was not altogether prepared.”

4) Mike Ratledge – Riddles of the Sphinx Sequence 3

“Capitol — Delay — and body… The rhythm of the sentences was not quite right… She’d been drawing acrobats, trajectories of the body in displays of skinned balance”

For a film that’s all about looking, the soundtrack does very well all on its own. The Soft Machine’s Michael “Mike” Ratledge noodles like the sea going out beneath the psychosexual feminist prose poem from Laura Mulvey and Peter Wollen’s film. Layers of meaning, reminiscences and conjecture shift over each other like plates of ice, parts of a larger puzzle that prove elusive and obtuse.

5) Gerard Manset – 2870

Smacky, sludgey, plodding, yet oddly soulful sci-fi magic from the outsider chanteur. Manset delivers the big, Mobius-drawn two fingers to this world’s tragedy on this deep-fried abstract epic, sounding something like Bryan Ferry with mercury poisoning doling out pronouncements from a future bible over the constant drone of a bandsaw. The perfect soundtrack to the entirety of Decadence Comics output.

6) Arthur Brown and Craig Leon – Morning Was Cold

Craig Leon’s had the grand rediscovery treatment already due to the last few years’ reissues, but his perhaps unlikely coupling with The God of Hellfire is yet due its moment in the sun. ‘Morning Was Cold’ describes — in a sparse clarity that would make Raymond Carver choke on his editor — a death on the street, simultaneously invoking the wondrous and the ominous.

7) Syrinx – Ibistyx

John Mills-Cockell again, who for some reason is ringing my bell at the moment. Syrinx’s orchestrated sax / Moog blend is a true plastic burbling thing-unto-itself. Both their LPs and the (still! why?) unreleased score to David Cronenberg’s ‘Secret Weapons’ reward listening.

8) Names and Faces – The Killer

God only knows what’s really going on here, but despite — and in fact because of — the confusion the implications are monstrous. The puritanical soft-psych vocal phrasing only adds to the unexpected brutality of the whole thing, which folds a Vaseline-lensed nostalgic flashback of the singer’s youth into the trauma of living through a school massacre, presented like the obituary of a friend. A firm favourite. (The b-side, in which “hushed by the fading footsteps, Tarantula sleeps upon the shivering bitch of a new earth” — to a solid beat — is also extraordinary.)

9) Arachnoid – La Chamadere

Killer, furiously angry and angular late French prog, featuring a child chorus calling down the fall of universe, and a hard-to-refuse invitation smash things, in general.

10) Malcolm Arnold and Buxton Orr – Suddenly Last Summer

Never released on record, the soundtrack to the film of Tennessee William’s monstrously boiling Gothic melodrama (what else?!) plays like the missing link between the NWW list and Stan Kenton. Arnold apparently found the asylum aspects of the story so disturbing that he withdrew from the project, leaving Orr (composer for such greats as Devil Doll, Fiend Without a Face, and Doctor Blood’s Coffin) to finish it. The music at the end of the film — over *that* scene—sets a cold fire of terror in the midday sun, to a startling orchestral-and-tin-clattering war chant. *That* scene’s not on youtube, but here’s the main title theme, which does half the job just as well.

Thogdin’s the co-editor of Hexus Press, who’ve just published a new book from Gary J Shipley:

Thogdin even made us a youtube playlist for us, thanks man!!

Endless Killer Records



Mad week as I am sure you can guess. This blog was written to the sweet sounds of Autopsy.

Autopsy for me are one of the most perfect metal bands ever. Proper Punk attitude, all the right influences. Takes you back to the big sideburns, plaid shirts, Regurgitate shirt era of the early 90s. Shame me and a load of pals were robbed during the charity gig at Tufnell Park with Bolt Thrower and Discharge.

So before I start going into all the records that came in this week (an more about the mad collection we bought last week) – I’ll talk about a killer perfect trio of LPs that came in today.

Autopsy “Severed Survival”

Paradise Lost “Icon”

Corrosion Of Conformity “Eye For An Eye”

For me, these three LPs are pretty much all the LPs you need if you live in a small town, love tearing it up and have absolutely nothing to do. These three came in this week, all OG. Three of my favourite metal/hardcore LPs. TBF the Paradise Lost LP stands out a bit, but if like me you skived school to get this the day it came out (from Ramsgate Our Price) you know how killer it is. Everyone says they just sounded like Metallica by this point but they just don’t get the point. This is Metallica Style classic metal but in a miserable Yorkshire style; Death Doom bubbling up, killer Goth melodies. You can still stage dive to this at the 1 in 12. The Autopsy is simply, the most ferocious heavy doom-laden punk thrash LP of all time. Pure hell on vinyl. Beer swilling chaos. COC is caning a bong, skating all day and doing backflips. These will be sold by 10.10am tomorrow.

Now I got that out of the way I can talk more about the collection last week. My backs just about recovered from lifting all of them too. We now have a full row of Avant Garde (in fact tomorrow Im gonna have to split the section up), a whole row of Metal (maybe we can finally now have a Bestial Black Metal section?), Hardcore to the max, UK Techno s bursting. Full Deep Medi catalogue. Loads of insane US House and Techno. The Warp/Rephlex Section is getting punished. About 20 Dance Mania’s going out too – you like the Booty Bass sound yeah?

We’re (I am) getting crazy messages about this collection – and all I can say is – please just keep coming in the shop. We can only process so many records a day. These are going out and selling as soon as they hit the shelves. Today Scott gave me a killer selection of 90s Rap LPs (Ice Cube, Raekwon, Gravegiggaz), and within 2 minutes they had sold. All the Relief Records, Drexciya, Peter Brotzmann etc records are going out. We can generally get out about 300 records a day (and about 100 Tapes and CDs on top). So keep putting in the leg work and you will get the tunes you need.

Today I processed a real mixture of tunes – but the bulk of them were ultra rare Italian Library and Avant Garde reissue LPS. So; basically all the Ennio Morricone, Gruppo Di Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza etc. Large but of these were very much out of print and in perfect condition. Malvagio!


Sean went to a collection today which was not as successful as we wished. Sadly the records were super beat up. Imagine leaving copies of Stargazer by Shelagh McDonald!! Luckily a few titles were salvaged. This included rare LPs by Michael Garrick, Manfred Mann (the killer Vertigo LPs), Joe Harriott, Jimi Hendrix, Frank Zappa, Mike Westbrook, Coleman Hawkins etc. Shame when you get a pile of skated killer records. But they play so what are you gonna do? Some real rare ones in there anyway. If you come in and have a  look and are a bit worried please feel free to ask us to play over a mark. They are guaranteed to sound ok and not jump!!

We bought tonnes of wicked Rap LPs this week. Loads of Native Tongues; Tribe Called Quest, Jungle Brothers, People Under The Stairs. Loads of MF Doom. Loads of Gangster Rap. NWA, Ice Cube, Ice T. So many big hitters. A Load of rare Library LPs also came in with one of the collections. Sick Libes bro!!!

We also had the usual in – tonnes of rare Industrial CDs, loads of classic Rock. Seems funny when £50+ Coil cds become standard.

Its been a super hectic week at Reckless, so please just bear with us and come in and buy some records.

Go to this:


Also The Lowest Form play with Sleaford Mods at Brixton Academy soon. Pretty mental. There is also a gig at New River the day before for charity, details to follow.

Maybe you saw the Reckless Records chart in the new Wire magazine. It is worth buying, and Lichens is on the cover.

This weeks TOP TEN is from manlike GATTO FRITTO!!!!!

Ben is a killer guy, used to work at Reckless Records and is still smashing out wicked DJ Sets and bad boy tunes like there is no tomorrow. Thanks Ben!!!


  1. Vapourspace ” Paradox Of Time Dilation”
  2. Peter Gabriel “Slow Marimbas”
  3. Jah Seg “Praises”
  4. King Crimson “Discipline”
  5. Erasure “Fingers & Thumbs (Wire Remix)”
  6. Jules Venturini “Traces OF Smoke (Forthcoming on Whities)”
  7. Black Merlin “Tutur”
  8. In The Beyond “Retro”
  9. Mute “Alistairs Theme”
  10. Maghreban “Revenge”

The Wickedest Collection

Yo from Reckless!!


This Blog Post was written from a balcony overlooking the sea in Kent; listening to this amazing Library track that Aphex Twin sampled.

Which kind of leads me onto the next part of the blogpost. This weekend I travelled up to the Midlands to view a collection that a well known musician and producer (and pal of mine) had for sale. I knew this was going to be a big one, as I knew that said producer had the wickedest taste in music and I had seen a video walking around the huge room where the collection was. But nothing quite prepared me for when I actually stepped into the room.

There were walls and walls, floor to ceiling, of records. Boxes and boxes of Tapes, 45s and Box sets. I knew instantly that it was the biggest and best collection I was ever going to see in my life. Things I noticed was the Drukqs Box set (plus tonnes of other Aphex Twin, about three inches of Relief sleeves and loads of Vinyl On Demand Box Sets. It was a real labour of love, everything in perfect order and in plastic sleeves. To say I was a bit overwhelmed is an understatement! I knew this was going to take a seriously long time to value; but I spent the entire day going through every record one by one and working out a total value. The first bit I started going through was the Reggae. You know when you start going through original Jamaican Dubplates to Wackies to Soul Jazz comps to Augustus Pablo to The Congos that this is going to be absolutely killer.

The next part that I started was – shall we say – everything but dance music. This was the largest section, and there were literally thousands and thousands of them. I was surrounded by vinyl. Firstly there was tonnes of heavy 90s Rap. We’re talking Ghostface, Geto Boys, Gravediggaz, Ice Cube, Raekwon. All of the big killer LPs, and all original.

The Punk and Hardcore was top notch; literally the best selection. From loads of killer new records from bands like Exotica, Perspex Flesh, Iron Lung to the og: Minor Threat, Heresy, Crass. So many good records!!! There was also loads of heavy noise rock. Pretty much all of the classic 70s-80s Punk LPs were in there too so we will finally have some of the greatest records in the shop for the first time in ages!!!

There was also some serious Black Metal in this collection. From older more established bands such as Immortal to newer more mental bands like Volhan, Bone Awl, Revenge etc. I personally absolutely love Black Metal so am super happy to have a load out in the shop. Especially when its such a mad selection of styles. There were also some killer classic Thrash LPs from bands like Metallica and Slayer. Scream for me Nottingham!!!! Plenty of more doomy metal too (including a sealed Burning Witch box set!!).

The Jazz was endless too. From super nice Blue Note reissues to Free Jazz blasters from Peter Brotzmann to gorgeous Albert Ayler Box Sets. Touching everything in-between. Lots of bonkers European Jazz too including a load of Improv. Not the sort of Jazz records you see everyday I can tell you!

There were some serious Indie records in the collection. Absolute all time classic LPs from artists like Nirvana, Dinosaur Jr, Melvins, The Verve, Oasis, My Bloody Valentine, Happy Mondays, The Stone Roses, Big Black, The Fall, Mudhoney, The Shins…you name it. They are in there. There was also another Red House Painters Box. As well as a serious Radiohead collection (including the new Box Set).

A huge part of the collection was made up from Synth Pop; lots of very rare (as well as standard) titles from huge acts like Depeche Mode, New Order, Erasure, Pet Shop Boys etc. You can’t go wrong with some killer synth pop!! It was nice to see more of the rare Depeche Mode 12″s.

There were also a tonne of amazing Box Sets; some of the ones I can remember were by: Muslimgauze, Merzbow, Dinosaur L, Red House Painters…loads more!!!

There were also about a gazillion Classic Rock LPs; all the big ones!! Kate Bush, Led Zeppelin, Queen, David Bowie, The Beatles, Fleetwood Mac, The Doors, Grateful Dead, Groundhogs. Psych out baby! On top of the Classic Rock there were tonnes of heavy Psych and Prog reissues – amazing LPs from T2, Comus, Arzachel, 13th Floor Elevators, Fairport Convention etc.

The Noise LPs were just stone cold killer. So many badboy ones from all the Wolf Eyes lot, Whitehouse (all those reissues that are starting to get harder to get), Merzbow, Prurient, Boyd Rice, Consumer Electronics, loads of RRR related bands, Kevin Drumm. There were also loads of Noise Box Sets. I’m sure you can imagine too that the Industrial LPs were prime. I don’t think we’ve ever had an Industrial section as big as we will have now (especially after this and the last huge Industrial collection I bought!).

By this point I had been going through the collection for hours. I was pretty excited to go through the House and Techno as I knew my pal had the most killer taste when it came to that and it was worth waiting for. I went straight to the Detroit section and bloody hell. This was proper. Endless original Drexciya, Jeff Mills, Derrick May, Underground Resistance, Red Planet, Suburban Knight, Robert Hood – all their aliases – and all their pals records were in there too. Blimey!! I remember first hearing Detroit Techno in a record shop I used to work in in Nottingham when I was about 19 and it just blew my mind. Pretty bonkers to be buying loads of the records in Nottingham 17 years later.

Then I got to a section which was all Strictly Rhythm, Nervous, Cajual, Prescription, Peacefrog, Transmat, Guidance, Dance Mania, Moodymann, Theo Parrish, Trax and all the other huge and killer House labels. So many of the best records of all time. As well as the Prescription box set, there were pretty much all of the original 12’s, and all in killer condition. The Dance Mania stretched from DJ Funk to Lil Louis, boom!! Tonnes of Mood 2 Swing, maaaaaan. I cannot wait to actually be back at work and be able to play all these killer records. I haven’t even mention the 30 or so Relief Records 12″s (from Paul Johnson, to Glenn Underground to Joe Lewis). This really is house heaven. There was also tonnes of rare Minimal and Tech House from artists like Mathew Jonson, Akufen, Ideal Recordings etc. Loads and loads of Nu Disco and French biscuits. Lots of Deep house as well.

It wasn’t like my pal hadn’t been buying all the new records either; there are tonnes of killer House/Techno/Experimental records from the last ten years. Hundreds and hundreds of Hieroglyphic Being, MGUN, Berceuse Heroique, TTT, L.I.E.S., Kyle Hall etc. Basically all the killer bits from the last ten years.

UK Techno and the Warp/Sheffield Bleep Rave sound was obviously a huge favourite too as there were pretty much all of the Warp Records (a huge row of purple sleeves!!). He was telling me about rushing into town every week to get the new Warp Records 12′ and how it blew his mind so you know these records mean a lot. As well as all the 12″s there were loads of the LPs from artists like Autechre, Aphex Twin etc. Timeless music. Talking about Aphex Twin, the Rephlex section was just incredible. Tonnes of rare Caustic Window, AFX, The Tuss, U-Ziq etc. Huge records, and pretty much all of them. As you can imagine there were also all the B12 12″s, The Black Dog, Likemind, Cabaret Voltaire/Richard H Kirk, LFO, Luke Slater, Irdial (including the amazing Morganistic 12″), Global Communication, Stasis, Ian O’Brien, Surgeon etc. As you can imagine from this kind of collection there were also a lot of original Rave and Acid House 12″s – how could there not be??

One part of the collection that had already got a lot of people really excited is the (pretty much from what I remember!!) full Djax-Up-Beats selection. For me this label covers some of the best Dance sounds, from harder techno to acid to house; but all done to perfection. So nice to see them all together with the colourful sleeves!!!

By this point I was pretty knackered and I got started on the 7″s. It was a mad mix of 80s Pop, 60s bangers, Digital Reggae and Rhythm & Sound, Rocksteady, Roots Reggae, Post Punk, new Hardcore like Warthog, Classic Indie, tonnes of Funk. Exactly what you expect from a massive brilliant collection like this basically!

The tapes were just another world: original Grouper tapes, all the Aaron Dilloways, underground Black Metal tapes from long forgotten Midlands bands, Outsider Punk bands, Folk Guitarists, lots of Volcanic Tongue era sounds, Skam tapes. Bonkers.

Lastly the CDs; lots of great classic albums, ambient compilations, Numero Comps, Best ofs, classic Indie Rock, Avant Garden Noise CD-Rs, Savage Techno mixes. Hundreds and Hundreds of them.

To sum up – this is without a doubt the best collection I have ever bought. You can really see how much love and time and effort has gone into collecting it all. Pretty much all of the most interesting genres were covered – and in depth. We had to hire an absolutely massive van (Thanks Josh!!!) and it was absolutely brutal moving all of the records (both sides!!) but luckily everyone at the shop got really stuck in and had prepared the shop in advance and moved it all so quickly. Thanks also to my pal Damon for helping us move everything in Nottingham. It may have helped if I hadn’t got pretty drunk with my pal and his lovely wife who sold them on the Saturday night and gone to see Remarc and Kid Lib – but when in Notts!). I would be surprised if I ever get to buy a collection this good again, but I hope I can one day. It was the most I have ever paid for a collection, but it deserved every penny and it was a joy to do it. I was also very much looked after when I was there – constantly offered Tea, plums, delicious samosas!! Which was nice as that doesn’t happen too much!

This collection is going to take some serious time to get out in the racks, but please keep checking our Instagram to see all the tasty bits going out:

No Top Ten this week.


Raving Time!!!



Busy week at Reckless as usual! As you may know there are three new releases on Reckless Records record label. We have a new page on the website which goes into the history of Reckless Records as a label (whilst also going into some history of the shop):

Keep checking the page for any updates!

This blog was written to the sound of The Nurse.

I should also mention that our friends at La Vida Es Un Mus have just released a discography LP from The Nurse which we are stocking at Reckless!

The biggest and most exciting pile of records that came in this week was from this really nice bloke (who has thousands of records to sell!) with a load of Hardcore/Rave/Jungle. We were super happy to give him tonnes of cash because his records were really, really dope. I put a load of pictures up on the Reckless Instagram

But there were several bags of tunes by Photek, Dom & Roland, M Beat, Nookie, Tango, Dillinja, DJ Rap, Bizzy B, Spirits From An Urban Jungle, System X, Sounds Of Life, Boogie Times Tribe, Kid Andy, Fire Fox, Krome & Time, Ruff & Ready, Underkut, DJ Gunshot, Goldie, Danny Breaks etc. Generally all in super nice condition. He was proper happy with it all, as were we, so has promised he’s going to be coming back next week. Heres hoping he does! This are going to take a little while to get out into the racks (about 50 went out on Friday) as Scott is still on holiday so bear with us!

Another big one that came in this week was the Red House Painters Vinyl box set on 4ad. One of the greatest bands ever if you ask me; and to have all their LPs presented in such a nice box is pretty badboy. So many good tunes; grab it in time for Autumn!

Lots of nice LPs came in on the rock side this week. One pile of nice noisy improv post punk LPs which included: The Pop Group, Flipper, Zoviet France etc. Some really interesting LPs off one of my oldest friends which included: Peter Bellamy, Nic Jones, Slowdive, Black Metal, Townes Van Zandt, Murcof, Devon Folklore Tapes. We also had a lot of buying over the last few days with some heavy hitters from Throbbing Gristle, Bob Dylan, Dr Strangely Strange, Neil Young, Grateful Dead, Moe Tucker and Robert Johnson records taking up wall space.


Tonnes more Industrial came on on CD the week; including the infamous Death In June burger. Pretty ridiculous!!! Loads more super rare Coil, Andrew Chalk, Whitehouse, Nurse With Wound, Current 93 all going out this week.


We had a load more hefty UK Garage biscuits going out this week. The biggest was probably the first 12″ from DJ EZ. This is a pretty pricey little number but really killer and guaranteed to rock any dance floor. It never turns up either. Watch EZ rock the place in this video:


Lots of 45s have gone out this week. On top of the huge box of 60s 45s were these:

Eric Elder – Sunflower (Norwegian Pic Sleeve)
10cc/Strawberry related popsiker recently compiled on ‘Mixed Up Minds’
Primal Scream – All Fall Down / It Happens
Their indiepop debut. Think Paisley shirt rather than leather trousers.
Castle Farm – Hot Rod Queen (Privately pressed Junkshop Glam Tractor Jam)
Wilson Pickett – My Heart Belongs To You (A UK demo copy of this in demand Popcorn classic)
This week we’ve also been smashing out loads of random bits that have been sitting around for ages. We’re just trying to make space for this huge collection I’m going to at the weekend. So loads of random bits are going out. From weird Industrial LPs to rare pressings of classic LPs that are a bit tatty. The type of records that take a lot more time to process! Loads of titles going out in the bargain racks too.
OK – on to this weeks Top Eleven!
This week I’m super chuffed to have got a Top Eleven from Rob and Jill from Anarchy Records in Nottingham! Two of the nicest people you could possibly meet, and they always have killer records. I spent so much time in their shop when I lived in Nottingham; it was like a second home.
Anarchy top 11.
Just what we are listening to at the moment.
In no particular order
1-Klein and mbo dirty talk (instrumental).
2- Elton John – Tiny dancer (love it and always will).
3- Freur – doot doot.
4- Kylie – all the lovers.
5- Novak – alpine assignment ep.
6-Nick Heyward – Atlantic Monday.
7 – The go gos – our lips are sealed.
8 – Dub syndicate – mafia.
9 – Newcleus – computer age (push the button).
10 – baby’s gang – Happy song.
11 – Panorama – Dream Home

From Dub to Dubplates!

Salut from Reckless!!!


This Blog was written to the sound of Frankie Paul!

Loads in this week! Lets get started!

Firstly our good friend (who’s been in countless London Hardcore and Punk bands) brought in a load of nice records the other day. Biggest item was the Lee Moses 2xLP on Castle. This is a really good way of owning all the classic tunes from Lee Moses (including Bad Girl!). Sounds great, looks great. Pricey though! There were also a load of class Post Punk 45s, Death Metal CDs, Reggae 12″s and Hardcore Punk LPs. Always good bits!!

Just yesterday we had a large pile of Dubplates come in. They were from various cutting houses and included Drum N Bass from Bad Company, DJ Zinc etc as well as heavy Dancehall from Sanchez, and Hardcore Roots from Frankie Paul. Lots of Music House Dubs. I was playing through a load earlier and some of them are proper wicked!

Even more Dubstep came in this week – and you won’t believe it – more DMZs. Keep checking the wall and the Dubstep section as these won’t last long. They’re all in nice shape.

I bought in loads of killer Drum N Bass today including quite a few rarities. Some proper 12″s from Photek (and Studio Pressure), Wax Doctor, Dillinja, DJ Crystl. Tonnes of large ones.

The guy who has been bringing in the Industrial CDs is still bringing loads more in every week and literally going out laughing at how much dough he’s getting. But we have got so many killer Coil, Death In June, Nurse With Wound etc titles in right now. The cabinet is bursting with them. Loads more obscure stuff from artists like The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath a Cloud etc too.

Vegetable was back in the house this week with loads more killer 45s. This time loads of wicked Dancehall 45s, some mad rare Synth/Post Punk, Oddball Euro disco. You know the score!

We had a full restock of everything Hardcore Punk (including loads of other mad titles) from Static Shock Records and La Vida Es Un Mus. This included loads of killer Hardcore from artists like Career Suicide, Rixe, Disclose, Limp Wrist (including the new one), Hank Wood & The Hammer Heads etc. We also got a few new titles from the Metal Distro Me Saco Un Ojo (including the new Undergang which is really killer!). There are some really nice titles in right now, and they are literally flying out. We sold three Rixe LPs when we played it on Saturday.

We bought in even more wicked Reggae over the weekend. From Rocksteady 45s to UK Roots 12″s. There were also a load of Greensleeves LPs that came in (much cleaner than normal). Most of the 45s sold as soon as they went out but we now have a whole wall of UK Digital Roots 45s.

We bought in another copy of Screwface today by the Brainkillers. Thats like 4 in 2 months.

We’ve got a lot coming up next week (a 5000 piece House and Techno collection which looks really good, a nice Prog collection and some Punk 45s) so keep checking in!!


This week we have a Top Ten from none other than Heather from Black Impulse!!!

Cheers Heather!!!!!!


oioi I’m Heather, people call me Heaty. I do a radio show on NTS called Black Impulse every other weekend for the last 6 years and it has been pretty wild. I collect punk, noodly prog and far out shit. I really f*cking love weird/wobbly covers and references. Chris has been bugging me to do this for months now, and I keep dragging my feet. NO LONGER. Here’s yr list, f*cko.

10+ hits 4U

So hard to pick just one.

There’s 2 wicked Uriah Heep covers on this Czech 10″ that are both bangers; “Easy Livin” and “Look at Yourself”.

At one point in my life, I had 3 copies of this record?! V thrashy v trashy. So many fucked up cover songs, but check this my dudes.

I am really unapologetic about my love for Jon Anderson (also Rush?!). He has the voice of a goddamned angel and first 6 Yes albums are unf*ckwithable.

Always a fave. Maybe my no.1 love song of all time?! So much so, I made this frickin video y’hoser.

Second and third fave love song of all time? I have so many heavy emotional feelings about DVV.

1980s NYC hardcore band Go! covering Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark

Circle have been one of my top 5 current/running bands for so so so long. Here’s a ripper cover of Eno’s “Here Come the Warm Jets” from Manner released by Hydrahead for record store day in 2012 and in true HH fashion, plenty of colourways/slick packaging.

Here’s some new-ish releases I am currently f+cking with:

This is a new release by LA’s Corima, it’s like Pharoah Sanders fucked MAGMA and the baby was raised in Japan. It’s wild AF. If you dig cosmic jazz & zeuhl, this is for u.

Sarthay Kowar is absolutely dominating right now. The whole of “Day to Day” is a rager of modern jazz citing references of Siddi folk music. Out on Ninja Tune nownownow

Buy this tape. Doomy & roomy.


When I’m hungover/feeling wavy, I love listening to wobbly covers of my favourite songs. Here’s two excellent examples


Cheers Heather you rule!!

Dubstep in the house

Yes yes! Welcome to this weeks Reckless Blog!


This blog was written to the sounds of Good Shoes.

Mad week, madder than most. The shop is rammed full of records; at the time of writing this we have multiples of so many classic rare and sought after records (plus loads more collections coming up). Something that we have a load of right now is Dubstep. After the collection last week which resulted in us having a full wall of DMZ and Deep Medi on the Dance wall I went out and bought another collection from one of my oldest mates (rammed full of more DMZ and Deep Medi!). He had decided that it was time to have a big clear out and sold us around 500 12″s and 45s that he just wasn’t playing anymore. I clambered up into his loft space (which was jam packed full of vinyl and a mental PA and sound system) and spent the morning going through tunes with him (and him filling me in on where he bought them all – many of which I was there with him!). “Oh look, this is rare! Big Apple classic! You gave me this!”. There was also tonnes of banging Drum n Bass (Paradox, Doc Scott, Danny Breaks, Remarc, DJ Hype…), Noise (Wolf Eyes, Whitehouse, Nurse With Wound), Hardcore/Punk (Septic Death, Wire, Joy Division, Braindead, Hellnation), House/Techno (Strictly Rhythm, Chicago House, Nu Disco) and tonnes more. Also loads of indie 45s! I think this is why I have been listening to Good Shoes. Funny buying your pals records, it brings back so many memories!

On Saturday we had a really nice lady come in and sell us a nice pile of fairly clean 60s and 70s LPs. They were all original copies and included titles from The Beatles, John Lee Hooker, The Yardbirds, Stevie Wonder, Buddy Holly, The Rolling Stones etc. There were a few more unusual titles as well as a load of fairly standard 70s LPs (Electric Light Orchestra, Emerson Lake & Palmer etc).

Our friend Norman, who’s been a face on the records scene for years, brought us in a few unplayed 7″ box sets just the other day, both are pretty dope. One is a Who one, with all the classic 45s. The other is a Small Faces “French EPs” box. Both sealed.

We bought in about 50 classical LPs and Box Sets on Saturday. Nearly all of these are out in the 50p box; and selling fast. Tonnes of Decca titles. There were a few box sets in the standard classical section. We are trying to focus a little more on Classical titles (we used to just buy 20th Century Modern Classical).

Sean bought a pretty big Rock collection last week. It was a bit all over the place, with tonnes of odd Post Punk, standard 70s Rock, random metal, a Finnish Blitz 45, some rough but rare Rocksteady/Ska and Jazz. Lots of classic South London records (is it even possible to go to a collection in south East London without there being any Test Dept or This Heat? Always some Joy Division too. Some super random stuff here.

We had a walk in seller bring in one of the rarest (and priciest!) titles we’ve bought in quite some time. Its a ultra rare pressing of Bleach by Nirvana, on Red/White marbles vinyl. With a blue vinyl pressing of Sliver the 45. This has gone for over £1000 several times.

We bought a few hundred classic 70’s Tapes. Some really nice ones: John Martyn, Faust, The Beatles, Kraftwerk, Caravan, Soft Machine, Can, Bob Marley etc.

We also bought a load of decent indie vinyl (Ash, Smashing Pumpkins, Soundgarden etc). We got a restock of the Tote bags (and are hopefully getting some stickers soon). Plenty more collections this week!!!

This weeks Top Ten is by none other than Phil Alexander Editor-In-Chief of Mojo Magazine!!! He’s done us a Top Ten based around the Sun, good timing as its gonna be really bloody hot today! Thanks Phil!!!


Anthems Of The Sun


1 Queens Of The Stone Age – My God Is The Sun

2 Ghost Of The Sabre Tooth Tiger – Midnight Sun

3 The Jimi Hendrix Experience – Third From The Sun

4 T Rex – Mambo Sun

5 Goat – Union Of Sun And Moon

6 The Beatles – Sun King

7 Vangelis – Sunny Earth

8 Mighty Baby – Same Way From The Sun

9 Black Mountain – Mothers Of The Sun

10 Syd Arthur – Sun Rays

11 Ulver – Velvet Sunsets

12 Hawkwind – Hurry On Sundown

From Heavy Rap to Heavy Dub!!!

Salut from Reckless!!


This blog was written to the sounds of Digital Mystikz!

Mega week, and I was in Kent for most of it heh heh. The biggest event was Scott and I went to purchase a really great collection last night in South London. We had been communicating with them for quite some time and several other shops had already been to have a look but we knew it was a killer collection so we really wanted to do our best to buy it. We spent hours, and hours going through piles of 90s Wall of Fame Rap, UK Hip Hop, 70’s Reggae, UK Soundsystem Dub, Steppers, Dubstep, Dancehall, Breaks and loads more wicked genres. It was mostly split into two piles – Rap and Dub. The Rap titles were all pretty well played but all of the classics were there: Mos Def, Mobb Deep, Nas, GZA, Wu Tang Clan, Diamond D, Lord Finesse, Souls Of Mischief. The Dub titles ranged from original Jamaican Dub from Prince Jammy and Scientist to heavy UK artists like Jah Warrior, Iration Steppers, Aba Shanti, Creation Steppers, Dixie Peach, Pupa Jim, Disciples, Mad Professor etc. It is a really amazing collection, and certainly one of the best collections we have had for sometime.

We had another shipment of Japanese titles come in from when Toru was in Japan. This included loads of really beautiful Anime Soundtrack LPs, Japanese Pop, Synth Pop and Folk Music. Like I always say, these titles are absolutely flying out.

More on the Reggae Tip; we have started to take more Dancehall titles. We now have a large box of decent Dancehall 45s. Loads of Jammys. We also have a super rare Dub LP on the wall at the moment, an original copy of Fatman Ridim Sections’ “Israel Tafari”.

Sean was out at a really good Classic Rock collection this week; it wasn’t the biggest or in the best condition – but there are loads of UK original titles out at a very good price. Some real classic LPs from artists like Small Faces, Love, Jimi Hendrix, Joni Mitchell, Hawkwind, Francois Hardy etc. We test played most of these and they played really well – no jumps, pops and hardly any surface noise. It may be worth noting that all of our records (apart from the bargain ones!!) are guaranteed not to jump!

On the dance side we had some really wicked titles come in this week. Two large collections of UK Garage and Old Skool Hardcore. Loads of really classic titles, plenty of obscure white labels chucked in. We were listening to a load of the Hardcore titles yesterday – DJ Clarkee, Devious D, Tango. Absolutely banging; music to tear the place up.

As per usual we also had tonnes of brand new titles come in this week. This week seemed to bring in lots of  Experimental, most of the Principe titles (all killer, and beautiful handmade sleeves), Indie Rock and a load of Latin reissues.

Plenty more collections coming up this week. I’m going to a great one in Peckham this Friday which is full of Dubstep, Hardcore Punk, Experimental, Reggae, Techno, House, Metal, SSW and Indie!!! I saw some pictures and can’t wait to have a look!

We have buyers available everyday in every genre so if you have a record or CD collection for sale don’t hesitate to get in touch!!!


This weeks Top Ten is from Gilly Waxmania! Thanks Gilly!!!!



“Top 10 – Rap Francais” for Reckless Records, London (not in a particular order)


Lunatic – Têtes brûlées


LIM – Tous Illicites


La Brigade – 16  Rimes


Tallac – Booba


Beat De Boul – Beat de Boul est Dans la Sono


Oxmo Puccino – Pucc’Fiction (ft Booba)


Mo’vez Lang feat. Mala – C’est ça gars


TSR Crew – Pas d’paradis


Tandem – 93 Hardcore


113 – Tonton Du Bled


YouTube Playlist:

Hip Hop You Don’t Stop!

Hello there, Reckless here.


This week has seen all the usual Reckless business; lots of happy customers, lots of happy sellers.

This blog was written on the train from Broadstairs to London whilst listening to Andyskopes.

The biggest load of records we got in this week was when Scott went to a collection this weekend. He came back with roughly 500 Rap and Soul/Funk LPs, with a lot of Battle Breaks too. This was a pretty hefty collection, and there are loads of killer records in there. I believe the condition is a bit up and down but they will be priced accordingly! I saw a photo of the collection and it looked absolutely wicked.

During the week we also bought in a large pile of Brazilian records – some nice ones too. Ellis Regina, Jorge Ben, Gilberto Gil etc. Loads of interesting records. There was also a compilation with Joyce and Os Mutantes.

Sean and I both bought in some decent small collections of Classic Rock. Both collections had classic rock staples i.e. The Band, Deep Purple, Jimi Hendrix, Wishbone Ash etc. There were also a few slightly more left of centre titles in there like John Fahey and Terry Riley.

On Thursday a nice, small pile of Folk and Rock titles came in. It was a small pile but it was very, very good: Comus, The Kinks, Billy Nicholls, Airport Convention etc. The Billy Nicholls was the reissue, but thats been out of print for ages. tts so beautiful and perfect for the Summer weather, I love that record.

We also had a load of decent Bollywood titles come in; as well as an Indian Bob Marley LP! There are a few Bollywood collections due to come in over the next few weeks, and they fly out when they come in. There were a few pricey titles in the last batch, some that had sold for up to £50 a few times.

As the reductions were done recently we sold loads of our big hitters in the shop – The Misfits 7”, Chubby Checker 7”, loads of UK Jazz, some super rare Disco 12”s. There are still tonnes of reductions going out so please keep coming in to check, we need the space!!!

You probably know but Reckless is also a record label and we have three new titles coming out on September the 29th. These will be available in Reckless and shops around the globe!

We’re Ready! by The Brainiac 5

Half Sentences by The Green Ray

New Feeling by The Favourites


Get RECKLESS this Autumn…..

Reckless Records are releasing THREE albums on 29 September. New Feeling is the first ever official full-length album from Nottingham’s late 70s powerpop saviours THE FAVOURITES. Rising from the ashes of Stiff-signed pub rockers Plummet Airlines, the band released two now sought-after singles before imploding, with frontman Darryl Hunt finding fame as bassist in The Pogues. New Feeling collects both singles, b-sides and 10 other tracks on deluxe vinyl with a free CD.

Half Sentences is the long-awaited new album from London-based psychedelic rockers THE GREEN RAY, formed in the late 90s by Ken Whaley and Richard Treece from the much loved 70s band Help Yourself. A year after Ken passed away in 2013, a reconfigured Green Ray began these recordings. This album features Richard Treece’s final contributions before his sad passing in 2015.

Following quickly on from January’s Journey To X, rejuvenated psych-punks THE BRAINIAC 5 return with their fourth full-length, We’re Ready! Starting out with an over-abundance of material from previous songwriting sessions, the Brainiacs have also taken a new look at tracks from their diverse back catalogue, as well as delivering up some shiny brand new songs.

The label arm of the international secondhand record store empire, Reckless Records’ inaugural release was the first Brainiac 5 album World Inside in 1988. Since then they have gone on to release a series of highly collectable albums from the likes of The Bevis Frond, Black Sun Ensemble, The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown, Henry Kaiser and more. The label was relaunched in 2014 with the release of the Brainiac 5 anthology When Silence Was Sound.

Here is an older Brainiac 5 video!

This weeks Top Ten is from the awesome Dean Thatcher!!! Dean has been DJ’ing for years as well as playing in The Aloof. He now lives down in Thanet and always plays killer sets !!!














Vinyl and CDs that we have bought, with a bit of description; and a List from Wicked DJ Felix Hall

Oi! from Reckless!!


Blimey, been an absolutely mental week – the shop has been crazy busy. Usually when its hot everyone sits in the park but it seems all these big gigs (Depeche Mode, Green Day, Tom Petty etc) have brought in lots to tourists (from the UK and afar) who all want to buy CDs and Vinyl! Nice one!

This Blog was written to the sounds of Magic by the Circle City Band on my first day of trying to commute from Thanet to London!

So this week we haven’t just been selling tonnes of Vinyl and CDs but we’ve also been buying it by the bucketload too.

Firstly – despite the fact that most of it literally flew out the moment it was put out in the racks) I should talk about the large amount of Wackies (and Summer Records) titles we had. We bought tonnes of super rare Wackies 12”s and some of the Dub LPs. From Love Joys to Horace Andy to the Bullwackies Dubs – it was all there. Wackies is an absolutely killer label; if you don’t know it and have an  interest in Reggae at least check out the nice reissues (pretty much always available from the always killer Honest Jons). Heres hoping that more comes in!

Next up – a member of staff needed a bit of moolah after moving and sold in some heavy biscuits. Some nice UK Folk, UK Free Jazz, 60s Pop and Indie Rock. Alan Skidmore on Deram, Lal & Mike Waterson, The Beatles, Ride…all the big boys. These titles have had some customers frothing at the mouth!!!

Who would have thought it but someone sold in some of those David Axelrod reissues that we used to sell really cheap and they have shot right up in value! But at least we have them in stock. An unpopular choice I know but Earth Rot is my personal favourite.

I, just today, purchased a load of rare Brazilian and Japanese ambient titles. Unfortunately I am writing this from the train and didn’t make a note of what they were. The same seller also sold in nice compilation LPs of Urban Waste and Straight Ahead/NYC Mayhem so you know they have good taste!!

I purchased a fairly large collection of pretty nice classic rock LPs today – artists like Camel, Todd Rundgren, John Fahey, Robin Trower, Led Zeppelin, Woodstock comp, Wishbone Ash, Deep Purple, Pink Floyd, AC/DC. Nice classic titles. A few days before we bought some really nice OGs from David Bowie and Nick Drake. Boomting!

We had a load more Emo and Hardcore being sold in. Tonnes of them, super cheap, but still pretty good records! La Quiete, Gunmoll, Twelve Hour Turn, Swing Kids, Combatwoundedveteran etc. Music to roll around on the floor too. I personally still have a lot of time for these records; especially after a single pint of beer.

Dance side has been ticking over nicely, loads of new bits going out (Outkast, Brainkillers, Jurassic 5, The Sylvers, Curtis Mayfield etc). Some of those super limited edits (that go for mad money) came in last week too – Nu Disco edits of Paul Simon, Little Dragon, Junior Boys etc. Also a few super clean Source Direct promos. Also a Tasty Treats DJ sold in a nice pile of House/Techno/Disco reissues (DJ Harvey, Detroit, Kerri Chandler).

Loads of interesting experimental vinyl also came in this week (we are drowning in weird records). One seller (who I used to work with) sold in bare new Avant LPs. Things on Alter Records, Gate, Moondog, Henry Flynt. Loads of good things, and also tonnes of super cheap things. Also we bought in a load of weird Box Sets. From Smegma to Aboriginal Music to BYG/Actuel Records. Plus someone got bored of Wolfgang Dauner and we got a few of his LPs and a rare Et Cetera one. Nice!!

Loads of nice Neofolk and Industrial CDs have been coming in ever since I bought that big collection. This one dude has sold in so many nice and rare Coil Box sets, The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath A Cloud, Throbbing Gristle, Blood Axis, Nurse With Wound, Rome etc. You get the general idea. Loads of really nice rare CDs. I love this kind of thing lol.

A pal of ours who works round the corner (and has a show on NTS) sold in three nice UK Jazz titles (Mike Westbrook, Henry Lowther and Stan Tracey). Mmmmm, nice!

Our 7” guy was in this week so the racks were filled to the brim, so many killer singles going out. One I remember he played (which I now really wish I had bought!!) was “I’m Alive” by Johny Thunder. Super rare Mod Dancer!!

All sides (Dance, Rock, CD) did their reductions this week. Now is the time to come in and get cheap but still killer Vinyl and CDs. These are selling very quickly, we just want the money back we spent on them so please buy them quickly. Loads of Blue Note CDs in brand new condition going out for £1. Madness!!!

I advise you go to see the band Q that our very own Tom is putting on this weekend. We are playing with them in Sheffield in a few weeks and I cant wait as everyone says they are mental.

July 15th:

Q / State Funeral / Sarcasm / Vile Spirit / Lovers Club
New River Studios
This weeks list is from the madman Felix Hall. Absolute badman Dancehall DJ.
20 riddims and favourite tune on it
(Lift Up Your Head) Anthony B – Raid Di Barn
(Anger Management) Mavado – Real Mckoy
(Mad Indian) T.O.K. – Not The Same
(G-String) Wayne Wonder – Kick It With Me
(Hard Slam) Vybz Kartel – Brooklyn Anthem
(Bruckout) Mr Easy – Murder
(Dogheart) Buju Banton – Informer Fi Dead
(Bug) Bounty Killer – Look
(Bellyaz) Ward 21 – Blood Stain
(Superstar) Frisco Kid – Feedback
(Stampede) Merciless – Mr Whodini
(Empress) Vylmark – Bad Man Sitten
(Good Vybe) Chico – Wonderful
(Rice And Peas) Asssassin And Sugar Slick– Dedicated To The World
(Bogle) Terror Fabulous – Mr Big Man
(Gonna Fight) Garnett Silk – Kingly Character
(Shank I Sheck) Bounty Killer – Down In The Ghetto
(Giggy) Mad Cobra – Shot A Talk
(Hype) Mr Vegas – Model Pon Dem
(Koloko) Sizzla – Love Is Always There

Industrial Times!

Oi! from Reckless!


Ultra busy week this week, thank goodness I was in Glasgow on holiday. This Blog was written to the sounds of Happy Meals.

Just before I went away I went to see a geezer in New Cross (I’d been to purchase a large portion of his CD collection a few months back). This time he wanted to sell all of his Vinyl (that wasn’t Black Metal!). So I spent the day going through roughly 6/700 LPs. From hardcore Power Electronics to Ultra are Progressive (Reissues generally) to Post Punk. There was a lot of noisy stuff generally. Some Neofolk, and a lot of Industrial. A lot of reissues of Italian Industrial Tapes on LTD to 99 copies LP. All of those nice Whitehouse reissues. Plenty of Current 93 and Death In June. A load of NWOBHM 7”s and LPs. There were also a lot of late 90s-mid 2000s noise releases (Hive Mind, Wolf Eyes, New Blockaders, Aaron Dilloway etc). A great collection and pretty chuffed that the Industrial section is absolutley massive now!

Sean went to a collection on the same day that was a little more standard but good nonetheless. Tonnes of classic rock (around 200 titles). From Ten Years After to Joni Mitchell to Black Sabbath. All the usual suspects – in variable condition. Plenty of bargains to be had!!

We also bought a really nice stack of Jazz and Avant Garde titles last week. This included some nice Charlie Parker and John Coltrane vinyl box sets. Some super rare Folkways (the David Tudor and John Cage one was super nice!), Stockhausen Box set and some really nice Japanese Jazz titles.

Also we bought in a rather large Indie/Hardcore/Emo collection. Which was nice as we hadn’t had a lot of bits in like that recently. Sean sent me a load of pics and they include titles by Moss Icon (one of the best bands ever!), Lifetime, The Gossip, The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart, Tragedy, Hatred Surge, Japandroids, Go Sailor and Husker Du. Bit of a weird mix but I think it makes sense. Typing this makes me want to listen to Go Sailor.

Footpatrol (the bad boy trainer shop over the road) included us in their Jewel Of Soho campaign recently which was very nice of them. So check their website (its got some pictures of Toru and Eddie on there!).

We are extending out buying limits soon so if you live pretty far away (Devon, Gloucester etc) we may now be able to come to you (depending on the collection). So please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have a load of bits for sale!

This weeks TOP TEN is from my main man Ryan from Warthog, Blank Dogs, Religious Knives, Nude Beach etc. Geezer only works for Rough Trade too. 11760319_10100272135220977_9023724716051890496_n.jpg


” fave tracks i’ve discovered in 2017 so far “

Kate NV – Peaceful Protest
Cool contemporary freaky modern composition that sets a peaceful mood

Sharon Prabhyakar – Pyar Chhalke
Quite possibly the single most insane Indian electro disco track I’ve ever heard – this song switches gears like 15 times and has the most addictive vocal melody

Junko Ohashi – Dancin’
Japanese synth-pop dancefloor ready from 1984

Theo Parrish – Brain
Deep cut off of Parallel Dimensions – a great soulful hip hop influenced tune

Cybe – Zen Zai
Maybe the best compilation of an unknown artist I’ve picked up all year

Stranger Cole – I’m Living
Heavy as fuck dub reggae from 1976, cool phased out vibe with incredible lyrics

Mark Ernestus’ Ndagga Rhythm Force – Walo Walo Version
Idk how I slept on these releases – state of the art electronic production meets far out african percussiveness – 100% killer

Ironing Music – Don’t Wish it Away
A great forgotten Australian band that channels Young Marble Giants, check out the whole Oz Waves comp while you’re at it

Kahil El’Zabar’s Ritual Trio – Africanos/Latinos
The sweet spot where latin music perfectly collides with spiritual Jazz

Perdido En El Universo – Falcons
Sick Spanish space prog from 78 reminds me of Meddle-era Pink Floyd

Laetitia Sadier Source Ensemble – Undying Love For Humanity

Former Stereolab frontwoman nails it on her excellent new studio album, i think this song is the best one on the album

V/A Lots of Loving –
Insanely beautiful obscure reggae comp.. barely know any of the artists, but I tend to play this whole album almost once a day