Starting 2020 with a BANG!!!

Yo from Reckless!

This Blog was written on a train passing Reculver Towers whilst listening to:

Happy New Year to you all and hope you had a great Christmas. Thanks so much to you for making 2019 a great year for Reckless. It’s been a real year for change at Reckless, we’ve been constantly trying to better the shop. We’ve also really been going for it with the collections and bought some serious records and cds in 2019. 2020 is already shaping up to be a killer year, and we’ve got some amazing collections on the horizon.

Christmas is always quiet for buying  but we did have a few great selections come in.

  1. The first was several hundred LPs, about 300 7″s and 100 or so CDs. An absolutely killer collection of Hardcore, Punk, Post Hardcore, Emo, Noise Rock, Garage Rock, Revolution Summer, Indie Rock etc. Loads of titles on Discord Records, Husker Du, Bad Brains, Rorschach (one of the greatest Hardcore bands of all time!), The Soft Boys, Harriet The Spy (seeing them at a friends house in Westgate in the late 90s fried my brain), Bikini Kill, Superchunk, Deep Wound, The Faith/Void split (does it get much better than this?), Michael Rother, The Go-Go’s, Regulator Watts, Party Of Helicopters, Hot Snakes, The Flaming Lips, Fear, Sonic Youth, Thee Oh Sees, Antioch Arrow, Kerosene 454, Charles Bronson, Unwound, Angel Hair (the 45 still sounds amazing), Perspex Flesh, Lungfish, The Sonics, Simply Saucer, Circus Lupus, Glenn Branca, Born Against, The Man I Fell In Love With, Karate, Fu Manchu, Spazz, Bob Tilton (still one of the best bands ever), Slint, Palace Brothers, The Lowest Form, 13th Floor Elevators, Wipers, Career Suicide etc.  We got the bulk of the LPs out over Christmas.
  2. One of our pals brought in a huge pile of mostly modern House and Techno but there was also quite a lot of Warp Records stuff, Dubstep/Bass music, Garage Rock, Sublime Frequencies, Afrobeat, Noise Rock etc. So plenty of Hessle Audio, Helena Hauff, Robert Hood, Joe, Battles, Shackleton etc. Just under 100 titles.
  3. We were also visited by a lovely chap from France who brings in great stuff several times a year. Dance stuff from 808 State, loads of Moodymann, Gescom (the fantastic Keynell EP), Kirk Degiorgio, A Guy Called Gerald (Black Secret Technology), UNKLE, The Black Dog, Plaid, Rhythm & Sound, Four Tet (including a lot of Text 12″s), Moving Shadow, loads of Workshop 12″s, Carl Craig, Theo Parrish, Dinosaur L, Autechre, Elegy & Basic Channel. And on the more Rock side (if you can call it that): Hozan Yamamoto, Luc Ferrari, Ariel Kalma, Bobby Jackson, Earth, Throbbing Gristle, SPK (the amazing Vinyl On Demand 7″ box set with the three first 7″s), Chris & Cosey and of course Current 93 (including the amazing All The Pretty Little Horses).
  4. 40 or so Reggae and Soul 45s came in yesterday. A mixture of not particularly rare originals and reissues of rarer bits.
  5. A Small but very interesting selection of Folk LPs which include a signed Richard Thompson LP, original Bert Jansch and amazingly a white label Test Press of a Sandy Denny LP!
  6. Various smaller vinyl selections from artists like Bob Dylan, TV On The Radio, Pale Saints, Brian Eno, Beyonce, Baroness, Pink Floyd, Dudley Moore, Wings etc.


This weeks Top Ten is from Henry Lopez-Real! Henry has been a regular at several shops I’ve worked at over the years – and always buys fantastic gear.



Errol Dixon & The Back Beats – Too Much Whisky

Flip side of his Mama Shut Your Door single on Blue Beat from 1961.

An apposite title, for some of us at least, at this time of year.  This’ll help the fug if you’re struggling. Beautiful-sadly uncredited-saxophone solo.


Rico And His Blue Boys – Soul Of Africa

Another on Blue Beat-this time from ’64-and another B side. This one the flip to Prince Buster’s Wash All Your Troubles Away.

Extremely moreish. You’ll never play it just the once. My copy has seen a lot of action at parties but Rico’s mighty trombone still makes it, just about, through the worn grooves.


Afronational band – Money Palava

Single on the Afronational label outta Sierra Leone c.1970-something.

Completely infectious with sweet ringin’ guitars to the fore.

Purchased many moons back in a now sadly defunct outlet on the Goldhawk Road where the basement prices were 10p for singles/ 20p for LP’s. Trendy new café/vinyl emporiums take note. This is an attractive pricing policy and you will attract custom. Perhaps not the sort of custom you’re looking for but nevertheless…


Chuck Berry – Ramona, Say Yes

Chuck hits a soul groove on this single for Chess.

He’s pretty keen on her red dress though thankfully he doesn’t tell us how old the titular Ramona is (or whether he’s transported her across state lines recently) and consequently we can still play this one on the wireless every now and then.


Manuel & The Renegades – Rev Up (Piper Records)

Beep Beep & The Roadrunners – Shifting Gears (Vincent Records)

Blast the new year cobwebs away with this pair of killer surf/hot rod 45’s. Very lo-fi and very fine.


Link Wray – Jack The Ripper/The Black Widow (Swan 1962)

All about Link’s mean, low slung guitar of course but it’d be an oversight not to mention brother Doug’s  thunderous performance on drums particularly at the fade. Outtasight Doug!

A reminder never to neglect the Cheaps. I picked up an OG of this 2 sided monster in Reckless for £2 a while back. Looks battered. Plays like a dream. Pressed LOUD.


Henry Gray & His Bayou Buddies – Henry’s Rock (Sunland Records)

Can never resist a 45 by an artist called Henry though you don’t need to be called Henry to dig this pounding piano rocker from Louisiana.

Newest record on the list from 1985 which was just the other year right?


George Harrison – Miss O’Dell

Another B side to his 1973 hit Give Me Love (Give Me Peace On Earth). George attempts to knock out a Dylan-esque paen to Chris O’Dell of Apple Records but keeps breaking in to fits of laughter before leaving Macca’s old phone number at the end.

The laughter’ll do you good and remember spring’s just around the corner.

This can be found for pence.


Sun Ra Presents The Qualities – Happy New Year To You!

Not Sonny’s most challenging work but agreeably off-kilter doo wop to see in 2020.

Thanks Henry! Killer selection!!

And thanks to you for reading – catch us next week!