This Blog was written on a train passing along the Kent coast (en route to see Emmet Keane, Buddy Peace, Sisters of Reggae, Dean Thatcher, Horace Andy and Adrian Sherwood!).


Its been a great week at Reckless – mainly because I have been off. Some absolute top buying:

  1. A good friend of the shop brought in a stacked pile of records with so many good titles – a real mixture – Dubstep, Grime, Jazz, Afrobeat, Techno, Psych etc. Records from artists like Metrononomy, Powell, Arthur Russell, Chet Baker, The Deviants, The Oh Sees, Seefeel, Wipers, Moodymann – plenty of Numero, Blackest Ever Black, Analog Africa… a real mix of expensive and cheap records – just loads of good music!! These should be going out sometime next week.
  2. Big stack of Jazz, Soul and Funk came in – roughly 100 titles. Lots of classic albums and 12″s – from John Coltrane to Marvin Gaye.
  3. Sean sold in a walloping pile of rarities: The Beatles, Jackson C Frank (another original issue!!!), Sandy Denny and Big Star. Plenty more too – these will not last long! It’s pretty amazing that we have had three copies of the Jackson C Frank LP in the last year.
  4. Small selection of Classic House – Daft Punk, Roy Davis JR, Stardust etc.
  5. More cool original titles came in from a new seller: Peter Hammill, Dennis Wilson, Mick Softly, T Rex etc. Nice and clean too.
  6. Very large box of traditional Japanese music LPs came in. Some of which seem very sought after.
  7. Odd selection of LPs from one seller: Woodstock, Heresy, Kate Bush and more Afrobeat titles. Amazing how many African records came in this last few months.
  8. More “modern rarities” for the Classic Rock and modern Indie fan: another very rare Elton John LP (some audiophile issue of Goodbye Yellow Brick Road), Elbow, Coldplay, Prince, Amy Winehouse, The National, Bat For Lashes etc. These are nice and clean.
  9. More newish reissues (including some which were way out of print) from: R.E.M., U2, Madonna, T Rex, Sparks, Siouxsie & The Banshees, Joy Division, Buzzcocks, Rush, David Bowie. Several colour vinyl variants.
  10. Some top 60s CDs came in too from the usual suspects: Them, Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles, Small Faces, Fairport Convention etc.
  11. Some Avant Classical LPs came in this week – unfortunately I haven’t seen them to be able to tell you what they are but judging by the buying sheet they must be fairly rare!
  12. Another copy of that huge Cabaret Voltaire box came in, check the cabinet.
  13. Tonnes (and tonnes) of dead cheap Drum & Bass, Hip Hop, R&B came in – pretty much all went in the cheaps.
  14. On the slightly more interesting D&B tip – plenty of decent Metalheadz came in from one seller as well as some pretty rare Dubstep titles.
  15. Psych heads rejoice – a load of copies of Zig Zag and a Quintessence LP came in from one jolly seller.
  16. More D&B – this time a load of Good Looking Records – as well as more Metalheadz, UK Garage, Smoking Beats and more poppy business from Aaliyah and George Michael.
  17. Good pal of mine sold in a decent little pile of classic Italo Disco 12″s – from classics to the obscure.
  18. More 90s Indie vinyl came in – Pulp, Oasis, Slowdive, Ash, 18 Wheeler and Primal Scream. We can never get enough of these types of records..

Looks like a lot of really good records came in this week. One big Jazz collection came in which I’ll write about next week – but I would make sure you get down and check the shop as nothing lasts long!!!

This week we have a Top Ten from Reece AKA Alocasia Garden (as well as tonnes of other projects..).

Top 10 screamo records from my personal collection 

  1. City of Caterpillar- Driving Spain Up a Wall/ As The Curtains Dim (Adagio 830

City of Caterpillar are one of those bands that make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. Driving Spain Up A Wall was one of those tracks I listened to obsessively, all I had was that live clip. I’d restart the video the second it would end. That build up is absolutely unreal. I was so happy to grab the official release of this track a couple years ago. 

  1. Portraits of Past – s/t (ebullition)

This is probably the best screamo album ever written. From the lyrics, musicianship to production. It carriers the weight of the world and makes you feel like you’re in the eye of the storm. Every single track is perfect. That last section on Bang Yer Head, mate. 

  1. Combatwoundedveteran- I know a girl who develops crime scene photos (No Idea!)

This album had a pretty tight hold on me while I was at school and starting out in my first band. We’d never heard music so frantic and horrible. It was As if the band had set themselves on fire while playing. It seemed so exciting and new to me that there was music like this out there.

  1. Welcome To the Plague Year (electric human project)

Everything Kerry Pries has touched is beyond incredible. Her attitude to DIY music had such a huge impact on me and still does. If I could resurrect any band from that era just to see one show, it would definitely be them. Favourite song: Quiet Still Dead

5: Orchid (ebullition) 

Have Orchid ever written a bad song/album? No. 

6: Yaphet Kotto – The killer was in  the government blankets (ebullition)

When drummers faced the wall and the microphones barely worked. 

Favourite track: B and C

  1. I Hate Myself s/t (No Idea!)

I struggle listening to much emo, especially newer stuff. The only thing I can really think about is why am I not listening to I Hate Myself? They capture that unbearable, crushing sadness and pure euphoria all at once.

  1. Kaospilot – s/t (level plane)

Absolute Riffs. Absolute cry. Absolute mosh. Absolute sweat.

  1. Indian summer – Hidden Arithmetic (adagio830) 

I stumbled across ‘Angry Son’ on last FM when I was 15. It blew my mind and still does to this day. The blown out recordings, the lyrics, the sloppy guitar playing, the buried screams. It sounds like someone has been completely defeated.

Favourite song: Aren’t You An Angel

  1. Battle of wolf 359 – The Death Of Affect (react with protest)

A hard classic in U.K. screamo. This was a really early find. Everything traces back to this band and these people for me. You know those friends that you kinda fan girl over on the sly? The possibilities and the impact of DIY music opened up to me. Finding out at a young age that you could run a label, you could put on shows, even play them, tour anywhere you wanted, it blew my mind. This is what a band should be.


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Thanks Reece you legend!!!


And thanks to you for reading…more next week!!!