EVIL DEATH METAL!!! and plenty of cheerful music too


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Wicked week at Reckless this week – another seriously busy week (despite an expected quiet Monday). The racks are absolutely rammed with amazing records at the moment, some of the best for sometime. Lets look at what came in this week::

  1. Tom was out at a top Metal collection this week. Several thousand CDs and Cassettes. The seller was mostly into underground Death and Black Metal but also liked a bit of straight up Heavy Metal and Doom. The collection has a mixture of underground titles – from artists we hadn’t heard of to artists who have since become huge despite a cult beginning. Artists such as Suffocation, Necromantia, Blasphemy, Undergang, Death, Warning, Cannibal Corpse, Entombed, Sarcofago, Tomb Mold, Taake, Napalm Death, Immortal, Marduk, Akitsa… lots of titles on Nuclear War Now too. There are also as well as being proper albums a lot of demos – including a few vintage ones. These are absolutely flying out.
  2. Pal of mine was in yesterday, one who sells in most weeks. He had his usual big stack of Punk, Psych, Noise and Reggae to sell in. Included were a few decent Punk 45s – including some originals on Riot City and a few reissues of LA classics. Decent stack of Reggae and Ska CDs including a few out of print Trojan box sets. There were also a few Industrial comps – including a fairly rare one with the Boredoms, Hijokaidan etc. Far out!
  3. Another friend was in with a great stack of Avant Garde LPs. Lots of super obscure but sought after titles – a lot of French records if I remember correctly. I will be pricing these up over the next few days so they should be out by the weekend.
  4. Lots of great titles came in from members of staff this week as it seems everybody was having a clear out: loads of Reggae reissue 45s (Digikiller etc), The Chills, Manuel Gottsching, Herbie Hancock, Jazzman Spiritual Jazz comp, Japanese Jazz, The Move, Blue Note CDs, Rock and Pop cassettes (Michael Jackson, The Beatles, John Lennon, Gong, Brian Eno, Teardrop Explodes, Judas Priest, Steve Reich, The Rolling Stones, Dr Feelgood, Madonna etc).
  5. 50 Calypso and Island LPs and 12″s.
  6. Another regular seller sold in: Alice Coltrane, Kenny Graham, Donald Byrd and a few more nice Jazz titles.
  7. Nice stack of RnB titles from Destinys Child, Alicia Keys, Erykah Badu etc.
  8. Nice stack of Jungle 12″s from Shy FX, Potential Bad Boy, DJ Trace, Voyager, Foul Play etc.
  9. Another pal who seems to have started selling in every week brought in a huge stack: Electronic, Afrobeat, Techno, Garage Punk = Powell, Billy Childish, Plastic Crimewave, Max Richter, Kompakt, William Onyeabor, Chris & Cosey, Madlib etc.
  10. Lots more classic titles from: The Beatles, The Clash, Lewis Capaldi, Disco Inferno, Andrew Hill, Iggy Pop, Blur, The Specials…

Some amazing stuff went out this week (stuff not mentioned above):

A) Loads more Indie and Rock and Pop 45s

B) Classic 90s Hip Hop LPs and 12’s

C) Jazz – including a lot of reissues of rare titles

D) Cassettes

E) Sixties Psych CD comps

F) More interesting Soundtracks and Exotica

G) Lots of Avant Garde and Modern Classical LPs

H) Detroit Techno and US House

I) More Psych and West Coast originals – including all the Byrds UK originals in amazing condition

J) Decent batch of new records from throughout Africa – including some Fela Kuti LPs

K) Some newish House and Techno – priced to sell!

L) Some amazing UK Garage and Grime that was in rough shape – straight out in the £1 section

Theres loads more too!

Several interesting collections up this week – watch this space and keep checking our Instagram.