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We’ve been working seriously hard this week – and have got absolutely full to the brim racks to show for it. Some seriously cool bits have gone out this week!! Lets have a look:::
A) More of the big West Coast / Psych collection went out; some super nice copies too! Titles from artists like Family, Moby Grape, Neil Young, Steppenwolf, Vanilla Fudge, Taste, Spirit, Mountain, The Nazz, Art, The Savage Rose, Clouds, Edens Children, Third Ear Band, Jefferson Airplane, Grateful Dead, Gram Parsons, The Downliners Sect, Fat Mattress, The Flying Burrito Brothers, Gene Clark, Mad River, Bonnie Dobson, The Who, Small Faces, Love, Strawberry Alarm Clock, The Guess Who, HP Lovecraft etc. Loads more of these to come!
B) Hefty amounts of Classic Rock and Pop – from ultra clean original issues to lightly marked reissues (and everything between)! Plenty of The Beatles, Spencer Davis Group, Creedence Clearwater Revival, The Doors, Jimi Hendrix, Electric Light Orchestra, Yes, The Rolling Stones, Fleetwood Mac, Ten Years After, Gong, Cat Stevens, Rod Stewart, Abba, Depeche Mode, Sex Pistols, Free, John Martyn, The Kinks, Motorhead, David Bowie, Mott The Hoople, Dr Feelgood, R.E.M., Led Zeppelin, Adele etc.
C) More Reggae 45s went out, a mixture of Greensleeves classics, 80s Dancehall bits from Barrington Levy, Yellowman et al and some Sixties Ska originals.
D) Loads of George Michael 45s – including lots of rare US Jukebox titles – the only way to have some of them on 45s.
E) Some great DIY Indie, Post Punk and Punk 45s (as well as some 12’s and LPs). Including several rarities.
F) Nineties Techno – some very cool and obscure titles.
G) Loads of Soul, Jazz Fusion and Jazz Funk from the collection we bought last week. Lots of bargains to be had.
H) More high end Jazz reissues – plenty of decent Strata East titles  and records from artists like the Art Ensemble Of Chicago, Archie Shepp, Clifford Jordan, Sun Ra, John Coltrane etc.
I) Quite a few great Bollywood soundtrack LPs – and various fantastic records in and around that section.
J) Mountains of Psych reissues and compilation LPs – Pebbles, Mindrocker etc.
K) Quite a few records for the Soundtracks and Trunk/Finders Keepers corner.
L) As ever more Hardcore, Jungle and Drum n Bass. Few biggies from people like Lemon D, Bizzy B and Orca.
M) Some excellent Folk LPs – including a load of titles from Nic Jones, Sandy Denny and Peter Bellamy.
N) Some heavy Rap from Raekwon, The Notorious BIG, Nine, Wu Tang Clan, Nas….all da biggies.
As ever some grand buying this week..
1) The chap who posted the wicked 70s Clean Classic Rock to us last week was so happy with his offer he sent us his 45s too! Some really cool singles, and in great shape: The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd (nice copy of Arnold Lane), Nirvana, Zoot Money, The Who, The Artwoods, Small Faces, The Kinks, The Beatles, The Animals – and a very rare Dave Davies EP!
2) Some simply excellent CDs – Velvet Underground CD box set, Steve Reich CD box set, Keiji Haino, Diane Cluck, Dick Boggs, the Brown Bunny Soundtrack CD by Vincent Gallo and many more.
3) Again on the CD front – we bought in that huge beautiful Sandy Denny box set. It’s absolutely massive – but if theres one artist that you need everything from its probably going to be Sandy Denny isn’t it.
4) I was feeling the pinch of a few big bills so had to sell in quite a few decent records: some nice Reggae, some very clean classic Punk LPs, Francois Hardy LPs, a few Trunk bits, Terry Riley, some newish (but out of print) Jungle, Kraftwerk reissues, Droppin Science 1, decent Jazz and Prog bits too.
5) I believe Toru also sold in some wicked bits this week – including a load more Japanese titles – some seriously dope bizniz from the King.
6) Fairly interesting selection of 45s from one regular seller – all Soul and Reggae – Jazzman, Latin bits, Dangerdoom picture disc, Contemporary, Mummy, Lovers Rock, Supermax. Damn, thats funky!
7) The insatiable Tom was out at a CD collection and in it was a lot of Rock and Pop – but also quite a few decent ECM CDs that he was very, very happy with.
8) A very good friend of mine popped in to trade a load of heavy bits: Loop, loads of Psych/Garage/Freakbeat comps, Syd Barrett, The Flies compilation and an interesting Improv Jazz LP.
9) One dude popped in with a seriously balling collection – Philly Blunt, UK Garage, Chronic, Biggie Smalls LP, filthy Drum n Bass. In the pile of records was a seriously dope Robocop poster.
10) Another regular seller and friend of the shop was in with a large bag of great records from around the world – lots of Folkways. You know the score these bits do not last long.
11) Big pile of “modern music” – on vinyl! Bits from Radiohead, The Cribs, Slaves, De La Soul, Arctic Monkeys, Tame Impala, The Libertines etc.
12) Plenty of other wicked bits came in this week too from Spiritualized, Queen, Bunny Lee, Elvis Presley, Michael Chapman, Oasis, The KLF, The Misfits, Carcass, Girlschool yadda yadda.
We’ve got some new limited edition T shirts coming in this week so watch this space!! As ever keep checking the Instagram for a seriously up to date idea of whats going on.
This weeks Top Ten is from man like DJ Steve Woodward! Some have said he is Folkestones answer to DJ Hype, and I can only agree. Playing anything from Soul to Jazz to Jungle (and everything in-between) he is regularly seen playing in and around town. As Steve has a new Jungle night coming up I asked him to do a Jungle Top Ten.

Here are my Top 10 Jungle tracks from my record collection.

1 – Leviticus – Burial
Big, bad and heavy! To me this record epitomises the whole Jungle sound and was rinsed
everywhere in 94/95. It’s the perfect combination fat bassline, Ragga vocal taken from ‘My sound a
murder’ by Jigsy King and Tony Curtis and a drum break sampled from Lyn Collins’ “Think”. I first
heard this tune at a night on Hastings pier and it stuck with me ever since. It never leaves my record
box and regardless of where I’m playing, it never fails to win the crowd. I especially love when the
lyrics are mistaken for “Big, Fat and Hairy”.

2 – DJ Mayhem – Inesse (Ray Keith remix)
This track was huge but never really had a mainstream presence, which is a good thing but meant
that it took me an age find out what it was called. The original track was great but Ray Keith took it
to another level and in my opinion is one of his finest remixes. Inesse has it all, choppy Amen drums,
dark and moody synths, huge amounts of bass and euphoric vocals. Spine tingling stuff!

3 – Tayla – Bang The Drums
It took me a long time to really get into the “intelligent” side of jungle/DnB and I’m glad in a way, as I
now have this brand new genre and an entire back catalogue of amazing music to sink my teeth into.
Aside from Apollo two’s “Atlantis”, Good Looking Records was pretty much unchartered territory for
me and seemed like good starting point. What can I say? Ground-breaking stuff! The production of
these tracks was so far ahead of its time. It’s really hard to pick a top track but I think, for me, Tayla’s
“Bang the Drums” just pips it. This is often on loop in the car and makes even the most mundane
journey a joy. I do regret shunning Bukem playing in room 2 for the main room back in 95’ though.

4 – Dillinja – Sovereign Melody
This track has everything – A stone cold classic! This is not just one of my favourite Jungle records
but one of my favourite records, period!

5 – Oaysis – Open Secrets
The Guinness track!!! I first heard this around 93/94 on a mix-tape by a local DJ which was doing the
rounds at the time. I was lucky enough to be able to borrow it through a friend and run off a copy for
myself, it remains today one of my favourite mixes ever. The standout track for me was this dark,
moody and atmospheric track, which sampled a Guinness advert from around the same time and
had the line “If you keep an open mind, you’ll discover dark secrets” voiced by the late Rutger Hauer

– RIP, spoken over haunting whale song. I had no idea what the track was called and didn’t find out
until many years later. I only managed to bag myself a decent copy this year!

6 – Origin Unknown – Valley of the shadows (Long dark mix)
31 Seconds. Guaranteed carnage on the dancefloor! I first bought this in ’96 when the Awake 96 mix
came out, with the original on the flip. This was it for me, the ultimate tune! A masterpiece! I’d been
searching for over the few years previous and now I had it. A fairly simple roller, that samples an old
BBC documentary on out of body experiences and space launch audio, to perfection. I now several
different versions of this but I think my favourite has no be the Long Dark Mix, with the additional
vocal samples and stretched out bells. Timeless!

7 – DJ Solo – Darkage
Ultimate Hardcore/Jungle crossover track from ’93. This has it all going on. The track starts out with
a dark hardcore vibe with sped up vocals and synths, and then steps it up a notch with a more ragga
jungle sound, sampling Tristan Palmer’s ‘Joker Smoker’ and vocal from MC Conrad. This is one of my
favourite records to DJ with and is great for chopping in and out of the mix.

8 – Danny Breaks – Droppin Science Vol.1
For me this record is all about ‘For the thinking positive Crew’- Huge Amen breaks crash through you
and keep you moving until the vocals and slowed down synth from Patti Day’s ‘Right before my eyes’
hit you like a good pill and a blast from a Vicks Inhaler on the breakdown….Oooh babyyy!

9 – Deep Blue – The Helicopter tune
One of the first Jungle tracks I ever bought and still one of the best. I picked it up during my first ever
trip to the legendary Blackmarket records, which as a 15 year old from the Kent coast, was equally as
terrifying and it was thrilling. I remember standing in the basement next to the huge JBL speakers
and hearing the intro propellers…then boom! A simple, steady bubbler that has influenced the
whole genre and sounds incredible when played very loud. Classic!

10 – Trip – Special Toke (The 'erb remix 3)
Absolute Jungle madness! This is Ragga Jungle/hardcore, with Topcat vocals and samples galore,
everything a good jungle record should be. It’s bonkers but it’s so much fun and pure dancefloor fire!

It’s all happening in Kent this weekend as I will be playing records throughout the day in Ramsgate at Contrapop with famous Scottish DJ Fielding Hope.

Many thanks for reading.