Major Reductions!


This Blog was written to the sounds of..

Really busy at Reckless this week as per usual. Most of the week was taken up with the reductions. So everything that had been out for a while got the price slashed. Some titles had serious price reductions!! The cheaps are now overflowing with great records and cds and are flying out… We also have a massive reserve to keep topping them up so I recommend popping in a lot if you are after a bargain. Sections which got the most major reductions were New House/Techno, 2000’s Drum & Bass, US House, Indie Rock, Rock/Pop, Electro/Old School Rap, 60’s, Folk, Trad Jazz and 70s Singer Songwriter. Lots of titles that are £20+ on Discogs are now out in the racks for £1-£4.

As well as doing the reductions we’ve also been setting up a few collections for the future and preparing the basement for our new halfpipe!!

Whats come in….

  1. Big R.E.M. vinyl collection – with all sorts of rare and obscure bits. Including LPs, 12″s, 45s, remix 12″s and all sorts of compilations. Some have a bit of sleeve damage but most are ok.
  2. Fairly regular buyer and seller brought in a sick pile of records from: Commodo, Derrick Harriott, Spacemen 3, Factory Floor, Chris & Cosey, Ramadanman, Afrobeat comps, Dub LPs.
  3. More from another new regular seller: 90’s Drum & Bass/Jungle : Reinforced, Good Looking, Moving Shadow: Paradox, LTJ Bukem, Manix, Danny Breaks, The Invisible Man, Ratty….
  4. Some Top Notch Classic Rock from Van Der Graaf Generator, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Led Zeppelin, Colosseum, Deep Purple, Pink Floyd, The Who. All original LPs.
  5. Nice Indie/Post Rock CD collection featuring artists such as Grouper, Wilco, Swans, Will Oldham, Cat Power, Dirty Three, The Wicker Man soundtrack, Chromatics, Susumo Yokota etc.
  6. Big collection of Beatles and related LPs and Box sets. Loads of really nice titles. Also a bit of Neil Young, Captain Beefheart, Jefferson Airplane, Grateful Dead.
  7. Little smattering of Folk LPs and a few Caravan titles.
  8. Some absolutely filthy wobbly Dubstep on the Tempa label.
  9. Good pal of mine brought in a nice box with some Roots Reggae 45s, LPs from Pete Townsend, Vangelis, Exotica, Classical.
  10. Toru sold in a load more great records featuring some Roots Reggae 12″s, Japanese Jazz LPs, some House and Techno and a few Exotica LPs.
  11. Another seller brought in a huge pile of wicked records which included US and Classic Indie, Soft Machine, Big Star, Bert Jansch – and many more great titles.
  12. More CDs from another seller. Lots of new releases including artists such as Thee Oh Sees, Iron Maiden, Magma, Spirit etc.
  13. One for the rockers a small pile of LPs from Queen, Kiss and Orange Goblin.
  14. Nice pile of Modern Composition LPs and CDs from artists such as Steve Reich, Alva Noto, John Cage and Philip Glass.
  15. Big pile of Korean LPs, Arthur Russell LP and a Smiths promo CD box set from one seller with a varied music taste.
  16. Various LPs from smaller purchases including artists such as Casper Brotzmann, Dead Kennedys, The Deviants, T Rex, Metallica, New Order, Steve Marriott, Container, Roky Erickson, Michael Mantler, Chris Farlowe, Bob Dylan, Blue Cheer etc.


Despite us doing the reductions loads of new titles have still gone out this week….

A) Jazz, including rare originals and reissues of rare spiritual Jazz titles

B) Classic Rock LPs

C) Death Metal CDs

D) Drum & Bass

E) 90s Techno

F) CD Box sets

G) Jazz CDs

No Top Ten this week

Here’s a picture from a collection I bought a few weeks ago (from which loads of titles are still yet to go out)

I’m off to watch The Dead Zone.

Till next week!