All Across The Board – and a Rory Milanes Top Ten!

Howdy from Reckless!

This was written to the sounds of..

Another jam-packed week! Lets go! What came in…

  1. Tom was out at a big Jazz CD collection in West London. There are roughly 1500 titles, which include an awful lot of ECM titles in great condition (with the slipcases!).
  2. Very big Classical collection (I believe it was around 800 titles) came in. These are mostly very clean indeed and very much priced to sell. Plenty of titles on the Deutsche Grammophon label.
  3. One of our regular sellers popped in with a great batch of LPs and 45s. The better titles were a few rare Reggae 45s from Val Bennett (the amazing “The Russians Are Coming” backed with the Caribeans “Butterflies”) as well as some great ones from Junior Delgado, Bob Marley, Burning Spear etc. Also a few rare Soul and Funk 45s and some LPs from Sun Ra.
  4. Another solid regular popped in with some excellent CDs (Punk, Ambient, Psychedelic, Reggae) as well as some great Punk 45s (The Dils, Court Martial, Blitz) and plenty of Psych and Afrobeat LPs.
  5. One of our regular shoppers brought in a few piles of decent LPs to trade which included lots of Garage Revival LPs, The Pink Fairies “Never-Neverland” (an original issue with the plastic outer!), Dan Melchoir, Stetasonic, Julianna Hatfield, Pucho & The Latin Soul Brothers, New Age Steppers etc.
  6. Charles brought in a load of really killer CDs which included loads of Improv and Jazz (including AMM, Evan Parker, Stan Tracey) and the amazing ECM Art Ensemble Of Chicago CD box set.
  7. Someone brought in a big pile of newish titles on LP from James Blake, David Bowie, Connan Mockasin, Girls, Ariel Pink, Fat White Family, Yeah Yeah Yeahs etc.
  8. Fantastic 60s EP collection came in – which consisted mainly of foreign picture sleeves. A mixture between very cheap and expensive – but they’re all really nice. Aretha Franklin, The Doors, Jethro Tull, Bob Dylan, Deep Purple, The Who, The Move, Small Faces, Fleetwood Mac. There are also quite a few French artists EPs.
  9. Nice pile of Jungle and Drum n Bass from 93-98. Loads of Reinforced/Formation/Suburban Base titles: Paradox, Manix, Nucleus, Andy C (the rare Bass Logic EP), Tango, Seba, Danny Breaks…
  10. More Indie rock titles that are pretty hard to find on vinyl from The Wedding Present, Suede, Oasis, The Field Mice etc.
  11. The seller who the previous week had brought in all the classic West Coast titles was back with a big batch of LPs from Janis Joplin (and Big Brother & The Holding Company, Bob Dylan, Donovan, Friends Of Distinction etc.
  12. Another copy of Horror Business from The Misfits turned up (the Yellow/Gold vinyl issue). Apparently a bunch were left int he UK after their infamous trip to the UK which was referenced in the track “London Dungeon”.

Some amazing titles went out this week (as well as a lot mentioned above)…

A) An awful lot of House, Techno and UK Garage (including loads more rarities and Detroit Techno biggies)

B) Insane amount of 45s – including lots of Indie Rock (all the Stone Roses titles for example).

C) Lots of really interesting titles on the Avant side: William Burroughs, Stockhausen, Coil, Steve Reich…

D) More original Warp promos from Aphex Twin, LFO, Autechre.

E) Major Classic Rock LP bits from Yes, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Cream…

F) More Death and Black Metal CDs and Tapes.

G) Jazz LPs

H) Big 90s and 00’s Indie LPs from Radiohead, Oasis, Air, The Dandy Warhols, Goldfrapp etc.

I) Loads of Beatles and Apple Recording artists.

Plenty more wild and interesting collections coming up watch this space!

This week we have a Top Ten from our friend Rory Milanes!

Wicked DJ, amazing skateboarder and all round top geezer!



  1. Romanthony – The Wanderer (Black Male). Deep deep record! I have the “prescription” copy. “Journey Man Thump” is my most loved tune on this record. It has that amazing intro of him playing the guitar. It’s like a proper blues track – a black man singing his heart out. The lyrics really strike you. “There’s nothing left for me, no matter where I go. I’ll just keep on wandering until I loose control” “The cd Remix” I absolutely love that track too.
  2. Jeff Mills – Humana (AXIS). This record is so incredible. From the start to finish. I like how there’s the short ambient opener and then “Gamma player” drops. It really hit’s you in a powerful way. This was the first Jeff Mills song I had ever heard. Gamma Player is a masterpiece, and Jeff Mills is still the king!
  3. Maurzio – Domina. The Maurizio mix – “Um TIS um TIS um TIS um TIS”! What an absolute banger! Sounds so good every time. I love this shit!
    The Carl Craig remix on the flip side. “Domina, Domina, Domina… then the bass kicks in OH MY GOD!!!!
    The tittle comes from an old Manuel Gottching track called “die dominas” which doesn’t sound like the original at all but it’s so sick how he turned it into this track. I love this era of Carl Craig.
  4. Rhythim is Rhythim (Transmat)- Kaotic Harmony. “Kaotic Harmony” I feel is a masterpiece too. There’s nothing on the planet like it. He’s a bloody genius! It was really amazing to see the keyboard in Submerge that he used to create all his amazing records with. Those strings you hear; you just know it’s Derrick May. My favourite thing about this record is that it was his last record (in 97 or something) and he just went out with such an amazing tune. I really really rate that.
  5. Robert Hood – Movable parts chapter 2 (M-Plant). It’s hard to pick my favourite Robert Hood record. He made so many amazing tracks and still seems to be putting out more. I first heard the the Untitled B1 tune on a Spencer Kincy mix. It’s quite a crazy track but I love it how the bass comes in and out. When I found the record and listened to the other side at home; I was completely blown away by the tune on the other side “The Grey Area”. It’s so dark and weird at the same time. It has such an epic intro. I love all the unusual sounds in it too. This is my favourite Robert Hood 12”!
  6. Underground Resistance – World 2 World (UR) How could I even begin to pick my favourite UR record? This was the first UR record that I heard, so that makes it special. I remember first hearing it… “WHAT”S THAT??”! It’s so quality! All the tracks are different, but all still have that classic UR sound.
  7. Claude Young and Terrence Parker – 4 play EP (DOW). Banging collaboration! Banging label! Two of some of my favourite producers making music together. So killer!! Every tune is next level.
  8. Phuture Acid tracks – “Acid Tracks”!!! I love that it just starts like a basic house tune and then gradually all the acid sounds come in and then it’s just going completely mental all of a sudden. Then on the B side “your only friend”. Everyone loves this track! How could you not? Crazy vocals; it’s like it’s the devil speaking! The baseline is so hard. Marshall Jefferson always had banging baselines. I love playing this out to wake people up!
  9. Aaron Carl – Crucified (soul city). I can’t even go on about how deep this record is. “Begging for attention from a world who doesn’t care, those who loved me also lied… I might as well be crucified”. Aaron Carl forever! RIP
  10. Ron Trent and Braxton Holmes – 12 Inches of pleasure (clubhouse). “Ron’s Foreplay” is my favourite from the EP. It’s so stylish. It always puts me in a good mood when I hear it. “Intercourse” to be fair, is just as amazing. I love those clicks and everything about it! It sounds so good coming in to another record.

Thanks Rory!!!!!!


And thanks to you for reading, till next week!