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Heavy week at Reckless! —

This is whats come in::

  1. Toru was out at a great collection in South London. There were thousands of records – he returned with just under 400 excellent titles (sadly the rest were destined for the charity shop!). It was a typically interesting South London collection – lots of very interesting records: Modern Classical, Reggae, Jazz, Post Punk, Exotica, Avant Garde, Bollywood Soundtracks, Funk, Dub, Rap and even a smidgen of Death Metal! Titles from artists as diverse as Martin Denny, Family Fodder, James Brown, Napalm Death, Les Baxter, NWA, David Tudor, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Big Youth, Arne Nordheim, John Cage, The Slits, Richard Youngs… you get the idea.
  2. I was out at a collection in North London at a very beautiful house ! I was out in the garden shed for a few hours going through a wicked collection that was a bit like going through my own collection at times. Roughly 400 12″s – pretty much all Jungle and early Drum n Bass – Metalheadz, Moving Shadow, Lucky Spin, Skanna, Basement Records, Adam F, Intense, Bukem/Good Looking Records, Source Direct (loads..), Jack Ruby, Oblivion, Ed Rush, DJ Trace, Nookie, early Ram…all in much better shape than usual. As well as the vinyl there were quite a few CDs – mostly popular 90s stuff – lots of UK Garage, Rap, some great DNB/Jungle ones (Paradox, Bukem etc – loads of CDs you just don’t see) and a hell of a lot of Tapes. The tapes were absolutely wicked – mostly Metal tapes – but also a load of Rap and Jungle (Dreamscape, World Dance, Ed Rush then Fear Factory, Morbid Angel, Carcass, Entombed, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Lemonheads, Method Man, Ice Cube, Eazy-E, Cypress Hill, Monster Magnet etc). I also got a few old mags like old Eternitys, some issues of The Face and a couple more old DNB mags.
  3. Luke bought in a top collection of mostly reissues. Pretty much all Indie Rock and Classic Rock – David Bowie, My Bloody Valentine, Psychic TV, The Beatles, 13th Floor Elevators, Fifty Foot Hose etc.
  4. A nice geezer popped in several times this week with a killer Electro and Rap collection. Mostly classic titles with a few really rare bits thrown in – more 80s than 90s but theres a few 90s bits. Titles from Stetasonic, MC Shy D, NWA, Hashim, Beastie Boys, The Egyptian Lover… all super clean and US issues.
  5. A dude who’d sold us his Hardcore and Jungle collection ages back has started to bring in a load of Chinese records – lots of amazing looking titles. Lots of therm sounded a bit like The Shadows…and they have amazing sleeves. He said he has hundreds more. These might take a while to go out as they all need cleaning.
  6. Somebody also brought in a huge pile of Bear Family box sets! As you may know these are super high quality – and pretty hard to find. Mixture of Rock n Roll, Honky Tonk, Rhythm n Blues and Country.
  7. The rest of this weeks buying was all in smaller amounts – but there was loads: Techno 12″s, Experimental, Talk Talk LPs, Prince, loads of Beach Boys, Frank Zappa (loads of LPs too!), Jan and Dean, more U2, Depeche Mode vinyl box sets, Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath, Queen, Noise bits (including quite a few Wolf Eyes titles), Elton John Japanese CDs, Reggae 12″s and some really good RNB and Neo Soul LPs and 12″s.

And of course loads of good stuff went out this week::

A) Lots of Jungle.

B) Plenty of standard Rock and Pop CDs

C) About 8 Rita Lee LPs

D) 60s 45s

E) Some great Punk LPs and 45s

F) Classic Rock – an awful lot

G) More great Jazz

H) A lot of Downtempo and Acid Jazz

I) West Coast Psych LPs – more clean US originals.

J) Some great Exotica LPs

More big collections up this week – keep checking in!

Thanks to everyone at Contrapop last week I had a great time! It’s such a great festival and I highly recommend it.

This weekend is the It Came From The Sea festival in Margate

Also check this !!

Ox is also playing carnival – you know you don’t want to miss that! Busy weekend!

See ya next week!