Mega House & Techno collection – plus much more!

Salut from Reckless!

This Blog was written to the sounds of..

This Blog was written in the middle of the Cotswolds – in the aftermath of two good friends getting married! Congrats to Lucy and Ren!

This week was mostly taken up by one big purchase (for me anyway) so lets get started on this weeks purchases..

  1. One of the biggest and best Dance collections we’ve bought for ages came in last week. I had to be up at the crack of dawn and trek across London to a beautiful flat in sunny Richmond. A long time collector/journalist (and much more) had a massive collection (I think its around 5000-5500 titles). It is mostly Electronic music – including a lot of premium House and Techno. There are a lot of white labels as they got sent a lot of titles for free – some of them have handwritten notes from top producers and label heads such as Mad Mike. As you can probably guess there is a lot of Detroit Techno and Chicago House. The Detroit Techno is absolutely top drawer: Underground Resistance, Moodymann, Robert Hood, Carl Craig, Drexciya, Model 500, Jeff Mills. As is the Chicago: Trax, Ron Trent, Prescription, Boo Williams, Relief Records, Dance Mania, Chez Damier. There is also a lot of Classic Electronic music from artists like Global Communication, Aphex Twin (including white labels of classic titles from Polygon Window and Gak), Leftfield, Underworld, Daft Punk, The Black Dog, Reload, Likemind titles, Autechre. Some harder Trance/Techno/Acid – including a lot of very collectable titles from Spiral Tribe, Laurent Garnier, Basic Channel, Acid Junkies etc. Lots of amazing UK Garage – including a few really rare ones (from artists like Ordinary People, Industry Standard, Confetti Records, Anthill Mob…). Lots of Boys Own/Balaeric stuff and Classic UK House. Also a tonne of Jungle/Drum n Bass – including original Metalheadz/Moving Shadow/Good Looking promos and a lot of super clean LPs. The rock stuff was decent too – Stone Roses, Ride, My Bloody Valentine, Sonic Youth, Slowdive etc. The condition is mostly really good although a few of the LPs have a big of sleeve damage. There are also a lot of much cheaper titles as you always get with every collection so be sure to check the Cheap Dance section – as there will be some really good budget 12″s and LPs going out very soon. All in all it is a proper amazing collection and I’m so happy we bought it. These are going to be slowly going out over time but there should be something new for you every time you come in. As ever I will try to keep on top of getting bits on our Instagram so you can see when a big batch has gone out. Some of the rarer titles went out on Saturday morning.
  2. Ben bought in several batches of MPB/Tropicalia this week. Nothing too rare but some decent LPs from Tim Maia, Ellis Regina, Caetano Veloso, Milton Nascimento etc. I believe these have all gone out now.
  3. I bought in a decent stack of LPs and 12″s for trade from someone – nice titles from The JB’s, Aretha Franklin, De La Soul, Bootsy Collins, Curtis Fuller, Flora Purim and the great Beat Classic Electro comp which I played to death when it came out thanks to the recommendation from Rachel at Selectadisc.
  4. Plenty more Chinese/Singapore/Malaysian LPs came in – more Surf, Sixties, Beat titles – as well as a nice batch of Highlife LPs including an E.T.Mensah LP which was really good and a decent Fela Kuti LP.
  5. Another big batch of LPs from one of our pals – including a mixture of Indie Rock, Garage/Psych revival (Thee Oh Sees, Plastic Crimewave, Jay Reatard), Modern Classical, Thai Funk compilations, modern Electronic 12″s, Punk LPs and a series of Demdike Stare mixtapes.
  6. More Jazz from a regular seller including original titles as well as various reissues of incredibly pricey titles.
  7. 100 interesting CDs from one seller which included titles from Thee Oh Sees, The Fall, Creation Rebel, Acid Mothers Temple, Fennesz, Ornette Coleman, Les Rallizes Denudes etc.
  8. Pal of mine popped up and traded in a pile of Hardcore/Jungle and some Pop/Rock including titles from Madonna and The Doors.
  9. Big ol pile of Prog reissue CDs including titles from Affinity, Forest, UFO, Pink Floyd, July, Faust etc.
  10. Nice pile of Reggae including the Trojan Dancehall box set, Ken Boothe, Burning Spear etc.
  11. Also plenty of King Crimson CDs, Numero compilations, more Psych comp LPs, Queens Of The Stoneage LPs, Will Oldham/Palace LPs, Scout Niblett titles, rare colour vinyl Dead Kennedys, Prince Buster LPs, Miles Davis LPs, loads of Motown reissue 45s,

So much good stuff went out this week::::

A) Tonnes of the Metal CDs and Cassettes – these are flying out

B) Lots of new House and Techno

C) More Folk LPs

D) Lots of “cool” LPs including reissues of rare Soul LPs, German Ambient, Post Punk, UK Dub…

E) More Indie and Pop/Rock 45s (Including a tonne of Kate Bush 45s)

F) Some good 80s Indie Rock from Sarah Records to Felt

G) More Drum n Bass

H) Reggae/Ska CDs

I) More brand new Reissues including the Rodriguez titles – Oasis titles are back in this week!

J) Reggae 45s (mixture of Reissues and Originals)

More big collections up this week! Keep checking the Instagram or even better pop in the shop!

This weeks Top Ten is from Dan Burrows AKA DJ Drexl! Quite simply if it wasn’t for Dan the only nights out in Canterbury would be Jump Up DNB. And he’s only gone and done us a Top Ten music videos…

  1. Danni Minogue – Baby Love

Super cheesy pop video choreography. Everyone looking way too good for it to be acceptable. But it’s ok, Steve Hurley’s smashed in a tonne of swing, a sick lately bass sequenced throughout the whole thing, all of the m1 piano and a divine chorus.


  1. Sueño Latino Feat. Carolina Damas ‎– Sueño Latino

A visual representation of dreamy Italian, saxed up, whispery vocal deep house.


  1. Frankie Knuckles – The Whistle Song

I wasn’t going to put this in but there’s a parrot on a flute and Frankie is just so damn happy.


  1. Nicole May – Runnin’ Away

Like a lot of 90s RnB singles, the house mixes tend to be produced by either Steve Silk Hurley or E-Smooth. In this case it’s E-Smooth and it’s a thing of splendor.


  1. Lidell Townsell – Nu Nu (Club Mix)

Questionable subject matter but worth watching just for the sweet 90s street wear inspiration. Sick chorus too, ‘mmm mmm yeah yeah’.


  1. MCB feat. Daisy Dee – Crazy

Crayola bubble text by Daisy Dee’s 6 year old niece and that classic 90s music vid montage with all the out of the box effects turned up to ten. Surprised the chorus hasn’t been sampled more, so damn good. The ‘Dizzy Mix’ on the 12″ single is the one though 👌.


  1. Crystal Waters – Makin Happy

Not just a one hit wonder.

This video does the track justice. Very much of the times, but without that familiar ‘My first home editing kit’ production quality. Love the possibly unintentional splice of Gypsy Women as an intro.


  1. Deee-Lite – How Do You Say…Love (A Delicious Pal Joey Dub)

Remix by the legend Pal Joey.

No doubt an influence for ‘Cloud 9 – Do You Want Me’. Art direction massively stands out when considering what was being made at the time. Very Deee-Lite 60’s pastiche.


  1. A Guy Called Gerald – Voodoo Ray

An absolute anthem and also an incredible video. They’ve totally nailed that Len Lye Colour Box aesthetic.


  1. Lil’ Louis and the World – Club lonely

Shivers. Everytime. I want to go down to that club right now, and see if there really is a bouncer called ‘Charles’.

Merci buddy!

See you guys next week!