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Yo from Reckless!

This Blog was written to the sounds of:

Mega week at Reckless with three major purchases….lets get busy!

  1. I was out at a collection the week before last and its absolutely wicked. Roughly 1000 records – probably about 90% reissues (in fantastic shape) and 10% originals (from Fair to EX!). It’s very clear that the top geezer who previously owned these records at quite simply fantastic taste. The bulk of the collection came down to; Jazz (lots of Strata East reissues, rare Soul and Spiritual Jazz titles, Jazzman, lots of original titles on Impulse, original Archie Shepp, Art Ensemble Of Chicago, Superfly high quality reissues, John Coltrane, Blue Notes, tonnes of new UK Jazz including a few out of print titles etc), Stoner Metal (lots of titles on Rise Above, lots of titles from Earth, Sunn o))), Melvins), Grunge (Alice In Chains, Temple Of The Dog, Nirvana, Soundgarden), Hardcore (Fxxked Up, Converge, Crossbreaker, All Pigs Must Die), Hip Hop (Madlib, J Dilla, Pete Rock, Ghostface, Souls Of Mischief, Kanye West, The Notorious BIG etc) and a lot of great Soundtracks. There were also loads of random bits that are pretty collectible. These titles will absolutely not last long so I advise getting down the shop immediately!!!
  2. We were posted several hundred titles midweek and were very happy when we opened the boxes. Lots of very clean Classic Rock – including a lot of original pressings. Titles from The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Move, The Police, Roxy Music, Led Zeppelin, Muddy Waters, Sex Pistols, Van Morrisson, The Doors, Thin Lizzy, Black Sabbath, Elton John, David Bowie, Queen, Blondie, Dire Straits, Joni Mitchell, The Monkees, The Who, T Rex etc. Several slightly more left of centre records too.
  3. Dunk was out at a collection midweek and I’m simply just going to mention some of the artists: The Byrds, Kaleidoscope, Led Zeppelin, Art, World Of Oz, The Downliners Sect, Grateful Dead, Mad River, Fairfield Parlour, Love, The Nazz, The Beach Boys, Gandalf, The Strawberry Alarm Clock, Jefferson Airplane, Fairport Convention,The Left Banke, The Rolling Stones, Quicksilver, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Buffalo Springfield, Pink Floyd etc. Theres about ten boxes and they are nearly all original UK or US copies (it mostly comes down to country of origin). They are also pretty much all very, very clean. This has got to be one of the best Psych collections I’ve ever seen all together. If you like the West Coast sound you couldn’t do much better… I’ll try and go into the collection a bit more over the next week because I’ve only actually seen one box!).
  4. Very regular customer decided to sell to us rather than buy from us for the first time in ages – and it is all quality: Loop, Adrian Sherwood, The Heptones, Fuzz, The Heads, Napalm Death, several Afrobeat comps and more cool bits.
  5. Big stack of Psych and Prog CDs from Soft Machine, July, Nuggets, Tim Buckley, Nucleus, Chocolate Soup….
  6. The dude that sold in all the 90s/00’s Indie Rock came back with a small pile of cool stuff from The Veils, Dead Meadow, The Smiths, The Chills…
  7. One of my pals was in with a decent pile of Reggae CDs (U Roy, Keith Hudson, The Skatalites, King Tubby) and various LPs from Ralph Records, Fad Gadget, Psych bits, Head Of David etc.
  8. As usual we bought tonnes more Drum n Bass, Hardcore and Jungle this week…theres so much good gear out atm.
  9. Small but ultra clean pile of classic Disco – if you need a classic thats as new come down.
  10. Another mate of mine brought in a wicked pile of Hardcore, Punk, Grindcore, Black Metal, Folk, Prog bits…from Iron Lung to Hawkwind.
  11. More Metal came in too – this time Ozzy Osbourne, Motorhead, Angel Witch…and a few classic Punk bits too.

We’ve managed to get thousands of CDs and records out this week – as well as a load of the stuff mentioned above:

A) Masses of U2 records after the U2 man came back in – sections bulging.

B) Hell of a lot of Reggae 45s – from Ska to Rocksteady to Dancehall. We’ve also replenished the cheap Dancehall 45s.

C) 90’s Techno and Hardcore have seen a lot of new additions – including a fair few rarities.

D) Loads of Football 45s.

E) Masses of Classic Rock.

F) Quite a few choice Punk 45s.

G) More African compilations as well as several original titles.

H) Signed David Sylvian LP.

I) Hell of a lot of Jazz.

J) Some Italo Disco.


No Top Ten this week but waiting on a few good ones!

Loads more potential collections up this week so keep an eye on our Instagram and get down the shop.