A large run down of whats been coming in recently (plus a Rosy Ross Top Ten!)

Hello from Reckless!

Bit of a delay from the last Blog post due to computer issues but heres an even bigger rundown to make up for it!

This Blog was written to the sounds of:

All the reductions have now been done, CDs and Vinyl so theres tonnes of great stuff out in the cheaps. We’re topping this up everyday as theres barely anymore room out in the racks there so full!

Buying has been mega – check it:

  1. We bought a massive CD collection of one of my pals (whose vinyl we bought a few years ago). He’s a well established producer and is known for his amazing taste – so all of the 1000 or so CDs are killer. From classic albums to Electronic obscurities to big box sets they’re all here. Heres a rough idea: Basic Channel, Frank Zappa, Sun Ra, Eliane Radigue, Autechre, Depeche Mode, William Basinski, 13th Floor Elevators, Pauline Oliveros, Aphex Twin etc. I’m not sure if these have been started yet but this is one of the best across the board collections we’ve bought for yonks.
  2. Kris and Toru were out at a big Jazz collection on Sunday with close to 3000 titles – vinyl and CD. Lots of rarer Blue Note CD pressings, obscurities, some older Jazz titles that are hard to find on CD and the odd bit of British Jazz. Its a massive collection.
  3. Scott was out at a Hardcore/Jungle/Drum n Bass collection last Friday. Although there were thousands of records there a lot of them were just too rough but he came back with a great pile and has been play testing them. Anything too rough is not going out. Lots of rare titles from Lemon D, Bizzy B, Cool Hand Flex, J Majik, Body Snatch, Dr S Gachet, Cru-L-T, Doc Scott, Origination, DJ Vibes, Adam F etc.
  4. One chap has been coming in almost every day with great Soul/Disco/Boogie LPs and 12″s. Some great titles from Bohannon, Patrice Rushen, The Jackson Sisters, Ingram, Leroy Hutson etc. Hundreds of these have gone out recently.
  5. I bought in a great stack of Reggae and Soul yesterday from someone who said he has thousands of records to sell. Lots of Greensleeves, Ray Barratto, Wayne Jarrett, Roy Ayers, Barry Brown, Wayne Wade, Half Pint, Tetrack, Junior Delgado, Miles Davis, Gregory Isaacs, quite a few interesting Lovers 12″s and plenty more. Mostly JA or US pressings.
  6. A pal of ours brought in some great Hardcore Punk from bands like Discharge, Gas Rag, Lebenden Totem etc.
  7. Our friend Norman brought in a nice selection of LPs featuring a Bodkin Acme test press and a load of Sun Ra reissues.
  8. Another regular seller brought in some interesting Library titles and a few rare bits from Franco Et L’ok, Pablo Moses and Idris Ackhamoor.
  9. Some nice Death Metal CDs came in from Blood Ritual, Desecration and many more.
  10. More Sun Ra reissues from another seller – 18 of them!
  11. A pal of mine came up from Kent with a load of Drum n Bass CD packs and vinyl from Kraftwerk, Pierre Henry, Soul Jazz comps, Residents, Ash Ra Tempel, Moondog, Fred Frith etc.
  12. EX staff member Kenny White brought in an interesting pile of titles including some harder Acid Techno, titles on Pan and Blackest Ever Black, Nitzer Ebb, James Ferraro and the odd thing on Storm.
  13. One of our pals who used to work at Honest Jons came up from Margate to sell us a great selection of Soul/Funk/Reggae. A mixture of LPs, 12″s and 45s with titles from Ebony Steel Band, Syl Johnson, Rance Allen Group, Ken Boothe, Willie Hutch, O Jays, Solomon Burke, Anthony Red Rose, Parliament, Hudson People, Prince Jammy, Isaac Hayes, Risco Connection, Marvin Gaye, James Brown, The Dells, Viceroys, The Cables, Beginning Of The End, Prince Buster and many more.
  14. Around 200 Interesting CDs came in from one seller including Jimi Hendrix CD box sets, The Move, Wire and Frank Zappa.
  15. A small but great selection of LPs from another seller: Mary Wells, Tangerine Dream, Otis Redding, The Fugs, Can and Bill Fay.
  16. Some cool Metal titles (CD and vinyl) from another: Saint Vitus, Motorhead. AC/DC, Motley Crue etc.
  17. More Metal from a friend of mine – this time with a bit of Hardcore too – all LPs: Iron Monkey, Watain, Torche, 108, Abolition, Anthrax, Mortury Drape, Asshole Parade, Tankard, Bestial Mockery, Out Cold etc. Dang.
  18. More nice Reggae CDs – loads this last few weeks!
  19. I sold in a big batch of nice records- loads of Folkways, Ras Michael LP, Stereolab, Black Witchery, Felt, Metallica, Sade, Cock Sparrer, Reload, Probot and a couple of Hardcore 12″s. Also a few Metal and Hardcore shirts (that are out in the vinyl sections photocopied).
  20. Another regular seller brought in a great stack of LPs and 12s from: Cloud 9 (Nookie), Ty Segal, Capone, Carl Craig, Brian Jonestown Massacre, The Hidden Hand, Neil Young, Winston Jarrett, Bark Psychosis, Brian Eno, Numero comps, Butthole Surfers, Alexander Tucker, King Kong (the killer ‘He Was a Friend’ 12″), The Pixies, Kuedo, Tim Hecker, Swans, Billy Childish and many more.
  21. More Jungle bits from another seller including Aquarius, “Drift To The Centre”.
  22. Small bizarre selection of vinyl from another seller including Disney Soundtracks, Bollywood, Soft Cell, Miles Davis, The Shangri Las and Chico Hamilton.
  23. Some big Ramones vinyl box sets – that are very tempting indeed.
  24. Load of super clean Trojan Records LPs – loads of them! Plus a tonne of 90s Dancehall that all went in the cheaps.
  25. One of our friends (who used to work at Reckless) dropped in an amazing pile of records as she was going travelling – included were the Can box, Elliot Smith titles, The White Stripes, Godspeed You Black Emperor, Bright Eyes, Sonic Youth etc.
  26. Large pile of very marked but rare Soul and Reggae 45s. It will be worth looking in the cheaps if marked rare 45s are your bag.
  27. Alan sold in a great stack of 45s including some 60s demos, Stone Roses, The Rolling Stones, Depeche Mode etc.
  28. Wicked pile from one seller featuring The Terminator and Bladerunner Soundtracks (surely two of the best Soundtracks ever?) and a load of killer clean Jungle/Drum & Bass (Goldie, Source Direct, Photek etc).
  29. More new vinyl from The Killers, Big Thief, Blondie and Lets Eat Grandma.
  30. Small marked pile of Reggae, African Juju and Soul LPs. Some pricey titles that went straight in the cheaps!
  31. A geezer who used to live in Detroit decided to scale down a bit and brought in a great stack of Garage Punk, Psych and Soul LPs with titles from The Dirtbombs, The Detroit Cobras, R Stevie Moore, The Remains, The Go, more Numero comps, The Gories, Voices Of East Harlem, Link Wray etc.
  32. More interesting LPs and 45s from another seller: Julia Holder, Blood Orange, The Vaccines etc. Also plenty of stuff on Mute.
  33. 12″s from Yoko Ono, Arthur Russell, New Order and Pet Shop Boys.
  34. A nice little pile of Dub and Reggae LPs from a guy who pops in from time to time: Bunny Wailer, Yabby You, Delroy Wilson, The Techniques, The Upsetters etc.
  35. Loads of random one off sales with titles from: Arctic Monkeys, Bob Marley, Miles Davis, 2Pac, Underground Resistance, Liam Gallagher, Devo, Siouxsie & The Banshees, Gang Of Four, Ray Charles, Elton John, American Football, The National, Pink Floyd, Sandy Denny, Queen, Joey Negro etc.

As you can imagine we’ve put out loads of great titles in the last few weeks. Heres a short run down.

  1. Classic Rock LPs – hundreds of them! Led Zeppelin, Van Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones…it never ends.
  2. Classic Soul LPs and Disco/Boogie 12″s.
  3. Tonnes of Japanese titles – both from Torus trip to Japan and the big Japanese collection I bought.
  4. More Nigerian LPs. The section is massive now.
  5. Loads of Classical LPs from the two large collections we bought. The Classical cheaps section is also updated daily. These titles are vastly undercutting the online prices.
  6. More brilliant Reggae 12″s and LPs. The 7″ section should be updated soon. Most of the Dancehall 45s that were out were drastically reduced recently and we have thousands more.
  7. Metal vinyl – from Hard Rock to Earache classics to gnarly Black Metal. Nice to have a load of good Metal records in.
  8. Punk and New Wave 45s – mostly clean as a whistle.
  9. Hundreds of Jazz LPs – all across the board. From Blue Notes to British Jazz to Trad to ECM.
  10. More Folkways LPs.
  11. Lots of House/Techno and Trance. A lot of which flies out the door the second it goes out.
  12. Some newer House and Techno, for cut down prices.
  13. Indie 45s and LPs buy the bucketload.
  14. Some classic Hardcore Punk titles from Negative Approach and the Headcleaners.
  15. More Modern Composition – at one point there were 12 Phillip Glass LPs out in the racks.
  16. Rap CDs – including loads of really hard to find titles. From the 80s to present day.
  17. Reggae CDs – including some long out of print biscuits.
  18. Loads of Madonna records that all sold within 5 minutes of being put out.
  19. More Jazz CDs than you could possibly imagine (including hundreds of ECM titles).
  20. A load of CD singles for 50p each.
  21. Brand new titles which we buy from distributors – all classic titles from artists like The Beatles, NWA, John Martyn, Nick Cave, Cocteau Twins, Das EFX, Bob Marley, Jaqueline Du Pre, Talking Heads, Joni Mitchell, Pink Floyd, Abba, Slint, Mayhem, Type O Negative, Jimi Hendrix, Queen, Darkthrone, Beastie Boys, Amy Winehouse, Oasis, Kanye West, Neil Young, Wire, David Bowie, Cream, John Coltrane, Fleetwood Mac, Bob Dylan….

Plenty of interesting collections on the horizon but ever keep checking our Instagram as that should give you an idea of whats going out. Its worth remembering however that we have super quick turn over so popping in is always best!

Little reminder that we have a load of great Reckless Records shirts, Stickers and Slipmats for you and of course we sell Gift Vouchers; either instore or you can buy them online here:


We have a great Top Ten this week from my great friend and top DJ Rosy Ross!

Rosy said “This Top Ten is an attempt to express the dizzying highs and the bittersweet lows (often at the same time) of disco sentiment. It was seriously hard to shortlist, and I’ll prob be mulling it over weeks later.”

  1. Hercules and Love Affair – Blind. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B6osKfbhF6k
    ANOHNI’s voice is sublime and Andy Butler’s lyrics and arrangement classic disco; a lament of sorts, set to twinkling synths, driving bass and ecstatic horn melodies. It’s introspective and it’s a sing-along. Loving that first H&AF album taught me something about the history of club music and the queer, black and latinx communities that produced and danced to disco music – life has never been the same since.
  2. Late Nite Tuff Guy – One Nite in a Disco. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vO7Uhb3Vjv8

    You-just-can’t without referencing Nile Rodgers, Bernard Edwards and the countless loving edits and remixes of Chic and Sister Sledge songs. This chuggy reimagining of ‘He’s the Greatest Dancer’ is completely bewitching and far, far too cool for school. LNTG will recalibrate your appreciation of the classics if you’ve been feeling overexposed.

  3. Taana Gardner – Heartbeat (Club Version). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ye4QXwn6jUY

    From the album: Larry Levan’s Classic West End Records Remixes Made Famous At The Legendary Paradise Garage – which I found at Reckless, in fact. I gave it to a friend for his birthday and I sort of regret it, because every single song on it is insane! This one’s a sexy slow burner, set to an actual heartbeat rhythm. Taana Gardner’s voice is one in a billion, and, like every tune touched by Larry Levan, the sound is iridescent. One for your very best speakers.

  4. An italo classic. There’s a significant amount of bad italo to pick though, but when you find the good ones they are SO good. This very lovely track is a lesson in how to dance and sing through the yearning. And who’d’ve thought that helium balloon/chipmunk vocal effect could be so… affecting?
  5. Sally Shapiro – I’ll Be By Your Side (Tensnake Remix) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V4Q5K6Oe8FE
    Can’t do a disco sentiments Top Ten without Sally Shapiro, the Swedish, italo-inspired band which released a number of sugary, synth pop heart melters with belting euro basslines. Tensnake slows things down a tad, drawing out the icier sounds that Scandi disco does so well, and making the synth lines shimmer in sympathy.
  6. Faze Action – Magic Touch (FA Paradise ’89 House Mix). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6zj5C9VV_Iw

    Edging into the balearic zone here – a genre that learned a thing or two from disco about pitting dreams vs. reality. I first heard this at Pike’s in Ibiza, where the louche, international disco spirit is very much alive and kicking. The piano-driven melody is so compelling and occasionally winds through my dreams at night, beckoning me back to the dancefloor.

  7. Patrick Cowley – Kickin’ In https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ajr2iba3oVI

    I was introduced to Patrick Cowley through his mind-blowing remix of I Feel Love. He was a great composer, a synth wizard, and his back catalogue covers all sorts of moods, genres and soundscapes. This track is full throttle disco, irresistable, and encapsulates that special anticipation of a night out dancing, and the ecstasy that can be released across a room of people dancing together.

  8. Dinosaur – Kiss Me Again (alternate mix/B side) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OcrtPBX2V0g
    This Arthur Russell/Nicky Siano-produced version is my favourite. The song is about infatuation and madness. It’s dark magic. All the disco elements are there, but closing in on you, as though the vocalist is confiding in you with her face just a bit too close for comfort. Listen out for the “shoop”. So, so good.
  9. This song is so very very French disco, with cute chorus, flutey bits and flirty everything. The vocals are breathy and sweet, but there’s a sting in the tale – it’s actually about a poolside break up, and she knows exactly what she’s doing. Sometimes you need a bit of salt or citric acid in the cocktail.

  10. Grace Jones – La Vie en Rose. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J-JfDk_EKxY

    Grace, Grace, forever! Perhaps not an obvious selection from her formindable repertoire, but this song – originally performed by the incredible Édith Piaf  – means something like ‘life seen through rose-tinted glasses’, and is about the intoxicating power of being in love. Released in Europe in 1945, after another war, there’s an underlying sense that this relief and happiness can’t last, and Grace’s delivery and the nostalgic bossa nova version doesn’t shy away from the bittersweet truth. And that’s disco.

Thanks Rosy!!!!!

Check Rosy out on Threads radio!

Thanks Rosy!!!! And thanks to you for reading and be back with you real soon!