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An absolutely mega week at Reckless Records this week, we’ve bought more records this week than ever! Here you go;

  1. Ben bought in an absolutely top notch pile of classic 60s and 70s Rock. All first or very early pressings and in great condition. The bulk of the collection was Jimi Hendrix titles but there were also titles from Led Zeppelin, Fleetwood Mac, Pink Floyd, Gene Clark, The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. Big records!
  2. I was out at a huge ex library collection in South London midweek and came back with nearly 5000 titles. Lots of Classical, Jazz, Avant Garde, Improv, Ethnographic titles including hundreds of Folkways titles, several hundred Shostakovich LPs, 2 copies of Neil Ardleys’ “A Symphony Of Amaranthis” (one of my favourite UK Jazz LPs), over 20 Albert Ayler LPs, Art Ensemble Of Chicago LPs, loads of Louis Armstrong, plenty of Incus titles including a few doubles, some John Surman, various Cannonball Adderly albums and a hell of a lot of Classical LPs. Loads of ex library CDs too – including some good Reggae and ECM titles but with old stickers on so they will be cheap).
  3. Scott went to a few collections this week; the first one was in South and featured lots of Dance music – from Reggae/Bashment/Dancehall (including loads of cool live set boot cassettes), Jungle/Hardcore, Pop Dance/Eurodance (plus a load of Scooter 12″s!), House/Techno and some older Breakbeat 12″s. Also a load of CDs and more tapes.
  4. Another collection for Scott – this time in Surrey. This collection was a bit more on the Soul side. But as well as Soul, Rare Groove and Funk there were Rap, Rock, Indie, House, Jazz titles from artists such as The White Stripes, De La Soul, Miles Davis, Little Richard, Big Daddy Kane etc. Some really great original US Soul LPs that don’t come in enough these days too.
  5. Ben was out at a great West Coast / Classic Rock / Psychedelic collection in Fulham which included an awful lot of Byrds related LPs as well as titles from the Eagles, Jefferson Airplane, Townes Van Zandt and loads of Americana CDs.
  6. Toru has been bringing in loads of great records from his recent trip to Japan (and hes going again very soon to buy even more!). Lots of excellent Walaeric, J-Pop, City Pop, Japanese Jazz (Including Japanese issues of classic Jazz albums), Synth Pop and traditional Japanese music. Some truly amazing LPs on the wall at the moment from Torus’ trip.
  7. One seller popped in this week with about 30 LPs and 12″s all from Loletta Holloway and Burning Spear. Included were some really nice Jamaican Dub LPs and plenty of Salsoul 12″s.
  8. More great Psych CDs came in this week – including loads of well out of print titles and a few box sets.
  9. Around 20 Iron Maiden double pack 12″ singles.
  10. Plenty of Hardcore, Thrash Metal and Heavy Metal CDs including loads of Hatebreed, Cro Mags, Suicidal Tendencies, Life Of Agony, Pantera, Slayer etc.
  11. Lots of Minimal Techno, including loads of full runs of labels (such as Drumcode).
  12. Huge collection of brand new LPs (new titles and reissues) from Air, Fela Kuti, The Last Shadow Puppets, Max Richter, Iron & Wine, The Rolling Stones, Billie Holiday, Radiohead, Love, Volcano Choir, Peter Gabriel, Jimi Hendrix, Khruangbin, Ten Years After, Van Morrisson, Frank Sinatra, Bob Dylan, Goldfrapp, Sigur Ros etc.

Plenty more – I’m pretty sure we bought close to 7500 records and CDs this week!

Whats gone out:

A) More 90s Techno

B) Japanese Titles

C) Reggae CDs

D) Indie 45s

E) Classic Rock Vinyl

F) Southern Hip Hop CDs

G) Classical Cheaps

H) Soul/Funk/Disco LPs and 12″s

I) Punk 45s

J) Jazz LPs

K) African LPs

L) Country & Western (mostly Johnny Cash LPs)

M) US House

N) Jungle / DNB 12″s (and some HC LP comps)

O) CD Box sets

This weeks Top Ten is from one of our favourite customers – Simon G.

1.       Flying Lizards “Money”.  The benchmark by which all cover versions must be measured.  All the sass and swagger removed from the original and replaced by the cold, hard reality of impending Thatcherism.

2.       Deborah and the Puerto Ricans “Respect”.  Take Deborah from the Lizards and replace David Cunningham with Dennis Bovell and you get this brill 1981 single. 

3.       Anomy “TVC15”. Girls keep swinging.

4.       The Associates “Boys Keep Swinging”.  Released mere weeks after the Dame’s own version.  Reckon I prefer Billy’s vocal to Dave’s in some ways.

5.       Plastics “Last Train To Clarksville”.   The Monkees reimagined as the Silicon Teens.  Not much of a leap really.

6.       Fragments “Nutbush City Limits”.  If Nutbush was actually near Sheffield.

7.       Antena “The Boy From Ipanema”.  Deeply moving.

8.       Anyway AKA “It’s My Party”.  A Peel favourite, this.  In a slight twist to the original, Johnny runs off with Jerry in this version giving the line “Jerry and Johnny just walked through the door – Like a queen with her king” extra poignancy.

9.       Big Hair “Puppet On A String”.  Imagine if this had been how Sandie had presented at the Eurovision in 1967!  I love the gleeful shrieking on this one. Utter contempt for the song.  I blame the Flying Lizards.

10.   Balfour Chorus “Jilted John”.  They appeared on New Faces apparently. Not singing this one though, I’ll wager.  An acapella version of JJ, because why not?  I blame the Flying Pickets.


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Thanks for reading! And thank you Simon! Plenty more in this week!

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