Back In The Day


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Massive week !!!

This is what we bought:

  1. I bought an absolutely killer collection from an old friend of mine (we used to work together in Nottinghams’ Selectadisc a long time ago). I reckon it’s just shy of a thousand titles – and covers most genres going: Freakbeat, Soul, Funk, Indie, Britpop, Breaks, Jungle, Drum n Bass, Hip Hop, Reggae, Dub, Classic Rock, Sixties, Mod, Library, Exotica, Garage, Punk, Easy Listening, Trip Hop, House, Metal, Psych, Hard Rock – you name it! Some examples of some of the artists: Queens Of The Stone Age, PJ Harvey, Eek-A-Mouse, The Creation, The Who, Small Faces, Leftfield, Johnny Clarke, Nine The Observer, The Prodigy, Black Sabbath, Soledad Brothers, James Brown, The Rolling Stones, Krome & Time, Neil Young, Remarc, Turbonegro, Motorpsycho, The Soundtrack Of Our Lives,  Supergrass, Black Keys, Devendra Banhart, Zakary Thaks, Love, Muddy Waters, Blowfly, Probot, Foo Fighters, The Zombies, The Attack, Sex Pistols, Dennis Brown, Big Youth, Sly & The Family Stone, Lyn Collins, Brian Eno, Roxy Music, Velvet Underground, The Seeds, Suicide, Dr John, Atomic Rooster, 13th Floor Elevators, Mount Eerie, Pink Floyd, The Charlatans, The Monks, The Stone Roses and millions more. There are tonnes of Breaks/Soul/Funk compilations – including some pretty collectable ones! There are also lots of Funky/Easy/Exotica/Library comps which you don’t see much these days. It’s an absolutely killer collection – and I’ll write a bit more about it as we get it out.
  2. Toru bought a small but great Jazz collection in South London. It included several really rare titles from Ian Carr/Don Rendell (as well as one titles just credited to Don Rendell called Roarin’), Tubby Hayes, John Coltrane, The New Jazz Orchestra (featuring Neil Ardley, Michael Gibbs, Henry Lowther etc), Ronnie Scott, Miles Davis, Harold McNair, Nucleus etc. Large portion of these have already gone out and sold – but we’ve got a few more to put out. These titles never last long in the shop – a testament to how good they are!
  3. Large pile of Finders Keepers and related bits came in – including lots of great reissues of interesting obscurities as well as some contemporary titles.
  4. Tom was out at another Metal CD collection – I believe it was mostly contemporary/alternative Metal. There were also some more standard Rock LPs.
  5. Lots more alternative Indie/80s bits in this week from The Smiths, Cocteau Twins, The KLF, New Order and Joy Division. LPs and 12″s – flying out.
  6. More Jungle and Drum & Bass – this time including several rare Congo Natty LPs.
  7. Big stack of Beatles LPs came in this week from several different sellers. UK and US pressings, originals and older reissues. One of the sellers also sold in some super clean Classic Rock from Kate Bush, Cream, Tracy Chapman and Blind Faith.
  8. Nice little pile of 45s from Aretha Franklin, Fairport Convention, The Byrds, Otis Clay, The House Of Love, Francois Hardy, Cat Power, Lee Perry, Art Blakey from two different sellers.
  9. Another friend of mine brought in the usual mixture of Punk/Psych/Reggae – LPs, CDs and 45s. Some Riot City 7″s.
  10. Talking of Riot City 45s Tom also bought in some along with a great pile of Power Pop and Punk rarities – and also a Headcleaners 45! These should be going out sometime soon.
  11. We bought tonnes of tapes this week – from Classic Rock titles to Avant Garde (Lustmord, NWW etc) to Drum & Bass tape packs (a lot of One Nation and Innovation packs).
  12. Yesterday a very nice chap was over from France with an absolutely amazing pile of records to sell. It was a mixture of Detroit Techno, Dub Techno, House, UK Electro Techno, Ambient, Industrial, C86, Industrial, Folk, Noise…with titles from Felt, Shirley Collins, Underground Resistance, Deepchord, Davina, William S Burroughs, Organum, Mississippi mix tapes, Clock DVA, Vox Populi, Current 93, Coil, Pan Sonic, Stasis, Asmus Tietchens, Model 500 etc. These should be going out soon.

Also plenty of vinyl from David Bowie, Joe Gibbs, Elvis, Bauhaus, Stereolab, Thomas Leer, UFO, Bob James, Blur, Madonna, The Cure, Napalm Death, Godflesh, Talking Heads, My Chemical Romance, Porcupine Tree, Fleet Foxes, Gandalf, Jethro Tull, Genesis, Arctic Monkeys, Boards Of Canada, Neu….

We’ve got loads of great stuff out this week:

A) Classic Rock LPs

B) Reggae and Dub 12″s and LPs

C) Death and Black Metal CDs and Cassettes

E) Punk LPs (including a perfect Buzzcocks debut with the outer bag)

F) Psych LPs

G) Tonnes of Jazz

H) Loads of Techno/House (including lots of rarities)

I) A lot of Trance 12″s

J) Lots of new Cheaps

K) Rock and Pop CDs

L) Avant Garde LPs

M) African LPs


This weeks Top Ten is fromDavid “Toast” Rumsey! Dave plays Reggae, Ska, Rocksteady and Soul records and is from Ramsgate. He also writes the Zine “Spirit Of 69” – which I can highly recommend! Heres an introduction in his own words… “Cheers bit of background, been a skinhead since 79 got into ska reggae via two tone, did a fanzine in late 80s which got me a job with one stop music, worked on mail order, written sleeve notes for a number of releases mostly punk and oi, but most recent was for Trojan’s first monkey business cd, which is now out on LP. Started DJing off and on around mid 90s, but around 98 got asked to DJ at a ska punk club in London, called sublime, which ran until 2003, played ska and us punk, but used to seek in studio one classics now and again.  Started dj authentic tunes in Margate around 2008, set up a small club, called the ska shack, which grew to small but regular events. Now have skagate a three day festival in Margate, and our Christmas cracker. Do an online radio show on dance web radio, on a Thursday night, 7.30 till 9.30 playing a mix of old and new, ska reggae,dub roots etc. Produce a fanzine called spirit of 69 for skinheads and lovers of the scene.”


Here we go…

Reckless Top Ten

Slickers, Nana, Blue Cat, BS 134, A Side, £60

One of the cheaper more popular Blue cat, a great Riddim, which Lee Perry also used as a basis for Dollar In The Teeth.

Audrey, Love Me Tonight, Downtown, DT414, A Side, £60

A Great sticky tune, produced by Brother Dan, which is of course is Dandy Livingstone, so English produced. It’s a stomping tune, that never fails to fill the Dance Floor. Audrey later become a Lovers
Rock Singer.

Maytals, Night and Day, Trojan, TR7711B, B side, £3.50

This B side is a big dance floor filler, it seems that not may know about as its over shadowed by the A side which Is Monkey Man. A single most self respecting Reggae Fans should have in their collection. Flip it over and check out Night and Day.

Audrey And The Dreamers, I second That Emotion, Downtown, DT408, A side, £25.00

English produced by Dandy Livingstone, and sung by the legendary Audrey. A Cover of the Smokey Robinson and the miracles Motown classic. Its a simple Reggae tune, that has a great Bass line.

Reids All Stars, H.E.L.L.5, Torpedo, Tor 23, B side, £149.00

A fast fighting Reggae tune, chunking bass line, its skinhead reggae at its best. I picked this up in the 80’s from oldies unlimited, 50 reggae singles for a tenner, 20 of them were on the Torpedo label, but most were pretty bland. With Mafia on the A side a great double sider.

The Sensations,I’ll always Love You, Gas, 118, B side, £110.00

1969 produced by Winston Riley, who founded the Techiques in 1962 one of the greatest rocksteady bands. He is best know for producing the most sampled Riddim “Stalag Riddim”. The Sensations also went under the name of the Mad Lads, who they were im not sure. This is again a B side but the a side is just as good “Wanted” By Baba Dise.

The Tennors,Cherry, Crab 36, B side, £80.00

I love this early reggae tune which has a Rocksteady feel. The Vocals are magnificent, its a joy to behold blasting from the speakers..

Winston James and the Hot Rod All-Stars, Gal I think your nice, Tor 4, A side, £80.00

Produced by Lambert Brisco who ran the Hot rod Sound System in Brixton a great producer of Skinhead Reggae. The Hot Rod All Stars who featured some of the Cimarons. His tune uses the great Jesse James riddim. The flip is a nice Skinhead Reggae Instrumental as well.

Thanks Dave!!


and thanks for reading, till next week!